768: Autumn Mission ~ [Update10]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

It has come to our attention that this…

This is not good.

…is not the sun’s heartbeat (those long lines), it is a nefarious effort against the sun. It is a seige against the portal inside Sol, and against our earth/sun system, battering at the gates from the other side in an effort to make them buckle and allow bad stuff in. What we thought was the sun’s heartbeat is actually the sun under a regular, timed attack. The Arch*ns/N. et al, who were driven away, have wormed their way closer, interdimensionally, and are continuing to try to break through and wreck Gaia — this time by wrecking Sol from the portal side of things, expanding their Gaia assault to Sol. This will not be allowed.

When we discovered this, we asked the SuperFriends to put up a new shield around the sun’s portal (which they’ve kindly done to keep out the Negs), but the rest of us also need to show our support.

Autumn Mission

The CATs call on EVERYONE — all those who work for the Light, whether they like the CATs, or not — to UNIFY and meditate as much as possible and add their support to Sol and Gaia. Gaia and Sol have helped us for a long time, so the least we can do is give them an Autumn of gritty, unyielding in-the-trenches support, right through Halloween (which team dark will try to seriously maximize this time) to the end of Autumn. (Please don’t fall for any “we’ve won” messages. Keep up the pressure till you ‘see and feel’ an obvious sign that we’ve won. It will be undeniable.)

Note that we’re not asking you to storm any walls: We’re asking you to shine your LIGHT in a specific way.

What to Do

This time, after you G+P+C (Ground, Protect, Connect), try imagining yourselves getting REALLY BIG, cupping the earth and sun in your hands, and breathe SOURCE into them. You might feel yourself rotate/spin when you do this, since the sun and earth are in constant motion. Just go with it… but don’t ‘go with the flow.’ Instead, BE THE FLOW. And don’t get dizzy.

Both hands, please. And just the sun and earth.

NOTE: All expressions of LOVE are MAXIMAL, so you don’t need to strain. LOVE goes to 11 instantaneously, just by applying it.

No ‘battle’ plans, no one-time mass meditation, since team dark tends to mess with those. If we all pitch in together and keep the LIGHT pressure HIGH… then things will change for the better. We’re basically all in the same foxhole and have to hold this position till relieved. SOURCE is our relief. Even if things get worse and worse and worse, we still need to weather it and steadfastly meditate twice a day (morning and night).

Note that the PTW might try to turn the power off and mess with other things, but don’t let that stop you from this one small/gynormous act of love and kindness. It looks to be our last collective PUSH for the Light.

[NOTE: For those doing the ‘peace quilt‘ meditations twive daily, this is just one small addition.]

Turn ON your light and leave it on.


Now we know what this is:

Akrons trying to break through.


Ok. Lots to tell. One reader (thanks, Pam!) told us about using a staff she was given in a recent dream/meditation which she later used to weave the ‘peace patches’ of the quilt together in meditation… and that reminded ~M7 of something ~AM said earlier last week about being given “an armload of blue sapphire rods” in a vision, so M7 relayed this… and ~AM went into meditation and went into the Portal Tree (long story) and expanded out all the ‘peace patches’ for Gaia, blowing energy into them until they swelled close enough together for him to weave their ends together with all those rods. THEN, he did the Sol/Gaia meditation, as per this post, and then saw a giant infinity loop appear around Sol and Gais in his hands, thus…

…and then he was encouraged to (re)marry them (!). So, he quickly presided over their wedding, somehow coming up with all the right words… Sol and Gaia then exchanged ‘rings’, like they were waiting for this to happen… he pronounced them husband and wife… and said ‘you may now kiss the bride’ and then got the heck out of the way. (You might see something happen from this, we have no idea.) Then he got a BIG thank you (which he is to share with all of you) from Sol, and then Gaia, for helping with the attacks and all the supportive energy, etc. Phew. What a day. Much more going on, but no one would ever believe it.


UPDATE3 ~ 10/3/22

We know this is a little out-there, but the below meter is what it looks like when ~AM and AA Gabriel and the AA Trumpet Section blast a SOURCE-Chord into Portal One:

What with this and the other actions, ~AM burned himself out for the week.


  • To answer a question… that 18YO Guardsman who recently “died in his barracks,” the one who lead QEII’s coffin procession, was murdered to hide various secrets. He knew the queen died long ago, and he also saw the body doubles at the funeral, among other things. We have no idea why the “royals” are tolerated or loved by anyone. Like the majority of our “leaders,” they’re not worth even thinking about.
  • Special Note: ANYTHING you can imagine… can be. If you go into meditation and think you’ve grown to gynormous size and do anything (positive)… it really happens. You are limited only by your imaginations. Creativity is humanity’s special gift from SOURCE. So… use it. (Be sure this is STO [Service to Others] only. STS [Service to Self] things work against you.)

UPDATE4 ~ 10/4/22

Wow. ~AM did something this morning that we’re still scratching our heads about. Nothing he does should surprise us… yet surprise us he did. He surprised himself. We’ll let you know more when the dust settles. In the meantime, let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary (in meditation, etc.)… if there can be such a thing, nowadays.

NOTE: We changed the title of this post to “Autumn Mission” because it’s going to take longer than 31 days. This seems the season of the Final Battle; we didn’t know it was going to be in slow motion over days and days, let alone thousands of years. Still, SOURCE did let us know via various sources, loooong ago….


  • FYI, team dark is once again circulating the rumor that the earth will topple on its axis. This is crap. Ignore.

UPDATE6 ~ 10/5/22

FYI, we had a little jump last night, that felt bigger for some. You might be feeling its effects today with extra tiredness, etc. Lots of CATs are. We felt pretty tachy at the time (last night around 10 pm PDT), and woke up early this morning from the ‘landing bump’:

The energy is taking its toll, sweeping some away with it. This is the hard part about what we do; not everyone can handle this level. Sometimes, when the energy is too much… over and over again… it makes our bodies wear out faster since we weren’t built to handle this much energy… which is the reason why we’re constantly upgrading. Alas, some can’t keep up (like CAT friends KC last year, and Tracy V. — Godspeed, KC and Tracy).


Ugh. CATs are falling asleep all over the place.


Ok, we’re going to suggest that everyone stand down for the time being. Rest. Take it easy. Really, you’ve done enough for everyone that you can afford to take some time for yourselves. No stress, no strain. SOURCE has things well in hand.

UPDATE9 ~ 10/11/22

This is right on.

UPDATE10 ~ 10/13/22

And this is also accurate. Here it is in english.

Sorry for the lack of posts. We have nothing new to report… that we can report. The above is good news… though things may appear grim. We still advise everyone to stand down. Meditate. Have faith.