750: Auto-Ascension Technique ~ [Up.1]

Going UP.

Some CATs have a stubborn summer cold that’s been lasting a couple weeks, but it’s not life threatening. Anyway, some decided to take a break from meditation, while others tried to meditate through the illness. For the record, some of us noticed that meditating made us feel the symptoms less.

Auto-Ascension Technique

As ~AM was thinking about this this morning, he was gifted with a vision of a right-handed set of “springs” rotating slowly: a giant DNA strand model. Here’s a traditional one:

Then he ‘inhaled SOURCE,’ as we say, and blew energy up through the helices, bottom to top, thinking ‘SOURCE’ on the intake and blowing the energy up through the turning helices (since they’re “right-handed,” they turn clockwise if you’re looking UP). A normal person has a set of two DNA strands in each cell… and as you probably know, DNA is a set of biological instructions; we are told that all forms of corporeal life in this universe enlist DNA). Then he imagined this structure all around him… but with a difference.

When ~AM does this exercise, he has more strands of DNA than the average person. Probably lots of those who read this blog have more, as well. This has been part of the ongoing upgrade packages those who’ve been doing their meditative work have achieved. Above is a right-handed dodecahelix (12 strands), as per ~AM, each strand loaded with information, rising up from what CATs call the ‘integration level’ of density (we see it as a sheet of glass — 3d, 4d, 5d, 20d, etc. — shown here as a dotted circle). Duodecuple helix?

Imagine this rotating around you (try both directions), then ‘breathe SOURCE’ and blow energy UP through the rotating structure six or seven times. After ~AM taught us this technique, we definitely felt light energy flooding up through us at each breath/exhalation. This is basically a form of auto-ascension. Try it in your next meditation. There’s more to it, but this is the first step.


A few miscellaneous things from this past week:

  • That recent quake in Georgia…

…was a DUMB being blown up. Note the depth.

  • Also, that recent “ground fire” beneath buildings in Cleveland was just a fire in a parking garage. Sure was freaky.
  • Finally… remember: You literally are what you eat. So, please don’t willingly eat insects (like crickets, ew). We can’t imagine what kind of dreams that would yield. Note: Your cells completely refresh every 45 days.

Does that make us…

…giant rabbits? ‘Watership Down,’ anyone?


Oops. We just checked and ~AM has 13 strands (so far). So make that a right-handed tredecuple helix. If he were a polygon, he’d be a triskaidecagon. He’s still upgrading. (He said, “Definitely feels like it. All this work and I still have miles to go.”)