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  1. teehee….. youse cats… snort 🙂

    Just a lil thing…
    Only just now noticed, which of Luke’s eyes is bloodied.
    Poor Luke. I hope he is now in a galaxy far far away from that temptation.

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  2. Speaking of all this, we’re probably going to have a good-sized timeline jump, soon. The PTW are trying to brew something really nasty (as you can see in the Kiruna meters). It won’t be allowed on the upper timelines, of course, hence future jumps. You might feel kinda weird or have residual emotional effects, though.

    -CAT Eds.

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      1. Answer to this person : “Because you still didn’t learn. Cats and Source, brother/sister, CATS and SOURCE!”
        Good news indeed ! 😉

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    1. Can you feel weird pre a timeline jump? For the last 24 hrs I have felt like my eyes are focusing with a delay before they react from close to distance and vice versa. It makes you feel unbalanced for a second and a bit dizzy. I thought it was an ongoing timeline jump as it feels like a time distortion.

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    2. Yes, I for one sure did feel kinda weird today…
      Besides yawning a quadrillion times today and being so frickin tired I could fall asleep right in the middle of a step, I was so lightheaded and dizzy that I decided to do all the electrical wireing in the coupé of the car at a super slow-motion tempo because that gave me a perfect alibi to sit down on the floor. It’s soooo weird to feel so heavily drunk when I am absolutely sober!!

      Check out the riometerdata today from Kiruna at 12:00 UTC and Lyksele at 14:30 UTC… We did make a jump, did’nt we?

      Loving hugs❤️

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        1. Now Kiruna’s gone red again….and this time I feel like I wanna barf.
          Crap! What is it with this one?? Something feels kind of off.
          Or perhaps it’s just me, being weak from the recent two weeks and way too tired to handle this at the moment…

          Love you guys❤️

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        2. I poofed out I am not kidding twice last night I got dropped back in so messed up I cannot believe I am alive. Was that a pre event test or are we just screwed? I dreamed that these glowing white dogs were examining me…and got scared when I woke up and said hi to them.

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  3. Nice to see everyone feeling great, I have been feeling beyond awful for the last 48hours. Might be a personal thing or I’m ahead of the curve. If so, buckle up folks cause this is nasty to the bone.

    Cats & Ms, any insights yet about Keepers of Time? Thanks and back to bed.

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    1. @Stefan I came across a reference to Genetic Timekeepers a few days ago while skimming a blog by Lisa Renee. You can find it at energeticsynthesis.com under Time Shift Blog, July 30, 2019 I think the reference is in the last paragraph. Kind of interesting … for your discernment of course. Hope you feel better! love and hugs -jane

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      1. Aha… started reading it yet every 3 words there seems to be a term I don’t understand.
        Hope to decipher the paragraph before X-mas.

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        1. Hahaha ! Yes I believe she does know an awful lot about things but I also find when reading her stuff I’m left wondering ‘what the hell is she talking about’ 😲and have to take a nap to recover 🙀xxx

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  4. Residual emotional effects the whole Sunday until 17.00 UTC. On a side note it occurred to me yesterday as I was going through my Box of Single Socks, that this box gives evidence of timeline jumps on a personal level. Always surprised to see which socks can be reunited and which one had become single or lost without me noticing.

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  5. CAT2 is craaaaaaazy LOL.


    @”HOW DO THEY KNOW?!?”… That’s why they will always be on the back paw, goons!


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    1. Enough with the Lizard Jabber(wocky)

      Separation of Church & State (of being) is still organized religion if you ask me.

      How long is time?

      I think the log lady has the all answers apparently.


  6. Yeah Re: Timeline jump. Last night (Sat) at dinner with friends, things got decidedly Weird! It was like they were other people. Rather uncomfortable for me. Here’s another example of paying attention to one’s intuition. It said to me cancel dinner plans with them, but I over road that bit of information coming in, much to my dismay. Hopefully lesson learned. This morning we were back to the pillowly stillness. On another subject today I briefly spoke to Lisa G. who has a fever and could barely talk. Send her healing energy, please. To be continued. . .

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  7. Schumann Resonance looks weird, at 23:30 (Tomsk time) pattern completely changed for about 2 hours, then big black patch after that, big time jump ?

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    1. Was a definite pattern change, and I felt a Good wave(Love). Just unfilled meter/graph after. Peace.

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  8. No, he didn’t. (We see him shaking his head.) Brother J is now a quasi-omniscient SOURCE filter for about 2-3 billion people on this planet at the moment. These kinds of beings don’t get married. He’s like a super-angel.

    Ben goes off the deep end, sometimes. Those “secret societies” he communicates with don’t have our greatest good in mind. They have their own greatest good in mind.

    -CAT Eds.

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  9. Thanks for the giggle CATS!

    Had the wierdest dream last night, what I can remember of it anyway.

    Started off that I was going to some kind of party with some work colleagues from years back. I was in a hall, where people were talking , socialising etc… I then had a horrible feeling that upstairs, something really awful was going on, and was getting images of really depraved stuff. I didn’t want to go, but something made me move up the stairs. I can barely remember what I saw now, it’s as if my mind purposely blurred a lot of it out but I do remember the forms of large men and the feeling of darkness and just not nice stuff going on.

    Next thing I know, a lady has stolen my purse. I confront her about it and she returns £5 of the £40 that is still missing. I look at her as if, I know you have the rest and she gives me back another £10, bartering as to how much she should give me!

    Dream skips ahead. I’m in a Jeep like car with old school friends. The brake doesn’t work then suddenly we are in a different car, an open top 50’s style car which seems to work fine and I am in the driver’s seat We are weaving smoothly in and out of stationary traffic….Then I wake up!

    Much Love! ❤️

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  10. Whats the point of being a CAT, if you CAN’T ACCEPT TRUTH:

    All is the meaning of Love when Evil has gone away
    All are the creatures of Earths maiden name, ONE & the same
    All are given and shown respect, none shall be turned away

    The Gate of Heavenly Paradise is Opening

    There is very little room for self-definition anymore.

    Very little patience she has, these days.

    That Ole’ Log Lady


  11. I know you can-can


    Well, looks like that’s about how long it is.

    Seems like forever to me.



  12. or maybe I’m just a SIRUIUSLY confused Pure Bred SIAMESE flying REPTILIAN monkey MAN with CAT scratch FEVER and pin-stripe (pop) forget it


    wait what’s a pajama party like on New Earth?

    Everyone shows their true colors.

    How can a light-being be in a race?

    That was fast.



  13. Definitely had troubles with things appearing and disappearing etc, managed to reverse into a suprise parked car on the school run today, only slowly luckily, still felt a bit bad about it so been doing the mantras all day.

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  14. Okay, has anyone else seen in meditation today:

    – a huge clearing of darkness back to SOURCE, and subsequent releasing of innocent beings of light. Brought tears to my eyes.

    -a large chunk of the quarantine wall breaking away, as a lone brave dragon ventured out for the first time…

    -the Divine Mother gifting us with a protective bubble around the earth. (Only accomplished after Ashtar Command cleared out some pesky warplanes that were interfering with this happening.)

    Seems to me all of this is to the positive…

    Or is this just me? I was just drinking coffee, nothing stronger I swear!

    I am the LIGHT
    I am the LOVE

    Gramma B.

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    1. I Did see a beautiful clearing of the sky, and felt a magnificent Love wave out of the blue. I Am The Light/Love, I Am! Peace.

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    2. Not sure about this Ashtar command, Gramma B. Always felt off to me…

      The rest of your meditation sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing x

      For myself, bad dreams all week. Dreams of being undercover in cult like society run by ego maniacs. Trying to break free from their control, and the control they’ve programmed into others.


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  15. Har! From everyone’s comments today, it would appear that we are a bit discombobulated. Yikes! (If I had any key lime pie left, I would certainly eat it for comfort. Oh well)

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  16. If there are no more negatives, I wonder who’s hijacking my dreams? Been happening for 5 days in a row now.
    And during daytime someone or something is inserting memories into my energy field as well.
    They, however that is, are doing everything they can to keep me down.

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    1. When you dream you leave your body and go al over, often outside of Earth. Before bed, say (to yourself): “Only those with my greatest good in mind are allowed past my protection while in a dream state.”

      Technically, this is ALL a dream state, but Spirit recognizes what you mean. It’s all about permissions.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. CatEds. Thank you. I couldn’t remember what you had previously advised us to say regarding protecting yourself during dream state. I will do that as a nightly routine. Much appreciated. 👍🙄😊


    2. Stefan. Yes my dreams are being interfered with. Especially Tuesday night. I get angry that I’m locked into a dream that is full of problems and negative feelings and I’m glad to wake up. Seems like I remember the details of them more clearly than nice dreams! Humph. Going to ask my guides to prevent interference tonight. Would just like a peaceful night. I remember those once upon a time! 🤔🙄


      1. I’ve never had nice dreams, not a single one.
        I only just realised that while replying here to your comment.
        I’ve simply never ever had a dream that is nice, you know where nice things happen? Never.what I call nice is where I’m not sweating after I wake up because it was so horrible.
        There’s probably a direct link to why none of my ‘dreams’ or wishes have manifested in my life yet on the other hand all my greatest fears did become a reality.

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        1. Give your dreams over to Brother J, so he can purge you of residual stuff. Takes a while. Your dreams will be quite terrible for a while, while you’re being purged, but then… they’re gone.

          -CAT Eds.

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  17. I did my own hokus pokus today after I felt like exploding. I was talking to my mother about how everything in my life seems to be sabotaged for years now. I trust the Cats removed the negative ET’s so there had to be another malevolent source for my ‘nothing is working out- energy’ that I’ve been in for a few years now and that almost made me go berserk this morning (been building up since last week).
    Mind you I have spent each day of the last 9 years working relentlessly on myself and my energy. Whenever I told anyone my life wasn’t flowing, they always put the blame on me: oh it’s your energy, you’re attracting it. While part of that is true, it wasn’t the whole story. If I tell all my experiences, there will be an ambulance here within 5 minutes taking me to the nuthouse. It’ s simply too much. Impossible.
    Anywho, back to today. So I tell how I feel to my mom and how almost everything in my life, especially work and money seems to be sabotaged, tricked. I said: “I have a feeling someone put a spell on me. But who?”
    B-I-N-G-O: we immediately both thought of the same person…
    A Turkish witch, friend of my sister (who we threw out of the house in June), who worked on my energy field a few years ago. That nasty bitch, put a spell on me and did some evil work on my mom as well.
    Thinking back of her, it’s difficult to forgive my naiveness in dealing with her, yet I know I must to move forward. But boy was I blind…

    So I did my own ceremony today, shamanic one which I’m trained to perform. So I Ground and Protect and I call in Brother J, Gabriel and Michael and my Jaguar (Panthera Onça) to stand by me, while Michael cuts the chords. Next thing I know my eyes started twitching like crazy, I’m almost suffocating because of the bad energy that’s being released and the sounds coming from my belly and throat were beast-like. My back was arching and my belly was blowing up like a balloon. I groaned like a jaguar when the energy left my body. Took less than a minute. Of course the energy was sent back to the sender(-s). So some Turkish witch will not be having the nicest life as from today, nor will her client who gave the instructions.
    Good riddance.
    That was the last being that ever interfered with my life.
    It’s over.

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    1. The dream attacks, see them for what they are. The Cat Eds. have a great idea, I used it. Then I used the mantra to send them w/an Escort. Dreams are more pleasant, for I Am The Light/Love, I Am. What We transmit, We receive! Peace.

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