717: Xmas Messages ~ [U.6]

Merry Christmas. And heads-up.

Hi, all. Two things:

  • As we said in the previous post, SOURCE is RIGHT THERE at the edge of the earth system… advancing veeery slowly, an infinite slo-mo Wave. To quote Reverend Jim in WA: “SOURCE wanted to give us a chance to accept and assimilate the presence before it made it’s full appearance. Talk about DIVINE GENTLE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!” Couldn’t have said it better. SOURCE doesn’t want to scare anyone. Go into meditation and feel SOURCE. It’s incredible. Say hello. And say thanks. Welcome SOURCE in.
  • This SOURCE proximity is flushing the darkest and scariest of nasties to the surface (where they’re being dealt with), so… they might try to glom onto you when you’re meditating or dreaming. Be sure to set good protection before meditation and def before bed. If you see anything nasty in meditation (a horrible “black nun” thing tried to get me last night), don’t be afraid; just swat it away till you get some distance on it, then LOOK at it and say the Coursian mantra: “You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” (Note that I say ‘brother’ as a placeholder, as there is no gender in spirit. We are all equal in SOURCE.)

Onward and upward.

Happy Merry!


If you’re looking for external validation, the CAT site has been under attack ever since this went out!


We had a bunch of timeline jumps today, which should surprise no one:

We also had a GRB on Xmas day:


FYI, some CATs are reporting nightmares due to activity on lower timelines. Also, SOURCE is right next to the Earth, an infinite silvery/rose-colored Wave in super slo-mo…


So that’s why the portals woke us up at 4 am… and 6 am:


FYI, the SOURCE Wave is ‘half here’ — that is, it has paused right next to the earth such that part of the earth is spinning into it. No idea how SOURCE does that. It’s choice-time. Go into meditation and welcome SOURCE into yourself… which is rather redundant since SOURCE is already inside you, but the the recognition is important. This is what ~AM meant when he said “infinity to infinity.” Send your infinite energy OUT and it will go into SOURCE and come back again through you, in an infinite loop. It proves to you that you are SOURCE (a teeeeeny part) and SOURCE is you.


Folks… this is SOURCE:

Note in Update4 how the above graph looked at the beginning of the day.