770: Clean-up Begins ~ [UPDATE4]

Check this out:

Note this meter:

See those ‘bottom nets’?

See what looks like a grid (web, actually, like a sieve) from 0 to 8 Hz? That’s a SOURCE web cleaning out all kinds of low-vibers, at least in Italy. This is invariably going on all over (and inside) the planet.

AND… you know that “d1rty b0mb” that the media was talking about a few days ago? Well, it was intercepted and nullifed (somehow, but we’re not allowed to see how in case they try it again).

Oh, and something else went on, just this morning… but it’s so unbelievable that we’re gonna keep it to ourselves.

~AM was busy this morning.

More as we find it.

Some ETs are just plain dumb.


Nets still active:

UPDATE2 ~ 10-31-22 11:00 pm PDT

The clean-up continues. You might be feeling it — as are even normal people around you. For them, they will run the whole gamut of emotions.

This explains what’s happening well.


This latest energy caused lots of CATs to fall asleep! Conked right out:


THIS… was 11 years ago.