743: The SOL Express

While we don’t want to dwell on the external, we did want to complete our thoughts on what’s happening with the sun and recent findings.

What’s Up With the Sun?

As previously stated, the sun has within it a portal we call “Portal One.” We don’t talk about portals as a rule, but we can say that one exists within the sun and, of late, lots of very big (Jupiter-sized and bigger) ET craft have been exiting Portal One, thus:

Each transit creates all manner of solar disturbances, like a rock dropped in a still pond. It takes time for the ripples to calm down and disperse.

This in mind, ~AM asked J and AA Michael to help him speak with a Positive HOB (higher-order being) faction about this and some other things we were curious about. The group in question is an amalgam of several species and systems under a loose ‘SOURCE confederation’ with no official name. (We won’t touch on ET politics, or bring names and origins into this as it’s far too complicated.) ~AM was curious about The Event, and about all these big ships transiting Portal One.

First, ~AM asked this ET group if they’d been ‘throttling back’ Event energy and they said yes. They said they’d been “filtering” (their word) Event energy for some time, and that people on a certain path must go on the timeline we’re on now for various reasons — and that many people still aren’t ready for The Event, that rushing it would be disastrous. The ETs said that they’re being allowed to alter the timing of The Event some, but at some point nothing will stop it. They said we aren’t supposed to know the timing of it because if we REALLY knew the plan, it would change life paths, timelines, etc.

When they wouldn’t give any more info on The Event, ~AM addressed the various huge-ship ET transits on the sun of late, as they’ve been increasing in frequency and leaving sunspots and flares and CMEs in their wakes, not to mention proton and neutron surges that many of us experience in various unpleasant ways. The ETs kindly agreed (this was about a week ago) to cease earth-facing exits they had control of. Interestingly, nearly all CMEs have been on the non-earth-facing sides of the sun the past seven days:

CMEs and flows from the sun for the past seven days. The center line is earth-facing.

This made us wonder about the sun’s previous solar cycles… and the results were eye-opening.

A Going Concern?

Most ET traffic in the solar system comes through the sun via Portal One. Ships come and go all the time, though it’s the really big ones that ‘muddy the waters’ the most. What wasn’t generally known till now (because we’d only just asked) was that this ET traffic has been influencing the earth’s climate for a long time:

Recall “ice fairs” of the early 1800s? ‘Airships’ around 1895? UFO flaps of the ’50s and ’60s?

For example, if you look at solar cycles since 1750, you see rises and falls of sunspot numbers, with decades-long periods of reduced solar activity resulting in global cooling. Enter the “ice fairs” on the then-frozen Thames in London in the early 1800s, and ice skating on the Hudson River in NY of the 1880s. Well, we were surprised to find out from Guides and AAs that about 80% of solar activity is caused by ET ship traffic (!) similar to what we’ve been seeing lately, with just 20% of that solar activity being natural. (And we’d been thinking that our sun was a variable star.) You can tell from the above chart when our solar system was more popular than it was at other times. We haven’t looked into the whys and wherefores, yet.

This dredges up all kinds of questions. While there really is something called “climate change,” it involves the relationship between the earth and the sun, not anything man is doing… but now we find out it’s something that ETs are doing?! So, if the sun is being unduly influenced by the ET Pork Chop Express to bases on Jupiter et al, do we then ask them to INCREASE their trips, thus warming the earth? (What will they want in return?) And if we instead ask them to tone it down, does the sun calm down and cool even more?

[Note: Past ice ages on earth were due to catastrophic planetary dislocation, as well as the earth passing through extremely dusty regions of space — not because of ET traffic.]

Anyway, this will invariably be a topic of discussion between us and our cosmic neighbors in future.


While ~AM did this “interview” a week-or-so ago, he got tired of everyone asking about it, so he wrote his “meditate” post first (!), reminding everyone that no matter what ETs and the sun and the cabal are doing, it’s still just part of The Illusion… an Illusion designed by all of us, subconsciously, to be interesting, COMPELLING… to hook you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Perhaps when you’re at a higher vibration, and get to transit star portals, it’s more fun. But for the rest of us…