746: Very Interesting ~ [UPDATE12]

Something interesting is happening…

…we just don’t know what. Unless you’d like to chalk it up to, “The Event.”


So, this was the day before yesterday (WHOMP-y):

Then there were these localized timeline jumps/energy yesterday:


Now, look at things today:

And on Monday some CATs were complaining that nothing interesting was happening!


Besides the above Wave X energy, we’ve had some other activity within the past 72 hours:

  • Wednesday night saw that long parade/line of Pleiadian ships
  • We’re seeing LOTS more twinkling spirits and HOBs 24/7
  • ~AM continues to lead a charmed life. He was saved — again — yesterday by Angels/Archangels; we won’t go into details. We’ve lost track of how many times he’s almost died/escaped injury. [One time years ago, a ‘white utility van’ (read DISGUISED SHIP) full of Negatives parked right near ~AM’s house to stage an abduction (of ~AM and the M’s who were meeting)… and a giant 40-foot-tall half-mech/half-ant HOB visitor appeared (!)… grabbed/picked up the ‘van’ (!!)… and hurled it into space (!!!). Then it saluted the CATs… and vanished. Being one of the CATs is like living an Aquabats episode.]


This is interesting. Try meditating on a 7458.62 Hz tone and see what happens.

Plug in that frequency HERE and meditate with headphones… but don’t put the volume up too high. Many of you can hear something like this tone already, so try and split the difference. This particular frequency is B-flat up eight octaves, which is one miniscule part of SOURCE’s actual name (what little we can hear of it), which is an infinitely complex chord. Some CATs have heard Angels singing this chord — that is, SOURCE’s Name — and words cannot describe how amazingly singular this experience is.

Stay tuned for more SOURCE Mystery, as it happens.


More localized jumpage:


Looks like we’re all in a timeline jump, now:

14 is midnight PDT — on the 21st. It’s technically 6 UTC on the 22nd at the time of this writing.

UPDATE3 ~ 5/22/22

Jumps resolved, while Wave X energy is blasting on and off/here and there today, giving us all headaches:

There was also a “solar tsunami” on the sun today:


The same thing happens all over the earth whenever Wave X energy blasts from Gaia portals.

Calm down, Uhura.


Some more Wave X energy (the first three graphs are a total snapshot from 0 – 23000 Hz):

Be sure to concentrate on your own Ascension, via meditation. You can of course send light and love out, but don’t be a martyr. You raise everyone up by raising yourself up. And don’t get caught in any ‘monkey’ or ‘money’ mind traps. Let it all go, and keep your feet on the ceiling at all times.


People keep asking. And unicorns keep writing about it. And we think they mean well, but… the CATs don’t see someone else (ET-wise) coming in to save us. We can only save ourselves from within. The spirit within us coming together is what will save us.


FYI, now it’s the blog that’s being attacked (via our wordpress servers). If you try to access this site and it looks down, just keep trying. Or give up and try again after a walk through the trees.


More than a few asked us if either of these videos were real:

There are both fake. What a waste of time.

UPDATE8 ~ 5/25/22

Lots of energy coming in. We won’t bore you with meters. Most look like this:

In terms of what’s happening right now, this says it all.

For those trying to reach ~AM: Note that he’s taking a break from electronics and comms. He (foolishly!) tried to do healings before being fully recovered and hurt himself, not realizing the magnitude of the energy coming in. Most of us have acclimated to the Wave X energy, so we’re not feeling it as much when it’s very high. And when ~AM did his most recent healing work, he absorbed this same HUGE energy — actually, 100X more — and this supercharged SOURCE energy wound up burning his lungs. He’ll have to stop doing this for a while.

Too much, man, too much.


So. You know that recent event at a certain school? It didn’t happen the way they say. There was something that happened, but no children died. Here’s the original notice that went out to parents:


A CME might bring in fresh programming:

Also… we were curious about clues to look out for right before The Event. We were told, ‘look for the calm before the storm.’ That is, a short time of peace… and THEN The Event. So, in the aftermath of some kerfuffle… but what kind, where and when we have no idea. We’re really not supposed to know, so… we’re doing well in that regard.


Check out how regular CMEs have been the past five days:

It used to strike us as odd how regular this activity was till we discovered that this is just regularly scheduled Portal One traffic. “Just the 4:15 from Aldebaran…”

Also, some CATs are complaining about how they can’t see anything right now (except swirls of colors for some, “like a kaliedoscope”), we’re guessing because of upgrades or the flavor of the existing Wave X energy. Lots of quiet frustration. When we can see… we (as yet) can’t understand what we’re seeing. Lots of general fatigue, too.


Some unicornball is reporting that The Event happened last friday. It didn’t.

And, there might be some end-of-May/beginning-of-June energy thing happening. Jury’s still out. We’re seeing it here and there, but we’re not exactly feeling it; morning meditations were easier.