A Whole New Level [UPDATE3]


We made the previous post too big, so we’re gonna start fresh here. And yes, as the title implies, we are at a whole new level.

But a new level of WHAT? And are we ALL at that level? More about that in a moment. First, a few meters…


That is rather dramatic.
GOES 14/GOES 15 feed separation, again.


Jump… limbo…
Jump… limbo…

And other errata:




Being and Seeing

The Lyra fluctuation shows we’ve stepped up a whole new level, having gained new territory this past weekend. And that’s everyone here in this reality in this new territory, some just don’t know it… and probably never will till they get a serious wake-up call. We’re to the point where people (and beings) SEE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. If you want to see and experience the New Earth, you are doing that. If you want to see and experience schadenfreude… you get that, too. If you want to sneak around and create mayhem, that’s what YOU see. But the rest of us do not. Some are still seeing chemtrails… some aren’t.

Those of you who are of a positive STO bent, it is now very possible that you are invisibly visible to some people; people can see you if they want to… but if they don’t want to, they won’t. If they want to see you as a plain ol’ boring grocery shopper, they will. If they want to see you as a puny human of no consequence… it’s their funeral. If your existence doesn’t factor into the mindsets of people and beings in front of you, you are de facto invisible.

The velcro between Old Earth and New Earth has seriously ripped again, getting us ever closer to the last scene of the final act. Then again, for all we know, everything “Event” has changed and everyone will be given a piece of incredibly perfect and delectable cake…


…and told: “This cake represents the entire universe. DO NOT eat this cake.”

Mmmm… universe destroyed… and tasty. What was our point?

Oh, right. The Event could have a bazillion variables and happen a bazillion ways. BUT, we KNOW there’s an Event happening right now — we all feel it — and we KNOW there’s a Rip now and then — we all feel them when they happen — and we know The Event will eventually end in The SHIFT, because: 1. We were told this by Guides, and 2. We’ve seen it, and 3. It’s never gone on this long before, and, 4. It can’t go on much longer… can it?

Actually, it can. The Event is incredibly complicated. Imagine 7+ trillion humans, involved with trillions of ETs all over the place, some of whom are ALSO upgrading (actually, they’re downgrading and taking some humans with them), each with different requirements, each with their own concept of time, each with a specific energy, and each with their own free will choice (of doing the STS or STO thing) factoring into a monstrous equation-cake ACROSS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE that SOURCE is baking in a universal oven while infinitely multitasking. Well, like Jacques Pépin always says, “If you can smell it, it’s just about done.” Lots of you have been smelling a New Earth freshness in the air, right…?

Any idea how hard it is to get a bunch of CATs to decide on what the “ultimate New Earth cake” looks like? After 20 minutes and 20 different cakes we gave up. Here, eat some CAT carpet frosting.

Enough of that. Now on to…

Dreams and Incoming

Guides told us to watch out, energywise, for the upcoming full moon (9/13), followed by the equinox (9/23). Not that we can do anything about it, but be sure to ground a lot and BREATHE when it hits you.

Btw, some of the M’s had an Isis “group dream” a few nights ago, where a nice middle-aged (not yet grandmotherly) brown woman in a coarse, cream-colored woolen robe gave us what she called a “full moon hug” — which visibly surprised her spirit staff, who then said, “But they haven’t seen the moon, yet!”

“Oh, they will, they will,” Isis said and smiled a nice smile.

So, we anticipate LOTS of very interesting energy shifts coming up. Hoo boy.

Dream Warriors

One more thing…

Be sure to set good protection before bed. We’ve been getting dream incursions by ANOTHER ET group (or it was the TWBs again), and they’re a lot smoother than the others we’re used to. In dreams your spirit can go literally anywhere — and it usually does. Ask Brother J to enjoy your dreams with you. Before bed, say: “Only those with my actual greatest good in mind, and at heart, are allowed in my dreams.”

Remember, in a dream you are all powerful. You can literally do anything. Now know that this dream state is only here to make you think that being awake is NOT being in the dream. Might want to read that one again. Your dreams are designed to make you think your “waking reality” is real. It is not. Awake and asleep are the same thing: both part of the illusion. If you have a nightmare, or if someone does something against you in a dream, do you dwell on it when you wake up? Nope. Why? Because it was a dream. Well, this is ALL a dream. So when some politician does something heinous… did they really do it? They did in their minds… which are insane.

Above all, remember that YOU, the real you, is totally indestructible and all powerful, awake or asleep. If any ET harasses you in a dream, feel free to kick ass.

Ok, we need Illusion Cake, now. Here are some of the cakes various CATs wanted to use for the cake pic above:

Cat cake, made from a cat cross-section.
Coconut (non-cat) cake… but not everyone LIKES coconut, so…
Dragon cake! Which is cool, but didn’t fit thematically.
Donut cat cake.
Cat-thought cake.
Yummy cat.
Ugh… kinda freaky.
The runner-up.

Ok, one more:

bad kitty
Bad kitty, Raoul.


More jumps/adjustments:

The jump was right after the TWBs took some potshots at us through a portal.


One of the jumps was around 10:00 UTC, so you can see the wind-up here.


This is more subtle. Note the energy change at 10:00 UTC.
More Rip.
And the sun has been having an interesting X-ray oscillation, of late…


Our apologies to the *Positive* Pleiadians who were kind enough to watch over our region yesterday, and deliver some micro-/spot-cleansing rain (it rarely rains in CA in September). It’s difficult for most CATs to determine motive from the outside of those cloud-cloaked ships of the P’s (Neuts and Positives use pretty much the same ships) — esp. when we’re so ‘energy-whipped’ and sleep-deprived.

Also, we were wrong about our dream invaders: it was the TWBs again (who pretty much only annoy us, we have an exclusive contract!). They changed dream forms again, and are getting more sophisticated, and have secured sneaky new devices. They also tried to assassinate some of us from portals — AGAIN — last night. House shields stopped it, easily, but it still woke the shoot-ees up. One of the many reasons why they’re considered the scourge of the Negative ET community, proteges to those goddamn black-eyed things from a while back (who are now gone). The TWBs will be gone, shortly…


This image just popped into those CAT editors’ heads. Interesting, we were watching this movie just last night (Wednesdays are CAT movie night) and noticed the similarities with where we are today:

Remember ‘The Nexus’?

This is from “Star Trek: Generations” from the ’90s. The Nexus wave that “went through the galaxy every XX years” sounds a bit familiar, right? You could easily substitute “SOURCE” for “Nexus” whenever they talked about it in the movie. The ruthless Malcolm McDowell mad-scientist character was just hungry for the culmination of The Event! And while Picard was inside The Nexus, it was Christmas… hm.



Latest jump broke the GOES satellite reporting:

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.56.43 AMScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.57.55 AM




108 thoughts on “A Whole New Level [UPDATE3]

      1. I know y’all are extremely busy (my sincere and undying gratitude!!!) but I want to suggest putting up a glossary page of all the acronyms and definition/information items for which you get regular questions. Especially include that wonderful explanation of who/what the CATS and Ms are and do. Once up, it shouldn’t take much to maintain. It would be VERY helpful for me as I try to do my small part in helping others to awaken. And when my own older, well used grey cells get confused about “which ones were the PWBs again…?” Thanks!

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  1. I tried to post something meaningful, but I ate too much catcake. Don’t forget to put out a plate of cupcats as well … at least it’s making me feel better than all this timeline schmineline stuff … it’s getting tedious and I keep losing my catnip mouse in the process.

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  2. I’m back to being a bad a$$ in my dreams, lol! The other night there was a human looking being who suddenly was morphing into some sort of neg. et. I used the mantra on him and he literally kind of melted/wilted. Hard to describe but very clear and real. Now if I could just learn to use that energy while “awake” to uplift and be the light.

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  3. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Lots of semi-disturbing events happening to my sister the past 3 days involving the latest example of a fall replete with a broken hip this morning. Yikes! The peace and quiet here at the farm is still quite literally stupifying. When I meditated this morning in the garden there was not a sound to be heard except for the sound of my heartbeat. Most profound!!!

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    1. This is the downside of spirit contracts. If we’re not actively working to advance ourselves, and get stuck, Spirit has instructions — from those it happens to — to help us “help ourselves to change” in any number of pre-arranged ways: falls, accidents, etc. While this is painful, we are 98% of the time already aware of it, as per pre-life agreements… which doesn’t take the sting out of it. This is tough for those who are undergoing it to understand, while they’re in it (it’s happened to all of the CATs), but afterward we get that “aha” moment if we’re paying attention. We don’t understand all such events, but we trust SOURCE and Spirit has our greatest good in mind.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I can attest to that. As result of the stroke 13 years, I’m literally where I’m at both spiritually and physically now . I wouldn’t trade these past 13 years experiences for anything. Thank SOURCE!!!

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      2. I have been whacked and fallen more times than I can count. Jeez, I think I must be a hard case! Here lately I keep ramming my right hand fingers into things …weird. Haven’t gotten clarity on that yet, hopefully soon before I permanently damage my digits. Infinite Love to All

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      3. So when my mom falls last night, and can’t get up, it’s an accident hoping to WAKE her up to something for an AHA MOMENT? Or when my jeep suddenly breaks down today and gets towed, I need to learn something? Is an accident ever just an accident? I’ve been in a pretty great mood for a couple weeks and besides the cost, the jeep debacle didn’t get me dowm. But I don’t know the problem yet. 😉 so maybe the lesson is not to sweat the small stuff! A couple years ago, I would be flipping out. So, in this BE journey, I’ve chilled

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        1. No, sometimes an accident is just an accident, but not very often. Everyone here has a Learning Plan. We still haven’t figured out why some of us wanted Jeeps the sole purpose of which was making mechanics rich.

          We hope your mom recovers quickly.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. She recovered super quick. No broken bones. Thanks. When things like this happen, I automatically think what was I to learn or what is the NE experience. She was feeling sorry for herself and my sister and I said we are happy to care for you, no assisted living necessary.

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  4. That darn Raoul! At least I have fudgsicles. Been feeling/smelling great things coming in. Love Is In The Air. Peace in Harmony.

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  5. Sorry Cats, I have another comment/question to throw at you & get your perspective. A lot of us are here helping the normies as they wake up, understand & support them. Some of us feel it’s our mission to be here in the beginning of this transition/shift to aid. At SOME point, there has to be a ‘letting go’ & I’ll/we’ll have to step away, let them go to turn the focus off all these disclosure, 3D muck & fully turn our focus on the new, create the new. Will we know what that time comes to let go? what do think that will look like? Anyone else, feel free to chime in. Thank you & Lotsa luv!

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    1. Yes, we have recently gone through this. Those who aren’t awake yet… need to find it themselves. We aren’t going to do it for them, nor are we going to rattle their tree and yell, “WAKE UP!” If you’re not awake at this point, with all the energy prodding, then perhaps you’ll be one of those who wakes up AFTER The SHIFT. We just support those who are awake now… and try to keep the playing field clean of interference…

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. OK, I’ll “bite”. I am exhausted from making six batches of organic raspberry jam and can’t figure out what STO and STS mean. An explanation would be so appreciated! [Incidentally, my son-in-law interviewed Jacques Pepin a few weeks ago for a video he filmed. Said he looked great for his 83 yrs.] My still-warm jam would be delicious drizzled over a slice of your coconut cake pictured above. 🙂 ❤ ❤ M. Jacques l'aimerait aussi, j'imagine.

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  7. Hi All,
    Thank you for the info on dreamtime.
    For the last week (abouts) there’s been some strange happenings….
    Where the body/look of people I know, one in particular, has been used…
    to what end? Well.. basically, to have a go at anything to ‘bring me down’.
    I felt it, immediately, in the dream, and when I woke up.
    It was interesting whom ‘they’ used, and the ‘method’ chosen…
    (yeah, but no, but yeah.. but…. No.)

    Re the yummy smell of Source…. Big time!
    All around! Yummy Yummyness. And, it feels wonderFull to look at eachother (Mr Tea and I) with that knowing look, and a great big Smile n giggle 🙂

    Re the full moon… some.. maybe a lot.. are gonna get messy.
    Be Aware of it, but..
    Step back… way back… GPC, and play some music you Love to sing to.
    Engaging with said messiness is fruitless, and hurty.
    Let lotsa ‘time’ go by… count to 100,000.

    Raoul has my vote!

    Lotsa Loves All
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hooly dooly.. I just remembered I forgot about something…. (teehee)

      When I was coming out of dreamtime, I heard my own voice speaking in a language that sounded very ET like. I’m pretty sure its what woke me up.
      I haven’t experienced this before.
      I’ve woken up talking before… but not in ET!

      Yup…. hooly doolies.. .. … ….

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      1. Happened to me before too while meditating. A voice so very calm and absolute, an authority that cannot be contested.


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        1. Hi Mark,
          Cooooool… so great to know!
          I don’t know if the language I spoke felt that way.
          I’ve experienced some other language during meditations also.
          And levitated! Hooly dooly… that was a surprise to say the least!
          Thank you muchly for sharing ❤

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        1. Hi Lily 🙂
          Yes, I do remember how it sounded.. but its reeeeally hard to write it out.
          It was like short fast repetitive sounds.
          I could feel my mouth move, and my tongue hitting the back of my teeth and roof of my mouth. It wasn’t very high pitched… but higher than my usual voice.

          How are you feeling? Any improvement re your hands?

          Hugs you with lotsa Love
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. I can sort of feel/hear the sounds, was it quite a fast succession of sounds?

            Hands are still very sore. I’ve only been on the liver detox for two days but I have noticed that they really flare up after scooping Willow’s cat litter each day so I’m on a hunt for a litter that is hypoallergenic! I think my immune system is just really run down and my gut/UC is flaring too so I’m trying to heal the leaky gut with golden seal, liqurice, l-glutamine and slippery elm with biotin for the skin and this supplement for the liver! I will have lovely green herbage growing out of my head instead of hair soon me thinks! better that chemicals though!

            Hope you’re all fine and dandy and light and bright 😊✨❤️ as beautiful as a clear starry night! Much Love and huggles ❤️❤️❤️

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            1. @lily144… Lily, I’ve been seeing the litter below advertised the last few months and watched a video in those months somewhere (just have doggies the last twenty years or so though have cohabited with MANY cats over the last 70 yrs). this is made of Silica gel only need 1 bag for a one cat household per month – is a subscription service, so you choose how and it’s delivered to you every month – It’s very light weight and has indicators for health issues colors for acidity, alkalinity, blood…
              Here’s the web site to check out if you so desire – has a FAQ section with video –


              best of luck,


              [Hi, Kathleen. We don’t allow ad links on the site, but I forwarded the link to Lily144. -CAT4]

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            2. Hi Lily; for what it may be worth, a friend of mine healed her leaky gut by cutting out all the GMO food. And having hair like a chia pet sounds like it could be kind of fun!

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            3. Hi Lily,
              Awwww! You’re such a sweetie!

              Yesss… it was in a quick succession for sure!

              I’m so sorry to hear you are experiencing so much all at once.
              I think about you often, and pray that you are feeling better ❤

              teehee…. it would be fun to have some shrubbery so near….
              imagine making a salad? Just a quick trim and, all done 😀

              Just wondering… re the low immune system and UC… does taking good bacteria stuff help you? I take something called 'inner health plus', which is basically good gut bacteria. It's helped me with a few things in those area's, as have the organic reds & greens powder. I mix it with some good juice and water. You've probably tried soooo many things… I understand. Its been the same on this end for a very long time.

              I'ma polishing my star and shining bright to All around BeautyFull ❤

              Lotsa big Lovey huggsss and meowey purrs n headbutts ❤
              Wishing you Well, asap xxxxx
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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            4. Hey Tea Kay 😊❤️ I can see your shiny star light from across the seas, bright and sparkling ✨

              Yes, I have tried do many probiotics. I learnt to wait until the bleeding has stopped before having them and recently learnt that some probiotics have a histamine effect, I think it’s some of the ‘lacto’ strains. Also, fermented foods which are normally really healthy for most folk set me off badly especially kefir and kombucha, so I guess it must be down to the strains of bacteria. I tried garden of life probiotics which are earth based and seem to remember that they were okay. They are soooo expensive though! I’ve spent a small fortune recently on supplements etc… I’ll get there, just need to be a tad more sensible and be a bit stricter with myself!

              Huggy miaows, Love & Light always 😊✨❤️🙏

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  8. Smiling as I write a few thoughts after reading this post:

    Your posts are great confirmations-today my neighbor said she never recognizes me, that I always look different; have pointed out ‘bad guys’, maintained my free will, seen things you can only imagine (oops, Hauerain slip) during dreamscape.

    Real-eyez this is a “sim within a sim within a sim” and clues are thrown in our faces from all directions…to which I shrug my shoulders, thank Source for the experience/knowledge and live my life on my own terms.

    Amazed that as I chill out and enjoy the ride, my desires easily manifest!!

    Never a big fan of cake…large of chunks of chocolate are my daily reward for maintaining patience during these rips/events…eagerly anticipating the Shift to explore New Earth having seen Her vibrance and exciting new plants!!

    Hang in there, baby…remember that poster?!
    Thanks CATs et al…Love to All Y’All!!
    Be Happy, Be Kind & Just Be

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  9. @CATS N M. Omg!!! Lol invisible question. I Was at Ikea the other day and I literally had the item tag in my hand, writing down the #, when this man bent over took the tag out of my hand LIKE I WASN’T HOLDING IT OR WASN’T EVEN THERE! I looked up shocked and I just started laughing at him and he saw me. Totally apologetic. I was like, it’s cool. He said he was embarrassed and he did not see me. Ran into me a couple other times in the store and was totally embarrassed and said he couldn’t believe he did that! I just laughed! It was funny. Is this what you’re talking about???

    Along this same line with this post…we i. Thinking of dropping $$$$ for advertising for my craft/art business…I should be thinking I’m a yuuuuge success and not to worry about that $$$$ spent on ad space right? Bc I make my reality

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  10. Hmmm, just awoke from a dream being on a passenger plane. I was with my family and friends and general public.

    I discovered an issue with landing that was being kept from us. I realised it was safer to sit on the right side of the plane and there were enough extra seats for my family.

    I surreptitiously persuaded them to move and waited for the impact. Just before the impact, the stewards played out a large distraction. The landing was bumpy and scary but we survived.

    We then disembarked into a lovely airport and were greeted by clapping public and news reporters, we were celebrities.

    Timeline jump/Rip I’m guessing.


    P.S. I’ve put on 6 pounds looking at those cakes!

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  11. Thanks for the Updates Cats & M’s. did someone say cake? I’m there 🙂 the past few days I’ve had intense sugar cravings. Enough chocolate for now time for glorious Cake. the Cat look alike is freaky & the dragon looks deliciously caramel yum.

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  12. Wonderful. Thank you. Lots of very wise words that are then wiped out of my brain by the ultimate combination – cats and cake! Had carrot cake yesterday, but must go find cat cake today. Much better dreams last night after making the dream protection statement. Very grateful for the help.🤗

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  13. Oh my goodness… what a post!!! hee hee… This has now wormed its way into my Baking Brain and I will not settle till I’ve baked my own version of Cat Cake… which reminds me of a funny story. My sister was getting married some years back and I offered to bake the wedding cake (I love baking!). It took quite some time to complete and then hubby and I had to transport it down to Devon in the South of England (we live in the North, in North Wales so some journey).

    I literally yelled at him every time he turned a corner, so the precious cake wasn’t damaged.

    Got to Devon, had the wedding and in the middle of the reception, my sis asks me if I’d like to take her cat back with me!

    Saffron the Elder (we have two) didn’t like their new puppy and was quite old (10) and after a hurried conversation with hubby (bless him – he is used to me and my crazy sis) we agreed to adopt Saffy.

    Travelling back to North Wales with an old puddy-tat (in a makeshift bed) was a nightmare. She wailed the whole time, after throwing up three times – my sister had thoughtfully fed her before the journey!!! EEEEuuuuwwww…

    So I had to sit with the cat in the back of the car, comforting her till we arrived home exhausted, whereupon the cat sulked for about 3 months under the bed, bless her, and a whole new chapter began.

    The cake? My sister and her new hubby forgot to cut it and in fact when I enquired as to the deliciousness factor, said blithely: “Oh bloody hell. We haven’t tried it yet. We left it at the hotel.”

    Shoulda had a sign on the back of the car “CAKE on Board” with CAKE crossed out and replaced by CAT!

    Love the post guys and feeling all of it as usual. Now, ‘scuse me while I go get the oven warmed up!

    Love and Kitty Bits, Jay xxx

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  14. Wow! Thanks CATs, brilliant stuff and love the cakes!

    Gaia Portal ❤️🌈

    Seeds of Higher Influence are sown.

    Emancipators of many vibrations collect the honeys from the Flowers.

    Flashes of Rainbow Light are viewed.

    Petals of Hue-Manity mark the Higher Path.

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  15. I am so thankful for the timing of this post because a) cake and b) dreamtime/astral realm has been amped up to the max! On Monday night I was “grabbed” and I felt that dreaded vacuum sucky force and I had to absolutely focus to fight it and pull myself back into my physical body- it did not feel good or like a free flow that I wanted to go with, similar to coming to birth here but darker… These “attacks” and paralysis have been much more frequent than they have been for considerable years, maybe 25… just the odd negative event but even though I return to this conscious level feeling as if I am having a mini heart attack and fighting for my life and freedom, you are right and I thank you for the reminder…. that what I am ultimately, cannot be harmed nor destroyed and this will be my meditative focus.

    I feel this deep “rumble in the jungle” at the same time as being put through the fast spin cycle on a washing machine! I feel alert and excited, watchful and mindful and deeper still, a calm pond of deep peace xx

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    1. @ammaelliah,
      Ooh, I know that vacuum-horrible grabbing — it happened in a dream some time back, where a group of us had to run across a desolate dangerous space to safety at some old city gates. While running, that ugly vacuum feeling came and started sucking me in from my left side, and I felt I was a goner. But! A herd of small horses, like Icelandic horses, came charging up on my left and blocked the energy so I could make it to safety. [~Thank you little horses!~]
      Speaking of horses, a book I’m reading now (I’m always reading multiple books at any given time), Horses and the Mystical Path, talks about Archangel Michael, patron saint of the sea and horses — “portrayed [by the ancient Celts] as riding an unbridled horse in the midst of the wind. The horse and rider are elemental. They ride at the heart of the wind of God.” The Celts also “associated him with the end of time when, in the midst of a mighty wind or cosmic fire, a new heaven and Earth would be born.” [~Thanks in advance AM!~]
      Perhaps I will celebrate Michaelmas on Sept 29th this year… 🙂

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        1. Why did I disappear from reality twice in one night and was fully aware then brought back in and the energy waves going through me were crazy intense. It was just beyond anything a guide could do in my opinion. I guess nobody can know because I sure don’t.

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  16. Just re-read this, so pawsome!

    Does the NE smell have a specific fragrance?

    I’ve been smelling really lovely floral/spicy/vanilla smells and they are definitely not from my candles, totally different scent. It comes and goes, a waft here or there, very nice!

    Love, Light, Peace to ALL and a few rainbows too! I’ve been seeing rainbow patches inside and out, very pretty!


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    1. My daughter has also been smelling blackberry smells, wondering round the house saying “where is it coming from mum?”. I also heard some lovely pipe/flute music this morning, so thank you whoever that was.

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      1. My washer just made some beautiful overtone flutey tones as I was standing next to it folding laundry. Never heard that before, really pretty…

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  17. Craziness abound last night. I was attacked while sleeping. Betting money it was around the time of that jump early this morn. Restless sleep was beginning to win over the active mind, as best as can be expected with all the moves and sleeping on a camping pad on the floor. Still though, I had woke a few times after hearing a couple noises, prolly the homeowners cats downstairs. Having a hard time resleeping, I began meditating and repeating a mantra on improving my immune system and lower back pain. Next thing I know, I presume after I fell asleep or somewhere in between, a scary big black thing with big eyes swept into my third eye visualization space. Scared the hell out of me in the first instant. I quickly recognized it and immediately redid my grounding, called my guides and without any thought began instinctively repeating “love, love, love” and flooding myself with that energy. Moments later I gasped, then noticed my body was on it’s side, contorted and paralyzed… like it was clenched, even my fingers. Oddly, that wasn’t scary. In fact I have muscle memory of how it felt still. Anyways, I was then shown this beautiful holographic image of a brain like form morphing, with beautiful blue/violet/pink striations, coming out of me and lingering in front of me… then I woke. And lemme tell ya, I was AWAKE after that. My back is killing me, I think from all the tossing and turning, but otherwise, besides feeling like “WTF happened”, I seem none the worse for wear. Uff da.

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  18. I, Salmon Honeycomb, hereby officially ask you on behalf of the Universal Galactic Bear Patrol to change the name of Yummy Cat to Yummy Bear. Fuzzy regards and season’s greetings.

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  19. Wow, love all the fantastic creative cat cake expressions! And as we are deeper than ever within wonderful creative energies. Also just learned of a restaurant in Honolulu where as you hang & eat, you can also love on all the cats there that have been rescued … one with only 3 legs and another with a tilted head … and they live there most loved & happy within their cat condos … soooo wonderfully creative!

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      1. @Cats Eds, 🙂 I thought the last pic (I liked very much), before Luke, was an attempt to include pie people – the one with little paw prints and the grey cat with pink nose peeking out of a


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  20. My dog and I both witnessed a large canine being last night it was like a quick moving shadow might have been a dogman it was going so quick couldn’t follow it for long guessing it jumped out of a portal. Wild stuff still coming out of those.

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    1. Yes, all kinds of things can come out of portals, but the lower-vibe things generally can’t tolerate the energy here for very long. Note that you should probably NOT engage any of these beings or entities… at least until we get to the NE. If they do go for you, think: “SOURCE ARMOR UP ONE BILLION PERCENT.” If they keep coming, calmly hit them with Mantra #1. Even Mr. Nasty stopped there. There are none worse than him, but The Calamari were close.

      We are going to start seeing a TON of things coming out of the woodwork as we approach Halloween. Most of them are GOOD, but a few dark things remain. Some dark things out there actually come from people purging negative thoughts (actually creating tulpas), but they’re not real and don’t last long. Basically, there are SO VERY MANY THINGS out there that it is impossible to catalog them all, a near-infinite amount. Wait till you see an ORANGE BIGFOOT! (All Bigfoot are very nice.)

      This blog sounds crazy!

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Or you can roar like a lion I did that once it backed off me LOL. This one just hoped in and was going so fast I didn’t have time to do a roar though. I did some odd hand gesture at it which I do not know what I was doing. I guess our souls take over when they need too. For some reason the area I am in loves creatures and ufos not a good place obviously.

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      2. Yeah it sounds crazy…that’s why we’re here talking to each other instead of the coffee shop counter!! 😉

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  21. Thank you CATS for THAT PSA Declaration – the catalyst needed for the SHIFT to happen. I have printed it, pasted it in my study room, just for my personal perusal. So many postings since the PSA Declaration and so many questions to ask/ponder over the postings but didn’t have the time to word them – pretty down on a personal level.

    @CATS, if someone decided to stop the regular treatment and decided to go, is that considered a suicide? Though I have no right to question his and his family decision, I’m still left wondering WHY?
    How would SOURCE view euthanasia? Will that soul have to come back to re-live the suffering again? Does I saying that mantra “You’re perfect, immortal spirit …. ” helps him in the other world?
    Just wondering, are there any Guides and Angels in the spirit world that help/guide the spirits to ascend to the New Earth?
    I knew you CATS, M’s and many of you here are VERY special, different from normal people. Couldn’t find words to express my gratitude for ALL the efforts and scarifies etc … and and I’m so glad that you all have Superfriends to keep you SAFE and PROTECTED!

    Say, how does Brother J really look like?
    Is he the Jesus Christ mentioned in the church/Bible?
    Do we have to be a Christian to connect with him?
    Does he work with other Ascended Masters to help Humanity?
    Just curious, do you all appear your true form when connecting with your Superfriends?

    For those who will shift to the New Earth, would they not be considered as “missing” people in the 3D world? After getting some wise advise from CAT5 and M5 a few months ago, I have decided that I want to go to the New Earth. But alas, a month ago, I dreamt that I was on my way to the New Earth but at that moment I was about to cross the line, my mom appeared in my dream (though I couldn’t see her face, I knew it was her) and told me that my loved ones are not ready and she flew away! And my dream just ended there …..

    And now this message from this posting rings in my ear –
    “If you want to see and experience the New Earth, you are doing that”
    and so the battle between my head and my heart starts again!

    Sorry for so many questions as my mind is so confused!

    P/S The cake with the cream looks so yummy ….just looking at it makes me hungry 😊

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    1. @yakkity
      Hate to be cynical, but the sort of people who fit best in 3D are not the most reliable, do not pass up a chance to ascend to stay with them. I had some long-term family relationships that I was sure were rock-solid, but they ended in the blink of an eye.

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      1. Thank you for your advice and sorry to hear about your family relationships.
        If that message didn’t come from my mom, I would have just brushed it off as just a weird dream.

        This is not the first time that my Mom appeared in my dream and on two of the occasions, it was to alert and advert situations that we didn’t see coming.
        And on one occasion, in my dream, I went to visit her – she looks calm and serene in a colourful place. It’s the first time that I saw colours in my dreams. You see, I have been asking her almost every night before that: “Just once, and I will be happy if you can show me where you are now”. I was sure that it wasn’t just a dream, it seemed so surreal, even though it was just for a few seconds; as I was woken up by my hubby, being late morning.

        Though my Mom has left us more than 10 years ago, she manifested herself to me even in my waking hours on a few occasions, the last time was in July. And to be sure it’s her, I will ask “If it’s you ….” and I get ‘confirmation’ that it’s her.
        Anyway, lately I have been asking Brother J, Ascended Masters (or whoever Higher Beings care to listen 😊) after G+P+C, to show me the way, my THIS life’s purpose etc

        I just wished SOURCE has a way to restore our Earth the way it was …. to save Humanity! Or have a way to WAKE EVERYBODY UP. There are so many innocent people out there just trying to live an earnest life but still sleeping! Or too caught up in this rat-race society, living a zombie life but innocent too. I believe that generally, everybody is kind in the heart, it’s just that some lost their SOUL along Life’s journey.

        But surely SOURCE loves all of us enough to take all of us with SOURCE!
        Sorry for rambling … it wasn’t my intention.
        And thank you again for your concern.


  22. oooahhhh…. yes, the Nexus…. and Christmas time… very interesting…
    Loved that movie, and the series.
    Honestly, who couldn’t Love Picard? teehee… ❤

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    1. Maybe some of the people you reference with initials? For the people looking for other resources! Like there needs to be one…


    2. This is awesome – well done! Thanks for taking it one step further and adding the mantras and declaration.

      RBDs – rainbow dragons

      copy/paste that section from the 2019-07-29 AT 9:54AM that begins “The Cats have answered this on multiple occasions…” I copied it for my own quick reference and that’s when I got the idea for a glossary.

      Maybe explain Wave X?

      G+P+C and maybe some guidance on how to do it

      GRBs – gamma ray bursts

      Quite a few typos – do you want help with a list? Not being snarky – I really am offering help if you want it.

      Another suggestion: when people reply it lists the time where they are. Is it possible for your system to put the time zone as well? I often wonder what time it was where I am when posts list things at specific times for them. Unless that would give too much info to trolls and baddies.

      Enough for tonight. Again, heartfelt thanks for all of you and all you do.

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  23. So here’s today’s observation (Thurs.) I was sitting in the garden this afternoon enjoying my delicious latte (doorlatch is still open) when the rich, pure air assailed my nostrils. About that time there was an almost imperceptible micro-mini sec visual shift in the scene. (nothing escapes my razor -sharp senses he said modestly) Anyway, it felt reaaal good! All my best to youse All.

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  24. It can’t go on much longer… can it?

    Actually, it can


    10 years+ ? any idea??


        1. Not sure the CATs can make it to 2022. It was supposed to have happened four or five years ago. Two MORE years of treading water and dodging insane ET attacks? We’re tired of being the lightning rod.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. The Cat That Lived. Mmm. I’m not surprised you have all had enough of the attacks. You are very strong though and have some amazing “friends”. We are all amazing beings and can cope with a lot – even when we think we can’t. If you ever need the collective energies of those who read this blog, I’m sure most of us will be happy to assist.😊💕

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  25. Double rainbows Thursday morning. Never noticed the colors of main rainbow are reversed order for minor rainbow previously. red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple followed by purple,blue,green,yellow,orange,red
    Maybe I just noticed the NE / OE split or it was visual confirmation of same. Cay

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  26. Last day or so difficult physically to do with or concurrent with? red edged Schumann blob? feel like run over with steam roller… – lung congestion and cough still going on purging upgrading? I’ve had worse…when living in SE Ct (energies really s’o’cks and very HEAVY there) – thought I’d die if I stayed there – not just family energy either – the more north you go it gets better til VT is pretty good… Prone to bronchitis. asthma and pneumonia there – even had a collapsed lung once.

    @Cats, Ms -AM, etc – had dream this morning… there was a huge gathering – not going to say much, ended in circle, I was in a wheelchair – after I went somewhere and asked for the following or something like it…
    I was on a secret operation (not in wheelchair) – won’t say more…
    I’m having big aftermath from it, but even sensing it’s being damped down about 90% I’m having difficulties – breathing slowly, deeply inviting Brother J and Source for more than an hour now – have been saying the love,light,am mantra, but my body shaking and feels like wants to go into seizure mode – there are emotions – won’t go into it… @M7 are you sure I’m strong?… enough? shaking lessening a bit…

    Earlier that(last… 9/6) night I may have had an incursion – woke at 2:32 am – remember a very tall THIN male-ish? figure walking towards me – energy – not hugely neg, but ENTITLED (I had done the g+p etc before sleep)… I wasn’t afraid, I called on SOURCE and poof … gone.
    Any input, Cats and all? Suggestions for this aftermath – I know it will probably change eventually, but… I want to let it out, but knowing it’s being damped down so much – I don’t think I want to touch it… reminds me of something millions/billions of years ago that I won’t talk about…



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    1. @Kg, I was urged to say this. I know, I was there. It’s time to go beyond it. We’ve truly gone beyond it. Forgive and release. All my love, J (As I wrote this, my heart opened up to an enormous expanse. Wow!!!

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      1. @J… thank you – I’m still having some issues – I still (it’s after 9 pm here now) haven’t managed to COMPLETE Mantra 1 for/to me yet today –I think I’m afraid the whole emotion pack with open and spill out – My goal is to say it at least 3 times BEFORE sleep tonight –
        thank you for your reply…


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        1. Hi Kg,
          I understand that feeling you are describing above… “I think I’m afraid the whole emotion pack will open and spill out”.
          For such a very long time, I was also so very afraid of ‘it’ coming out and totally consuming me. I literally felt like it would over take me completely.. so would never ‘go there’. For sooooo many years.. decades.. it controlled everything.

          I’m not in that place/space anymore.
          It took some time… a lot of courage, and a person by my side whom loved me unconditionally. And I did it. I fully opened… and did Amazinggg things.
          Things I thought I could not possibly achieve.

          I’m not saying ‘do it’… what I am saying is this…
          I found out that by letting it out, the thing that I thought would consume me, lead me to Healing.

          I understand its different for everyone, and not everyone has that person by their side. That person came at the ‘right time’ in my life.
          It really was Divine timing.

          Thinking of you with so much Love, praying for you…
          & just did the mantra x 3 to You 🙂 Big purrreyyy Hugggssss!
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        2. Kagee….sending you LOVE LOVE LOVE every time I read each of your posts.
          Each and every post. ❤
          Long ones. Short ones.
          COUNT ON IT. 😉
          I think many others are doing the same.
          ❤ ❤ ❤

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  27. Hmmm, everything is going seamlessly nice for me and family (heck, the world around me feels more positive than before) ever since this new Level Up happened.

    Coincidence? I “looked” within and the answer was more or less a no. It’s unfolding exactly as you guys are saying. I sense even higher levels of calm both within and without than previously perceived.

    We’re even adopting a new cat, a little wonder with completely black fur and blue eyes!

    Needless to say, I’m loving every second of this.

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  28. The energy definately has shifted….. I have finally come out of a despression funk. Things feel lighter and calmer…

    dreams seem to always have a common theme…. ‘Moving’ — moving from house to house, moving to a new location…. always moving…

    My house is up for sale… and shifts all the time… as above so below?

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  29. @Cat4 – thank you so much for forwarding the info to Lily – I didn’t even think of that issue, but totally agree with policy – thank you for your kindness…


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  30. I think I’ll round out this post with a big THANK YOU, to ALL…
    for the love and hugs.
    I did finally say the mantra 1 3x that night before sleep, even a few hours before – no big emo spillage – the incident (way too small a word) that the emotions were in reference to was so far away in time – indeed, ‘time’ to go beyond it – though I can understand why there might have been emotional reside unresolved concerning the events – But I found immense gratitude that what was necessary and required ‘then’ is NOT required this time – there was enough trauma to go around in ‘all’ and HAD to be stopped…

    Thank you, All,



  31. Loved that completely blank blue line, and this: “made from a cat cross-section” cake;-) hahahahaha. The cat-thought one was pretty clever, too. And I wish I had the coconut for breakfast!

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