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Don’t know if many humans or low-vibe ETs noticed…

…but SOURCE was “here” this morning, from around 11:00-15:00 UTC. Technically, SOURCE is always here with us, inside us, around us (we’re actually sleeping right now inside SOURCE, to be exact). But if you suddenly experience total stillness and total peace and quiet… THAT’S SOURCE. Those are SOURCE’s natural states. We got that AND bliss-out energy, and… something else, but we want to discuss it, first. Maybe others got something, too.


Anyway, the meters showed this:


Going UP!
Just after 12:00 UTC, see that rainbow spike? THAT’s SOURCE. The red stuff to the right are just advancing zombies here to eat the medulas of the damned. No worries.


And this shows the end of the latest Rip.

And “scientists” …we need to find another name for them, ’cause they aren’t practicing science… shut off the GOES-15 and -14 feeds because they were afraid of the data:

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.32.37 AM
Oooh, scary.

Afraid of data. So sad.

Looking Glass

Ah, now this is most interesting. We don’t talk about this stuff much, because we don’t want ca8al noise to interfere with what we’re doing. As some might know, the ca8al has basically a “future viewer” that they got either from ETs or some genius monk-scientist (both tales exist), but whatever it is, they call it “Looking Glass.” It doesn’t work, anymore. When it did work, they used this thing back in the early ’70s to look ahead at our time today and they saw: WHITENESS. That’s all. Events up to a certain point, then whiteness. Then they had a big meeting.

Rather than change their ways and take the High Road, the PTW assumed (chose, really) that they were not going to “ascend” and instead fully embraced the Low Road. The PTW then agreed to use all of our money to plan and build their little doomsday bunkers for the time after The SHIFT, so they’d be able to burrow into the planet for a time and avoid it, then come out and live like kings of old. This was all assumption and delusion on their part, but it aptly explains every inexplicable construction project on Earth: The Georgia Guidestones, the Denver Airport, the arctic seed vault, the poisoning of the surface population… everything. Other programs were put in place to torture people as much as possible because… well, screw them: if they’re going to ascend well then they can suffer a lot beforehand. Nice plan.

They are reading this post right now.

Well, we have news for them: SOURCE has other plans for you. Makes your PTW blood run cold, right? Well, it shouldn’t. SOURCE is no torturer. SOURCE doesn’t care about Justice. Those are human traits… learned from embracing 3d fear. SOURCE LOVES YOU, YOU IDIOTS. Even when you’re being idiots.

Bottom line: You are not here to live like kings of old. You are here to learn. We all are. And learn you shall. We’re not going into specifics (and we’re not gonna wax ILLUSION), but what happens will definitely NOT be what the PTW expects. Free will dictates a lot of it. And a lot of them feel guilty deep down for what they’ve done, and they feel like they need to suffer horribly for it. What happens will be YOU doing this TO YOURSELF, not SOURCE.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can STOP what you’re doing, right now… and move in a positive direction. It is as simple as that. Just DECIDE to work toward the light. Try it. You really can’t go any lower. But your low road will not be as long, or as low and slow, if you decide to make a fresh start right now. Otherwise… it’s looking like millions of years of pain and suffering.

What’s saddest of all is that the PTW didn’t get to hang out with SOURCE all morning! (SOURCE was there for you, but you didn’t know SOURCE was there.) It was awesome.

Wes Lavin Photo 32


Covered bridge



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  1. One Love All!! Thanks as always for the posts, information, comments and for you all being who you are everyday. Back to school time, always takes me a few to reacclimatize-have a few new ones, some old ones that I worked with years ago, and some new teammates-one who is a cat behaviorist who volunteers on weekends at an animal shelter. (Between me and you, my cats were expert human behaviorists like most/all, but I am fan of any and all cat friends).

    Would like to share a dream I had where I was walking down the street past the park where my friends and I used to hang out in our wild youthful days, which was crowded with people looking up in awe. There was this cylindrical type blue/purple lightening column rising up, along with flashes and bolts in the sky of the same color. Some people were afraid that we were being nuked or something, but I received a telepathic message, (which I resent out) that All was well, and there was nothing to fear. I kept walking, as more and more people in the neighborhood were calmly riding bikes or walking towards the park.

    I was on my way to the local high school, which is across town. On the main road, I saw a group of people in these odd masks and robes performing a ritual of some sorts in the street. Some of the masked folks were dressed in construction gear and were rerouting cars near the parkway entrance. Guess they were supposed to be scary, but I remember having no reaction to them whatsoever. They also couldn’t seem to be able see me. I just kept walking on repeating the second Mantra, and as I passed them a guide was walking in the other direction. I passed him by, and was promptly hit with a soccer ball in the back of the head (huge soccer fan, went to the World Cup final ‘90 and met folks from all over the planet, what a Global Party), and he thought to me, “dude, I can’t believe you didn’t recognize me!”

    So I kept on walking carrying the soccer ball, and saw a group of younger folks drumming while sitting on a stoop, before the bushes and trees on the block formed a canopy of some sorts, which I walked through. As I exited I asked someone for directions to the high school, who was part of a group headed to another field to watch the light column.

    I arrived at the high school, and began talking with one of the students. She asked what was going on, and I said it was all about you and your generation, and thanked her. “We did this all for you”

    There was a weird, bowl stadium auditorium type thing at the school, where I began to play soccer with a few people, before one student began to coach the other. One of the players said thanks for the fun, I thanked them for having such a great town, then left the school to go back to the park across town where I first saw the light column in the sky. Perhaps a Shift/Event Dream?

    Thanks again, and if you can please send NYC some Love and Light on Wednesday, it would be much appreciated. Also happens to be my birthday, which is neither here or there, but everywhere. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

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  2. Source has ignited touched it’s own all these whom surrendered, accepted and gave passion are ignited within ….. our life is vibrating at whole new level …..those who choose the New Beginning have awakened ….. Source Heart is leading we have chosen this as our guide….. the old way, old tree has been burnt down and your feeling the old nasty roots beginning to up root. …… this effects the vessels we live in….. by igniting your vessels heart center helps greatly with this transition….. putting the vessel in harmony with the living heart where all true passion flows from….. passion is Source and we are it’s vessels who pour forth this passion yet we ourselves are being purified..each one of us expressing the Heart that lives, how beautiful no two alike yet all are in oneness harmony ….. the Hearts protection is in full effect and it’s fierce raging passion nothing can defeat……its changing the vibration of earth of all that live and a few are not making the translation……yet all we be restored and taken home one way or another…… yet once we understand see feel home is an inward journey and the outer follows is the easiest understanding .. …… it’s a rare opportunity we have now …. ever has earth experienced anything like this nor has the human….. the state of complete stillness and silence is Source and can only be felt understood within this deep silence and stillness for this is the Bliss and Peace we receive from pure passion along with Understanding Truth Love Flow Protection Passion….. Wisdom elements sounds feelings joy saturation all given received unconditionally flowing from the source heart……. we are it’s children and within this heart all are equal and no death enters….. where all wants needs are given passion and satisfied…. Home is where the Heart is and it’s here in us around us saturating all who want all …who surrendered accepted and sat in their depths in stillness and silence waiting…… wait is now over….. Source is here waking it’s own! Passion leads …. party on party animals….

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    1. MGL , I had a dream about 30 years ago in which I saw 3 white spheres of light in my physical heart. I was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude for the blessing and gift given by Source. I have felt protected ever since even though I do not know exactly what it meant. Somehow this came up in reference to your post. Cay

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    2. MGL , I had a dream about 30 years ago in which I saw 3 white oviod spheres of light in my physical heart. I was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude for the blessing and gift given by Source. I have felt protected ever since even though I do not know exactly what it meant. Somehow this came up in reference to your post. Cay

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  3. Hi All!
    Cats… Are you all okay?
    I had a very strange dreamtime last night.
    Mr Tea and I were staying in someone’s home, like maybe an air b&b kinda thing?
    We had our cats with us, which I found a bit odd.

    After a little while…. I noticed some ‘bitey’ animals walking around the house.
    Hunting.. looking in the windows.. then, trying to get in!
    I love animals, but these were on a ‘mission’… and not a nice one.

    I was getting a bit worried.. and then noticed some cats outside!
    They wanted to get into the house.
    A couple of the bitey ones broke a few low windows, trying to get in..
    and Mr Tea was stacking things up against them to stop them.

    The cats were starting to find their way through the stacked piles of stuff to get into the house. Poor things! There were many… all different colors and ages.
    Maybe 15 of them?
    They needed safety.

    Hooly dooly… then.. I woke up and the wind is roaring!
    I was doing some mantra’s, holding space…
    our cats were frightened (all good now though, with lots of love).
    The wind is…. well.. there’s a bit to it.

    I’ve always been able to ‘feel the wind’.. feel it out.. see whats ‘in it’.
    Today.. we stay inside.
    A lot of clearing is going on, and there’s some ‘bitey’s/nasties’ in it.
    Grasping onto anything ‘they’ can to not be cleared.
    Its what I feel, and see.

    Is everyone okay?
    GPC please All.
    So much Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I felt something from the storm (hurricane) too. And all we mostly got was a bit of wind from it, but it seemed to have something not so nice in it. I had terrible dreams when it was over us, and around us. Glad it is gone. Things feel better now. And the air is clearer.

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    2. I dreamed I was living in a hippie commune and we were just taking care of everyone’s kids like they were our own.

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  4. Most interesting night around here last night in PNW. An amazing lightning storm that seemed stationary along the I5 corridor from Seattle northward to Bellingham. Seattle was purported to have over 200 lightning strikes in an hour. My thought when I was watching it on radar was that there needed to be a great deal of clearing there. The storm over the farm lasted briefly and then moved north after less than 30 minutes. Anyone get anything on the happening?

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  5. ooo.. I forgot to mention…
    Source was the strongest I’ve ever smelt the last two evenings in a row.
    Strongest last night before sleep.
    Love ❤

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  6. Someone is in full force disseminating bad information. Trying to derail awakening process. Side tracking people. Praying on human weakness. 🤦🏼‍♀️


  7. I had such a powerful experience yesterday when I was doing a Spiritual Response Therapy session for myself. My Higher Self shows me where there are things to clean and it’s such a powerful and often immediately perceivable transformation.
    So it brought me to “forgiveness” which was very spot on, as I had been catching myself lately returning to having subtle expectations of others in my life and the way I’d like them to be there for me. Which to me is really a reflection of my own feeling of dissatisfaction that I myself am not giving myself sufficiently what I’d like or actually what my ego would like.
    So I started cleaning all present, past and future connections, forgiving myself and others and saying the CAT’s mantra. And then it expanded to everything everywhere in the universe, I directed it towards all intentions and actions that had roots in anything less than the highest universal love. All the dark and opressing stuff in this world, you all know what I mean. It was amazing, I kept getting more and more information coming in, including pretty much every major aspect of suffering in this world. I kept saying affirmations and repeating the mantra for what could have been like half an hour or longer. My pendulum which is always an indicator for when the work has been done and usually takes less than a minute, kept spinning like crazy. My feet got burning hot, I felt the energy pouring through and I kept going until it was all done. Afterwards I was in a completely different high frequency. Total 5D bliss.
    I just love how easily we can shift things for ourselves and for the while universe, if we decide to do so. ❤

    Also each time I think how much I love Source, I immediately get filled with deep emotion.

    May each and every being remember who we truly are and step into his / her ultimate power, living with our hearts fully open! Pure magic in its ultimate expression. I am so ready. 🙏💓

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  8. Har! So my question to you ALL today, Monday Sept.9 is this: Did we have YATJ at about 1:00PM PDT today? My friend and I were headed south on I-5 at Mount Vernon,Wa. this afternoon when we realized that we both had missed 5 miles of town. Neither one of us had any recollection or knowledge of where those 5 miles went. We had entered onto the freeway and suddenly with no notice or a by your leave found ourselves to be totally somewhere else than where we should been. Just askin’. Anyone? Huh?

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    1. At that particular time no. I do a regular 5 hour drive to my Camp(cottage). I rarely remember the drive. During said times I listen to music, think and meditate. The drive is over before I know it.

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  9. For those who’ve grown wings: have you noticed a physical change? It feels like the physical limbs have grown new structure.

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  10. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Fields of stone are harvested.

    Crops of Light replace.

    Centers of Higher Guidance are assembled.

    Firmaments are viewed.

    Inspiration comes.

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