745: Jumps, etc. ~ [Update10]

We had some jumps this morning; been feeling the onset for at least a week.

A few examples:

Also, a little CME will hit around the 8th:

Other than that, things are… weird. Weird weather. Time anomalies. Spirit activity.

Be sure to set protection in meditations. Lots of unicorns still don’t set proper protection and you can see this in the posts they put out.

In the meantime… if you need us, we’ll be hiding in a box…

…or testing out our new superpowers…

Oh, and a pre-Happy Mother’s Day to all those (females) to whom it applies:


More timejump meters:

Aaand a white WHOMP from Tomsk, which we haven’t seen for a while (it’s just an energy bounce off the core, but… why haven’t recent energy influxes been producing a bounce?):

UPDATE2 ~ 5/11/22

For those wondering why CATs haven’t written lately, it’s because we aren’t seeing anything that’s effecting everyone that requires reportage. There are more little jumps and adjustments here and there, which are all cohesive parts of The Event, but we have nothing to add in this regard, nor are we supposed to comment on them. When something of note occurs, we will cover it. Lots of general weirdness out there, but nothing you need to be aware of.


Aha, THIS…

…is a timeline jump for all of us… well, for those of us who made the jump to wherever we are now. Those who are on the other side of the jump might be able to see the same jump — and indeed, this blog — but will have a markedly different experience. Please don’t ask us where you wound up, we’re not supposed to interfere. While all choices by SOURCE and SOURCE reps are in your greater good, your own choices may vary…

There was also a big BLAM…

…but it’s not earth-facing and really no big deal. What’s interesting about it is that NASA hasn’t reported it in their CME database, while European ones have. [eyeroll] NASA: Not A Science Agency.


There was also an earth-facing CME this afternoon:

And in case anyone’s wondering why half (3/4?) of the CATs are asleep, there was a small proton event associated with that earlier… or later blast:

UPDATE5 ~ 5/13/22

We just started writing a new post when one of the CATs said that someone already beat us to it. Here is Denise Le Fay’s latest. That’s pretty much what’s happening. Thanks, Denise.


FYI, that “doorway” on Mars…

…is a photoshop fake.


FYI, someone asked us about what we’re up to. (Like we’re going to tell some anonymous person.) Note that we don’t comment on what we or the SuperFriends or the AAs do at this level, for obvious reasons. Suffice to say that things are happening, at least on OUR end. We won’t speak to what anyone else is doing, white hat, gray hat or otherwise. Pay no attention to ANY of the hopieum, or the MSM’s dispairium, and look within. Meditate. Also note that our new email is already being blocked. Best learn how to meditate and send us messages in another medium.

Btw, someone asked about how to get to [where they wanted to go]. THIS world is like kindergarten and elementary school. Brother J tried to change that way back when, but his message got watered down, so… he came back and started writing A Course in Miracles via Helen Schucman in 1965. This is your required reading for reaching the next level (just one book vs. a hundred others)… and then that only gets you to “high school,” which is basically the next level. College and grad school come way after that. You are here to learn, so if you’re just sitting around smoking dope and watching TV, you’re not getting anywhere fast. There’s lots of help available, but YOU have to take the step toward SOURCE and then do the work. There’s no way around it.


Not a whole lot going on that we can comment about, hence the lack of posts. Lots of CATs are having “level” dreams, where we’re helping people from a level above, or reaching down to people. We’re still helping babies all over the place.

Note that ~AM only comments/communicates HERE (or in email form for some), and not elsewhere on the ‘net. We’ve seen some people kinda pretending to be ~AM, which is interesting.

UPDATE9 ~ 5/18/22

And just like that, it’s Red WHOMP season again, with one flavor of Wave X energy starting anew (it’s never stopped, only changed aspect):

We’re also seeing (more like hearing) lots more supernatural activity during the day, with all kinds of spirits and HOBs walking around us en masse today during meditations (then again, we get lots of lookiloo traffic… why, we don’t know). Perhaps they know something we don’t.


Update10 ~ 5/19/22

Some of you may have seen the line of lights in the sky last night at 10:30 pm PDT in N. CA, heading West to East. We didn’t get a pic, but they looked like this:

Similar to this earlier parade, but last night’s showing had them spaced in exact intervals.

They weren’t “starlink satellites,” as some have claimed: there’s no such thing, though doubters of course tout their “SpaceX” origin… but “SpaceX” doesn’t exist, either. (The Easter Bunny is more real.) Sure, “SpaceX” has a building and paid employees in cubicles, but they don’t do anything. Anyway, the line of lights last night were Pleiadian ships out for a rectilinear stroll. Very stately. They have a base nearby and felt like showing off a little.