744: Path of Least Resistance ~ [Up.5]

~AM shared an email chat he had with Jim in WA that brought up a point we need to make again.


It’s a fact that some of us came here to this planet to do a job, while others have ascended enough to do what we do. So… what is it we’re supposed to do and how do we do it?

It’s super-easy.

Just walk into any store and shout, “HELLO! I HAVE ASCENDED! LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!”

A helmet like this helps.

Yes, we’re kidding.

You can indeed do this if your hobby is being stared at. Or you like being hit with produce. (NOTE: You could catch the produce and make yourself a nice salad.)

We’ve said this before: You’re here to learn and help others learn. How to help? Well, you help by not helping… by being the light in the room. Each day just go about your business, be pleasant, be courteous, help when help is necessary; if people make a strange request of you: DO IT without question. (This came from Brother J.) And use humor whenever possible… in a natural way, not a joke-telling way. Act like wherever you are is the place to be. ~AM calls it, “jollying people.” It’s a subtle art. People… BEINGS… of the omniverse… are all on their own paths. You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do, it has to be their idea. So… don’t even try. Just be a jolly, pleasant, polite and helpful, occasionally funny beacon of SOURCE light EXAMPLE… which is how SOURCE really is, in a quiet way… and leave it at that. Brother J already did the hard work for us (for ALL of us, even fallen angels and ETs).

Eventually… one person might sadonically ask: “Why so happy?” to which you answer: “SOURCE, of course.” And then you’re either off to the races answering questions, or you leave them with a perplexed look on their face. Whatever you’ll do, you’ll leave them something positive to think about. Your mere presence is enough; the part of them that is REAL will recognize the REAL in you… and begin to crave it. It’s inevitable.

Note that even Angels don’t raise their voices and perform miracles and say “Look! I’m an Angel! Follow me! SOURCE IS THIS WAY! Buy my t-shirt in the lobby! Be sure to give me a thumbs-up!” because it wouldn’t work. People are people, some more than others. (Don’t worry about ETs, that comes later.)


  • Saratoga’s latest is good in supporting the above.
  • FYI, our email is still being messed with. We’re working on a work-through.
  • Go meditate!


We’ve also been noticing jumps and glitches here and there, at different (but similar) times and in different places, even in space:

These are ‘jump-adjustments.’ They aren’t exactly timeline jumps, but instead “time-zone jumps” and “region jumps” and energy adjustments that are literally SOURCE getting all the puzzle pieces in the right place for…


Everybody take a deep breath, let it out and relax. We’re going to punch a certain button.

In ~AM and the M’s meditation yesterday morning, they saw The Face of SOURCE in an anthropomorphic way (never happened before for them), comprised of gold and white light. SOURCE then reached out with two gynormous hands cupped together, plunging them (gently) all the way down to the lowest vibratory level, creating a vertical column of light… that then stated to split apart in two different directions. SOURCE then picked up ~AM and the M’s and lifted them up up up to a valley between two mountains. We’re guessing this is the New Earth. While we don’t like to predict things, this seems indicative of an event of some sort, a massive timeline split that is fairly imminent.

We say this with great care, as we hate leading people on; we’ve all been lead on enough. And while we’ve seen signs before, SOURCE Itself never showed up to give us a sign personally. (We’ve had them from Brother J and Archangels and Guides and Higher Order Beings/ETs, but not directly from SOURCE.) PLUS, all the CATs were in a surprisingly good mood all day yesterday — and today. Even notoriously grumpy M5 was uptempo. Needless to say, we are cautiously optimistic.

This is what we ALL look like, in reality: An infinite pillar, part of the Infinite Light of SOURCE.

UPDATE1 ~ 4/28/22

When you’re out and about, we recommend channeling Monty Python whenever possible. Our world is absurd, and absurdity is the lingua franca. Brother J had a very irreverent sense of humor, most people would be shocked. Just channel Monty Python while you’re out and about and you can’t go wrong.

UPDATE2-1 ~ 5/1/22

Alas, our email replies to people writing in are being rejected at the server level. And each site connected to any of our email that we put forward is subsequently either reported as spam, or the servers spammed themselves by outside sources, blocking the connection. We are in contact with law enforcement (locally and internationally) to elevate this and neutralize those responsible. Amyway… we will answer one such email here, edited slightly. Other email are very similar. (In the below case, try to reply, emailer, with answers to ~AM’s questions; your account seems to have been deleted.)


Name: Elemental

Message: I don’t suppose there’s a way to attack the ET’s throttling back the Event energy to make them stop throttling? Don’t think I can handle the BS of this planet anymore. I think my light vibration is actually lower than it was before this pandemic BS started. It was hard enough being broke, short, ugly, and with health problems but the stress of dealing with jab-demanding losers and the verbal abuse for not fitting in either physically or spiritually, pushed me over my limits. I even tried the forgiveness thing and got attacked even more. I’m not cut out for this, it appears I’m literally dropping back down to consciousness level 1 in Saratoga’s video (along with the people getting bombed in Ukraine).


Reply: From ~AM

you are not dropping back, you are letting the Illusion get to you — i know because it did the same thing to me after i got out of the hospital. 

in terms of the HOB consortium controlling Event energy… we can do nothing to them, and in fact, if we did, our vibration would drop through the floor. those of higher vibration are like people higher up a pole than we are: they can see farther down the road. and since the beings in question are STO Positives, we can do nothing but trust them. they said that if they allowed Event energy in full blast that things would be “disastrous” because the vibe here is so low, but they can only hold things down so long before it swells and ZOOMS over us. it is inevitable. [Some CATs suspect them of being overly catastrophic in their thinking. Time will tell.]

now, three questions:

1. what’s the longest you’ve ever stayed awake?

2. how much are you meditating every day?

3. when you close your eyes, what color do you see?

note that none of the CATs are fashion models, by any stretch of the imagination. this matters not, because the REAL you is simply phenomenal if you could see yourself. 

UPDATE2-2 ~ 5/1/22

We continue to have interesting energy events all over the place, some of which are recorded by 3d meters (most are not); some are causing “reality glitches,” some are causing jumps. Again, this is SOURCE getting us into position.

We also had an earth-facing CME a day ago, and of course more M- and X-class flares, which will have various effects:

Since we had our little chat, the HOBs have been quite nice about not allowing us to be zapped directly.
Another glancing blow, courtesy of the HOBs.

At least proton levels are returning to “normal”… for the moment…

Anyway, expect aberrant behavior and events. The Split feels really close. Ground often, and meditate at least twice a day. Scream if you must.


We have a new way of contacting us. Ahem.

Update3 ~ 5/3/22

FYI, more and more CATs and some readers are having “Event” dreams.

Update4 ~ 5/4/22

Two weeks ago:

Neighbor: “Did you see the Russians [insert fake horrible thing]. And the Ukrainians [insert other fake thing].”
CATs: “Is that so?”

Last week:

Neighbor: “Did you hear that Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $45 billion?”
CATs: “Is that so?”

This week:

Neighbor: “Did you see that the US Supreme Court just issued an inflammatory ruling right as the midterm election results started to come in?”
CATs: “Is that so?”


Wow, there is so much crap on the internet being peddled as “wisdom,” it’s mind-boggling. (This is why meditation is so important: It helps develop *claircognizance,* among other things.) We’re not going to name the group, but we recently read their latest session in which an ET from far off told them that a “space plague” was going to descend and wipe out 80% of the surface population. While this very well may be, as lots of VBTs (Very Bad Things) are possible ON THE 3D POST-EVENT TIMELINE, you will hopefully vibrate ABOVE 3d onto a higher, happier timeline. Note that The Event will happen before something like the above happens.