747: Clang Clang ~ [UPDATE9]

…end of the line.

Which line? We dunno. We saw these white WHOMPS yesterday and today…

…and realized that something good is coming… but we don’t know exactly what, yet… and we may not be able to know until it’s happening. Feels like the end is in play — and the beginning is close enough to smell the flowers. A little maddening, but still… it’s encouraging. There continue to be lots of little timeline adjustments and bits of CLARITY bouncing around (as opposed to one mass raw jump)… of course, SOURCE and ONE have everything well in hand. There’s a feeling of newness and hope mixed with what one CAT called, “rabid squirrel clean-up” peppered with fake riots, fake fires, fake shortages, things grinding to a halt.

Just as we were putting this together, one CAT reader (Laura) fortuitously brought this tarot lady to our attention. (Thank you, Laura.) The reader’s name is San and she’s excellent, highly recommended. Her matter-of-fact attitude reminds us of… us.

More as we find it.


~AM and some of the M’s have been working an old technique, one that’s changed since we’ve changed. Most of those aspiring to Ascension have completed their transition to a ‘light body’ system, a system far superior to the obsolete chakra system (though we still have big energy centers). Anyway, you’ve seen monks and priests use this technique a zillion times, so someone long ago knew the secrets of this and it’s since been watered down into ritual.

And speaking of ritual… yes, this technique could be seen as part of the Illusion, but YOU are real, the ‘ghost-in-the-machine’ part of you, and anything that helps you in this regard is ‘more real’ than… well, other things. Things either help you or they don’t. If this doesn’t work for you, discard it. There are certain techniques (like meditation) within the Illusion that make overcoming the Illusion easier. This is what we’re after.

What we’re talking about looks like this:

There’s a functional reason why this hand thing works. Few realize that you basically have little energy portals on your palms, and three each on each finger (on the inside of the hand). By pressing your hands together, you create a kind of ‘infinite energy grounding loop’ — energy that can be amplified via SOURCE breathing and then directed into anything you want — anything positive, that is. (You can’t really use it for anything negative, as you’ll see.) You can then use the energy for any number of things.

Note: There are all kinds of mudras, but this is a really simple one. It is also one of the most powerful and significant ones. HOWEVER, all mudras will change as we change. So, be ready for anything.

Try this one for yourself.

G+P+C and go into meditation. Place your hands together, thus… and see what happens. (Oddly, we discovered that your fingers sort of relax as you push your hands together.) So… eyes closed, try moving your hands (while together) vertically along your body’s longitudinal meridian and feel where your hands feel the most comfortable. Play around with it and see what happens.

This technique forces a centering and alignment simultaneously with both the earth’s main energy center/portal (which you could call a “chakra” or “vortex”) and the main one inside the sun (what we call Portal One)… not to mention aligning with all of us who are doing this. Words are kinda failing us in describing what’s happening… and they really don’t matter. While it’s both simple and complex, it basically just is.


In that recent UK “jubilee” thing…

…that’s not the queen. The Queen is dead and has been for almost two years, her body in deep freeze beneath B Palace (not far from this ritual). As for that lights thing they did…

…they just televised people watching other people unknowingly participate in a $atanic ritual.


We don’t often comment on locality, but it’s interesting how recent moisture slammed into California, with a certain (negative) energy trying to stop it, as you can kinda see. Lots of CATs felt the weird energy Saturday night.

There were also some localized jumps/energy here and there…

…with lots of portal energy lambasting those who live near one.

For those who like to meditate, be sure to send some extra love/light to DC tomorrow for the Bilderbirgers’ 6/6 meeting — as well as send energy to everyone in the world, as Team Dark will be trying to send out dark mojo in the wake of the 6/5 meditation; they often set up these big meditations knowing that people will have meditation fatigue the next day and let their guards down. As Mad-Eye always said…


CATs did something. Stay tuned.


Rather, ONE CAT did some things — again — today. He doesn’t like us talking about what he does. You can guess who we’re talking about. He did some things earlier today and this happened:

He might be feeling better.


Things are happening. Here are the most recent jumps (which sometimes look a little different), which in some cases coincide with our most recent meditation sessions:


FYI, portals are getting extra energy-feisty as we get closer to the full moon; some CATs have reported being roasted. Some of you might be feeling it (heart racy) if there’s one nearby. OR you’ve just had too much coffee.


Folks, please note that email replies from CATs to google accounts (and others) is blocked by google (and other nahz-ee companies), because we’re “spam.” However… Pam, that tree video is very fake, and rather funny…

…or is it??


All CATs felt this solar zap:

We’re also noticing more spirit and thing activity, mostly due to the full moon… but it’s also because Wave X is making low-vibe things utterly desperate. This month has to be the breaking point.

Note for tarot users: As we’ve said before, if you don’t place the cards fully, consciously in the hands of SOURCE prior to the reading — each time — the readings you get are NOT 100% in your/the client’s best interest. This is due to the cards being the ideation/invention of members of the Fallen. (And for those who doubt… yes, there are Fallen. And all flavors of ETs (Positive, Negative, Neutral), elementals, spirits, etc. — and so many other things that we could write books about them till we’re old(er) and gray(er). Be serious and vigilant about your protection.

Biting the cards helps.