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Don’t know if many humans or low-vibe ETs noticed…

…but SOURCE was “here” this morning, from around 11:00-15:00 UTC. Technically, SOURCE is always here with us, inside us, around us (we’re actually sleeping right now inside SOURCE, to be exact). But if you suddenly experience total stillness and total peace and quiet… THAT’S SOURCE. Those are SOURCE’s natural states. We got that AND bliss-out energy, and… something else, but we want to discuss it, first. Maybe others got something, too.


Anyway, the meters showed this:


Going UP!
Just after 12:00 UTC, see that rainbow spike? THAT’s SOURCE. The red stuff to the right are just advancing zombies here to eat the medulas of the damned. No worries.


And this shows the end of the latest Rip.

And “scientists” …we need to find another name for them, ’cause they aren’t practicing science… shut off the GOES-15 and -14 feeds because they were afraid of the data:

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.32.37 AM
Oooh, scary.

Afraid of data. So sad.

Looking Glass

Ah, now this is most interesting. We don’t talk about this stuff much, because we don’t want ca8al noise to interfere with what we’re doing. As some might know, the ca8al has basically a “future viewer” that they got either from ETs or some genius monk-scientist (both tales exist), but whatever it is, they call it “Looking Glass.” It doesn’t work, anymore. When it did work, they used this thing back in the early ’70s to look ahead at our time today and they saw: WHITENESS. That’s all. Events up to a certain point, then whiteness. Then they had a big meeting.

Rather than change their ways and take the High Road, the PTW assumed (chose, really) that they were not going to “ascend” and instead fully embraced the Low Road. The PTW then agreed to use all of our money to plan and build their little doomsday bunkers for the time after The SHIFT, so they’d be able to burrow into the planet for a time and avoid it, then come out and live like kings of old. This was all assumption and delusion on their part, but it aptly explains every inexplicable construction project on Earth: The Georgia Guidestones, the Denver Airport, the arctic seed vault, the poisoning of the surface population… everything. Other programs were put in place to torture people as much as possible because… well, screw them: if they’re going to ascend well then they can suffer a lot beforehand. Nice plan.

They are reading this post right now.

Well, we have news for them: SOURCE has other plans for you. Makes your PTW blood run cold, right? Well, it shouldn’t. SOURCE is no torturer. SOURCE doesn’t care about Justice. Those are human traits… learned from embracing 3d fear. SOURCE LOVES YOU, YOU IDIOTS. Even when you’re being idiots.

Bottom line: You are not here to live like kings of old. You are here to learn. We all are. And learn you shall. We’re not going into specifics (and we’re not gonna wax ILLUSION), but what happens will definitely NOT be what the PTW expects. Free will dictates a lot of it. And a lot of them feel guilty deep down for what they’ve done, and they feel like they need to suffer horribly for it. What happens will be YOU doing this TO YOURSELF, not SOURCE.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can STOP what you’re doing, right now… and move in a positive direction. It is as simple as that. Just DECIDE to work toward the light. Try it. You really can’t go any lower. But your low road will not be as long, or as low and slow, if you decide to make a fresh start right now. Otherwise… it’s looking like millions of years of pain and suffering.

What’s saddest of all is that the PTW didn’t get to hang out with SOURCE all morning! (SOURCE was there for you, but you didn’t know SOURCE was there.) It was awesome.

Wes Lavin Photo 32


Covered bridge



158 thoughts on “SOURCE Was Here

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I did experience it!
    I wrote a whole comment about it yet did not press publish.
    I felt it and even said it: you’re here. Source is here.
    This morning at around 10:45 I was called to walk in the woods and on my way there there was a golden (!) dragonfly.
    After that I saw a whole bunch of school children and then when I sat on a bench surrounded only by the sound of the wind in the trees, I had the most peaceful and comforting feeling I ever had.
    Beyond words.
    My body was so relaxed, I’ve never experienced such a thing.
    So awesomely good to feel.

    You know when you take off your socks at night after a long day of work and the socks were a bit too tight but you didn’t have a chance to take them off all day even though they already felt too tight when you put them on? Well, that feeling of taking your socks off amplified by a million comes close to what I felt today.

    Now I also understand why the hangover afterI got back home felt so weird. From Source to normal life. Explains a lot.

    Meanwhile I’ve amped up my game and am currently listening to a Christmas concert. I heard and felt Source today, just wanna keep that vibe going.

    Wow, wow, wow.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I hope and wish everyone felt/will feel it.

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    1. Yes in deed I experienced it too. I walked around out side in the sun
      trying to wash windows but didnt stay focused on that for very long
      I just kept listening to the quiet. I am ready for More

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  2. Wow amazing post – I wish I had felt something but it was just another morning – albeit a lovely one – getting ready for work and walking my dog and the cat who walks with us, then feeding all the other cats… it really does boggle the mind though, that anyone could have decided to just blatantly forge ahead with wickedness instead of thinking hmmm maybe that whiteness is a good thing? A nice change for humanity? A clean slate? I mean if it was total blackness, different story, but I guess when your heart is warped that badly it’s just not gonna work right… glad I’m not in their shoes! Thanks Cats for the great news and lovely pics of my favorite time of year (plus I am a Libra) 🙂

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      1. Another libra here 💜 it’s the season!

        Thank you for this post (and all the others) I have been definitely feeling a different energy, lighter, softer, more serene. More please!!

        Lots of love to you all.

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    1. Another Libra here. Almost birthday time friends. Fabulous post! I did feel it, too. So serene, everything was perfectly balanced. Big hugs to you all!

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  3. Oh and since you ask, I have a name for scientists: Retards.
    From the french word retard which means ‘a bit late or delay’.
    Scientist always come up with data that proves stuff everyone already knows. So they’re a bit slow.
    Hence, Retards.

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  4. Geez, as I’ve been saying all week, SOURCE has been hangin’ out here at the farm all week. It’s been an incredible, indescribable experience. To be in this stillness. It fills me up! Woohoo! Cause to celebrate! I’m so pleased and happy to see the shared experience. Lattes all around!

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    1. Geez ! I sure wanna sit with you right ‘Now’ admiring the view, soaking in the peace whilst drinking a latte and tasting some key lime pie, how far are you from N.Wales 😊🙏💕 love K(cwtch) hugs x

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      1. You know there are. I sent you pictures last winter. We got a state-of-the art drone w/a Hasselbladt(sp) lens 2 months ago. When the footage is edited I will send a link. N.E. here, now! Truly blessed!

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      1. Apparently the comment to M5 got put as a response to TeaKay. My response to her is “I’m only a thought away” In actuality I’m some miles N. of Seattle in a magical valley.

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  5. Oh, as a post script: I just realized that the profound quiet is our natural state of being. It’s part of the ISNESS that we somehow forgot, but is currently being awakened and remembered. Job well done ALL!

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    1. @J. I’m never happier than when I can spend time quietly in the conservatory. I don’t watch TV. Just sew or read. Bliss and time for a latte.☺️

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  6. Awww, thanks CATS, so happy you got to hang out with beautiful Source this morning 🙂 ✨☀️✨

    Yes, PTW it’s not too late, turn around bright eyes!

    I was very distracted all day by Willow Puss going in to the vets for a spay, bless her. Was hoping I would be able to leave her intact but it was getting unbearable for all. She was coming into heat every couple of weeks and pacing the house like crazy, wanting to have a wee date and spraying everywhere including all over ‘Elsie’s’ little yellow guitar and other toys, which ain’t great for an immune suppressed child who puts her toys in her mouth! Also, Willow Puss is an indoor cat, would be terrified if let out and has no sense of danger from the roads etc., plus, caring for kittens as well as the rest of our little crew would be just impossible!

    I did the mantra with Willow Puss after feeling very guilty about her little vet visit. She definitely blinked back at me and gave me a nod when I telepathically told her she was going to be fine and that I loved her.

    I do feel things are very different. I had a bath last night and I could have sworn the plants in the bathroom were swaying! Their auras were so, well (I now this sounds daft because they are obviously living) ALIVE and I felt a connection!

    Big Love and smiles and hugs ALL 😃❤️🙏

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  7. Well this explains my morning perfectly. I sat with my ancestors this morning. It was unexpected visit. They came to me in my sleep as I overslept. And they left me with a message. Maybe it was source speaking to me through my family. I woke up looked at my clock, panic and wondered WTF all of it unfolded. Well now I know. I’m still not sure what all of it means. I’m going to sit on it. Anyone have suggestions on who I can talk to about this? Because this morning was not about me. It’s about something bigger — I need advice in confidence.

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  8. I thought I should mention this too as it’s been bugging me (literally heheheh) for a while.

    Sometimes, when I walk from room to room in my home, I feel like I have just walked through a huge spiders web, feel like there are tickly strands of web attached to face or arms etc… Sometimes, I know it’s loose strand of hair, but not always. then to add to this theory that there may be big invisible webs around my home, I will see spiders, or creatures similar to spiders on the floor/wall etc.. that will just disappear if I try to focus. Has anyone experienced this?

    Trying to put together lots of pieces of puzzle!

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. I had a lot of astral spidery stuff crawling around the edges of my field for a while here this spring, but then I got fed up and told them to scram. I’m not a huge fan of spiders of any kind. And they did, gradually. It’s getting very difficult to tell what causes what in this mess, either I tuned out of our link or they did. They might still be there if I go looking for them. They felt neutral to me at the time, or at least harmless. And I guess that’s the point, nothing can touch you unless you allow it.

      My Yoga teacher warned liked to warn us about getting caught up in the special effects, lower level astral crap like spiders, blinking lights and ascended masters; since all the good stuff is on the other side. I feel that’s even more important now.

      Always 🙂


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      1. Hey Sifoo, good to see you again 😊 Thanks for the advice, yes, I’ll tell them to scram! They do seem to appear more when mood:things feel denser. Maybe more meditation is needed!

        Much Love ❤️😊❤️

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        1. Likewise 🙂

          The mantra is my first line of defense, if that doesn’t work brother J is my backup. It’s all me/us, but whatever works. And sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes I’m so beaten up that I don’t even want it to work. It’s a process, practice makes perfect.

          Meditation is mostly the same, means to an end; the method is there to show the door. Once you know which way is up, you don’t even have to close your eyes any more; you can do it in the supermarket checkout line. Doing so helps everyone within range who are tuned in to raise their frequency as well, which feeds right back. Supermarket checkout meditation really doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

          Bending knees in odd angles and holding the breath is a way to break through by brute force, which works but is about as sophisticated as using explosives to fire rockets into the air compared to teleportation. Yoga overall has a very reptile vibe once you peel of the exotic reality distortion field.

          Take or leave.


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          1. Sifoo, hehehe
            “Bending knees in odd angles and holding the breath is a way to break through by brute force, which works but is about as sophisticated as using explosives to fire rockets into the air compared to teleportation.” 😀

            Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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            1. Just thought I’d add, I do actually enjoy yoga, When I feel better I’ll start doing it again maybe, tend to prefer just doing it at home, especially now I have ‘Elsie’. I remembered this song though and it’s always made me chuckle!

              Much Love ❤️

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    2. Yes, Lily, me too with the spidery webs touching my face and body! It’s happening frequently throughout the day, sometimes driving me nuts. I do wonder if spirit is trying to get my attention? My life has been hectic of late and I know I’m not stopping long enough to tune in and ask. Ok, note to self! : ) Much love and hugs!

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    3. Lily. I have felt like someone keeps stroking my head very gently, on and off for the past few weeks. It has a lovely caring feeling to it.
      Willow puss will be bouncing around in no time and I’m sure she won’t hold it against you. 😸😻

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      1. Awww Newlynn ❤️ Do you think you are getting Source strokes? ☺️

        Willow Puss has eaten two meals in the last 24 hours and used her tray which is fab! Have put on a plug in kitty calmer which has herbs and essential oils so hoping it will induce some much needed rest. Yesterday, when we got her home, I opened her carrier expecting her to be drowsy but she was abolutely manic, looked terrified and her pupils were so dilated! She tried to climb the blinds then fell roughly off the radiator. Had to roll all the blinds right up out of reach, unscrew the radiator (electric plug in) from the wall and tale all the furniture out of her little room! She’s thank fully calmed down a bit. I was really worried about her stitches! 🙄

        Much Love, Light, huggles ❤️✨❤️

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        1. Yes they are such a worry. We have had cats react like that and some that are wobbly and dopey. They heal so quickly compared to us though. You did all the right things to calm her. Re cat litter, I only like the Fuller’s earth litter. It’s natural and has no chemicals to make it smell nice !!! Lidl do a nice cheap

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  9. I do not know if I felt it, but at one point when I walked to the grocery store nearby I noticed that everything around me looks somehow more clear then usual, more vibrant colors, like after the rain, but there was no rain, so I do not know ?

    But yesterday, I was watching some Laura Eisenhower youtube interviews and at one moment I got rainbow streaks over my phone screen, I never had nothing like that and I was worried that my phone is going bad, bat that was only for a few seconds, and after that picture returned to normal one, coincidence, maybe, I do not know but it was strange ?✨

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    1. oh, what an innocent name for the scientists!…

      These species was betraying us humans purposefully, intentionally and
      FULLY knowingly over the long, unbearable decades, leading us astray
      that we would be apes, poisoning our fields, poisoning our water, poisoning
      our air we breathe!…killing us with their lethal vaccines, killing us with their
      medicines, killing our fertility with the radiations and transhumanism…
      daring even tell us we are alone!!! in the vastness of wondrous Creation
      of God…yes, KNOWINGLY twisting and falsifying the TRUTH in all aspects
      of our lives…omg!

      Maybe Impostors, or Traitors of Mankind fits them much better!

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  10. I definitely felt the peace today and it was very laid-back, but it was also kinda weird. Everyone was staring at me like they were all curious about “what” I was. I was checking myself in the mirror all day to see if I looked funny. I even checked my pants zipper a few times to make sure I wasn’t exposing myself……All was ok, yet everyone still stared.

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  11. Not related, I hope that moderator do not mind, but maybe it would be helpful to others as my way is STO way ✨

    I sorted out the issue why I was not able to like someone’s comments or complete post in the browser (on mobile phone in my case) and had to use WordPress reader page to do it, which is painfully slow, and I saw in the comments that there are others who have issues with not able to use like button. Beside that, the browser did not logged me to this site even after I entered my credentials, also follow button was not green, and I did not had this issues on GaiaPortal which I also started to follow, strange ?

    Solution was to enable all cookies in my mobile browser (Edge on Windows Phone), and before that I had this option set: “block third party cookies”.

    Now everything works as it should as on GaiaPortal, but still, I am not sure, why this site is behaving differently then GaiaPortal regarding the cookies and both are on WordPress ?

    I hope that this information will help others who faced the same or similar issue, it should work on other browsers, desktop or mobile, just check your cookies settings 🙂✨

    Note to moderator, check this cookie issue if this was deliberately set like this or PTW has there hands in that, hopefully not ?

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      1. I do not know, now it works OK, maybe there i some difference in two blogs and because off that there is a need for third party cookies, now when all cookies are enabled site remember my credentials, I am automatically logged and works normally and I do not have to manually enter my name, e-mail address every time I wanted to write a comment, as before, maybe that was the reason why my comments were automatically went to trash as I was registered on WordPress, but not logged on, well, will se what does the future brings, this comment will show the truth 🙂✨

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  12. The beginning of this post brings up a silly question (and thanks for divulging a little inside info and trusting your readers). The silly question being…is there something with wind? As in, I live in IL and yes I’m not terribly far from ‘the windy city’, but I’ve noticed strong, consistent winds are a lot more common this year. And the feel of it is totally different. It’s almost like an intentional interrupt of that stillness, because in between the winds on those days the stillness seems surreal, if not outright fake, though I hate to use that word. The trees look almost like they’re outlined, the clouds look too close. Colors are vibrant yet…too vibrant. It’s exciting, yet eerie. And often most noticeable ‘tween the winds!

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  13. I think that it is sad that the PTW cannot
    see, and want to protect, the great beauty
    that Gaia exemplifies in the tremendous
    variety of life forms and magnificent
    scenery. Today, two of my dear friends
    are at Machu Picchu, and truly the view
    and experience of actually being there, as
    I was in 1989, is beyond description.
    Tomorrow, my friends will hike part of
    the Inca Trail, to the peak of Huayna
    Picchu, which overlooks the Machu Picchu ruins. My heart and spirit will be
    with them.

    With love ❤️ to everyone,


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  14. Oh wow. This morning I noticed that I felt exceptionally well in my body. I have been struggling physically since June. I told my partner that I had a breakthrough this morning! Infinite Love!

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  15. I’ve been getting feeling that off and on lately, and I recognize it from my hard core kriya yoga practice where I would occasionally slip into the same state of bliss in the final meditation. Words could never do it justice, but pure being is the best I can think of. It’s potentially there within orgasms as well for those who are into that.

    Curling up in the sofa to cuddle with kittens gets close.

    But I can’t stop thinking about lemmings. You know, furry little things that like to commit mass suicide. Except they don’t, never did and most probably won’t. Disney made the whole thing up in a nature movie they produced in the 50’s. The movie shows the little creatures throwing themselves into the sea. Except they bought captured lemmings from elsewhere, threw them into a river to drown and cropped the frame. I swear that’s what happens every time you look under a rock in this asylum, it’s all insane beyond imagination.

    At least it’s autumn again, I always loved autumn but never really understood why until the event pieces started falling into place.


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  16. Thank you Cats, M’s and fellow readers! Wonderful information! Bless you! All I know is I had a great day today. I had felt like under huge attack since last Friday. Out sick all week, car died out of blue, people going out of way to be disturbingly mean to me. Constant interference, can’t deal with anymore. It’s like I’m darkness’S last stand. I spent some time on the stormy beach yesterday (I’m near Atlantic City NJ) and even slept outside in the storm. This morning and afternoon I had 2 powerful group clearings with Bonnie Serratore. Holy heck!! Wow I feel really wonderful. Like I’m allowed to be HAPPY again! I almost don’t want to go to sleep because when I lose consciousness things used to just come right back on. I am trying to stay in this high frequency as long as possible. I will set my intentions for nothing to enter my dreamstate unless it has my highest Good in mind and heart. I really KNOW that I am Light. But I have been ridiculously shut down (until today hopefully!) Looking forward to tomorrow as I can tell best by people’s reactions to me. When I’m clear they LOVE me. The warmth of the world comes rushing back in!
    ODDITY: We are getting the effects of hurricane Dorian on NJ Coast and it has been gray and rainy all day. Tonight at 8:54PM eastern time, I looked outside and the sky was a very odd pink/gray/purple. It made me get up from the couch and go outside and take a few pictures. It was like the air itself was pinkish. The 3 pics looked like a sepia toned filter was on. I called my Mom out to come see the odd color, but by the time she came out a few minutes later, it was pretty much back to normal gray/purple. Did anyone else have odd colored sky tonight??? I know FLA had purple skies the other day, which I thought were gorgeous and made me smile to see them. Curious if anyone else had pinkish. (I don’t know how to post pics otherwise I’d show you during and after shots, the difference in just moments was striking). Cheers to all of us!!!! Continued blessings for our highest freedom and progression. And thank you for allowing us a safe place to share and ask questions. ❤️🌎✨🌻🎁

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  17. At 10:45, I was in the YMCA, first time in the new modern building. Trees surround the place. When I used to go to the old Y, built in 1879, it was surrounded by concrete. So that was a a definite update. In the pool, I was able to adjust my shoulder that had been out of whack for months. Second update. In the sauna, there was a woman speaking about an event she had attended, I recognized her story from one I had read recently in the paper. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Fort McHenry National Monument held a presentation on the Day of Healing and the role African Americans played during the War of 1812 during a ceremony to commemorate the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of African slaves in colonial America. Day of Healing and Nationwide Bell Ringing Ceremonies were held at the same time across all of the county’s national parks. “

    As I had read the article a week prior, I felt a paradigm shift, and told her so. She responded, the experience was “extraordinary.”

    She said she was quoted in the story, so I looked her up: she is preparing for a speech about the evolution of black feminism and plans to deliver at the International Black Women’s Congress in Virginia Beach, Virginia, next month. The theme this year is “Black Women’s Lives Between the Dash: 1619-2019.”

    “Today,” she was quoted, “begins the fifth century of African presence in America.”

    Now we finally have a chance to get it right.

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  18. OHHHHH, WOW…… YES……… The feeling was beyond description!!! When trying to explain to a friend, I am not sure she even believed me. My physical body had a reaction, my mind was overwhelmed by the enormity of THE BEingness and my heart was jumping for joy like a small child and I am a grown woman! I was completely and utterly bouncing for joy for NO reason!!!
    THANK YOU for posting this. Amazing confirmation! I never post or comment on anything but this, was EPIC! Much Gratitude for the share!

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  19. Just heard my Autistic granddaughter out in the main part of house yelling “Christmas… Christmas… Christmas” – my daughter said Halloween comes first – then granddaughter ” Christmas… Christmas…
    Hope she knows more than my daughter, lol…


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  20. Thank You Cat’s & M’s for Source Updates 🙂 my time 7pm utc 9am I had just begun the 2nd stage of the gridwork. Towards the end of the meditation Source was overseeing All with Love & my toning became whisper quiet, I was thinking its not loud enough but continued to flow Feeling the Vibration of Love … the Stillness. When I saw the riometer graphs afterwards I was like Go Source 🙂

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    1. Happy BirthDay to You Lily!
      Big Hugggsss n Mwahs!
      And lots of fresh, cooling, relief & healing,
      Flowers & Cake, & Love Abundant!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. Oh 26 now that would be amazing, can we choose the age of our ‘vehicles’ on NE?

          Will be 44 on 4th of the 10th been seeing 4s and 1s all day everyday for the past year or so, am hoping something will happen on Birthday, I might put a Christmas tree up 😉❤️

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        2. Invert the numbers and add 2 more for my birthday 10/ 17/ 19. Feels weird to be almost 64. Time to start going in reverse aging mode as soon as New Earth shift hits the fan. Cay

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  21. Yes, I definitely noticed the PEACE, love for all life, quietness, support, inspiration. It is still here to tap into. I had the most peaceful sleep ever when I was moved to nap yesterday. This is our natural state, before the interference from the PTW. If we amplify this effect, we can create the ‘whiteness’ now.

    Also, recently, I have been ‘working’ (imagining) clearing my body and energy field of all artificial constructs and moving them out of my fields so that all that is left is whiteness. The benefit in this is that once cleared, nothing remains for any negativity to cling to and it must return to those who created it or be absorbed by the galactic center energy for recycling.

    So, the ‘whiteness’ has a purpose. It is purity in its highest form and any entity that does not share in it is banished from our energy field. This is how we clear the planet.

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  22. Hi All ❤

    Dreamtime last night was rather interesting……

    A big bunch of people were invited to a very glam and blinged out 'state of the art' space in a very tall and modern building/skyscraper.
    The space was fully decked out with anything you could want or desire.
    If you wanted it, it was there for your pleasure.

    I walked around the very large space, which seemed to take up at least a whole floor of this building. I walked around slowly… observing… and not 'there' with anyone. I was not connected to anyone.
    I just didn't 'feel it'. I watched on, and kept moving around.

    I came upon an ice cream stand. Had the works! Any kind of ice cream, any kind of toppings… it was all there. I'm a bit of an ice cream kinda gal… but still… I walked around it.. looking at everything. Someone came up and started making a sundae. I watched on. They moved on, and I thought, oh alright.. I'll make one.
    I started to…. but again, didn't 'feel it'. Hmmmm… I thought it very strange.

    A man, with short dark hair, tanned and 'impeccable' looking.. yanno.. nice n neat n stuff. He was asking me what I liked, and why don't I join in with the others etc. He was a little pushy… like a salesman. I kinda just shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Another of these 'men' would try again to coerce me. I think that happened 3 times.

    Finally… there was an announcement.

    Something like: "Thank you for coming. If any of you would like to stay on, those whom did not take part, if you would like to stay on, know that this will be a challenge, but well worth it". Something to that effect anyways.

    I observed most of the people leaving. They had had a wonderful time, and I felt happy for them. I was still standing, and thought about what I would do. It seemed obvious. I would stay. I looked around me, and I saw others, maybe 15-20 people? Most of them sitting on a cushioned bench style seat that went along one of the long windowed walls.

    I noticed someone I knew. Not personally, but an actor. Initials are J.G. A large American chap. When he looked at me, he knew me too. We already knew each other. He got up and hugged me. We spoke kindly to each other.

    The other people started milling around and a conversation began with these dark haired and tanned 'men' whom were over looking the whole 'experience'.

    I decided I wanted a shower. Even these area's were immaculate. And filled with all the most beautyfull products, scents, fluffiest of towels etc… just lovely.
    It was a huge marble walk in shower, with excellent lighting 😉
    Whom do I find already in the shower? J.G. I wasn't fazed in the least.
    He was a little bit, and I assured him that it was no big deal. It was all good.

    At this point, one of the 'over lookers' came in, and asked me if my choice was for the best. I said it was. He looked at me and motioned that there was another shower just over 'there'. Again, I shrugged my shoulders and said it really doesn't matter. He was happy with that, and left us to… shower.

    I just wasn't 'fazed' by any of it. I felt like I was watching everything.. including the 'over lookers'. I had no issue with fear, or lack of confidence.
    There was Trust.
    And… a pure Heart felt desire to balance the All.
    Via experiencing… observing and learning… via different realities…
    The masculine & feminine.

    Cleansing, Releasing… Learning… Embracing Unity… Love.

    Tea ❤

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    1. I’m going! For the ice cream, that’s what my helper and I had after work yesterday. Rootbeer, banana, blueberry were the flavors we had.

      Liked by 6 people

  23. So that is why everything has been SO SLOW. I thought it was just because our frequency had become faster than our surroundings. At this rate we may be on New Earth at any moment. Craving peace, quiet, and stillness for years/ decades. Cay

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  24. Hi fellow Librans Lily and Newlynn and Nuni! Lily, I also have had those wispy spider webby feelings often lately, weird. I haven’t seen many this summer in my house which is a nice – used to have a lot – ugh! and also astral spiders on my bedroom ceiling upon waking often – really creepy til I learned what they were and got over my fear.

    Went to the Regional Farmers Market this morning, lots of glorious bounty and as usual I bought way too many veggies and 3 bunches of gorgeous gladiolas! And it’s just magical in my backyard today – flowers and tomatos and corn and okra and cukes to pick and sun keeps peeking in and out of gold outlined dark grey clouds – the greens are so green, gorgeous! I keep hearing clunks as the squirrels invade the bird feeder, the hummingbirds must be stocking up on nectar for their big flight, and I hear katydids ch ch ch ch all over – my namesake after they were on my parents’ screen door and they didn’t know what to name me – and now they visit my screened back door occasionally, in fact did the first night I was here – love them – OPPosite of creepy spiders- what is UP with all those legs 😉 Anyway it’s a good peaceful day and after working all week it’s so nice to just be home! Have a magical weekend everybody and prayers to all the hurricane survivors!! Love you cats and kitties!

    Liked by 10 people

    1. kt111 ❤️ We are on our way over to yours, sounds blissful 😊

      Seeing lots of butterflies, sweet birdies are back, beautiful sunny skies today and autumn russets and holds ahhhhh!

      Much Love ❤️🌟🙏

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Kt1111. Hi . I agree re all the legs. My partner just sends me in with a glass and cardboard. I feel so heroic, but don’t care for them much either. I’m sure the spider mother’s love them!
      Your garden sounds lovely. I have a few things still growing in the greenhouse but the season is ending. I grew cucameleons this year. Lovely little things that I have pickled. Tomatoes have been good and peppers. Just waiting for elderberries to ripen in the hedgerows as I make a syrup for coughs and colds. I love how bountiful nature is in the Autumn. 😊

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  25. Hmmm, just had a very strange experience. Sitting in the living room, blinds are up and it’s dark outside. I just saw a tall figure walk down the path to my house and then (I assume) go down the side of the house. Things is, I heard nothing, no gate opening, no crunching of gravel underfoot, just a figure walk down and past my house. Did not hear the side gate open and I don’t think there is anyone in my garden, a bit too scared to look to be honest though I have checked the doors are all locked.

    We have a private drive with fence and gate at the front and I usually hear if someone is approaching especially the gravel, it covers the whole drive and there is not actual path, just loud crunchy gravel. Feeling a bit freaked out lol!

    Maybe I’m just tired and imagined it, hope so!

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. Hi Lily,
      Did the figure look like a male, and was the figure dark? I don’t mean in the ‘evil’ way… but the actual ‘cut out’ of the figure.
      I think I can see it/him… like a ‘ghost’?
      I feel like it is someone in Spirit.
      Please let us know how you are okay?
      Love Love Love ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hi Tea Kay, at first I thought it was a delivery man but then I thought my ex had found us and got a bit scared. Then I realised that I would have heard the gravel crunch. The figure was tall and slender, I think slight stopped but it was very darkn outside. I’m pretty sure it was male. When I realised it was spirit or ET I got scared but now when I tune into it as CATs suggested I don’t think it was anything to do with me, I don’t think it even saw me even though the lights were on and blinds up. It didn’t stop to look just carried on walking down the drive yo where the side gate is. Didn’t hear the side gate open and I checked the garden but couldn’t see anything. Willow was in the little room off the kitchen which has windows looking out onto the garden. She didn’t seem bothered by anything but she was really sleepy recovering from her op. It’s so quiet here so I don’t expect to see anything like that but then again these are very strange times!

        Much Love and thank you for looking ❤️🙏❤️

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Awesome, that’s what I felt too.
          He was just ‘passing by’.

          Lots of gentle pats for Willow.
          Lots of Love to you All
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Yes, I think so! I have pulled the blinds down every night because I wasn’t sure I wanted to see him again, that is until tonight! I want to not be so fearful of everything that is unusual or new! Undo that programming!

            Much Love and hugs! ❤️☺️❤️


      1. Hi NewLynn yes we are okay, thanks for asking ❤️ I was a bit scared but okay now, think I saw a being/spirit but not sure it was anything to do with me, seemed oblivious to my prescence, seemed to know where it was going though! Haven’t seen/heard anything since

        Much love ❤️❤️❤️

        Liked by 5 people

    2. I had that experience a few years ago I went and looked it was just a tall shadow man not a real physical person. But, he did stop for a car that was driving through the street and kept on his way just a tall shadow man enjoying himself. I know so many people have seen the shadow people I do not know who they are though.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Thank you CATs, I ‘felt’ into it and although it got my heart beating quite fast I don’t think it meant any harm or even realised I was there. I did do ALOT of clearing though and protection just in case!


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  26. Hi All 🙂

    Champagne bubbles are now inside And, all around me.
    I can hear them… on the outside.
    I feel like our whole house is in a big champagne glass!

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  27. I just want out of this reality.
    I’m not talking about suicide.

    I just want to be in a better reality.
    Everything is so heavy and dense.
    It almost feels like a punishment being here.
    I’m starting to believe the Shift is just hopium.
    I really want out, but have to stay for some reason.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Agree! There was a beauty of a sunset here in W Pa. sunday. Like a light show of colors in the clouds w/back drop of clear blue sky, scattered dark gray clouds. Peace.

        Liked by 3 people

  28. In that timeless soundless moment I fell into a swirl.
    Pure radiance, profound silence.
    Concurring with the time/spacelessness in synchronisity the Cats observed.
    Then through the subtlest stargate,a spinning sapphire cross/sword/sceptre equilateral in perfect balance spun into a wheel of shimmering light direct then flowing into a 90 degree disk a phase shift silent and quantum.

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  29. I was wondering, what is the expected Schumann Resonance Frequency of the NE. What is some average 5D planet Schuman Resonance Frequency, if you maybe have info, just as relationship off how far we are from them ?

    I am seeing for some time almost contagious whit line at almost 12Hz, but there is also doted line at 24Hz, is one off them preparation for NE base frequency as opposed to the existing 7.83Hz, or it is not related ?

    Thank You 😉

    Sorry if it is off topic, but on the end, everything is related one way or another 🙂✨

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 7.83Hz is the primary resonant frequency (F1) of the Earth’s atmosphere (between the surface of the planet and the edge of the ionosphere), and as such it is product of the circumference of the planet. In addition to the fundamental 7.83Hz, our atmosphere also resonates at a series of progressively weaker harmonics of 14.3, 20.8 and 27.3Hz (F2, F3 & F4).

      The amount of resonance fluctuates as the ionosphere becomes more or less dense, which depends largely on the amount of solar radiation striking it.

      This chart shows the realtime fluctuation of F1-F4. The fundamental F1 fluctuates within a range generally +/- 1Hz (or between 6.83 & 8.83Hz). This is expected whether or not we are being blasted by WaveX or solar radiation, as a product of a combination of lighting storms around the planet.

      A more useful indicator of the WHOMPage is the chart showing the AMPLITUDE of the resonant frequencies :

      Generally, the whiteouts (on the chart you posted) correlate with large spikes in the amplitude of A1.

      The 12Hz line you have noticed seems to correlate with activity of amplitude A2 (increased excitation of F2 harmonic ~14.3Hz)

      The 24Hz dotted line seems to correlate with spikes of amplitude A4 (increased excitation of F4 harmonic ~27.3Hz)

      I have noticed that most of my ascension symptoms also correlate with fluctations of amplitude shown on the chart. Generally, A1=headache, A2=fatigue, A3=muscular aches, A4=digestive system.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. @ Mark. Thank you for the explanation. I will re read it a few times until I understand it. It takes longer for things to sink into my brain nowadays. I agree with A4 and the digestive system and most times A1 major spikes of 60 and above result in a headache.🤔😲😊

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  30. Synchronicities all the time. E.g. when I saw this post with its title it really brought a big smile to my face. Because just before seeing it I had been trying to remember what the name was of a magazine that I contributed to as a journalist in the nineties.
    It had as its theme Ethics in Enterprise.
    Finally after 10 minutes of searching I found the name.
    Guess what?
    The name of that magazine was…..drum rolll…. SOURCE!
    In those days, we did not call Source Source. What did we call it?

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  31. Few things down here still makes me laugh; who knows, maybe this is just what someone else here needs too. Please forgive the rough language in the final sentence, I feel its purpose is to punch the truth nail through whatever filters are blocking the way.

    A backpacker is traveling through Ireland when it starts to rain. He decides to wait out the storm in a nearby pub. The only other person at the bar is an older man staring at his drink. After a few moments of silence the man turns to the backpacker and says in a thick Irish accent:

    “You see this bar? I built this bar with my own bare hands. I cut down every tree and made the lumber myself. I toiled away through the wind and cold, but do they call me McGreggor the bar builder? No.”

    He continued “Do you see that stone wall out there? I built that wall with my own bare hands. I found every stone and placed them just right through the rain and the mud, but do they call me McGreggor the wall builder? No.”

    “Do ya see that pier out there on the lake? I built that pier with my own bare hands, driving each piling deep into ground so that it would last a lifetime. Do they call me McGreggor the pier builder? No.”

    “But ya screw one goat..”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. On yes ! this reminds me of the countless times I have been the witness of seeing many wonderful people doing amazing things in there daily lives and work which are taken for granted and don’t get recognized but to then maybe make one mistake and that is what they will be remembered for 🙀…so sad 💗💖x

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Aight, so spirit is pushing me to explain a bit more how this works.

      First of all, I can assure you that no animals were harmed, the story is completely made up. Animals deserve the same respect and protection as humans if you ask me, the way we treat them plays a big part in how we are treated; a factory farm is essentially a concentration camp for animals.

      Second, it’s a parable. The reason it’s funny is because it points at a deeper truth about human behavior in our societies. The tendency to judge and condemn others by their mistakes while pretending to be perfect. Once you’ve spent enough time here, humor is the only way to stay sane.

      It’s not about what someone did or didn’t do, that’s what turning cheeks means. No one walks through this mess without making mistakes, no one. The interesting question is what you learn, how much empathy you’re capable of feeling for others as a result.


      Liked by 5 people

      1. I did realise this was a parable and not a real story .It brought up this interpretation for me because I worked in a nursing environment and was always full of admiration for the level of care given by nurses but too often saw how these individuals were judged on one thing they did wrong and yes being judged by those pretending to be perfect ,my question was always “what about all the other amazing work they did “?
        This is what I was trying to put across but you have explained it so much better.
        Thank you sifoo
        Absolutely adore animals especially my pets so no offense meant 😻💕x?


  32. I am getting heat beams through my body inside the house but my skin is not hot very weird. I have had heat stuff before but not like this.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. @SB & Cat Eds, I agree – I’m lucky enough it’s (personal heat) not All the time – I haven’t correlated it to specifics, but periodically I get a week or so of it – last several? days my ‘internal combustion engine’ has been set on high idle. 🙂 Have been making ice chucks (about 2/3 cups volume?) in plastic cups as ice cubes don’t last long enough and with 4 adults in household I was always making more ice, but there never seemed to be much when I went in for some, hmmm – ice cube black hole. 🙂 So big ice asteroid in my big cup lasts for a few hours – pouring it into my internal radiator trying to cool down from the inside out – lol, enough analogies? 🙂

        All the best and more, Y’all,


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  33. I saw a plane do something interesting last night the sky flashed and the plane came through that flash then it seemed to almost hover and come over me and my dog so low I could see parts of a plane I have never seen before it then buzzed the house. It just seemed like a big Southwest jet you know but it was doing stuff I didn’t know they could do. My dog was looking up at it like wtf? LOL

    Liked by 9 people

      1. 2 nights ago when I saw 3 off this buzzing above me, I was thinking to write the post in line that probably it is not good if there are helicopters are following me at night (they were not there at the beginning) and if I do not post nothing here in a few days, then I am in some kind off trouble. Anyway, I did not write that post, but seeing one again the last night I started to think if they are watching me for some reason, maybe they saw my NLO post with image few days ago, hmmmm, oh maybe I am just imagining this and it is not related, I do not know ?


      2. Why? I don’t see the point of that when so many just do the regular ufo thing. Oh well I guess they have their reasons. 😉 I have noticed when the strange acting planes show up here come the military helicopters soon after LOL.

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  34. One Love All!! Thanks as always for the posts, information, comments and for you all being who you are everyday. Back to school time, always takes me a few to reacclimatize-have a few new ones, some old ones that I worked with years ago, and some new teammates-one who is a cat behaviorist who volunteers on weekends at an animal shelter. (Between me and you, my cats were expert human behaviorists like most/all, but I am fan of any and all cat friends).

    Would like to share a dream I had where I was walking down the street past the park where my friends and I used to hang out in our wild youthful days, which was crowded with people looking up in awe. There was this cylindrical type blue/purple lightening column rising up, along with flashes and bolts in the sky of the same color. Some people were afraid that we were being nuked or something, but I received a telepathic message, (which I resent out) that All was well, and there was nothing to fear. I kept walking, as more and more people in the neighborhood were calmly riding bikes or walking towards the park.

    I was on my way to the local high school, which is across town. On the main road, I saw a group of people in these odd masks and robes performing a ritual of some sorts in the street. Some of the masked folks were dressed in construction gear and were rerouting cars near the parkway entrance. Guess they were supposed to be scary, but I remember having no reaction to them whatsoever. They also couldn’t seem to be able see me. I just kept walking on repeating the second Mantra, and as I passed them a guide was walking in the other direction. I passed him by, and was promptly hit with a soccer ball in the back of the head (huge soccer fan, went to the World Cup final ‘90 and met folks from all over the planet, what a Global Party), and he thought to me, “dude, I can’t believe you didn’t recognize me!”

    So I kept on walking carrying the soccer ball, and saw a group of younger folks drumming while sitting on a stoop, before the bushes and trees on the block formed a canopy of some sorts, which I walked through. As I exited I asked someone for directions to the high school, who was part of a group headed to another field to watch the light column.

    I arrived at the high school, and began talking with one of the students. She asked what was going on, and I said it was all about you and your generation, and thanked her. “We did this all for you”

    There was a weird, bowl stadium auditorium type thing at the school, where I began to play soccer with a few people, before one student began to coach the other. One of the players said thanks for the fun, I thanked them for having such a great town, then left the school to go back to the park across town where I first saw the light column in the sky. Perhaps a Shift/Event Dream?

    Thanks again, and if you can please send NYC some Love and Light on Wednesday, it would be much appreciated. Also happens to be my birthday, which is neither here or there, but everywhere. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

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  35. Source has ignited touched it’s own all these whom surrendered, accepted and gave passion are ignited within ….. our life is vibrating at whole new level …..those who choose the New Beginning have awakened ….. Source Heart is leading we have chosen this as our guide….. the old way, old tree has been burnt down and your feeling the old nasty roots beginning to up root. …… this effects the vessels we live in….. by igniting your vessels heart center helps greatly with this transition….. putting the vessel in harmony with the living heart where all true passion flows from….. passion is Source and we are it’s vessels who pour forth this passion yet we ourselves are being purified..each one of us expressing the Heart that lives, how beautiful no two alike yet all are in oneness harmony ….. the Hearts protection is in full effect and it’s fierce raging passion nothing can defeat……its changing the vibration of earth of all that live and a few are not making the translation……yet all we be restored and taken home one way or another…… yet once we understand see feel home is an inward journey and the outer follows is the easiest understanding .. …… it’s a rare opportunity we have now …. ever has earth experienced anything like this nor has the human….. the state of complete stillness and silence is Source and can only be felt understood within this deep silence and stillness for this is the Bliss and Peace we receive from pure passion along with Understanding Truth Love Flow Protection Passion….. Wisdom elements sounds feelings joy saturation all given received unconditionally flowing from the source heart……. we are it’s children and within this heart all are equal and no death enters….. where all wants needs are given passion and satisfied…. Home is where the Heart is and it’s here in us around us saturating all who want all …who surrendered accepted and sat in their depths in stillness and silence waiting…… wait is now over….. Source is here waking it’s own! Passion leads …. party on party animals….

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    1. MGL , I had a dream about 30 years ago in which I saw 3 white spheres of light in my physical heart. I was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude for the blessing and gift given by Source. I have felt protected ever since even though I do not know exactly what it meant. Somehow this came up in reference to your post. Cay

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    2. MGL , I had a dream about 30 years ago in which I saw 3 white oviod spheres of light in my physical heart. I was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude for the blessing and gift given by Source. I have felt protected ever since even though I do not know exactly what it meant. Somehow this came up in reference to your post. Cay

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  36. Hi All!
    Cats… Are you all okay?
    I had a very strange dreamtime last night.
    Mr Tea and I were staying in someone’s home, like maybe an air b&b kinda thing?
    We had our cats with us, which I found a bit odd.

    After a little while…. I noticed some ‘bitey’ animals walking around the house.
    Hunting.. looking in the windows.. then, trying to get in!
    I love animals, but these were on a ‘mission’… and not a nice one.

    I was getting a bit worried.. and then noticed some cats outside!
    They wanted to get into the house.
    A couple of the bitey ones broke a few low windows, trying to get in..
    and Mr Tea was stacking things up against them to stop them.

    The cats were starting to find their way through the stacked piles of stuff to get into the house. Poor things! There were many… all different colors and ages.
    Maybe 15 of them?
    They needed safety.

    Hooly dooly… then.. I woke up and the wind is roaring!
    I was doing some mantra’s, holding space…
    our cats were frightened (all good now though, with lots of love).
    The wind is…. well.. there’s a bit to it.

    I’ve always been able to ‘feel the wind’.. feel it out.. see whats ‘in it’.
    Today.. we stay inside.
    A lot of clearing is going on, and there’s some ‘bitey’s/nasties’ in it.
    Grasping onto anything ‘they’ can to not be cleared.
    Its what I feel, and see.

    Is everyone okay?
    GPC please All.
    So much Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 9 people

    1. I felt something from the storm (hurricane) too. And all we mostly got was a bit of wind from it, but it seemed to have something not so nice in it. I had terrible dreams when it was over us, and around us. Glad it is gone. Things feel better now. And the air is clearer.

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  37. Most interesting night around here last night in PNW. An amazing lightning storm that seemed stationary along the I5 corridor from Seattle northward to Bellingham. Seattle was purported to have over 200 lightning strikes in an hour. My thought when I was watching it on radar was that there needed to be a great deal of clearing there. The storm over the farm lasted briefly and then moved north after less than 30 minutes. Anyone get anything on the happening?

    Liked by 2 people

  38. ooo.. I forgot to mention…
    Source was the strongest I’ve ever smelt the last two evenings in a row.
    Strongest last night before sleep.
    Love ❤

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  39. I had such a powerful experience yesterday when I was doing a Spiritual Response Therapy session for myself. My Higher Self shows me where there are things to clean and it’s such a powerful and often immediately perceivable transformation.
    So it brought me to “forgiveness” which was very spot on, as I had been catching myself lately returning to having subtle expectations of others in my life and the way I’d like them to be there for me. Which to me is really a reflection of my own feeling of dissatisfaction that I myself am not giving myself sufficiently what I’d like or actually what my ego would like.
    So I started cleaning all present, past and future connections, forgiving myself and others and saying the CAT’s mantra. And then it expanded to everything everywhere in the universe, I directed it towards all intentions and actions that had roots in anything less than the highest universal love. All the dark and opressing stuff in this world, you all know what I mean. It was amazing, I kept getting more and more information coming in, including pretty much every major aspect of suffering in this world. I kept saying affirmations and repeating the mantra for what could have been like half an hour or longer. My pendulum which is always an indicator for when the work has been done and usually takes less than a minute, kept spinning like crazy. My feet got burning hot, I felt the energy pouring through and I kept going until it was all done. Afterwards I was in a completely different high frequency. Total 5D bliss.
    I just love how easily we can shift things for ourselves and for the while universe, if we decide to do so. ❤

    Also each time I think how much I love Source, I immediately get filled with deep emotion.

    May each and every being remember who we truly are and step into his / her ultimate power, living with our hearts fully open! Pure magic in its ultimate expression. I am so ready. 🙏💓

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  40. Har! So my question to you ALL today, Monday Sept.9 is this: Did we have YATJ at about 1:00PM PDT today? My friend and I were headed south on I-5 at Mount Vernon,Wa. this afternoon when we realized that we both had missed 5 miles of town. Neither one of us had any recollection or knowledge of where those 5 miles went. We had entered onto the freeway and suddenly with no notice or a by your leave found ourselves to be totally somewhere else than where we should been. Just askin’. Anyone? Huh?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. At that particular time no. I do a regular 5 hour drive to my Camp(cottage). I rarely remember the drive. During said times I listen to music, think and meditate. The drive is over before I know it.

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