Aftermath/Tidbits 5-7 to 5-9-20 [UPDATE4]



Excellent job on the meditation, those who participated. We didn’t have the same numbers as other, bigger meditations (with a lot more notice!), but we made up for it by being 100x more potent.

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A PSA You Won’t Read Anywhere Else [UPDATE3]



Well, we figured out who disrupted CAT communications — AND infiltrated our places of residence, and we are pissed off. Who was it? The answer is rather surprising.

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A Pleiadian Xmas Card

Merry Disclosure from the Pleiadians! [NOTE: Sorry, looks like our explanation caused someone somewhere to mess with this post.] These videos from 12/22 are of a Pleiadian “mothership” and smaller craft… um, EXUDING their presence… which is a good thing. It’s not a SpaceX launch, as has been reported to control the narrative. The Pleiadians made sure everyone could see. Check this out: Note: PLEASE … Continue reading A Pleiadian Xmas Card

Lingua Franca: ORANGE

Hmm. Your time is coming, so… it’s time to get ready. (You should be excited.) Let’s start with something fun: where your language came from. (Language is basically software.) You want Disclosure? We got your Disclosure right here, pal. We had M3 ask their guides how to say, “ORANGE” in Pleiadian. They said: M3: It sounds like, “AH-RAN-GHEEE.” Ah-ran-ghee? Folks, the lion’s share of earth … Continue reading Lingua Franca: ORANGE