773: Fill ‘Er Up ~ [UPDATE8]


So, ~AM had been seeing Event energy — which is backed all the way up to SOURCE in the “portal tree” plumbing system — has filled Portal One all the way up to its edge…

…so much so that Event energy is now spilling into the sun. We’re guessing this is a precursor to The Event. We’re also guessing that we’re going to see something before the solstice (hence the “Autumn Wind” thing), but we aen’t sure what that is. Expect lots of “micro-nova” talk. (FYI, there’s no such thing.)

(Also, for those of you who love smart phones, you might be disappointed. Those aren’t at the next level. Good riddance.)


Oops. Wrong title sequence number! Sorry about that. Should be 773. CATs have been busy elsewhere.

Meanwhile… tidbits:

  • By now you should be getting your “SOURCE jobs” via dreams. If you haven’t yet, be patient. You will.
  • Thatever the PTW do is usually the opposite of what they say they are doing. Ignore them.
  • Allow SOURCE to work through you, with you. Don’t try to steer. Do things calmly. Do things serenely. Or just walk away. Don’t try to force anything to happen. Be gentle. Take solace in small things. (And if you have violent thoughts, that ain’t SOURCE.)
  • When in doubt, ask Brother J in.
  • Love is in the coffee or tea that you drink. Your beverage originated in a seed that waited patiently for the rains, pushed through the surface of the soil, reached for the light, harnessed the energy of a star millions of miles from your planet, surrendered to the harvest, processings, and packaging, rode for miles in a box or bag or container via planes, trains, ships, and trucks, and then sits her, in your mug, allowing you to extract the best of its journey, all for your morning beverage. (We think this is from Ann Albers and the Angels; sounds like them!)


So. ~AM is still seeing the sun ‘filling up’ — quite substantially from Portal One at this stage. What we don’t know is: What this means. It might mean The Event. It might mean something else. You pays your money and you takes your frame of reference. Meanwhile, the meters are interesting (note that more and more are getting “stuck,” becoming useless):


  • Lots of CATs are reporting in about a “weird” feeling/experience around 10:00 am this morning (18:00 UTC). Something shifted, but we’re only ‘seeing’ it via the “CAT meters” (that is, ourselves). Most 3d meters are either reporting “normal” energy, or are down.
  • One outlier meter is either showing something significant… or someone tripped over a plug:
We’re thinking this meter might just be turned off, since it happened at the top of the hour.
  • All the M’s reported feeling “tachy” yesterday, during the solar energy swell:
  • Some CATs and readers are reporting increasing numbers of people around them being either sick (those who took the shot(s), or transitioning this week.
  • ~AM reported seeing the New Earth as he was driving around on errands yesterday. He said it looked, “ethereal and primeval, thick mist with light shining through.”


This from Jim in WA:

“I was just getting ready to TTMB when I got the following message: ‘This morning was a test to see how we handled it.‘ Interesting!”  


Ok. When ~AM looked at Portal One this morning, he saw a solid white connection from it to the sun: that is, SOURCE energy flowing full-on into our ‘reality projector.’ Then there was the energy thing we felt/saw around 10:00 am PST (as detailed above)… and some other things some CATs saw… and we’re now wondering if we might be having a “quiet Event” this week/month. Be sure to give your dreams over to Brother J before bed. If SOURCE ran a test this morning and we passed it…


Aha. We kept being asked if El0n Mu$k, or 0b1ama, or person XYZ is “the Ant1-Chr1st,” or if there even is such a person… but we couldn’t connect to it… until now. There really is such a one… but it’s not a person. It’s A-eye. A-eye is the “Ant1-Chr1st.” And it has emerged.

We will be very surprised if this world makes it to 2023, as is.

Don’t be afraid of what is to come. If you follow SOURCE/Brother J, you have nothing to fear.


Whoa. ~AM hung his cheese in the wind the past two nights, doing some volunteer work that just about cooked him. It was successful, though. Things might calm down a bit.


A few things… that might sound crazy:

  • ~AM has seen that the SOURCE energy into the sun stopped a few days ago. And the Portal One conduit (to SOURCE) is… clear. He asked Sol (the sun, who can of course talk, just like Gaia) said that the energy is now stored inside him. (The sun is male, Gaia is of course female.) When ~AM asked how this was done, Sol said that humans (and lots of ETs) don’t understand how the sun was constructed. It’s not like other stars, though some main stars are structured similarly. Anyway, it sounds crazy, but the sun said that it has been fully charged by SOURCE and can release Event energy (or the “Wake-up Call”) at any time. ~AM asked how long it was going to be till the energy was released (expecting it to either be a long time, or some vague answer) and the Sol said: “Days.”

Note that we’re not making predictions, just reporting what was said, or in some instances giving our take on what was said. SOURCE has The (Divine) Timing in Mind, and since SOURCE is perfect, Trust in SOURCE.

Also, our friend Lilian asked some questions that other readers might’ve also had (original question and answers are in italics and bulleted), so we’ll answer them here:

1) “We will be very surprised if this world makes it to 2023, as is.”  

Lilian: What does this mean? Is it referring to Humanity, or physical Earth? 2023 is just around the corner!  

  • Because of what the sun said, we are expecting the “Wake-up Call” before the end of the year. How this energy affects us and Gaia… is unknown. But once this occurs, nothing and no one will be the same. In fact, the Gregorian calendar (which was intentionally messed up) will eventually be tossed out and we’ll start with Year One (people will eventually say it’s “ONE AW” or “A-dub” — After Wake-up). That is, once The Event this happens.

2)“Don’t be afraid of what is to come. If you follow SOURCE/Brother J, you have nothing to fear.” 

Lilian: Personally, I have nothing to fear. But it’s kind of sad to think that for many others (China, India, Indonesia together account for a good percentage of the total world population) may not be prepared for what is to come just because their religion/belief (by tradition) is not related to SOURCE/Bro J. Correct me if I’m wrong: If we’re all connected as ONE, is it possible that all religions are ONE, too (the sages call it by different names) as each eventually lead to God/Universe/SOURCE (again call it by different names)?  

  • You are correct. We are all ONE, and there are many paths to SOURCE, many names. How SOURCE speaks/communicates with each person… is also unknown… but knowing SOURCE, whatever SOURCE does will be perfect, so there is no need to worry. Everything will happen perfectly. We brought up Brother J as he represents the shortest, fastest way to SOURCE. Indeed, not only did Brother J and the Apostles call what J was teaching, “The Way,” but several CATs had ‘St. Paul-esque/light-struck’ moments in the early 2000s, where Brother J poured buckets of light on our heads and loudly exclaimed: “Prepare the Way.” Kinda got our attention! The Way to SOURCE is of course different for all, but J’s way is the easiest, since he basically does all the work for you. EVERYONE, even D-worshippers and demons and Mr. Nasty himself, will eventually return to SOURCE. Time is for learning. How long you want to be in school is up to you, free-will and all that.