714: It’s Lesson Season ~ [UPDATE1]

Just say ho. CATs are not perfect. No one is. We all have work to do.

All “sins” are illustrated in this one image.

Those Seven… er, Eight “Sins”

Some CATs have checkered past lives. We were NOT famous. Infamous, maybe. We tended to get killed a lot (trying to impress SOURCE). Indeed, some have been on earth a long time for various reasons, and have had more past lives than you’ve had hot dinners. We ourselves are living reminders that time is for learning; we only wish we were smart enough to have learned said lessons the first ten thousand lifetimes. However, we get things done, which is why we’re here.

We have a history that waxes biblical, going back a couple million years, so we’ve run the “Seven Sins” gamut — though we count FEAR as part of that list these days (just as we discount “fear of God” from other lists), so it’s really eight. Each experience, each lifetime is a lesson, often (always?) painful, but it’s what you do with it that’s important. Here are some we’ve experienced this past week, to illustrate what lots of people are going through:


CATs have no fear for themselves or their persons, but some had fear for their families (for obvious reasons) that had to be exorcised and let go. Putting oneself on the cross to demonstrate to others that fear is not only unwarrated but also part of the Illusion… well, this was already done for us by Brother J, so we ourselves don’t have to. Goes without saying that this is why we celebrate Brother J’s birth during the “holiday season” (aka, CHRISTMAS), despite the fact he was really born in March.


An extension of fear, when we thrust our fear onto others it manifests as ANGER and spawns the happy concept of “those people.” (Say those words around a CAT and see what happens.) CATs didn’t write much this week because we kept catching ourselves being disgusted and frankly angry at the blatant ignorance displayed by at least 50% of the population, not to mention our “leaders,” the cabal and their ilk, you name it. The Illusion has a thousand hooks. Of course, “they” are all us. We are them. They are we. A galactic non-local being having a local experience, when we are angry at that jerk who cut us off in traffic, we are in actuality angry at another atom of Our Larger Ocean of Self. Imagine that traffic offender is your crazy uncle Carl or Aunt Frieda, and how angry you’d be if you knew the traffic transgression was caused by a member of your family. Family: A four-letter word with two extra letters. (We stole that from Da-da.)

Bottom line: We had so many A-word experiences this week it made our heads spin. Part of that might be picking up on the current zeitgeist, but we have to take credit for some of that.


Greed, a sin of desire… well, CATs haven’t been affected by that for some time, if ever, excepting maybe for coffee, or amassing too many books, or the collecting of strange and bizarre experiences. Some CATs seem to have a problem with some people making a living off of their spiritual gifts — a problem with the greed of others, but that’s really a forgiveness/Illusion issue. The Illusion is very powerful.

What about the cat?


CATs (that is, the folks who write this blog) are not typically envious, excepting maybe for the coveting of the musical ability and instruments of others. We do slightly covet the rain of others…



This is an easy one. CATs have gotten pretty boneless, lately. We’re tired, sitting around watching M.A.S.H. reruns at night, shopping for Christmas gifts online. Ascension is hard work and frankly we need a vacation. Still, when the opportunity for advancement arises, don’t let it pass you by. Stay vigilant in meditating twice a day, if you can.


Like ENVY, we don’t really have “lust” for people or things; that’s one “sin” we seem to have worked out (except when it comes to wanting to finally be on the New Earth, if that’s ever to happen). For those students of The Course, perhaps this could be described as “lust for The Illusion,” for things within it. But dammit, sometimes there just aren’t enough PRAWNS. (Factually, some CATs have described feeling crappy after NOT subscribing to the ‘light eating’ paradigm, but they are also the chefs of their respective families; for those, GLUTTONY seems to be punishable by stomach-ache.) The holidays can be toughest in this, the season of gluttony.


The following was a very un-AM-like episode, and was the inspiration for this post. It involves perhaps more ANGER than PRIDE, but we couldn’t think of any other PRIDE examples… excepting that some CATs uncovered their true origins this week and were subsequently embarrassed. (Till recently, they’d been feeling pretty good about themselves.) Anyway, ~AM himself is not prideful in the least, and he’s certainly no yard-fanatic, but he does like his house and yard to look… if not decent, at least presentable. He’d just returned home from running errands yesterday and went to his mailbox to get the mail when he was presented with a BIG pile of dog crap (for the second time in three days) on the sidewalk in front of his house, though the second time the poop was 10X the amount. ~AM made a number of mistakes at that moment:

  1. He forgot that he was living in an Illusion.
  2. He got ANGRY.
  3. His PRIDE was irked by someone having the gall to let their dog dump a 12-inch-wide poo-pie in front of his (modest but gardenesque) house.
  4. He forgot the rule of Equanimity (that is, that all things good and bad are equal — read NONEXISTENT — in the Illusion).
  5. He started numbering things.
  6. He went into his garage, set down his coffee and books and pawed through his (admittedly messy) garage for a flat-edge shovel to scoop the poop — and knocked over some stacked furniture, knocking him and his coffee and his books into a nearby trashcan (!). It was at this point he should’ve laughed.
  7. Having failed to laugh, ~AM then failed to recognize this as a TEST/LESSON (a test that he failed… which is ok, because we typically learn most from out mistakes than our successes).
  8. Angrier still, he proceeded to scoop the poop — and flung it angrily into the street!

Wow. It was his idea to recount this because this morning he awoke from a dream where he barely squeezed up to a new level because the above actions almost held him back. In that moment of clarity, he saw all the other life lessons he’d missed this past week. He was then given a vision of the poop perpetrators: None other than Mr. Nasty himself, in human form, calmly assaying ~AM’s property along with some other Fallen, and a large black-and-white (duality) Great Dane; perhaps a Hell Hound, perhaps not. We don’t mention this to be grandiose. It actually was Mr. Nasty (he has a certain sculptural look and energy that are difficult to mask). Anyway, we get special attention because CATs have a long history with Fallen angels (which is why we have so many Archangels helping us out), not to mention our past activities. Mr. Nasty knew exactly which of ~AM’s buttons to push.

(Interestingly, if ~AM had seen who did the deed, he probably wouldn’t have gotten so angry. It was the casual rudeness, the lazy indifference that got ~AM’s goat. Lesson learned.)

Why Are We telling You This?

Each morning in December is your Scrooge morning — for CATs, too. We were talking just this morning and realized we’d had many similar experiences this past week in common, and that each day was a fresh start. Anyway, the Ghosts continue to do it all in one night and you are ready to begin again. There’s even a song like that in our favorite Dickens’ adaptation, with Albert Finney as the eponymous “Scrooge.” So when you awaken and get your morning tea or coffee (or get ready for bed) and are presented with that profound silence… that is SOURCE reminding you that SOURCE is there for you, helping you forward and UP 24/7/365, and that you’re ready to begin again — and again.


It is of course paramount through all of this that we express gratitude to SOURCE and our Angels and Guides (and others) for giving us these learning opportunities, experiencing teachable moments (even from Mr. Nasty) till we start using our heads for something other than a hat rack.

Be happy with the hat you have (and the other 10,000 you wear during the day).


Some have written in and said they thought this post an odd “biblical” throwback, which is true, but this post speaks on a variety of levels that you’re not even aware of. The highest part of you knows exactly what we’re saying and why, and you might want to leave it at that. Things are very complicated and personal at the moment, with much individualized attention and fine-tuning going on, even with CATs. Fact is, CATs are probably MORE complicated that “normal” people because some of us are Extension-hybrids. We didn’t know till today that there was such a thing. We thought Spirit splits (we are all splits off the massive Ocean of Spirit) were kept separate… but no. Those individual droplets of SOURCE can combine with other Extension droplets and create a whole new being. SOURCE is actually very excited about this turn of events, because we have become truly WILD SPIRITS… which is kinda crazy if you think about it. ~AM for example is a mixture of ONE (what some call the Oversoul) and the First Extension: Angels (and some others that we don’t have words for). This is admittedly very strange, but fascinating. One of ~AM’s Guides is part of one of these ‘out-there’ Extensions (as is ~AM himself) and they have a completely different idea of love and SOURCE than we ‘ONE individuals’ do. We could go on and on. So anyway, part of this post was to help some get rid of their old baggage they’ve been hanging onto for a very long time, using this terminological group of “sins” as meme benchmarks. There really can be no “sins” in the Illusion, as none of this is real. But some (lots, actually) need to have their minds healed of the notion that they are separate from SOURCE.

We also floated this post out there ’cause lots of others are empaths like us and need to understand the feelings (from others) that they’re experiencing — and that this action might be dredging up old notions of themselves (and their old lives up), as well.

The “sorting” going on right now is epic: