769: Odds + Ends ~ [UPDATE8]


We are finally back from a rather weird portion of our program. Too much to unpack. Most interestingly, we have been inundated with DEMONS approaching us in meditation the past week or so, and we wanted to figure out why before we posted or spoke with anyone (they can spread). We discovered that it was because so many of us were getting so very close to our Ascension goals… and some other things, which you’ll see.


[NOTE: If you see a demon in meditation (they’re kinda hard to miss), it will often manifest as a scary face, which is a bit of a mistake if you ask us. Once you see the face (or any face), look at it and do the Coursian mantra on it:

You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.

They. Don’t. Like. That.]


In our cases, the demons looked stricken after we did the C mantra on them… and then they faded. Some looked sad, some actually looked thoughtful… which is good, as this means our reminding them of their SOURCE connection — and of SOURCE — might actually turn them around. We’re not sure how much time they have left to actually do a U-turn, but it ain’t much. Much of what happened with “The Fall” was very complicated, and created a gynormous mess… but we’re getting it cleaned up, one mess at a time.

As for other things… they’re weird! But in the most awesome way possible. [Yesterday, someone the CATs know asked some of us what we were doing for Halloween. We just laughed. EVERY DAY is Halloween at our houses, and more: A cross between “Poltergeist” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Valerian” and parts of “Ben Hur” and… [insert positive movie about Archangels and Angels and the Fallen… that doesn’t exist!]. Archangels and spirits and ETs and demons, oh my.

All told, things are actually… shockingly amazing… but we can’t tell you why. You have a lot to look forward to. Also, some of our tidbits could make you targets. We also don’t like talking about some of this stuff because it sounds crazy.

Here’s what we CAN tell you:


  • In a previous post, we suggested keeping away from sex and fear and anger… and the other “deadly sins”… but we should’ve said keep away from LUST, not sex. Sex via love is great and we’re all for it. LUST (and Pride, et al) is what caught those angels who fell. (As one CAT said, “They dunked a toe and thought they could back out easily. 3d is a huge trap.)
  • Those “explosions” atop the FBI building were GUNSHOTS, like from a firing squad. They were getting rid of… clones? Too weird.
  • Because of some recent incursions, some CATs were curious about Lilith and what her story was. Some of us have personally seen Lilith and… well, they weren’t pleasant experiences. We don’t care what anyone says, Lilith is a DEMON, the female side of Mr. Nasty (S. being his male side; L. being both together). As for the whole Book of Enoch thing… we don’t think so. Lilith was never Adam’s first wife. The Jewish texts have the right flavor in this regard.
  • And… good news! You are all incredibly awesome. Those who helped Sol in meditation the past few weeks, take a look:
The Knock has stopped.

You (and ~AM, in his other form) stopped the nasties from hurting Sol and getting through Portal One into our reality. They and their weird machinery are officially toast. And little ol’ humanity did it (with lots of help). That’s the good news.

  • The not-so-good news is that those nasties are now trying to break through HERE (hence us seeing demons in meditation). They will fail, of course, as this locale is not only protected by SOURCE now, it’s protected by all of US (you and The CATs). SOURCE and the AAs and The Extended CATs are here in force. (Note: CATs are seeing more of them ’cause we’re at the forefront of being in-their-face. CATs are just that way. Mess with the kitty…)
…and kitty goes Krazy Kat.
  • An Archangel swooped into ~AM’s house night before last at this level, and ~AM saw the Archangel (bright, brilliant gold) with his regular 4d eyes (~AM is 4d at the moment).

I the meantime, take a break. Have some pumpkin cake.


  • CATs have been passing this around. Denise seems to have a problem with CATs, but this latest from her is good, anyway.
  • Also, we thought the PTW were just heating the atmosphere around the US West Coast, but they’ve also been heating the OCEAN CURRENTS as well, which is why there are no Alaskan king crabs this year (but bumper crops of king crab elsewhere). Crabs like cold water, not HAARP-heated water.


Well. There are times when CATs become exasperated and… some CATs call it “Krazy Kat”… and, well… we are there. Krazy Kat mode. It looks like this:

Whenever you see this, you’ll know what it means: KRAZY KAT MODE.

Something FEELS like it’s going to happen… and it may indeed, just not HERE. Or it will happen here. Some people can feel when things change in the realms on either side of them. This makes it very difficult to predict what’s going to happen considering that every possibility happens at any given moment. It’s how the omniverse works. SOURCE denies us nothing. And right now, we are a toddler running with cosmic scissors. (Or we were running with scissors and we’re living this hologaphic view of it, like living a massive recoding. Did you get that?)

That said, we tend to feel like this right before something changes. As usual, stay tuned… for something.


Just to keep people informed:

Words to the wise.


The above was just so you know what’s going on. There’s no reason for fear. This is like “Gog and Magog,” same ol’ dumb pre-biblical Giant-spirit factions fighting at the behest of the dark. Last days and all that. SOURCE will save us, no worries. Do you think SOURCE would go to all this trouble and then let us get taken by Team Schmoe? No way.

Also, we don’t know how stupid people are these days, but this is literally a no-brainer:

Those are kites on a line being towed by a drone. Does that look like low-earth orbit to you?

UPDATE5 ~ 10/24/22 5:45 UTC

Could be nothing, but… well, Team Dark tried to X-out the CATs in various ways the past few days (via curses and cursed objects)… all of which failed, but their sudden activity is interestingly desperate… AND we had dreams about it before it happened… AND we’re soon to have an astronomical event… AND now the meters we’re looking at this evening look… well, odd (we’re showing Cascina, as it’s the newest meter with the best resolution):

There were other meters of interest, but we don’t have time to depose them here. Of course, tonight is the new moon AND a partial solar eclipse at 1:58 am PDT. AND it’s almost Halloween, Deam Tark’s favorite holiday… or it was. It won’t be this year… or any year ever again.

There were also these interesting tidbits from a few days ago, that happened around the same time:


Here’s the latest newsletter from Sophia:


Hello again! In an unexpected message, I’ve been asked to release this generally and everywhere within the next several days. Today was the first opportunity to do so. This conversation took place on the 20th of October. I will get right to it below and ask you to share wherever like-minded souls wander.

I was not given specifics.

Please know that from One’s perspective, as compared to ours, “time” is quite a different thing. Use discernment and trust what resonates.

Thank you for being here. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Many blessings and much love.




It is the One.

Events transpire for you on your planet right now, that will alter the course of your life. These are hidden from your eyes, as they must be, in order to assure that they can be completed.

They are not all captures. Some of these are rescues. What is being retrieved is not just people. What is being retrieved is also property. Property of the people. This has been stolen and hidden and kept by those who held the power here.

There are many things to which you will now have access. These will alter the course of your life. 

Things like free access to energy and highly advanced medical technology are only a start. Methods for food preparation are available that will guarantee an end to hunger. There are advances in virtually every aspect of society. These will astound the senses and uplift as well as simplify your existence. Much has been kept from you, dear human.

You’ve been raised and bred to be work animals for a non-human species. This is the awful truth of it. Once you accept it as truth, everything that you’ve suffered through makes sense.

Religion was a tool used to instill in the population a reason for “suffering”. Many teach the fact that you are born with sin as part of your soul. You are marked before you are able to hold a conscious thought, and this contributes to the way you have accepted the conditions of your slavery. You are taught, very early on, that you are not worthy.

This life has been a stimulus to a remembering. You are here to remember your truth and to realize your core. You are the most brilliant of lights, favored in all of Creation.

You’ve chosen to be here, and your presence is a gift to Gaia as well as a much-needed boost for the race. The bravest, the strongest, the most brilliant; these words tell the truth of you. 

You are about to complete this magnificent mission. You all feel it. There is a sense of peace and acceptance now for your role. It is that moment before stepping out onto the stage, when you take a deep breath, and center yourself.

It’s showtime, dear human, it’s showtime.

That is all.


And the theme continues. Latest from Cristina Aroche:

And from Saratoga Ocean:


The sun is happy today:

We’re also seeing some localized jumps/adjustments, as things are moved around: