751: Feeling Tingly? ~ [UPDATE1]

Anybody feel tingly?

We’re feeling extreme energy, lately — though we’re admittedly close to portals. You may or may not be feeling it, as well. But wait, there’s more.


We’re getting some pretty big WHOMPs of late (this from a day ago):

Some we see, some we feel. Tingling coming up from the ground. Heart palpatations. Some difficulty breathing. ‘Champagne’ bubbling. Headaches. Half the time on this planet we feel like we’re going to die, but you get used to it. Perfectly normal for 3d earth.

Now things get interesting. There was a recent GRB, with coded energy. (Imagine how advanced you’d have to be to know which GRBs are going to hit earth and then intercept and encode information into the streaming gamma radiation.)

Then there’s this… which occurred a little after the GRB:

Very interesting.

Note the symmetry (and the echo). These look to be specific energy transmissions from the sun, rather that the natural random ones. What does this mean? The sun contains Portal One, which is the main portal fo this system. The earth is connected to it, along with all other portals, which are connected to an omniversal Portal Tree. Basically, everything’s connected. From what we’re getting, what we’re seeing in the above meter has to do with the earth’s vibration… some kind of frequency shift. There’s some solid good news, finally.

Note that there was a timeline jump on June 22nd, at 3:00 UTC. We experienced it in dreams as a wide street we crossed after doing some work ‘on the other side’ (had to cross at just the right time to avoid ‘traffic’ in the form of ‘red cars’, which we found interesting).

In some cases, more than one:

These are muon counts, btw.

There were also adjustments in Canada:

Other interesting energy:

[Note: These are all 3d meters. More and more, 3d meters aren’t reporting what we’re feeling.]

As usual, we recommend twice-daily meditation to maximize your minima.

That’s enough for now. More as it happens.


We’ve had a little jumpiness:

Btw, don’t let the recent cabal actions get to you. The SCOTUS ruling thing is deliberate, to keep people distracted from the midterm elections and at one another’s throats. The Blue “leaders” and the Red “leaders” of DC are the same all the other “leaders” acoss the world: Total sell-outs to the reptoids. Don’t take the bait. It’s all Illusion. Practice saying, “Is that so?” or “Wow” or “What do you plan to do?”