“Meterage” & MORE for 9-3-19 [UPDATE2]


Well well well. Guess who tried to sneak into one of our (shielded) houses again? And guess what happened?


It is *never* a good idea to walk into CAT house shields with malice in your heart.

The shielding was originally designed to inhibit (read VAPORIZE) the idiot TWBs (aka, The Tall White Bastards, a nasty ET group), who never had our greatest good in mind (no, really), but the “PWBs” (who will hopefully enjoy this moniker for years to come) apparently didn’t know that.

The SuperFriends found four piles of ash outside the protection field of one house; there are no doubt more around other CAT houses. We’d seen their ship nearby the other day, “hiding” in plain site — a lone huge white ROUND cloud with a little wisp underneath it… in a totally clear blue sky… are we morons? — a classic, obvious ship cloak. (Damn. We knew we shoulda got a pic of it.)

Just an example. When you see a bulbous cloud in an all-blue sky, with a little wisp underneath… that wisp is a function of the cloud cloak.

We saw that and decided to give them all the rope they needed. We hoped they weren’t up to something. Well… they were.

This is NOT what they look like.

You might be wondering how these poor schmoes got so close. Well, CATs are inherently fair. We felt bad for shutting out ALL neutrals, many of whom are just curious and minding their own business (like The Watchers, for example, nice… but neutral). So, we augmented the earth energy cordon formula about a week after The Purge, as a test. We’re not going to tell anyone what that formula is, but basically if you’re of a certain vibration and have some Negative in you (1% or more) mixed in with your “neutrality,” you get an unscheduled trip to Mars and an interview with the SuperFriends. Suffice to say, only those with humanity’s greatest good in mind and heart are allowed here, and all ETs now know this and have adjusted their mind-sets. Those caught get spaced, and those who survive that spacing get interrogated by the SuperFriends — all of whom are what one might term, “battle-hardened.” And anyone who goes after CATs gets turned into a pile of ash. (Those PWBs are now on the Spirit side now explaining themselves and feeling sheepish. We can see them sitting at one table in The Room of Requirement.)

Anyway, three of the four piles of ash were Pleiadians who’d flipped to Negative at the last minute and tried to get into one of our houses to do mayhem, but the fourth ash pile was a (sadly very dumb) negative dark being who somehow avoided the previous week’s countermeasures, and who saw the PWBs as one of his own (they went that negative) and decided to follow them in, thinking they knew something he didn’t. They didn’t.

Hopefully, a clear message. The Declaration has been made, authority been exerted, and borders tightened. We don’t enjoy being enforcers, but we do what SOURCE and Spirit tasked us with doing. Enough of that drama.

Meanwhile, back at the meter ranch…



Since so many meters and scientific instruments we look at have been either shut off or intentionally damaged, or fried by Wave X, the CATs (like more and more of you) often have to rely on ourselves as detectors. In that light, some of the CATs were awakened early Monday morning…

Timeline jump.




Because of these timeline jumps… there were actually several throughout the day…





20190902_1554_seedsScreen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.59.59 AM

This one’s our favorite:

Where is the…?
…oh, there it is.

This is why the NASA meters were mostly taken offline. In some cases these jumps involved necessary upgrades, and in some cases it was to avoid the PTW trying something nasty. We also woke up because Guides needed us to meditate on some of this stuff before sunrise, before the energy got too thick and OPMI (Other People’s Mental Interference) turned on.

Besides the upgrades, the jumps also took us away from some serious nastiness the insane PTW had planned; they’re extra twitchy these days now that their “ET High Command” is in disarray.


Energywise, some CATs got a new set of downloads, from the seven days prior to the new moon that we mentioned, but we discovered that none of us had set time aside to fully synthesize and realize what we’d been given. Too busy we were. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning for no discernable reason, it’s usually an invitation to meditate. Be sure to G+P+C first. Anyway, SOURCE came to us early Monday morning and helped us synthesize what we’d been given. We still have no idea what it is.

As for today…

Note the X values in comparison with the others. Rip?
And another (bigger) timeline jump around 4:00 UTC.


Took time to propagate. These are like rocks dropped in the water. Ripples takes time.

And more from the original rocks themselves:




Now, look at the electron count, which used to be pretty quiet:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.14.51 AM
Electron counts (um, that’s LIGHT) are up three or four orders of magnitude. You can also see some of the timeline jumps in the X-ray data.
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.31.58 AM
Healing Wave X energy. Pretty!

FYI, NASA has turned their public-facing meters back on, though the above meter is Russian. All the best meters are *outside* the U.S…. Gosh, wonder why?

That’s enough for today. More as we find it.

Another timeline jump, AIIIE! Wait… I’m not a CAT, anymore!!


Oh. That’s better.


The PTW are HAARPING the crap out of this area in the Pacific, just off the West Coast, trying to stir up trouble. They will be extremely unhappy where they wind up.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.36.14 AM

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.37.01 AM


More timeline jumpage:

Just after 12:00 UTC.




70 thoughts on ““Meterage” & MORE for 9-3-19 [UPDATE2]

  1. Too friendly. Or as they say in french: trop bon, trop con.
    Had the same experience yesterday, with a humanoid. Still regret it, yet it was the last time a troll got away with kindness.
    That’s a promise.

    Thanks for the update. Yay, a dog.

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    1. It started to move at a same time I point my mobile phone at it to take a shot, before that it was still, deliberate, hmmmm ?


        1. No it is not, me personally took that photo with a mobile phone using the largest zoom (digital zoom off course, as lens is fixed one on Lumia 950), and then I cropped the photo afterwards, using only enhancement filter to improve it a little bit.
          I know it is not great photo (I worked in the photography business), as the equipment used is not the best, lot off noise and a Little shaking, even I tried my best to keep the phone steady by leaning over the fisherman net pile on the second photo.
          I have untouched originals if anyone wants to check it out

          My first reply ended up in the wrong thread, so I C/P it here, please administrator delete first one, Thank You

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          1. Maybe that P’s superiors which ordered him to stop conversation with me, on the end liked my comments, specially the last one, and this was there way to show me that, maybe, I do not know ?


          2. But actually at one point I had a feeling (premonition) that they are out there and that I will see them that night, I started to look at the sky all around, but nothing, turn around to go home, took another look, and they appeared 🙂

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  2. Btw, we weren’t bragging when we showed the piles of ashes (which aren’t the actual piles of ashes, since it’s a different density). We were frankly amazed, as we thought the PWBs were smarter than that.

    -CAT Eds.

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  3. I was looking at the key lines for where hurricane Dorian is WOW. Also in the Bermuda Triangle. Is this significant?

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  4. I thought something was going on. Yesterday (monday) I was “off” bigtime all day. And today too. Had a feeling we had another hoppity skippity jumpy thing going on, so popped in here to check. Yep. And no wonder I was dizzy during PT today too. Thanks for the updates. And that waking up at 3 am thing has now turned into 4 am. I had wondered why… guess I am supposed to be meditating. Wonder if they realize that I have never been a morning person. Lol. – Again, thanks for all the updates.

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  5. Can’t you guys get rid of ALL the neutral ETs? How do we know they won’t turn on us, again?


    1. Well… no. No, we can’t. It would be an abuse of power. The Negatives had been actively trying to kill us for years, so their eradication was unchallenged. But we can’t just axe beings because we suspect them of wrongdoing. The PWBs took steps to screw over humans as a group, AND they invaded our personal CAT spaces with malice aforethought. This allowed us, under Universal Law, to defend ourselves and our planet. Until someone does something that’s obviously NEGATIVE, or anti-human, or grossly self-serving (are you reading this feather boys?) we won’t take any steps. We have all kinds of safeguards in place now that weren’t there, before. Let’s see how they work. Wrongdoers can be dealt with with the power of thought, so things can happen very very fast. Let’s see how fast our Neutral-but-peremptory ET brothers learn now that the servants have become the masters.

      -CAT Eds.

      P.S. We just heard that Sting song on the radio, hence the quote. 😉

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      1. “Feather boys”
        Seriously, I’ve seen many a cat vs. bird battle.
        Doesn’t end well.
        Cautionary tale.

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          1. You have no hubris and I have no schadenfreude.
            It is what it is. And it is done.
            Thank you.


  6. It’s kinda nice. I received word this weekend that our houseguest from heck is due for an encore performance in October. At first I was pissed off at the hubris of them, but now I am at peace with it because I have the precious tool of the Mantra which I didn’t have before. Hooha! This will undoubtedly prove most interesting. This timeline shift has felt much more comfortable for me. Perhaps now I will sleep throughout the night instead of waking up in (you guessed it) the wee small hours of the morning. 2-4 most nights. Other than that feelings of peace and joy prevail.

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  7. How about a lighthearted comment? On the topic of energy changes in people – lighter mood in home tonight.
    – short conversation with house guest (ex-Marine, two tours of Afghanistan, PTSD, Asperger’s) I suggest putting your beverages down –

    House guest: “Can I ask you a weird question?”
    My reply: “sure” (slightly leery)
    House guest: “Can I lick your eyeball?”
    My reply: Absolutely not! But I’d watch out for the person that says yes to that…”

    Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but the lighter energy here is almost palpable…

    -have a good night-


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  8. FYI, CATs are reporting “spine chills” from bottom up. Your spine is an antenna, so be alert for any somatic “opportunities.” If you feel any energy, BREATHE it in and think “SOURCE” on the intake.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Hello CATs and Ms,
      I don’t know if this is related, but my right shoulder (on my back, between my spine and my shoulder joint) has been tingling / champagne bubbling nonstop for about 2 weeks now. Even my husband can feel it when he puts his hand there. It’s slightly annoying because it has been going on so long, but I leave it alone. I’m sure there is a good reason for it.
      Also, my eyes have been changing from my normal gray with yellow rings around the pupil to a greenish color. No idea what that’s about.
      I will just keep saying the mantras.
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗,

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        1. Thank you, CAT Eds!
          That makes so much sense! The hardest part of this Shift for me has been the diet change. I have been staying away from Chef Boyardee and Little Debbie (my old guilty pleasure 😅).
          Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Oh, yeah. The shoulder thing has been off the charts. For several weeks now. My right is not tingling, it’s outright aching. Out of nowhere. Insane. I’m always amazed at the similarity of symptoms reported here.

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        1. Interesting, I also felt the pain in the right shoulder recently, but now it is gone 👍

          But I had one mall (flat one) enlarged to a size off about 1.5cm, and I was thinking it is not a good sign and “wanted” to reduce its size, and now, maybe month after that “wish” it is at 0.5cm and is still shrinking 🙂 Anybody had something like that ?

          Also, today afternoon I felt so sleepy that I took a nap (which I almost never do in afternoon), when I woke up I felt different, better somehow, DNA update ?

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    2. I had spine chills on left side Sunday and Monday tail to crown . All day yesterday felt like I was floating above ground and might pass out at any moment. Feeling more grounded today. Cay

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  9. Had me a lucid post apocalyptic dream, where severe winter had set in and stayed. Everyone fighting for survival. I was to join in an attempt to help find a cure for the common cold which had become virulent and fatal. There was a high risk of catching pneumonia.

    I was contacting people of old using thE the POTS telephone service as cell towers didn’t work, trying to get information that would help, but many had already died.

    As usual, a element of society had already stepped up to form an elite stance using fear as their control.

    All in all, very realistic, very disturbing and very shit.

    I wonder what the PTW are up to in their desperation… ?


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  10. Thank You Cats & M’s … WOW nice work … Very Interesting the Synchronicity occurring with the dismantle & removal of the negatives 🙂 divine timing indeed. I started the black cube gridwork on 29 aug to 2 sept the first stage of dismantle & removal (September is another busy month like July) & yes I agree the new grid lines are being Lighted UP by Source Big time. the Collective Consciousness is in a state of cleansing opmi & the negatives are in a state of “disarray” the exact word spirit gave me last night in meditation & as Rightful Owners of the New Earth we have every Right to be enforcers of Source & Spirit 🙂 sometimes I think you read my thoughts cats & m’s lol I haven’t read your posts since starting the gridwork. so deeply grateful for all you do, we are all doing our part in loving service.

    I knew there would be a reaction from the PTW, Source & Spirit where ready, prepared for action 🙂 I thought it would be some biblical event playing out, maybe that was what they where up to? so grateful we are not there. GO SOURCE, GO US!

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  11. No it is not, me personally took that photo with a mobile phone using the largest zoom (digital zoom off course, as lens is fixed one on Lumia 950), and then I cropped the photo afterwards, using only enhancement filter to improve it a little bit.

    I know it is not great photo (I worked in the photography business), as the equipment used is not the best, lot off noise and a Little shaking, even I tried my best to keep the phone steady by leaning over the fisherman net pile on the second photo.

    I have untouched originals if anyone wants to check it out 🙂

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  12. Hi Cats, M’s and esp. those of you in the UK, e.g. Lily and Lynn. Just listened to Amanda Ellis’ video from yesterday on Brexit (won’t post it, you can find if for yourself) and towards the end, she also pulls cards for Queen Lizzie. According to these cards, the queen won’t be here for long to oversee it, whatever the outcome may be. As you had mentioned in a previous post that there’d be a connection between her passing and the Shift, that seems sort of interesting. Quite a lot of interesting stuff in her video also on timelines, and if you resonate with her you can also listen to a video she did on financial stuff, that she did a few days earlier and I also thought was quite enlightening. Interesting times! Yes there’s a feeling of indetermination about yesterday and today, something’s brewing. I have so much appreciation for this blog by the way and the commentors as well. All the best and much love to all of you, Henrietta

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    1. Hi Henrietta, thanks for sharing, will check out that video later!

      Exciting times indeed, many people mention early 2020, some as early as the New year. Hopefully sooner but not sure if this keeps changing due to timeline jumps?

      Much Love 🙏❤️😊

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    2. Hi Henrietta. The Brexit thing is getting so silly that a lot if us are becoming indifferent to the shenanigans. Really hope they get their act together soon. Bunch of school children running the UK. Anyway nice to read your post and thank you for the heads up. Ive not seen anything by Amanda Ellis. Will have a look. 🤔😊

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    3. Just watching Amanda Ellis now. I do like her a lot but I can’t help wondering if she has chosen a path which stays very much with the 3D realm, maybe to help everyone that remains. I haven’t heard her mention NE, The Shift. 5D etc.. and she often speaks about coming years and decades ahead being in a very similar situation as now with politics and assumingly much of the current control infrastructure still in place, ie. no major Shift or Event. I might be wrong. I can’t say I’ve watched all her videos and I believe she’s benevolent, would be interesting to know what she thinks about The Event…

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Well… note that Lisa Gawlas intentionally steers clear of this NE stuff, so her readings remain “uncolored” by expectations. We don’t know if this is the case with Amanda Ellis… because we don’t know who that is!

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Just hours after I mentioned Amanda not mentioning New Earth, she does and rainbows too and a whole lot more! Really interesting video, love Amanda’s energy!

        Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️


  13. Hello Y’all! Actually slept 8 hours straight!! Would have slept longer except my teenager tort Cat’s paw touched my face-not sure if she was checking on me or just hungry! Lots of cool plants in my dreams!
    Had lots of hot flashes yesterday as energy waves rolled in.
    Overall, I’m peaceful, relaxed and happy 😊
    Wishing y’all an awesome day full of Light, Love & Laughter!

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    1. Freespirit. Thank you for wishing us an awesome day, which I had. Went to Scarborough UK to meet two cousins that I hadn’t seen for 20 years, and had a great catch up. By the way I love that phrase “y’all”.❤️😊😊😊

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    2. Freespirit I just had to comment on your icon pic! We have those exact blooms on our cactus out front of my roommates house right now! So amazingly beautiful.

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      1. Oh, there are. We were mad at those ones and lumped them all in there and that was wrong. The Pleiades are a big five-star system, so they aren’t all bad, of course. The Positive Pleiadians (PosPle?) are very nice and have already helped us to deal with their unfortunate (NegPle?) brothers.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Is it now solved this situation with my comments now, or they are still sent to trash automatically ?

          By the way, this Monday I sent one email to you, maybe for some reason it also was sent to trash ?

          Do not hurry, when you have time, respond to it, I know You are all busy working for all of us, soooo 👍✨


    1. Talk about being invisible… hmmm.
      Yeah maybe it wasn’t clear enough but those numbers you got off Psychic Lynn’s page , the repeating numbers? Check the last two, numbers 000 and 1111. There is text missing, probably something went wrong cropping or C/P the image.
      And since we’re talking about invisibility. Is there a specific reason my question about Keepers of Time was met by complete silence twice?


  14. Hello everybody: in relation to the Ley lines I must say that we (my sister and me) noticed some changes these last days. The chemtrails reduced considerably, the obstacles reduced too and the most relevant thing is that our mood changed a lot. Personally, I still fill very tired, but in spite of the everyday happenings we feel very calm inside and even joyful. That’s quite a change! At my sister’s working place she could notice her mates more communicative, open and glad in general (maybe because of coming from vacations😅). Today, even we where in different places, we noticed (at the same time) dizziness and like fainting. But we couldn’t see in the meters a correspondence with that. A hug from both and until next report😁

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  15. I feel compelled to ask something. I know I’ve mentioned it before but perhaps not in great detail.

    For the last year or so, every evening, when I look out of the kitchen window (which backs onto fields and the end of a few neighbours gardens) I see a small white flash in the sky, pretty much always in the same bit of sky and close/intense. If you looked there during the day, you would see nothing but sky, a few clouds maybe! It looks like someone is taking a photo with a very small flash. On the odd occasion, there has also been a black rectangle which I will see for a second or so before it vanishes.

    It feels like I’m being watched by something but I cannot tell if it’s neutral or benevolent. I mentioned it to Lisa Gawlas a few months ago when I had a reading and she thought that it could be someone I know /knew (ET) trying to get my attention…

    Really confused by it, it’s every night!

    Has anyone experienced anything like this?

    Much Love ❤️

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  16. The Heart the Source of Life is protecting its life it’s hearts it’s passion at this time and has gone into hyper drive as of now..it’s power has been activated in all who surrendered and accepted and gave unconditional passion love……. All of those who looked inwardly and found your true life from source and surrendered unto it…. then accepted it with passion with your heart leading now not the mind not the knowledge for through the mind it is tainted cannot lead is the old which has been cut down and burned…. its roots are being uprooted now… live within the Heart where all true wisdom and understanding lays…. see with the eyes of the heart what the source is doing in the many layers now…. feel with the eyes of the heart…. this is allow us to see with no division of sight of feel…. the eye of the mind of knowledge now is divided it a ruler from the rebel’s….. we are all connected and one with Source when we connect into our heart…. these means down to the meat suits we use ….. ignite this heart within yourself now for the new earth lives within us and is manifesting through the heart outside of us…. yet the journey is an inward one where all passions acceptance equally home are…. home is where the Heart is it’s called us home and is activated with us….. so party on party animals gggrrrr…..

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  17. The rain and winds are here on the SE coast already. Florence 2.0 underway. Same time of year, same wind speeds, same ‘feel’. . . .

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  18. A most Beautiful day on The Lovely Gaia w/mellow energy. Awake @ 3:32 am, yet I Feel Good All day. I Wish/Send much Joy/Love to All of You. Peace!

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