718: Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE4]

FYI, we’re in a jump. Soon to split?

Be sure to meditate while it’s happening!

Welcome to 2022.


So, here’s the scoop. We’re still in a jump…

…and The Wave has PAUSED. It is just hanging there, awaiting SOURCE’s Divine Timing to fall. When does the other shoe drop? Your guess is as good as your guess.

In the meantime, CATs are dealing with a fresh TWB infestation. The Things That Would Never Give Up.



Now we just need to figure out where we landed. Stay tuned.


Ok. This wasn’t a jump forward, or back… it was a jump sideways. Not an upgrade, but a sidegrade. We do a lot of lateral shifts too as we navigate timelines. We don’t always go forward and backward.

Keep working on yourselves. Don’t worry about the outside world kerfuffle. It’s designed to snag you. Meditate and do the work. Ascension is not an instantaneous thing you just get. You have to WORK at it.


Hi, folks. Now that emergence is starting (for crops) in the N. Hemisphere, we were wondering if anyone knew of a farmer who’d be willing to do a small growth-booster test with us, with one field. We have a way of boosting plant yield and want to test it. The farmer doesn’t have to do anything, just let us know the general location of the field, size/dimensions of the field (e.g., “an acre, rectangular”), what’s planted, and when it was planted. (Please don’t send any info till we show you how.) Our yield boost is we’re guessing 30-40%, but we wanted an independent test. This is all done remotely, so there’s no risk to the farmer, no unicorns traipsing the property. It could even be done on people’s small fruit/veggie plots. Please let us know if you’re interested at “growers – at- schrodingersothercat – dot- org.”

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