771: This and That ~ [Update9]

One more set of “patch” meditations to raise things up, and general info.

Tuesday (tomorrow) looks to be a big energy day, so CATs are ramping their “quilt” meditations all day today, at least twice a day, and sharing the energy with the lunar eclipse timing (which starts at 1:00 am and peaks at 3:00 am PST on Tuesday, or 9:00 – 11:00 UTC — that is, early tomorrow). We’ll also be meditating much of Tuesday, as the world is melting down and needs help. We suggest others do the same.

Here’s what we did for the last QUILT meditation, in case you haven’t seen it. Light up your patch and elevate it. Try reaching out to other patches and we’ll pull them together and stitch ’em. This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (on Election Day in the U.S.) feels special in some way, and our dreams are showing us that we don’t want to miss this boat… ’cause something’s up. Check it out.


Note that ~AM and the M’s have had some nasty (spirit battle) episodes in meditation visions, where Mr. Nasty showed up; this was before and right after Halloween, with him trying to get some people we were protecting, as well as to sew dispair. (CATs have been feeling a little down, and tired, and he showed up to capitalize on that.) From the looks of him, he’s collecting people who’ve made bad choices, looking like a big BRIGHT RED fog with faces in it, swirling around his one BIG face. (Note that the mantra did NOT work on him this time, but ~AM’s AA Gabriel-replica trumpet sure did! He’s been gone ever since.) Anway, since he’s been flushed out and is collecting, CAT consensus is that things are looking end-gamey. (We should say that he’s TRYING to collect people… we’re not sure if SOURCE will allow him to keep them. We’re unsure of that process. That relationship is very complicated. The people we saw… had taken the shot. Read into that what you will.)

NOTE1: Demons are just the Giants (Nephilim) who died in the flood long ago (and in some special cases, the Fallen). Psychopaths and such are not allowed to reincarnate, so their spirits pester people. They’re basically just spirits, just nasty ones. The mantra works on THEM. NOTE2: Half the Fallen have made reparations over the years and have returned to SOURCE, so that’s good news; same goes with the Giant spirits and others.


~AM and several of the M’s also had dreams in common a few days ago. They saw people tearing the CATs’ (individual) houses apart while the dreamers watched… till the rioters got to something the dreamer cared about (writing notes, a musical instument, etc.), which caused the CATs in question to say: “That’s it.” They then pushed through the rioters, going away from them, and started climbing UP to where they kept some kind of weapon or object, which was at a higher level. They climbed up to this higher level, pursued by some armed rioter schmoes… then saw the item they desired (all different kinds) — right next to an old-fashioned payphone. This item the dreamers had in common, very specific. The phone was right outside a police station. They saw the police sign and yelled “HELP! HELP! HELP” at the windows and their pursuers paused… but no police came out. In the meantime they grabbed whatever item they needed (a shotgun, an axe, a tree limb, a staff, etc.) and held their attackers off. They then dropped a coin into the payphone, punched in 911, heard the operator’s voice and dropped the phone, saying: “I need help.” They then disarmed the schmoes, in various ways, and waited for the authorities (whom they knew was SOURCE), then they woke up, did a quick G+P+C, and went back to sleep.

This time they were faced with more societal mayhem, but got it under control quickly. Each dreamer then made the aggressors sit in chairs in the middle of the street, saying: “STOP. SIT.” Then something like, “Once you see the sign, you won’t want to fight anymore. Watch for it.” And then vaguely stormy clouds parted a little and BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT that was SOURCE shined through around the edges of the clouds. Then the typically largest attacker rose up and advanced on them, expanding into a ‘baph0met’-type figure… that suddenly fell unceremoniously into an open storm drain that someone had taken the grate off of. Mr. Nasty went down and took a bunch of black stuff went with him and was gone… for the moment. Then, in ~AM’s dream, a little black ‘compression package’ popped UP out of the drain… and he knew that Mr. Nasty (and co.) were in there, so he caught the little bag, created a ‘SOURCE Portal’ and tossed the bag into it, for SOURCE to deal with. The Portal closed… and that was that. Then the survivors sat down and started working out a plan for the future.

[UPDATE 1: Another CAT dreamed that her S.O. came to her (right during the energy event depicted below) and said that they needed to go talk to God.]

All we can do is hope and keep the light ON.

More as we find/experience it.


We’re seeing some interesting meterage. Things have been ramping for a few days…

We also had a solar flare out of nowhere this early morning… and a drop-out of the 1-5 Hz energies:

Interestingly, this is exactly 24 hours before the lunar eclipse/full moon activity.

[NOTE: See the UPDATE in the CAT DREAMS section above.]


Very important: Be sure you think, “SOURCE” when inhaling (air!):

  • During meditation (six or seven times or more, at the beginning)
  • When experiencing high energies
  • When disturbed by anything, or feeing out of sorts
  • Right before eating.

As many of you know, maintaining a high vibe will keep you from getting sick.

Also, beware of old language patterns. For example, people say, “FALL in love.” This is a Fallen thing, and they weren’t talking about love. You RISE in Love. So much of how we operate is either broken or has been hijacked. RISE UP!

And it looks like the energy peaked… and has calmed down… till next time:

Finally, we were urged to be patient while SOURCE and Co. do what they do. More than half the CATs were chomping at the bit up until yesterday.


Contrary to public opinion, CATs do occasionally PRAY (we don’t just meditate). We prayed today, asking Brother J to help ensure a fair election — everywhere on earth. [UPDATE: “Fair elections” might not be possible in 3d.]


We aren’t sure what’s going on at the moment, but we were urged to be patient.

In the meantime, check out this 1969 press conference for the three astronauts who allegedly were the first humans to land on the moon. They look like their dogs just died.


  • Like many of you, we’d like to know what’s going on. The M’s tried connecting to Spirit… asking what Spirit suggests we do at this time… oddly, we didn’t get an answer… things just got quiet and calm.. unless that is the answer. (On further reflection… that’s the asnwer.) We suggest people go into SOURCE and see what happens. (~AM also suggested meditating with AA Gabriel, who shined his light when ~AM connected to him.)
  • We also noted extreme seismic events across many states, bigger than… well, most anything. Something very big is brewing beneath. While it felt ‘volcanic’ at first, it feels more like Gaia getting ready to move to the NE. That’s our best guess.
  • Some sensitives are getting “war” signs, vibes of future confrontations of some sort (like that UK sub that caught fire), but most CATs think this is a 3d thing and won’t affect those who aspire to a higher vibration. Keep your vibe high and ride it out.

Trust in SOURCE.

Go into the light… but not after you transition.

UPDATE6 ~ 11/9/22 6:35 pm

Wow, CAT Desk reports a sudden flurry of CAT reports of feeling “weird.” AND ~AM noticed that this just happened at 6:28 pm PST:

Some CATs also got “555” signs right before this…

“555 signs” (courtesy Cristina Aroche)

  • Associated with: AA Raphael, AA Metatron, and AA Zadkiel
  • Keywords: Changes, higher perspective, surrender
  • Meanings: Changes are unfolding in your life and you are being supported to move through them with grace and Divine love; trust that these changes are bringing you to exactly where you need to go; limiting beliefs and fears are ready to be released.

Go with the flow.


Like when we see spirits and ETs and such, CATs’ relations poo-poo it when we say we’re feeling energy surging through the planet… esp. if it happens right in front of them while we’re together… and they still disbelieve when we show it to them immediately afterward:

Just coincidence, after all. 😉


We had a little jump…

…and right in that jump, *something* (we’re trying to figure out what) tried to JUMP (materialize out of a portal) right into the center of ~AM’s house! (He said it sounded like a truck hitting his house.) But the energy and shielding there is such that whatever it was got bounced right out. All that was left was this “spider-tingling” energy.


An interesting day for many… for many different reasons. Even the normies are sensing ‘the silence,’ now. Autumn Wind, indeed. Yet another fake election and distance between this group and that group…

Note that The Event (which is still supposed to happen… sometime) will NOT be a “micronova.” There’s no such thing. The sun is also way too small to nova-proper.

Btw, try expanding those ‘quilt patches of peace’ in meditation… and turn them into magic carpets at the end. See what happens.