712: Jumps, High Weirdness ~ [U8]

We can’t explain what’s happened/happening, but what else is new?

We appear to be in a constant state of jumps the past week — big small micro local galactic whatever — they’re all different. Different for each person. Check out these recent meters:

We know more (or have more info), but we don’t know what it means, yet.


  • Several CATs had ‘levels’ dreams again, where they’re working at something at a higher level (like a platform, with railings) while the people they’re working with are below. Last night was the first night that CATs had to shout to be heard, considering the people were getting so far away. Now it looks like about 80 feet of separation between 3d and everything else.
  • A few CATs saw numbers — same numbers we’ve seen before (no, not those numbers). We’re not going to mention them till we know what they mean.

Sky Weirdness

We’re still trying to figure out this one. Several CATs awoke more than once in the middle of the night, and reported the following:

  • “…after a day in N. CA full of weird gloom and vague smells of smoke (and perhaps something nefarious being sprayed in the upper atmosphere?), the last night had the high-altitude gloom swept away, leaving the sky full of weird white blobs (clouds?) that were being attacked by smaller black blobs… or vice versa. I couldn’t tell if the black blobs (or the white blobs) were ships under intelligent control, or some kind of SOURCE energy, or Archangels… I have no idea.”
  • “…white blobs of cloud eliminating black blobs of cloud. The black blobs were smaller than the white.”
  • “A scene out of a sci-fi movie. Like a spiritual war that to us seems to happen in slow motion. Enormous spiritual amoebas attacking malevolent invaders.”
  • Some CATs went back to sleep (trusting everything to SOURCE) then woke up again later to “see that the black blobs were gone entirely and the sky was being swept by powerful winds and energy — neither of which we felt or heard at ground level.”
  • One of the M’s said, “A very weird night, and I am an expert on very weird nights!”

This of course was prefaced by very weird energy all yesterday. And we have a full moon added to the mix late Thursday evening/early Friday morning.

When we figure it out, we’ll put it in the updates. We are issuing a BUCKLE UP/eye-protection alert. (Note: The eye protection thing is just because CAT6 put blue goggles on the below cat.)


BE ALERT: The world needs more lerts). Alert for spirit and ET activity and High Weirdness through the full moon. We are seeing 10X the activity that we normally see, maybe more. Like Halloween levels. ETs and spirits typically know what’s up before we do, so keep your eyes peeled the next few days. Last night was singular enough for us to run some Night Patrol, so we can get better intel and images.

Pre-UPDATE Update

We paused to get some coffee, then noticed that the energy had either slid back, the jump ended, or something else happened:

The last two meters look rather similar to the sky we saw last night, but in black and white.

Get ready for tonight. Perhaps The Event that we’ve all seen in visions and dreams so many times is the way Spirit sees it, so our experience could. be. much. slower.


We actually had a real sample of ectoplasm — and lost it. The rain washed it away.


FYI, we’re seeing more ‘soft’ timeline jumps, now:

Note from 13 to 17 last night (10 pm to 2 am PST).


Two things:

  • Please note that if you’re sending us email, chances are we’re not getting it. This is a PTW issue. However, some decided to send until they got through… and this worked. Some had no problem. Things are very disjointed right now (no, really), but there’s nothing earthshattering you need to know from CATs that you can’t open your eyes and SEE for yourself right now. If we tell you something, SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE OF IT. And no, nothing any of you can do can overcome someone’s free will. It has to be their choice.
  • We were curious about the week of Thanksgiving, so we gave the Cat Tarot to SOURCE and shuffled… and this card popped out within a few seconds. We initially thought it was the seven of coins/pentacles, but it is actually the eight:

It’s really the eight. We had to look it up.

You can look up the meaning of the eight of coins/pentacles if you’re interested. It should come as no surprise.


Uh oh. FYI, ~AM is having one of his “I’ve had enough of this!” days, talking loudly to spirits and AAs and ETs and Spirit. He always has these episodes right before something happens. CATs are buckled. CATs are always buckled.

Is this entirely necessary?


Busy as we are with other things, we didn’t realize (until Jim in WA pointed it out to ~AM) that the somatic energy reactions of the past few days could actually have been darkness being removed from everyone on the planet. We were warned that this might happen, but were too clueless to put 2 and 2 together into a chicken. In the cases of some CATs, the energy made them feel sick to their stomachs in a funny (not a nauseous) way that they thought odd at the time (it was a weird feeling), but they merely chalked up to energy — which it was; some because we’re empaths, some due to our own residual darkness and negativity (le chat noir? quis nous??). We’ve all got it… er, we had it. What’s important about what happened is that a whole swath of darkness/negativity has potentially been removed from our “reality” — including the PTW. Some of them might just be gone. We’ll give this a deeper look when CATs are together next (the holiday might mess that up). But notice how today those jurors decided that case the way they did…

Not anymore. (Hopefully SOURCE took all the mercury out of tuna, too.)

Our mojo is leaving! Get it!
Oh. Never mind. It’s still here.


FYI, we asked the SuperFriends to crank the Field up to 1TX — that’s 1 trillion times Wave X.

Within an hour, a weird black oversized propeller plane that looked like Darth Vader’s Piper Cub came out and flew around our vicinity (as if the PTW think we have some secret machinery in our houses!); then a passel of nondescrip private planes and helos chattered around incessantly for several hours, whatever. Note that you may be feeling the energy more keenly, esp. the next time we have a CME/flare or a new/full moon, or one of those pesky energy gateways that always seems to pop up between now and solstice time.

The next energy jump doesn’t work as incrementaly as the rest: it just goes to infinity. Think of it as a dead-man switch. We’re going to leave the Field at 1TX for some time and freelance elsewhere.

[Btw, PTW… every plane and helo you send our way changes the pilots — and the data collected.]

One big step closer to SOURCE.


This is interesting. Look what the WAVE X energy does:


Aha. That black “Darth Vader plane” we saw — which was impossible in retrospect: a black swept-wing single engine plane the size of a B-52, flying at low speed that could never have technically flown with a tiny motor in front — was actually a TWB ship! We’d never seen them in daylight. Of course no CAT had a camera or phone on them. They’d sensed the sudden increase in Field strength to 1TX and were curious enough to venture out during the day: a first. As far as we know there were no odd-flying object reports from people living nearby. Could be that only we (and those who can see at that level) could see the craft. Oh, well.