It’s LOVE Season ~ [UPDATE2]

It’s officially LOVE Season. Give the gift of LOVE 24/7, just by thinking about it.

We ask you to join with The CATs in self-identifying as LOVE this holiday season, showing to the world that you choose LOVE over fear — in as obvious a way as possible. Be subtle. Be bold. Put hearts everywhere. Wear ’em.

On your clothes:

On your clothes line:

On your house (as Christmas lights):

On your Christmas tree:

On your regular tree:

On the beach:

In the snow:

On a wall (that you hopefully own):

In neon:

On a building:

In a painting of a building:

On a button:

On a rail car:

In topiary:

In a mural:

In the sky:

Bonus points for creative use of lightning creatively.

Be creative. Show LOVE everywhere, but especially… on the inside.

No magic marker cats!

[NOTE: Those who live near portals, try to envision this HEART concept when you meditate.]

Love conquers all.


Note that The Illusion will be trying to snag you in its nets from now till The Event. There is no net. There is only SOURCE, Our Memory of SOURCE, and All of Us. The rest is a mental construct. Which means that your mind has total control over your situation and environment. Give it try. Stick HEARTS on everything.

People are really going to start dropping like rocks, energywise, so turn your light ON full-blast. Twice-a-day meditations are de rigueur, now.

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