772: Autumn Wind 3 ~ [UPDATE5]

Hello, and welcome.

Hi, all. Yes, CATs are still here, (still) upgrading along with lots of others. Here’s a fresh thread to cover some things that have been happening:


  • In case you hadn’t already guessed, CATs and sundry are SOURCE agents, pure and simple. We work for SOURCE. Some of us have wings. This is one reason why we look askance at anyone <*cough* CHANNELERS> saying anything that goes against what we’ve already been told in briefings. And many CATs, along with those who serve SOURCE in the greater realm, are on 24/ alert standby… which kinda never changes. We activate… whenever. It’s sorta automatic now, so… if something interesting happens, just go with the flow.
  • We recommend people start their meditations with a ground to SOURCE (yes, we know we’re always groudned to SOURCE)… and then let that ground just be for about five minutes. We’re doing this because it feels amazing… and SOURCE is also directly communicating various things… only don’t be surprised if you don’t fully grasp what SOURCE is showing you. (SOURCE’s Mind is Infinite, yours is a tiny finite piece, so thinking you know what’s going on is kinda ridiculous.) Anway, when we do this, we’re seeing an infinite vertical column or structure that, for us anyway, took on a golden/flaming/fire hue. What this is remains to be seen.
  • Lots of things we can’t talk about right now. Suffice to say that you have about seven days to get your act in gear and make a positive choice — for SOURCE. You know what this means. Otherwise… that’s that till your next choice-point… whenever that is. In the meantime, CATs are on the job: Use your free will to make mayhem, get portaled to oblivion.
  • In keeping with that, we’re seeing the “AUTUMN WIND” sign lit brighter starting on Thursday. We’re not sure if this means Wave X energy or something else, but we’re guessing something else.
  • Oh, and if you’re checking this blog primarily to see interesting phenenology tidbits about the world, then we’re going to disappoint you. None of the CATs pay any attention to what’s going on here on Planet Terror. We get our marching orders interally… and so should you. If you’re not meditating… well, then why even read this blog? Go holiday shopping.
  • We would also like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, whether they celebrate Thanksgiving or not. It’s always time to give thanks to SOURCE.

More as it comes available.

We’re having some pumpkin cake, dammit.


Meanwhile, from the DUH Dept…

That “vertical golden/flaming/fire” structure we’re seeing is: a FLAMING SWORD. Duh. This is what we get for having it be right in our faces. (Thanks, Pam!) You can read into that image what you will.


Aha. The flaming sword is a spiritual gift, for those who can see it. Just concentrate on it and then move UP.

Also, we had some kinda something in the night:


Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it! You don’t have to live in the U.S. to give thanks to SOURCE… for everything.

This cooks for HOW LONG??


Yes, we had a timeline jump over the T-day weekend:


Hmm. We might be seeing a new kind of (gentle) timeline jump:

Leave it to SOURCE to create a soft timeline jump. (Note: Those of you who think you know SOURCE… think again.)