749: A Message From SOURCE ~ [Up.4]

Can’t say we’ve ever had this happen before.

The following is a message directly from SOURCE. It came through as we were writing a quick update for the last post.


CATs woke up late, and grumpy. Headaches all ’round. When we finally got some of us together, we had just started writing an update to the last post when the M [it was actually ~AM] who started typing it stopped… and said:


Then said: “Something is happening.”

And then we all felt it. We began to group-channel SOURCE/ONE. This has not happened before. We didn’t hear it, as some have before; it was a ‘words in your head’ kinda thing — words that had to be written right then and there. So, we started writing like crazy. Anyway, here’s what SOURCE/ONE has to say to all of us at this time. We will include what we originally wrote “in quotes” as we wrote it, because the context is important. We have placed emphasis here and there in the text, and tried to convey the flow.

The UPDATE That Never Was

“For those in North America who were asleep during this most recent white WHOMP…

14 is midnight PDT (the above is in Tomsk time).

…all CATs are reporting “classroom” dreams from last night. This is significant… ok.”


“You are being conditioned for the next stage. EVERYONE should STOP with your expectations and go into meditation and send light everywhere, all the time. Learn to do this while living your everyday lives, in a kind of flowing, work-a-day meditation in the NOW. At night, give your dreams to Brother J and the Archangels of Light. Have no fear. Set daily protection and sleep protection well, so your work is not interrupted, not because you are in danger. The Angels are protecting you. Those who are reading these words are a small, but powerful group — much more powerful than you realize. There are actually lots of you, in key places, integrated with crystals and organic material (in the form of bodies) across this world in a kind of living orgonite.

It is time for you to concentrate on both maintaining and strengthening where you are, spiritually. Let everything else go, focusing on your incoming training (which is different for everyone) in meditation and dreams, and begin the heavy lifting required to change your situation. Don’t expect a bolt from the blue, because YOU are the bolt. YOU are a living column of continuous lightning: A pillar of solid light. But you are more than that. You are a pillar connected, strung together with other pillars, supporting and holding things together and raising them up, together. You are the steadfast anchors of creation for a new world, stanchions of light supporting the heavy lifting.

Mass meditations won’t do what you are doing, because they are transient events. It has to be your own constant personal dedication within your own life, to support and light the chain in perpetuity, no matter what. You either came here for this, or you nominated yourself for the job. It is time to do the work, day and night, without rest. This requires a commitment and dedication by the few, for the many. This is how you do it, from the inside-out. As you say, time to ‘grind it out for the win.’ What you are creating has no equal.”



All, in terms of crystals, please note that your bones are crystalline (calcium). Your skeletal system is basically one big crystal integration. Any other crystals around you just act as amplifiers.


FYI, ~AM and the AAs are doing something that you might be feeling. We’ll know it’s working when we see signs from the surface population…


Again, if you send us a message from a gmail account, we can’t respond. Sploogle has classified CAT email as spam.


FYI, this one post is causing the cabal stooges to do everything they can to block the CAT site. Gosh, wonder why?