774: The Tank is Full ~ [UPDATE2]

The sun is all gassed up… with LOVE!

Sorry for the delay of this post. CATs are very busy, wow.

Note that, as we said, the sun is now filled all the way up with Event energy. The portal “tubes” are clear, all the way to SOURCE. Angels are standing by. The Event is cued up, inside the sun, ready to go. Most of us are strapped in. The big [insert fav color] button is there, ready to be pressed (by SOURCE).


Complicating this… is ~AM! (And others.) He will not sit still. We can’t tell you what he’s doing… because it’s too much… but he keeps coming up with new things to do… and SOURCE is curious to see what he does next! This delays The Event, in our collective CAT opinion, but try telling ~AM that. We’d grab him and sit on him, but there are TWO of him (or more): The rather unremarkable (but funny) 4d version, who looks kinda like Santa (one vibrational step below bigfoot, so you can still see him); and the ANGEL LIGHTBODY version of ~AM, which can expand to any size, and is so energetic that we can’t look at him. However, he’s slowing down, so that tells us something. In fact he just agreed to stand down, at least for a little while. (The latest thing he did is very subtle… but it’s working, amazingly so. The Autumn Wind, indeed.)

Meanwhile, The Space War (Round 984232) rages on:

“Less filling!” — “Tastes great!”

This is actually very instructive. Above we see two highly advanced factions of ETs in a completely pointless exercise called “war.” They are advanced technologically, but not advanced philosophically. Neither side can hurt the other, they’re too advanced, yet they keep fighting back and forth in this, The Illusion. Other equally clueless factions continue to fight on earth, with much the same effect. We are ALL Extensions of SOURCE, indestructible. And we are all immortal, so we can literally fight forever. But is this how you want to spend eternity? (Or, if attorneys are involved… ATTORNITY?)

Yes, it is still AUTUMN… for a few more days. More as we find it.


FYI, some activity on the meterage front. We’re not really feeling it, much. A little headachy, here and there, and some woke up around 4:30 am PST (graphs 5 and 6), but went right back to sleep. What else is new?

Oh, and note that it’s others delaying the Event, too, not just ~AM!


Anyone who felt ill from about 7-10 PST tonight…

…the sun is suddenly being very energetic:

Remember how quiet it was earlier in the month? Now look at it.