748: Odds and Ends

Onward and upward.


Energy inbound… kinda:

Here’s the video. (Thanks, AC.)
Next stop: Albuquerque.

For the normies, this looks to be a good-sized flare/CME, to hit or miss by say the 15th. Technically referred to as a Long Duration Eruption (LDE), what it really is a ship about 15X the size of Jupiter exiting Portal One, the resultant flare/CME basically the wake of the craft passing through the portal. Which reminds us, this is a…

One of the first things we might discuss with ETs is that they observe a no-wake zone as much as possible out of Portal One… unless they’d like to trade for our troubles.

The difference between this and Wave X energy is, well… Wave X energy hurts. (Given how uncomfortable Wave X energy continues to be at times, imagine if The Event had gone off back in 2012; it probably would’ve flat-out killed 60% of the population. Just our guess, of course.)

Oh, and some might remember what we used call energy “knock.” It’s started up again:

There was also a little (perhaps) localized jump this morning:

And… ever feel like you were being watched?

Don’t worry, this is just a simulacrum. We think.


FYI, ~AM had an Angel tip. If you have a dream about/vision of an Angel seated, or sitting on something… and you see the same image again and again… it usually means that the Angel is waiting for you to do something, like for you to use your free will to choose an upgrade perhaps, and you need to get your act in gear. For some time ~AM had been seeing Archangel Gabriel sitting on a wall with his trumpet, and he was sitting in the exact same spot every time ~AM went into meditation. ~AM finally realized that the Archangel was waiting for him to do a certain upgrade (so he could do something else). Archangels are extremely powerful, but they can’t help you unless you make a free-will choice.

C’mon, human….
Have a seat, lumpy.