775: Things** ~ [UPDATE10]

Things for the many:


FYI, when ~AM looked at Portal One this morning (he’s the only one of us who can go inside portals, not to mention speak with them), he saw a return of SOURCE energy to the portal conduit; this measured from SOURCE to about half a parsec from the Portal One opening. The energy ~AM is seeing is mirror-y/silvery white, but much less dense than before, wispy. He was told that it’s a “catalyst” for the energy already in the sun. The two mix, and…

Then the Portal One Ophanim directed ~AM to the sun, where ~AM saw a big white CONE on its side (inside the sun), the big end facing the portal, the pointy end pointed at the earth. Locked and loaded.


This was one of ~AM’s experiments earlier in the week, and it worked extremely well. Now, it’s time for everyone to try it, turning it on full blast in a rolling global meditation. Here’s how to do it:

**Global Group “SCREEN” Meditation**

In meditation, after you G+P+C, imagine all the cellphone and tablet and computer and TV screens on earth. Imagine them ON, wth people looking at them. Then imagine a thin conduit of SOURCE/Event energy (a thin line will do) going from the sun to all those screens, making them glow WHITE with SOURCE energy. See the screens beaming SOURCE energy into the eyes of all those who look at cellphones, at computers, at TVs, bathing them in SOURCE light, the light concentrating on their hearts. Imagine this for about a minute in every meditation until The Event. This will start the Event on our side of it, and SOURCE will do the rest.


To answer that one unrelated question someone asked: YES, Fort Knox is empty. The gold was funneled off long ago. Anything there is fake, tungsten with about 20 microns of gold electroplate. The cabal stole all the gold from the bottom of the Twin Towers, too.


Various things:

  • No, we don’t know where the above gold is. It was stolen some time ago (and it hasn’t been recovered, no matter what anyone says). When we inquired as to where… the AAs simply wouldn’t tell us, for our own protection. This comes up every once in a while. We start looking into something and the Spirit side says: Nope, not gonna tell you. People are superweird when it comes to treasure, so this doesn’t surprise us. (And no, there is no treasure on Oak Island, either.) Some things you just don’t wanna know, and lots of things you don’t GET to know. (The Fallen were big on telling people EVERYTHING. This has caused so very many problems.)
  • Please note that lots and lots of people are beginning to die, for a number of reasons, but you know the main one. (Jim in WA told ~AM about a small town in ID where a 100+ people died in a MONTH; a town of 10,000 people.) Anyway, when you encounter this out in the world, please be respectful. Don’t say, “Hey, that’s ok! There is no death!” because it doesn’t help to hear those words (of truth) when someone is riding the death carousel. We bring this up as one of the M’s made that mistake in a store today… and there was lots of embarrassing backpedaling. Just shining your light in public is enough.
  • This isn’t list-worthy, but someone in a store, who didn’t know who they were talking to, heard one of us talking about asking ~AM any question, so they stepped in and asked: “How many hairs on my head?” ~AM looked at her and said: “18,532.” (That’s what Spirit said, apparently.) The woman just blinked. THEN, missing the fact that this doesn’t matter, she asked how many grains of sand there are in the world. ~AM cogitated for a split second — and we could see the looks he was being given from the Spirit side — then he said: “Does it matter?”
  • When ~AM looked this morning, the Portal One energy was almost at the entrance, and… it was purple-y. No idea what that means. (~AM said that, since being able to see into portals is new, that the energy he’s seeing might be totally normal before solstices and such. It sure seems like Event energy, but we don’t have much to base it on.
  • Did you know: Brother J’s ministry lasted less than two years? Sure got a lot of BANG for such a short time.

Also, we found this photon energy pattern a little odd; it’s usually totally random:


**Those of you who want The Event to happen ASAP had best be doing the Thing Two meditation above twice a day. The more people who do this, the faster the chain reaction. Be sure to G+P+C first. And only draft a little bit of SOURCE energy from the sun, it doesn’t take much. All expressions of LOVE are maximal.


FYI, the sun produced 32 M-class solar flares during the past 3 days. Unusual.


Btw… ~AM checked… and this is Portal One doing this:

Those are photon spikes. And we all know what photons are, right?


You’re gonna love this. Those photon spikes fom Portal One…

…occur every 2 hours 22 mins: 222.

Here is Cristina Aroche’s meanings for 222:

  • Associated with AA Rapael and AA Uriel…
  • “Have faith and trust in this part of your journey”
  • “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be”
  • “Connect to the energy of support within yourself”
  • “Do not give up! What you desire is on its way to you.”


Perhaps there’s also something pointing to a date or a time, we don’t know. We’ll look into it.


Thanks to Jim in WA for spotting this…

…it was an Event test.


Happy Solstice. ~AM has this morning reported:

“Portal One channel SOLID (inside), like it’s filled with glass… but it’s SOURCE energy. Could not get inside. Event horizon of the portal is also solid, vitric, unpassable. And the sun is also off-limits, opaque, solid. I was informed that only SOURCE could pack such an unbelievable amount of energy into a finite space, such that the energy became SOLID.”

We’d also like to point out that those photon spikes have stopped and the energy returned to “normal”:


The M’s have been getting visions of a “dawning light in the east” for the past few months, while in meditation… and again this morning, lots of CATs included.


Enough readers have mentioned this that maybe we should, too: You might be having strange dreams… that are actually tests…