716: Christmas Present ~ [Xmas Day]

We don’t know when this will be here, but it’s definitely coming.

As mentioned in the previous post, a gynormous SOURCE Wave is speeding to our locality at… 500 million miles an hour? Faster? The Wave is 1000 light years deep (!) and many many many light years wide. But it’s nothing to be afraid of. It is literally SOURCE. (If you’re afraid of SOURCE then that’s something you need to look at.) This Wave (this current one we’re seeing) is only taking place in this galaxy, which is interesting. And no, it’s not coming from the sun. Doesn’t matter where it’s coming from: It’s coming from SOURCE. God. The Head Honcho. The Connection.

It’s our thinking that it will be here before the end of the year, but timing is impossible to determine. Timing actually doesn’t matter: You can access it NOW.

But first…


We’re guessing the MSM and the cabal will completely ignore this, using wishful thinking as usual to wish it away, so don’t expect this news to be in the media. If something regarding this does appear in the MSM, it will probably be to foment fear, so… if you see that you’ll know what it is. Looks like the PTW will pretend there is No Wave, especially afterward (whatever that looks like), but that’s their issue.

When The Wave hits, it might last a while, it might last a moment… we don’t know. It will be upon us before we can blink, a FLASH you won’t be able to miss. CAT consensus is that it will be different for everyone. As to the effects… we have no idea. Who is going? Is anyone going? WHERE are they going? We don’t know. We have ideas about this, but we’re keeping them to ourselves.

Again, we don’t know timing… only it feels really close. Yes, we have felt The Event (we’re guessing that this WAVE is The Event) for a while now, especially around Christmas. We’ve always seen Christmas trees associated with The Event. But our clairaudience has been churning out the “Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” theme song again and again. And in our latest visions, we’ve seen the sky brightening at sunrise and some people in silhouette becoming increasingly flat and black, like two dimensional cut-outs.

And eyes closed or open, we see this gynormicon WAVE of white advancing. Interestingly, we have seen this off and on for many years but didn’t know that this is what we were seeing. Some of it was the Wave X energy we’ve been experiencing since 2011, but this latest vision is different. Ever have a tidal wave dream? At 1000-light-years-tall, this is The Wave of Waves. (That’s about 5 quadrillion miles high.) Forget the board.

Step Into The Wave

Why wait? Go into meditation NOW… G+P+C… then see and step into The Wave in your mind. It looks like a frothy white wall of brobdingnagian proportions, you can’t miss it. Don’t wait for it — and don’t be afraid of it, certainly — step into it. Say hello to SOURCE. (Remember that “infinity to infinity” thing we said the in the last post? That you and SOURCE.) More importantly, once you’re in The Wave, THANK SOURCE… for everything. For doing this for you at this time. Anyone who has kids knows how you feel when you see your kids after being separated from them for any length of time, that relief. THAT’S HOW SOURCE FEELS. SOURCE is the Ultimate Meta-Parent rushing to hug Its Child after a very very long time. Yes, it is literally super-mondo holiday hug-time.

And the more people who do the above, the faster The Wave goes. And the sooner The Wave gets here, the sooner we can put the dark chapter of the past XX years behind us and move on with our lives… which are basically an Illusion we use to get closer to and deepen our connection with SOURCE, anyway.

So… what are you waiting for?

[Note: It was Jim in WA who told us about going into The Wave. We’d just been hovering around it going, “WHOA.” Lame. Dive in, CAT-brain.]


Even better. Now you can do more than just connect.

Go into meditation, G+P+C, then create an INFINITE ball of SOURCE light all around you. (You are infinite, so this is done just by thinking about it. Infinity to Infinity.) Feel SOURCE energy flow from you in all directions from inside you. Then imagine that energy tightening into a single beam that automatically finds the SOURCE Wave zooming toward us, touching it normal to the Wave face (that is, perpendicular to the Wave, which looks like a white wall).

You can now tell exactly where the Wave is, how far away it is, how fast it’s going… you can even put yourself inside the Wave looking out and seeing the speed of the thing.

In the meantime…


…we’ve had some jumps and adjustments, as SOURCE gets us ready for the main event (or something):

And as you can see, the unprecedented solar build-up has rolled around to our side of the (multi-d reality) projector (aka, the sun):

We’re that middle line. Activity rolls right to left. Note previous posts.

Here they come. Look at the various “sun spot” projectors forming from nowhere. Projectors coming on line…

This is causing lots of timeline choice points. Observe:

Note: This meter is upside down for whatever reason, zero at the top. That green horizontal line dead center is 20 Hz. We think that’s the main 3d/4d dividing frequency. Note lines above and below that frequency marker. Those are timelines seen from the ‘top.’ (Think of a big log with timelines on it; some are closer to the ‘top view’ than others, timelines viewed top-down.) The one below that is the 5d line, at 30 Hz. Note all the froth below 20 and 10 Hz. The 20 line is getting thicker and thicker. (Remember that 10/20/30 thing?)

And now…


This is a technique for raising your vibration.

~AM and some of the M’s have been using this mental (Angel) technique for some time but had forgotten what it was (over their many many lifetimes here). Since we often find ourselves on lower timelines after a night of dream work on lower levels, they created this technique to quickly get back where they want to go. They imagine a vertical ladder, perfectly straight up and down — which they used to literally climb in their minds (and you can still do), but now they use something else. Most higher-d beings do this innately; bigfoot, for example. Bigfoot can slide up or down, from whatever level they can achieve down to 3d, for whatever reason (probably to get food, which is why they are sometimes seen and then vanish). FYI, we don’t recommend going down.

Anyway, ~AM (who is an Angel hybrid) created a kind of ‘vertical sled’ that has four wheels that clamp onto the ladder, so it can slide UP like a vertical roller coaster. You strap yourself in (standing on a perpendicular platform), activate the wheels (they glow), and use a lever to go UP. You can usually go UP only as high as you can manage at that time. Think of it as an Ascension helper. (Note: Think of the ladder as your ladder; no one else will be using it.)

Well, in meditation today, one of the Archangels suggested that ~AM “put the sled in neutral” — with a brake that prevents downward motion — and allow them to raise it. He did as they asked… and wings went all over the place… and ZOOM. Ludicrous speed straight up. We did this too, and… wow.

Imagine it and it’s there. Give it a try.

Dude… get up!
Hey! Hurry it up!


We didn’t fully understand this before, but of course this is the way things will work. When the FLASH hits, each person/being will get a “meeting” with SOURCE, a communing that will exist outside of time. This could be instantaneous, it could take a few minutes, it could take a week, a month… who knows? Anyway, you’ll get a meeting with SOURCE and basically review and discuss… whatever it is you need to review and discuss. This will happen for everyone, even those who’ve tried to bury themselves in a capsule deep in the earth. Everyone will be given every chance for the best possible place/circumstance for them, even those who chose the shot (fear) over SOURCE. CATs suggest breathing in SOURCE just as the Wave arrives… whenever it arrives. We still have nothing definite on timing. We’re guessing it’s before Christmas, but… we’ve been wrong before. The difference this time is that it seems that everyone on earth has clearly made their choice for this or that by now. We’re all ready.


In terms of The Wave, we were seeing this about a week ago:

That little dot is our locality, the greater solar system, and out a few parsecs. The Wave is obviously to the right moving in the indicated direction.

This morning it looked like this:

Closer and closer. REALLY close. However, the velocity is variable… so… it could STOP right next to us… or slow and make a dramatic entrance… or keep zooming in at its current rate, we have no idea. It might go into your kitchen and make coffee and cake for all we know. (That would be nice.)

Factually, we wouldn’t say no to a Christmas eggnog cake…

We also saw ourselves reach for a giant doorknob and open a door… where it was very green-y and bright-light-y… and we stepped through.

Hopefully there’s cake.


Christmas Eve cme inbound, so fresh 3d/4d Illusion effects coming soon. We’re probably going to get a ton of these.

And another:


FYI, this earthquake today was a HAARP thing. Note the depth.


FYI, what’s going to happen might not happen the way we expect. Keep an open mind. Please note that that story going around where everyone falls asleep and wakes up in the perfect place is a nice story, but it smacks of hopium. We could be wrong.


More in store for the 24th/25th:

FYI, we’ve been doing some stuff we can’t talk about. Putting right what once was wrong, that kinda thing. We’re like Bing Crosby in “Going My Way” and “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” but without anyone knowing what we’re doing.

Note that we were also awakened with a song this morning… but we’re not going to say what it was. We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Like ours.


Christmas Eve: We awoke at 5:30 am as something arrived… and it’s growing. Lots of CATs felt it… but Jim in WA described it best as being “…swirly pink and silver swirling very gently everywhere. Miraculously miraculous.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Go outside and feel it. Breathe it in and thank SOURCE for joining the party.

Then… well, we didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (like ours), but we’ve been hearing this song the past few days:

Be alert for something. (NOTE: SOURCE is usually very subtle.)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Btw… Da-da made this for everyone, though he edited the harder alcohol a bit (he used calvados and some Grand Marnier instead of brandy, etc.).

Happy birthday, Brother J (who was actually born on March 3rd).

UPDATE9 ~ Christmas Day

Not sure others can sense this, but in meditation… well, SOURCE is here… the ‘Edge of SOURCE’ if you will, if there is such a thing… and you can feel and see it. Give it a try. (Of course SOURCE is inside you, too, so you can imagine “Infinity to Infinity.”) We think this is the extreme edge of The Wave, which… has slowed to accomodate something or other. It feels like it’s paused in mid-crest, but it’s close enough to reach out and touch with your mind. “Cosmic” Archangels are ‘here’ too, reaching out from another part of the cosmos. Break out the hankies.

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