Time for a manifestation experiment.

Everyone is big on “manifesting what you want” these days. That’s old STS (Service to Self) thinking. It’s way past time for a new STO (Service to Others) direction.

Everyone around you MANIFESTS “reality” (aka, the Illusion) 24/7, with some are more powerful than others. This is why the cabal suggests that you be afraid of this or that; weather forecasting is an example of this. Talking head: “It’s going to be very cold the next few days.” [80% of the sheep in that area think that… BOOM: It’s cold.] Same goes for sports. Visualizing is the key, so you manifest your outcome. Of course, others are manifesting theirs, so then it’s an issue of your karma points, how “good” you are/have been, etc. Alas, in this world there are more negative 4d beings manipulating this “law,” but that’s easy to fix.

You co-create the Illusion with everyone, manifesting literally everything around you: your body, the world, the omniverse… everything. It’s like a group agreement, and thought takes form in action. Meanwhile, people keep advising you to manifest this, manifest that; think of this, think of that; put your attention here, put it there… but few take the time to manifest in a coordinated, POSITIVE direction.

Your mindset is hugely important, what you think about during the day. You literally cannot afford a single negative thought. However, we know how difficult it is to be positive all the time in this insane 3d fun house. Luckily, you don’t have to do it by yourself.

~AM reminded us today that Brother J has been helping people through this for a long time. Call it the Experiment of the Week.


Go into meditation. Before you do anything else, ground to SOURCE and to Brother J. It goes something like this… think to yourself:

Grounding cord to SOURCE. Grounding cord to Brother J.
SOURCE and Brother J, please enjoy everything with me today. My will is Your Will.
Please be in charge of all my thoughts, all my manifestations this day.

Please be in charge of everything I see and hear and do.
I place myself, my life, and the world I see in the hands of SOURCE.

Then breathe and do the rest of your regular meditation. That’s it.

Do this right when you wake up, and see how your day goes. Then at night, right before bed, give your dreams to Brother J and SOURCE. See how your life changes for the better. This will help you manifest the world you want, a world where you walk with SOURCE. This is basically the New Earth, aka Heaven on earth. Give it a try.

(Conversely, if you concentrate on seeking Justice in the world, you will manifest this, along with the ramifications.)

NOTE: Every time a negative thought pops up (it happens for all of us), IDENTIFY and label it. Say, “ATTACK THOUGHT!” Then attach a rock to the thought and drop it to the center of the earth.