800: CAT Post X ~ [UPDATE6]

Here we go again.

[NOTE: FYI, we had to shorten the original title of this to fit the UPDATE marker. It used to read, “A(nother) Controversial CAT Post.”]

As we stated in the previous post, free will is where it’s at, as is putting your free will in the hands of God/SOURCE. We’re pretty sure most would agree that giving your free will to anyone but SOURCE or Brother J is a bad idea. There are lots of ways to do this.

By having no relationship with Brother J (your bridge to SOURCE) or SOURCE, and just ‘going with the flow,’ you basically give your free will away to whomever has a stronger will than you, allowing whomever — or whatever — to control the direction of your life. People willingly give up their free will and “follow” others all the time, often with terrible outcomes.

One terrible way of giving up your free will is allowing POSSESSION. Possession is very real and happens quite a bit. You have to give permission for this:

In the above (creepy) example, this schmoe was possessed by a 4d (fourth density) reptoid during his Congressional appearance, basically turning him into a puppet. (NOTE: DON’T make eye contact with possessed people, or photos of them.) There are countless 4d puppetmasters that are expert at possessing and controlling people (who don’t know how to set protection), either directly or through thought forms. There are countless thought forms that are basically a form of branding. This has been going on for a looong time, and is the primary reason we are such sticklers about learning how to set protection. It’s also why CATs tend to cut across the grain and shun existing perceptions of “reality.”

Meanwhile, back at the possession ranch. We’ve seen lots of possessed people over the years, and people in the act of being possessed (in the latter case, they shake and tremble as control over their body is taken by an invading entity). ~AM has come across this several times, often just as it was happening, and instinctively knew how to deal with it. He’d invoke his will (which has iron in it) and yell: “STOP!” Imposing SOURCE’s Will stops the spirit/entity… and then they almost always try to get into YOU, so advanced protection techniques are required. Best not to engage with possessed people at all. If you see one, try the mantra on the person and watch what happens. Often the possessed person will RUN LIKE HELL, hopefully not into traffic; the being inside often doesn’t want to be cast out. Best to ask for Brother J’s protection: before and after.

When CATs were teenagers and hadn’t yet learned how to set protection, we experienced various things trying to possess us. (When your light shines bright, 4d schmoes come a-runnin.) It often happened when we were most vulnerable, either in process of going to sleep (without setting protection), or in the dream state. Drunk people, and people on drugs are especially susceptible to possession, which is the origin of the “angry drunk.” As children, lots of CATs have almost been killed by drunks. Being under the influence lowers your guard, and lets it all in. This is why low-vibe beings and entities hang out around bars. When it’s happening to you, it feels like being surrounded by lots of voices talking in your ears, up close, all at once — “Like suddenly having your head stuck in a cocktail party,” as one CAT put it. The voices press in and get louder and louder as the entities try to climb inside you (it’s often more than one, each jockeying for position). If you sese this happening, all you have to do is think: SOURCE SHIELDS UP! At the time it was happening to us as kids, most CATs didn’t know how to do that, so we had to fight them off with other techniques. (None of us come from religious, or even spirtual, families.)

Be advised: It’s NOT a good idea to engage with a possessed person. Leave them to someone else. Or put grounding cords on them and ask Brother J to step in. OR… as we have often done: Use the mantra on them. Brother J used to look at a possessed person and say “OUT!” This works for powerful spiritual people, but until you’re an old hand at dealing with the possessed, please don’t try it. In some cases, it’s better to leave the entity IN that particular person, while you use the mantra on them and head for the door.

And now a friendly warning:


We cannot emphasize this strongly enough.

Spirits are nothing to be afraid of, but don’t be foolhardy. All kinds of negative things can happen if you don’t know how to deal with spirits. You’d be better off playing with a cobra. It’s like martial arts: It’s good to be prepared and know how to take care of yourself, but it’s often prudent NOT to use them. Don’t go looking for a fight. Those who do often find one.

Also, DO NOT use a ouija board! (If you find one, throw it away.)

Don’t flirt with spirits. They can access anyone in your thoughts instantly, so messing with them opens up everyone you know to whatever horrors you just dredged up. And some of them still hold political office. Also, do not read (or worse, speak) spells out loud. Do not willingly allow yourself to become possessed by spirits or ETs, or things pretending to be “ascended masters.” Doing so can ruin your life. Once all those 4d things realize you’re an easy horse to ride, you won’t know a moment’s peace till you learn how to protect yourself. There are so many ways 4d beings try to control us.

So, what are we getting at with all this?


Another word for giving up one’s free will is CHANNELING. Channeling is a form of possession.

CATs don’t like channeling, unless: 1. You set Protection first, and 2. You’re channeling Brother J, or the Holy Spirit. We take very little channeled information seriously (which includes most “new age” posts and QHHT sessions), because you never know who you’re getting. NO ONE sets Protection. Spirits are excellent liars and can pretend to be anyone. Nearly all new age books and new age info is “channeled,” and thus untrustworthy. People who channel ETs rarely set Protection, so they could be talking to anybody — and often are. All beings/entities from 2d to 5d can LIE. They lie all the time, or worse, tell half-truths. Most of the problem ones are at 4d, which is basically like the Wild West. No rules, anything goes. 4d beings can see you, but you can’t see them. And there are SO MANY THINGS floating around that delight in misdirecting you, impersonating “name brand” entities and personalities. We’ve even had 4d things impersonate CATs.

Years ago, one of the M’s tried channeling and they didn’t like it. “It felt really wrong.” It was in a psychic development class and their mentor was big on it, but she refused. “When you channel, you are giving your physical body to another entity to borrow, and it isn’t right.”

Helen Shucman & The COURSE

Some have suggested that the scribe of A Course in Miracles channeled the book. This is inaccurate.

A licensed psychotherapist, Helen Shucman was walking down the street in Manhattan one day back in 1965, distraught over a strained working relationship with a colleague. Far from religious, she finally called upon God in desperation. She almost immediately heard the voice of Brother J say, “This is a Course in Miracles. You might want to take notes.”

This was spiritual guidance, not channeling. There’s a profound difference. This kind of spiritual interaction (with Brother J, Archangels, and HOBs) happens to CATs all the time. You can be “in-spired” (i.e., “in spirit”), meaning that you are surrounded and guided by spirit without being possessed, as you’re not relinquishing your free will to anyone. You are still in control of your physical being. You are merely allowing thoughts to flow freely and welcoming those thoughts. Channeling is relinquishing your body to whatever is around, letting whatever it is take you for a ride. You may have no awareness of what’s even going on, sort of like being hypnotized.  

And for those who are argumentative… NO, giving your will to God/SOURCE is not channelling, nor is it possession. It is joining with God/SOURCE. This is a good thing, if you haven’t tried it. Actually, it’s the most amazing thing EVER.

[NOTE: YES, this is all Illusion. Your body is an Illusion, which you ideally use for communication… and eating tacos. But allowing strange entities to get inside you and enjoy YOUR tacos… well, that’s just wrong. Please learn to set Protection in meditation beforehand.]


FYI, we aren’t going head-to-head with the New Age community. We ARE the New Age community. We see all the same things you see, the way you see it… we just don’t make any money from it, so we feel no pressure to put out posts that may not necessarily help, or force issues when things are slow — or use Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to increase viewership. Most of you don’t do this, but we understand why some do. Churches and governments have been doing it for years. No matter. You can ALWAYS make a fresh choice.

We’re not trying to make an enemy of anyone. Like psychic missionaries, we’re simply trying to educate people about Protection!


We generally start people meditating the old fashioned way, but for those more advanced, there is The Course way, from The Workbook Lessons contained within A Course in Miracles (italics below are ours):


Lesson 188

Why wait for Heaven? Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes. The light is in them now. Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. Light is not of the world, yet you who bear the light in you are alien here as well. The light came with you from your native home, and stayed with you because it is your own. It is the only thing you bring with you from Him Who is your Source. It shines in you because it lights your home, and leads you back to where it came from and you are at home.

This light can not be lost. Why wait to find it in the future, or believe it has been lost already, or was never there? It can so easily be looked upon that arguments which prove it is not there become ridiculous. Who can deny the presence of what he beholds in him? It is not difficult to look within, for there all vision starts. There is no sight, be it of dreams or from a truer Source, that is not but the shadow of the seen through inward vision. There perception starts, and there it ends. It has no source but this.

The peace of God is shining in you now, and from your heart extends around the world. It pauses to caress each living thing, and leaves a blessing with it that remains forever and forever. What it gives must be eternal. It removes all thoughts of the ephemeral and valueless. It brings renewal to all tired hearts, and lights all vision as it passes by. All of its gifts are given everyone, and everyone unites in giving thanks to you who give, and you who have received.

The shining in your mind reminds the world of what it has forgotten, and the world restores the memory to you as well. From you salvation radiates with gifts beyond all measure, given and returned. To you, the giver of the gift, does God Himself give thanks. And in His blessing does the light in you shine brighter, adding to the gifts you have to offer to the world.

The peace of God can never be contained. Who recognizes it within himself must give it. And the means for giving it are in his understanding. He forgives because he recognized the truth in him. The peace of God is shining in you now, and in all living things. In quietness is it acknowledged universally. For what your inward vision looks upon is your perception of the universe.

Sit quietly and close your eyes. The light within you is sufficient. It alone has power to give the gift of sight to you. Exclude the outer world, and let your thoughts fly to the peace within. They know the way. For honest thoughts, untainted by the dream of worldly things outside yourself, become the holy messengers of God Himself.

These thoughts you think with Him. They recognize their home. And they point surely to their Source, Where God the Father and the Son are one. God’s peace is shining on them, but they must remain with you as well, for they were born within your mind, as yours was born in God’s. They lead you back to peace, from where they came but to remind you how you must return.

They heed your Father’s Voice when you refuse to listen. And they urge you gently to accept His Word for what you are, instead of fantasies and shadows. They remind you that you are the co-creator of all things that live. For as the peace of God is shining in you, it must shine on them.

We practice coming nearer to the light in us today. We take our wandering thoughts, and gently bring them back to where they fall in line with all the thoughts we share with God. We will not let them stray. We let the light within our minds direct them to come home. We have betrayed them, ordering that they depart from us. But now we call them back, and wash them clean of strange desires and disordered wishes. We restore to them the holiness of their inheritance.

Thus are our minds restored with them, and we acknowledge that the peace of God still shines in us, and from us to all living things that share our life. We will forgive them all, absolving all the world from what we thought it did to us. For it is we who make the world as we would have it. Now we choose that it be innocent, devoid of sin and open to salvation. And we lay our saving blessing on it, as we say:

The peace of God is shining in me now.
Let all things shine upon me in that peace,
And let me bless them with the light in me.


Someone asked about those satellite phones that U.S. Senators were recently given. We aren’t seeing anything THAT big happening in the next few days to warrant such devices. This is more about those politicians making “secret” phone calls…


Aha. We have been trying to figure out where all the recent jumps have taken us (in the Illusion). While we are of course HERE (with SOURCE), right now… where is here?

Simply put, this is the WILDCARD timeline. There are no writings about it. No one has seen it. How cool is that? We’re in a totally NEW “space-time” slot (there really is no space-time). All the dark schemes have failed, the old “leaders” dying out, one by one. Here, 3d is just a vestigial limb that will wither and die… and fall away, forgotten. We no longer need it. We can’t speak to what “vibration” this is here since there really are no vibrations per se, save for SOURCE. It seems a whole passel of bad timelines have simply vanished because of all the work all of us have done.

Wherever you go… there you are. Wow.


Those are NOT Space X satellites. They are a line of Pleiadian ships. Not sure they know that the MSM is giving the Musk Ox the credit.


FYI, we had a timeline jump/adjustment early this morning (for most CATs, 3:45-4:15 am PDT, or around 11:00 UTC):

All CATs woke up a little after 4 am, wondering what happened. Since we’re in a totally new place, we don’t yet know what this adjustment was for. However, ~AM and some other CATs had dreams afterward of being on two timelines simultaneously, using experiences in one to make better choices in the other. Lots of us exist at ‘multiple levels,’ now, and have for some time. Lots of those reading these words are ‘multi-level’ beings. (Technically, there are no levels or densities or dimensions; these are all part of the Illusion. What we mean is, our larger Selves — which are not really split from SOURCE, but it looks like we are — have split into multiple high-middle-low density versions to help people, if that makes sense.)

Actually, it seems like something is happening right now, since CATs finished our morning meditation:


We had another definitive timeline jump/adjustment:

We’ll sort it out.