Aftermath/Tidbits 5-7 to 5-9-20 [UPDATE4]



Excellent job on the meditation, those who participated. We didn’t have the same numbers as other, bigger meditations (with a lot more notice!), but we made up for it by being 100x more potent.

The SuperFriends helped too (which helped push us over the top); one of whom took the figure of Zeus with a lightning bolt (as a joke) and joined the fray. Anyway, here’s what we did:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 9.04.22 AM
Midnight PDT is 14 Tomsk time, so our meditation took an hour to percolate from the core outward… seen @ 8 – 9:30 in raw energy figures.

This is just the raw energy report (above); we actually had greater effects than anyone realizes. Besides our Guides being really excited and giving us repeated thumbs-up, we also actually responded to Spirit’s call for a meditation, and then did it quickly (despite hardly any of us being ready/or in the mood for one) — AND we not only worked in cooperation with a joint-ET/Universal meditation that was both intra- and extra-planetary, we coordinated the while thing. This is a big deal. Besides having humans understand and implement a group-telepathic message, those who participated showed a willingness to drop everything and help — and kick ass, spiritually — which garnered you all HUUUGE spirit points. Enormous. You have no idea. We humans are seen as equals now, and not just primitive dupes hypnotized by technology. You have each been personally elevated by your actions… but don’t get cocky. (You guys are so gonna get a party when you transition, you have no idea.)

More Pre-SHIFT Signs

There are also more signs of pre-SHIFT activity (of which the meditation was a big part) here and there:



There were also two recent CMEs; not that interesting, but we might feel the energy:




And other anomalies:



We’ll look at this one more closely in an update.




Cavalry on the Job

Please note that the air cavalry is here in force, watching your back. We personally witnessed big chemtrails being sprayed around 1:00 am night before last over N. CA, and weren’t concerned (because it’s a 3d thing)… but then we smelled a burnt smell (which was quite different from the NE smell), which made several of us investigate, suspecting coal fly ash being sprayed (again). Then, as we watched, a big new star appeared right next to the chemtrails, right in front of us; it swelled in brightness, then powered down to nothingness: a Pleiadian ship. That burning we were smelling was them destroying whatever had been sprayed (which appeared biological). We thanked them and saw a big Thumbs-Up. This gesture is becoming known throughout the galaxy. Besides spirits and Guides, please thank the (positive) ETs in your future meditations — but be sure to ground and protect first, as there are all kinds of not-nice ones masquerading as nice ones, floating out beyond the shields.



As always, after every major group meditation, please vent your Buddha.


Remember how Lisa Gawlas said April was gonna be bumpy? Look at April next to May:



The Square is back, btw:



And another CME:



Huh. There was a timeline glitch/jump that was canceled at the last minute; it was right before our meditation, so we must’ve obviated something:

Haven’t seen this before.

We have been told that we might be called upon again to render this service.


Well. We know that The SHIFT occurs at the time of a solar flash (or several flashes) via energy propagated via huge portals that will open around the sun at the time of The SHIFT… um, like these:


There are also big ships associated with each portal (some of which you can see), each portal and ship easily big enough to transport Jupiter without much problem, so they appear capable of really anything. Could be a dress rehearsal. Could be the main event. Could be a sun party. Also… we were given some new info that’s a little weird, but we’ll put it in the next post. We need to test it again tonight. Or tomorrow. Most of us are kinda beat. (Those CATs who aren’t are kinda annoying.)

More later.

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  1. Well done everyone. I managed 2 short meditations this morning (U.K. time). One indoors and one outside. Barefoot grounding on the grass was awesome 👏🌈💜💜

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    1. I’ve had this thought for a few hours, believe I should share it now:

      It seems our valued friends/mentors (the collective Cats & M’s) are approaching exhaustion. It’s my gentle suggestion that we individually and periodically use all the virtual tools in our meditation toolchests to freely and deliberately send strength and goodness towards all these wonderful souls.

      It’s easy for me to forget they experience challenges in their own lives – and yet, they’re always here for us.

      Let’s be there for them, too, showing them the thanks we all-too-humanly forget to share more frequently. Thanks for joining me in this!

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  2. Thanks for the update! Congrats everyone! I did the meditation at the designated time and for some of it I felt very centered and connected. However, there were other times I was doing my darnedest to keep out worries and concerns about my day but they were pretty loud. I am hoping and am curious to know if, all in all, it was still beneficial for me and for those who received my energy?

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  3. I entered meditation at the precise time and it was powerful. My First Nations Spirit Guide joined me halfway, which was beautiful. We watched the Earth, from a distance, glowing with dancing rainbow auroras covering the whole planet. I had tears streaming down my face while in meditation at all the love & healing surrounding and enfolding our home-Earth. I am in awe at the gratitude and love I feel for our beautiful planet. We are powerful. We are love.

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  4. Wow!
    Thank you so much!
    That thumb up looks just too real to me.
    I projected my Light-power from the Central Core of Gaia,
    out & up her axis in full force.
    Took Excalibur, Sword of Light in my fists,
    and started to mightily slash.
    Called SOURCE to join, magnify, empower.
    Brother J joined too, the 7 Great ArchAngels
    and Master St Germain with the Violet Flame.
    Yes, huge burning of dark Timelines, in Purifying Fire!
    The thousands of Rainbows in the end
    were used as an Illumination Rain – a SOURCE Blessing.
    Much longer than an hour.
    In the end I fell down, exhausted.
    Oh, Yesss, I was thanking them all, again and again,
    for I cried in awe, of the Help I got.

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  5. I am now definitely cream crackered, glad it all went well, I joined a circle us in the centre of the core as we beamed our energy up down out and round, just before the meditation it was like I was pulled out of my body while they tweaked something then went back in.

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  6. I did try but I just couldn’t get into the groove. I actually fell asleep before I could visualize lol.

    Maybe next time!

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  7. Before I began the meditation last night, I had asked that Source, Brother J and guides meditate with me, and show me how I was needed (and to help my meditation be most effective in the Greatest and Highest Good). During the meditation, I feel like I pulled more energy through me than I ever have in this lifetime. My practice is to gather Creation energy from Source into myself, infuse it with intention, then beam it out to where it is needed. I have been doing this for a very long time. It gives me an electrical sensation (a buzz, or champagne bubbles). This is how I practice healing others and myself. Usually I gather it in my solar plexus and push it out through my hands. But last night it felt as if my whole body was the receptical, and it was being beamed out of every part of my body while I was sitting in Earth’s core. When I felt my part in the meditation was done, I tried to stand up and my legs almost gave out. The energy was so *intense*! It was super intense but very pleasant, the best high I have ever had. My body is still buzzing and weak (over 12 hours later). Is this a new super power?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗,

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  8. This is wonderful to hear! Encouragement is always welcome. I hope there’s a grand old bash for all of us (and the greater all of us) when this is over. I so miss cake and ice cream. I also hope it still matters then so I can enjoy it. (the cake and ice cream). My column turned into an enormous Tree, whose trunk was the column. Roots at one end, canopy at the other. Roots and canopy responding to the tones / song humming through the cosmos. That one’s a keeper. Much love to everyone. Thank you Cats, M’s and all others.

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  9. Thank you for this update Cats! Amazing work, all. I will be right there next time with you. So funny that our thumbs-up gesture is being taken up off-world. How did thumbs-up ever get started? Love love love to all in the room.

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    1. I’m afraid the thumbs up means something quite different in the Middle East… Hopefully there won’t be any misunderstandings. 😉

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  10. We did good, I am ready for the next one, I hope that with each meditation we are shortening the time for the Shift ✨

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  11. I was able to do it for about 40 minutes before my cat came to visit me for snuggles… I honestly have no words to describe how I felt during and after the meditation. After GPC’ing, I invited Brother J to enjoy this with me.

    There was a sense of peace and contentment I haven’t experienced in quite a while. Not even Reiki ever got me that far in. You know… I might make this my standard meditation method, moving forward.

    I’m ready for the next one whenever, just say the word!

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  12. Lovely update, news.. Cats n Ms!! . And so many here reporting having extraordinary experiences!

    Am continuing the visual in my meditations, not with same intensity, but like a reminder, or watering what was planted? I intended during one of the meditations (5 or 11-12pm?) that what was initiated will continue.


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  13. Awesome! Great job everyone! Thank you!!! 🙂

    I’ve meditated yesterday and this morning. Both times I fell asleep right at the beginning of my meditation. 😦
    The second time though, I remember holding hands with a small group of people standing in a circle and joining our silver cords of light coming from all of us and connecting into one huge column of light going through the core of Gaia!
    It was such a great visual and so uplifting! 🙂

    @CATs How do I vent my Buddha? 😉


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  14. Wowsers my trousers! Thank you ALL and well done US! So happy to have been able to contribute something!

    Much Love & Light & Thumbs Up! ❤️✨👍👍👍✨❤️

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ Anything that rhymes 😉

          Did you see the rainbow sunset tonight? And, are you feeling super hot (temperature wise) ?!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Hi Lily. Unfortunately I didn’t see the rainbow sunset. I had a bad headache all day so went to bed early. I saw lightening for an hour in the middle of last night although there was no thunder or rain. Carry on with your creative rhyming, you certainly make us all laugh. Hope you are getting some sleep. Love and squeezes. 😊🤗⚡🌈💜

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          2. Lily. Forgot. Yes I have been very hot. We will be spontaneously combusting into NE at this rate lol.😄

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            1. Newlynn ❤️ ☺️ Yes, cannot get enough water down me! seems to be a bit cooler now though so hopefully we will have some respite! Hugs 🤗❤️🤗

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  15. You would be my guests of honour in my humble home.


    P.S. Sorry my meditation contribution wasn’t up to par, I was quite poorly, but on the mend now and chomping at the bit for the next one!

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  16. ‘As always, after every major group meditation, please vent your Buddha’ – Does it apply to everyone who has participated or just those who have experienced a powerful meditation?

    I just managed to do it for 15 minutes, “saw” a semi-sphere lighted up for a second and then blackness.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate and looking forward to the next one. 🙏

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  17. I did the meditation at work in my studio. i’m alone, no one is really here. But you never know if someone is gonna pop in. So concentration or letting go wasn’t the best. I imagined rainbows galore whipping in and out of the atmosphere into the center of Earth and around. Anyone seen Xanadu? When Olivia Newton John is whipping around in her etheric-rainbow form? So I did that. I pictured light and rainbows zipping up and down and all around the world up the axis, inside the core, thru me, around everywhere.

    I got the chills on the left side of my body. Hope I helped. 😀

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  18. @CATs, and All
    ”Spirit’s call for a meditation, and then did it quickly (despite hardly any of us being ready/or in the mood for one) …”
    Thank you for mentioning this, I’d been feeling kind of bad, how I felt right before beginning – The day had been full of things that resulted in my daughter having to go to the hospital, again, for complications with the pregnancy – I’d had to call son-in-law home at work to take her – she usually just goes herself, wouldn’t be able to this time – had almost posted a comment early, but in multiple askings I wasn’t to ask for assistance in any outside way, that it was part of something she’d chosen or part of HER process – won’t go into, but Anyway I was reading in between taking care of granddaughter while they were gone and got a ‘heads up’ 6 minutes before meditation was to begin and had a mild argument about joining in – not understanding the feeling either… A weird 30-40 secs worth of reluctance, too tired, hiding in book – can’t describe the ‘too tired’ thing though, didn’t fall into any of the usual categories – was able to ‘win’ the argument and start the meditation process GPC, etc, etc…

    Forgot, there was a weird part at one point, during meditation – before ‘passing out’, that I was sure I would remember the descriptor I thought of… nope, but I believe the extreme wobbliness and some other feeling I believe must have had to do with multi-multi timelines or individuals timelines to most beneficial/positive-ity…

    I believe I have had a number of times of falling into the process again since the main meditation… and subsequent masses of dreams seemingly related…

    much love, to ALL


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  19. I was very sleepy and nodding on and off at my desk, and then bashed my face onto the keyboard. When I looked at my computer clock, it’s about 12am UTC (5pm PDT). I took it as a sign to meditate. “Wake up and meditate you sleepy head!”. hahaha

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  20. Just had a revelation.

    When I first sent light into GAIA several years ago (late starter), I was shown a waking vision. The vision came with a 4 hour long spiritual experience of indescribable love. The vision was of many pathways interconnected. Multicolored light was shining upwards from these paths but there were parts that were black. I immediately knew that these were part of Gaia that needed light, all the paths needed to he filled completely, like an electrical circuit.

    Then I was shown a long quartz crystal, terminated to a point at each end. The crystal was spinning counter clockwise.
    I had no idea at the time what that meant and how it tied in with filling the black paths with multicolored light. Until now.

    This latest meditation requires us to imagine ourselves as pillars of light slotting into the axis of Gaia. What if we are instead to imagine ourselves as Crystals? Isn’t that what we are becoming, crystalline? And if we spun counter clockwise, just as the Earth does, then the SOURCE light within us could be refracted and dispersed in every direction.

    Maybe this is why ancient civilisations spoke of the return of the rainbow children. The children who took in SOURCE light, filtering it through their Crystalline structures to connect all pathways with multicolored light.

    I tried this, now I can’t sleep LOL. Just a thought…


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  21. Wonderful news CATS! Awesome update
    I saw a beautiful rainbow the night before the meditation,it felt like a really good sign.
    So I was feeling really stressed out for a few days before and as Wednesday wore on, I found that I needed to do the meditation about an hour before the planned time, just for my own sanity! I felt transformed in the most peaceful way after I finished, and it has stuck with me so far. It really feels like something shifted hugely. I also meditated before going to sleep,..but fell asleep.
    I feel very grateful to have been apart of this and other meditations of yours as well.
    A side note, every time there is a scheduled meditation from y’all, I somehow end up meditating 2 or 3 times on the day of the meditation. Love to All

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  22. They seem to be chemtrailing in my area again (near Brussels airport).
    Does this mean I’m on 3D? or that the PTW are desperate and I’m still going to 4D?

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      1. I heard a guide say to me tonight the lizards are over. I was shocked really since well they are the ptw and the ones above them too and have ruled for so long. But, I didn’t argue I just allowed the idea to sink in.

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      2. They are also chemtrailing over here, this time the trails are coal dark as you mentioned, but as there is really crowded up there, so many ships off all forms and sizes, I do not have any doubts that they care off it, Thank You Friends 👍,✨

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  23. On the evening of the 6th, I was so happy and grateful that everything went well with our dog AND that I finally got to HUG mom & dad afterwards😃 they said to heck with all the fear and concerns that floats around in the air about what ‘might’ happen and focused on ‘what IS’ instead.. and it is LOVE! Yay! We just stood there hugging eachother💞 Such a JOY!💖
    When I did the visualisation, I filled my intention with my feelings from that day – immense Joy, Gratitude & Love in the hope to share it with Gaia, everyone and ALL. But as I stretched out along her axis, everything went sparkling white, and I ‘passed out’. Probably fell asleep because that is the last thing I remember. Shit! Oh, well..
    CAT’s ‘n All – it was BEAUTIFUL🌈🌟 right untill I…😴Zzzz

    Loving hugs💕🤗

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  24. 100x more potent is right!
    It took me THIS long to have words — and yet, I still do not have enough words to express the immensity of these experiences when meditating with this group.
    It is such an honor and a privilege to meditate with this group of CATs, M’s, SF’s, Universals, ET’s and everyone who participated in these meditations.
    SO MUCH more powerful than any other group I have meditated with, and that numbers plenty!
    I have been contemplating what the difference may be, excepting the obvious nonpareil participants.
    One thing I truly value is the FREEDOM this group provides.
    You give a framework, an intent or purpose, coordinates to meet in time & space — with the flexibility of participating at any coordinate while intending shared coordinate — and, WOWSA!
    I feel so fortunate to have found you all.
    No puffy chested “leader.” No over-controlling the pace, or the particulars.
    I LOVE to play together on these “Come as you are, Let’s Play” terms!!!!

    I want to meditate with you guys whenever the clarion call comes forth.
    Within the FREEDOM TO BE, our BEST keeps stepping forward.

    What a Joy!
    The Biggest Hugs
    Biggest Love and Appreciation
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    P.S. This time, my hands started crocheting or knitting the colorful timelines, hooking some errant loosey-looseys from heading towards outer space, blending all into a mega-powerfull focused flow. I would not have done that myself, but I totally allowed it as a conduit. Interesting. V-E-R-Y interesting this meditating together with you all !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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      1. -Cat Ed’s,

        (my mind says…)

        We may be a rag-tag bunch…but we are the “ONE” rag-tag bunch working together… step by step… learning together… as “ONE” in this now… ❤

        Many thanks to you to all!!! ❤

        Blessings ❤

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      1. I started taking PQQ, CoQ10 and pure resin Shilajit…holy cow what a difference in energy levels. It’s better than I expected so far!

        FYI 🙂

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  25. I’d very much like the Cs &/or Ms comments on the PLANDEMIC movie, part 1 interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, and the very conspicuous attempt to quash it? It keeps being removed from YT but can be found on it’s website It feels like truth, and the reactionary hue and cry puts me in mind of “they doth protest too much, methinks.” Am I naive and this is reverse propaganda, or is this another truthism seeping out?

    I have a dear friend who entered the hospital 5 weeks ago with the very sequence of events described in this movie: respiratory deficiency syndrome, tested negative to 3 covid tests (why 3?), was put on a ventilator anyhow and now is being med-evaced by helicopter to Stanford tonight because the maximum O2 dosage still can’t keep her oxygenated and they don’t know what else to do here.

    Prayers for Peggy in CA would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks for the great meditation and looking forward to the next call to action!
    Much love to all

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    1. I also viewed the Plandemic movie and found it to be very believable and intriguing. Then the negative reactions, so vociferous, demeaning and overwhelming. “How can anyone be so stupid to believe this crap!” “This has been debunked!” Yeah, right… Interesting how “Saint” Dr. Fauci has disappeared from the news feed the last few days. I have to keep reminding myself that Nothing is Real. Except for the virus and the people dying. Sending Love and Light to your friend Peggy in CA! We all are One. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Virus? No Thing but fresh air and blue sky in My World. And I Know It, for It Is a Beautiful day in Pa. Peace.

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    2. Dear JJ, sorry to read about the problems of your friend. I am sending my souls healing energy for both of you, to take what you need.
      Perhaps you would like to contact the Keshe knowledge seekers, there surely are more than one in CA that could provide the OneCup OneLife GaNS to her (unfortunately I am in Europe and delivery from here would take much too long). The Water of GaNS helps many people around the world to overcome their respiratory problems in these recent times. You could contact them via “telegram” Keshe American Corona team ( or on facebook “golden age of GaNS”. The OneCup OneLife GaNS should not be sold, but given free to those in need (by the “credo” of open source technology of M.T.Keshe). It can be produced by everybody, but it would take about a week to be created, so it would be better if you could find someone to provide it as fast as possible.
      May the MaGrav fields of my cups radiate over the Ocean to Peggy and you – NiSha

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      1. NiSha,

        Thank You for bringing this to our attention!!!!

        Do you have access to easy-to-understand directions in English on how to create this water?

        I looked at the Keche Foundation site, the Facebook pages, and watched many of the examples being demonstrated, but it just went right over my head.

        I want to use the water for the skin on my ankle. Also, to have in my environment. Also, to freely share with others who are interested.

        Do you know of anyone in the Omaha, NE area who could show me the procedure in person?

        THANK YOU!
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. I know it seems like a big task when you first look at all the informations. But if you give it a try and start producing, things will be much easier to do and understand than previously thought. I usually refer to Shin’s webpage as well as the official infos in the KFwiki
          In my experience I can generally say that GaNS-water from OneCup OneLife improves the connections of my Soul to wherever I use it on (i.e. the part of the body I use it on, the plant I give it to, the person or animal I offer it to). I believe it is more about expierencing the potential of our Soul and using the GaNS-water as an intermediary to interact more focussed and potencialized, than just overcoming an illness by using a kind of medication. But this is just my actual personal oppinion 🙂 and I love to use it in this way.
          I wish you a joyfull journey into the GaNS-Plasma energy fields. – NiSha


          1. NiSha,
            Yes! I totally get what you are saying! 🙂
            And what other creators of GANs water and cups and other items are saying… that the water is alive and sentient, and to be mindfull when I enter into relationship with it…and that whatever frequency or state of being I engage in, the water will respond in kind.
            If I engage from a place of conscious Love and Appreciation, the water will reciprocate.
            I am fortunate, because that is my Heart, and how I naturally interact with the “things” in my life that I deLight in.
            Big Hugs and Gratitude
            ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    3. Demand hydroxychloroquine and zinc! That is the next step, and the one that will work. Bloody hell, what’s the matter with that hospital! Freaking California….

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    4. there is a doctor with a video out there somewhere, who was saying what he was observing in patients, is similar to being in high altitudes and the patient not getting enough oxygen. that instead of the ventilators, what the patient actually requires is OXYGEN.
      without the intense pressure which is damaging patients’ lungs.

      i’ll see if i can find that video if it is still on internet somewhere.

      HERE IS search to numerous video and article links about this condition. HIGH ALTITUDE sickness. not need a ventilator!!!

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    5. jj ❤️ So sorry to hear about you friend Peggy. Lots of good advice here. I hope that there is away to get her some real assistance/healing.

      Sending you both lots of Love, strength and of course Healing ❤️🙏❤️

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    6. My deepest gratitude to all of you! I so appreciate your suggestions and prayers, and I feel your strength as well. I think we can only work energetically with my friend because the hospital is in lockdown, so no one or nothing is allowed in. A CT scan showed excessive scarring from the 2 ventilator sessions and they’ve decided against a third time for transport so she won’t go to Stanford. She’ll continue on maximum oxygen and steroids here.

      I find great comfort in recognizing the hand of Source in this. I feel it in the CT scan that is keeping her from the hyperbaric treatment at Stanford, that it must NOT be the right thing to do. I see it in the amazing loophole that allowed her husband to join her 15 days ago when her passing seemed eminent, and when she rallied that has allowed him to quietly stay in her room as long as he remains completely out of sight. He’s been at her side and a part of all the treatment decisions, tho she’s completely lucid and able to make them herself. He is frantic, able to see that the treatments are making things worse but unable to convince them to consider alternatives to the “given protocol.” I envision the miracle of their eyes opening, their minds shifting into productive solutions mode, and their courage building to ignore the protocol and do what’s necessary!

      Thank you all so very much for your love and support for Peggy and her despairing husband. And for me as well, as we ARE all one! When I slip toward 3d emotions, I feel a gentle wash of your Love and Light reminding me 1) this is all illusion, 2) that it will be OK in the end and if it’s not OK, it’s not the end, and 3) to breath, ground and keep my own frequency has high as I can.

      In deepest gratitude, my heartfelt Love and Light to All

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  26. Hello All 👋🏻
    It was such a beautiful evening! It was stormy most of the day here, which brought a bit of wind and coolness to the air (it has been mid to high 80s this week). Around 8pm (Central) the sunset was lighting up the clouds with pinks and purples so intense that it made the air between the clouds and ground look pink. The purple martins were soaring in circles and singing to each other. Everything felt clean and high vibe. It was just a beautiful feeling outside, hard to put into words. I hope you All had a beautiful evening!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Snow here in NW Pa. Did not effect much, got the fire lit for Us & Kittens. We’re thinking lasagna for us and mackerel for Minky & Co. Peace.

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      1. Hello Christopher,
        I wouldn’t mind experiencing *real* snow again. I live in Houston, and it only snows here the winter after we get hit by a major hurricane (about once a decade). Even then it only snows once or twice, and is light and doesn’t stick to the ground. But for now, I am enjoying highs in the 70s. Summer will be here soon with 100° days.
        Please tell Minky & Co. hi for me!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I was wondering about that, too. Could it be related to the ‘we are here with you’ messages that were showing up a few weeks ago? In Hawaii, White Cloud told us that ETs would show up on our TV or computer screens, going so far as to turn them on if they were off. He said it would be undeniably real. Not sure how real this looks, but it’s certainly interesting. And I think I heard that the TV turned itself off?


      1. Okay, I’m going to answer my own question here. Turns out it’s a Navage ad superimposed over the ad that’s playing. I’ll attach the ad, but I know that the CATs don’t like them. Still, it’s interesting to see what happened. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…..


  27. Update 4. Is this why my heartbeat went fast yesterday and have a headache today. My joints ache too and I’m tired. Anyone else? Thank you Cats for carrying on when you are tired. Had a hard time over the last two days so that probably didn’t help. The neighbour over the fence died and police had to break in. My partner ID’d the body. It wasn’t unexpected as he was 78 and an alcoholic. The worst part is he had 3 black cats. We have been clearing up the broken door glass as the cats are still coming and going through the cat flap. The house is appalling but not going into details. We have been feeding the cats for a few weeks and have put beds in our woodstore. Waiting for the relative to come so we can sort things out.

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    1. Ohhhh, Yes, me too, my heart beat was at 123 at one point, so I took a calming pill and one other to lower my heart beat and blood pressure to ease that pressure, huh, it was really intense 😣

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    2. Newlynn ❤️🤗❤️ Hugs and Love. So sorry to hear about your neighbour. Hope the lovely cats are okay.

      Yes, to the joints pain and headaches (feels like intense pressure?) perhaps an upgrade…

      Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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  28. Has anyone else experienced an “onslaught” post meditation? I feel I have been bombarded with waves of “attacks” Thurs. and Fri. (It being wee hrs of Sat as I write this). These come as heavy emo (my usual response is emo, with some physical) seemingly precipitated by “apparent” outside situations (mostly personal “news”, some outside news, etc). I’ve been in triage nearly FT, with some nice breathers in between (yay). Managing short GPC to counteract.

    I had the thought that maybe I was a kind of microcosm of the whole, experiencing a need for clearing dark forces much as the collective and/or earth may be . This may coincide with my recent reminder that the actual “work” is effected internally. Clearing ourselves. And I also thought I remembered Cats you saying it’s gonna be rockier before it’s better. 😮😁

    I just wanna be basking in rainbow bliss haha.

    Hope I’ve explained this well enough.


    PS feeling pretty ok at the moment despite roof leak recurrence discovery. 😉

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  29. to share: A Dream>?

    I went to sleep, as usual, you know, as One usually does

    with my eyes closed and laying on the floor

    and I woke up in a most unusual scenario; {enter horrific details here}

    As I continued through the labyrinth of endless nightmares continually getting worse, more lucid, and more vibrantly real than ever before

    its as if a conversation I;ve been having was being shown, how everyday life differs not from the eternity within the dream state

    more bizarre museums of horror, it seemed to go on forever

    and although I was evermoreso disturbed, I was only ever slightly afraid

    ::::Earlier in the day I had found a moth floating in a pool of water struggling for its life, flapping its wings tirelessly to break free of the seal the water had made between its wings and the aires, I saved the moth and since she could not fly anymore I kept her with my for the duration of my workday on my shoulder and in my hood and brought her home in my hat and she was very thankful for this, she slept all day in my hat and when my cat spooked her by jumping onto the piano, who would have thought it possible:- She flew right out of that hat so fast! which I thought to be an impossibility! At night, for fear that my ferocious beast would consume her, I tried to bring her into our temple room, and she walked around on my arm for awhile and when I tried to place her somewhere, POOF she was gone! I couldn’t find her anywhere until I went into the next room and there she was cozied up on a lamp-shade, waiting for the storm to pass and be set free today in the rising sun.::::

    So in the dream? after the endless waltz spinsy, we saw at the top of the ceiling in the museum was a bright light, so we somehow climbed up to it, and found what looked to be a room with people inside projecting a film and a doorway we had to squeeze through seemingly made of (fake) flesh

    when we got inside the room, it was Airforce One and Obama was flying the plane but he was a blow up doll and deflated quickly and he had a son and his son was telling me, as I was taking the yoke to prevent the plane from crashing into a pool of water, that its all an illusion, and as I was simultaneously steering the plane, I was walking out of the museum and there was a kiosk desk and someone was talking to other people sitting on stools saying, “BUT WE HAVE TO ASK OURSELVES IS IT REAL OR NOT” and they were stuck there forever in a loop as I/we walked out the door.

    Then I woke up, and the image I was left with was us flying the moth back to the light.

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  30. I had a wonderful dream last night, for some reason I was dancing round a large public area, bit like a shopping centre with a man, he was swishing me around and I was worried we would hit something or someone, he said its OK just trust me and let go, I did and it felt amazing, the freedom, love and exhilaration I felt being guided and swooshed around was out of this world.

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  31. Started the meditation eight hours before the exact full moon, like I was automatically strapped into a Nascar type etheric vehicle that was actually my bed which is inside a granite room, my head facing north and the fan on. The imagery lasted all evening until dawn, from 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM East Coast. That means I pulled an all nighter. The pulse kept shifting from a three strand platinum chord that extended from the center of the earth to the galactic center running through and around me in ropes of platinum strands, then I was directed to go to titanium purple twelve strands holographic stain glass genetic material, what the hell did you guys channel up? I don’t know what it was exactly but it was fun and I felt great afterwards and went for the hike of a lifetime the next day.

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  32. Oh My Sourceness! The skies tonight are just blissful, true rainbow light just filling the sky, only the colour green is missing! it really is coming!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🌈❤️

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    1. Oh I mean the wonderful flying on the beautiful Falkor. Is he a dog or a dragon? What an amazing experience that would be!

      Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. duganknows ❤️ Wow, that’s amazing! When I watch those clips, my heart literally soars! You can just imagine that feeling of total, absolute freedom and joy that flying on a Dragon would bring, no constraints, nothing to tie us down…

          When I was a child, I was confused for many years as I could not understand why I could not fly! I flew in my dreams but this 3D place has always felt a bit like wading through mud!

          But light is coming and I hope wings are coming too 😉

          Much Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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  33. Just a thought, why do they call Unicorns ‘Unicorns’? Why not ‘Unihorns’?

    Apologies, my mind is wandering all over the shop today!


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  34. Cats et al,
    If everything i see has the meaning I/we have given it, and I/we made it all, then what did Source make? If only what Source made is real, does that mean the non- corporal whole of you/me/us is real? My monkey mind has nowhere to go as all is unknown. . I guess being “out of your mind” is all that is left. Cay

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  35. On my way to bed and know I will forget to mention it tomorrow. The moon is really odd! It’s really low in the sky and in a completely different place to where it should be but perhaps the most odd thing is that it is orange/red colour! It looks like recent pictures of the sun that you have put up! Never seen that before! Looks like it’s burning up! I put the blind down, didn’t get a good feeling at all but then it is the moon!

    Night night & much Love 🌟❤️🌟

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  36. The Event 2020 (Three Waves of Ascension) Full Flower Supermoon in Scorpio, May 7th

    Three waves of ascension – rescuing trapped souls and children – transition through 3D 4D 5D – ET assistance – convergence of timelines – new Earth paradigm – planetary walk-in template – complete downfall of the ca * bal/deep st * ate – great reveal – supermoon 7th May – great awakening – high energy spike 9th May

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  37. Breaking News: We Have Just Opened The Cosmic Gateway to Freedom – May 9th, 2020

    Be prepared for big changes and the sudden miraculous lifting of the lockdown. I predict that by the end of this month we will have a new world, just as we did not recognize the world after the sudden and unexpected lockdown in March. Brethren, it is happening now…

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  38. Uhhhh, at one point yesterday I was feeling so high pressure in a chest, I measured my heart pulse to be at 123, very likely that my heart pressure was high (did not measured it), and I was feeling bad, so I took one Normabel 2mg which is to calm me down and one Nebivol 5mg, which is to lower my heart rate and my blood pressure (I have that one on prescription), and very soon I was feeling better, after few hours my heart pulse dropped down to 70.

    I usually do not take any pills, or very rearly, but this time I felt a really need to take them.

    What is a CAT’S take on taking pills to calm yourself down or to lower heart pulse and pressure, to take it or not, this is I guess ascension symptom related to heart expansion, should we wait to pass or take a pill when things are really bad ?

    Thank You


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  39. Thank You Lily, actually moon was even lower then on this picture, but while I was contemplating about going back to the house or not, to get my phone, it went higher, but maybe it is a better photography on the end as the reflection on the sea is bigger ✨

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