Meterage & More for 8/26-8/29 [UPDATE8]


Hooboy, what a past week. Here’s what’s happening:

To begin with, we had some WHOMP-ishness last night, due to some people undergoing a seven-day transformation which is set to complete around thursday’s new moon:

Remember, this is TOMSK time, so 14 = midnight PDT.
Etna, always attractive.
Yeah, yeah.
While this appears off the reservation, look at the Absorption line at bottom.

Here’s the VLF spectrum display from SC…


…and said meter eight hours previous:


Looks timeline-y. Here’s the other meter in Cutler, ME…


…compared with eight hours previous:


We also had another GRB…


…and a timeline jump… with what CAT6 calls, “interesting selection re-insertions”:

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.03.21 PM

The below are raw numbers of one set of muon detectors, one of which was totally gone (usu. indicating timeline jumps) for a whole week:

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.16.19 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.15.40 PM

The above feels to us as more indicative of The RIP than a mere timeline jump. Please note that any predictions or pre-sights or prophecies are made obsolete by timeline jumps. We could be jumping to a timeline where [insert celebrity] is still alive — or not.


To answer a few common questions people keep asking us:

  1. The Queen (of England) is not dead. The old reptile has a few more years left.
  2. RBG has actually been dead for some time. Believe it or not, the PTW are using clones as body doubles, and they’re very convincing. Unfortunately, clones have the same fingerprints as the original.
  3. All neutrals and negatives have been purged from the Earth. This includes Pleiadians — and what some call, “Blue Avians,” but who like to call themselves, “The Blue Angels.” They are NOT angels. One CAT reader, Nadje, recently came into contact with them and they did not like our “Declaration of Human Rights for the Universe.” As Nadje said: “I got some connection and they want to come in and they use the seduce technique of feelings of grandiosity, being free, able to fly…. After the declaration they laughed and rolled eyes on points 2. and 3. There was a strong reaction at number 6. With others they calmly disagreed. At the end they vanished by themselves.” Isn’t that interesting.
  4. We also discovered the below solar events…

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 7.52.29 PM

…are actually the sun’s portal opening up suddenly and flooding the area with gynormous amounts of Wave X energy.

That’s enough for now. Updates as they happen.




Wow. No wonder lots of us felt like barfing. Or feeling like our spirits were being pulled out through a hole in our heads. (Thanks for the heads-up, Stefan.)






There also appears to be a timeline jump today… which you can kinda see:


Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 11.06.48 PM

Here’s the official timeline jump telltale:



Really big timeline multi-jumpy-house, and two (minor) CMEs, and a GRB. The distance between “realities” is increasing.



Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.32.31 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.36.33 PM
ALL the muon detectors looked like this:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.38.03 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.43.05 PM
This is the 20m detector. Note the common energy bounce. Never seen that before.
Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.45.28 PM
And these are neutrons that dropped to zero. It’s been a long time since the muon and neutron meters looked the same.
And we had another GRB.

AND… Wave X energy is off the charts:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.01 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.14 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.23 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.33 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.45 PM

The CATs have all been either roasted or exhausted or euphoric or contented… or all of the above. Mostly exhausted. Aaaand a little grouchy.

We were told in dreams that seeing the next moon peek out from the new moon is going to be a big deal. We also woke up hearing this song (which we heard the day before, too); it could just be an (annoying) anomaly:


Wow, we’ve never seen this before. A beam shot out of the sun’s portal on the 27th:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 9.22.01 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 9.22.13 PM


Ugh. Energy out of the portals last night was blast-y. To paraphrase M5: We can’t believe we’re not dead. Though others probably wish it were so.

We were in the homestretch, now rounding the clubhouse turn… but it seems to be taking a while. Part of this lag is due to the psychic obfuscation people are waking up from. Since ‘The Purge’ of the unicorn Pleiadians and other fake space brother saviors (now you know why CATs loathe ‘neutrals’), people are waking up to all kinds of things… and many people are discovering that some psychics have been unwitting shills for any number of beings with unwanted ‘mission’ agendas. Trust your gut in dealing with this. Half of our anonymous commenters are spewing psychic vitriol because of this — and in some cases, it’s from the psychics themselves — vitriol that is unceremoniously deleted. Well, we didn’t take this (unpaid) job to be popular. Now you get to be your own psychic.

To the meters:

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 6.37.18 AM
All the pretty timeline jumps. This looks like fine-tuning.
Etna looks be getting blasted.


This was some interesting VLF noise.
And look at all the lighting strikes in Europe.


The ca8al continues to play their silly game:

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 8.42.25 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 8.39.01 AM

It doesn’t matter. Who will win? SOURCE, or the PTW? Gosh, we wonder.


Sorry, meant to add this to Update5. This recent UFO pic…

White Domed Disc Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico (2)

…is fake. Those are lights from a conference room reflected on glass. [yawn]


Remember when that ‘black-hole-at-the-center-of-the-galaxy’ flash that finally made the news, but happened last May? Look at a couple of meters from around that time:




Btw, MIMIC still looks Wave-X swamped:


Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 6.13.37 PM
Check out the boring video.

220 thoughts on “Meterage & More for 8/26-8/29 [UPDATE8]

    1. Translation…….look at the tomsk for understanding of what’s happening on the Ea/Earth …..14= 5 which is Grace 5+14 is 10 double portion of grace ……. in here lays 7 days and double portion which is 14 days which equals 5 again…(Grace which has deep understanding as well)… we can see what these 7 days symbolize …. ending on Thor Day (more understanding here) on a full moon which is leading into a new cycle, new beginning…… moon having no light of it’s own for you are the light of this new cycle/new beginning of transformation…… the life energies within you are moving at higher rates now…. lifting you out of 3D unto 11D…….where no physical matter exists only that of true life true passion……. not a fake feeling that evokes emotion but pure raw feelings…… where all are in harmony and equality is lived…….where give and recieve are in every movement……

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    2. Not everyone is having this happen. Not all the CATs are having this happen. We aren’t sure why, but it’s no big deal. We’re just being made to feel more barfy in advance so we’ll be able to smile and nod when we see it in others and say, “YES. This is the barfy stage.” 😉

      One day someone’s gonna say, “Hey! For the next Event, LET’S TELL EVERYONE WHAT WE’RE DOING! I bet it’ll go smoother.”

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes Cats
        I am at the barfy stage too and that is what keeps me up at night, and it bothers some of my pets, I never seem to be alone in the dark. I am keeping a journal now of basically “gratitude for everything” including the barfies, with out them maybe I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

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      2. Is anyone else tingling? starting at the bottom of the feet and moving up to the head?
        I lifted my arms to sky to greet the morning an almost got dizzy from the tingling.
        How is everyone feeling right now.

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        1. I get tingly feelings every now and then, especially if I stand up too quickly or something like that. I’m also feeling feeling quite nauseaous (barfy? lol) today. I do usually have some degree of nausea due to some chronic gastric issues, but I can usually tell when it’s energetic because my medication does not help. I’ve needed an extra couple doses over the past few days, but it’s not helping at the moment, so guessing I’m experiencing some of the symptoms described by the CATs and Ms.

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        1. Absolutely!
          ***Archangelic Guidance is recognized.
          (The recognition of Archangels – especially Michael! many blog posts)

          ***Connections of all and for all are made from this realm.
          (It was a collective action, unifying us all, done by you for all,
          initiated from this very realm of ours)

          ***The “Higher Law from within” is followed.
          (The ‘Higher Law from within’ is SOURCE’s Love in all our hearts –
          which was your motivation)

          ***The Keystone card has been played.
          (Exactly this Divine Love is the Keystone of all Creation – out of it
          you felt you have to ACT!)

          ***Middle paths are abandoned.
          (These are monumental decisions – of universal proportions –
          unique moments in Time – don’t allow for half ways!)

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    1. This happened to me a lot when I was first relearning telepathy (I had it as a child, lost it by age 31, regained it at age 35).

      I just kept practicing through the muffled voices, and eventually the voices got very clear, now I can hear people telepathically just as clearly as I can hear people who are physically in front of me.

      Also, while you’re still practicing through the blurred, muffled communications, you can try sending packets of info telepathically without hearing what you’re saying, the recipient will hear what you’re saying, but you won’t. Somehow this makes interstellar communication easier, at least for me.

      You have to rely on your body to interpret the packets, but when you do, you’ll know the feeling, it’s just raw emotion, sans data.

      I’ve never had an issue with anybody interfering, I think external sources are blamed for a lot of OUR OWN difficulties, but even if that’s not the case, approaching each situation with your own sense of agency will lead to breakthroughs that others can’t see while they’re busy blaming.

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        1. I feel like maybe there was a shield placed over me; not for my protection, but to conceal my identity.

          That changed on On Dec. 5, 2017, when I was contacted telepathically by a council who told me that they were going to destroy humanity.

          They complained about the animal genocides, sex slavery, human trafficking, corruption, disrespect for nature, they told me that Donald Trump believed in The Stigmata, and that documents in the White House ceiling could lead to his undoing, Fred Trump and Ray Cohn pleaded for DJT’s soul, and I immediately forgave him.

          The council also told me about dead sailors on a North Korean boat, they said that this boat contained some of the most damning evidence in human history, and that it had mysteriously vanished.

          I cried and cried and pleaded with this council not to kill even one person. I told them to attack me instead.

          At this point, they deliberated, then approved my request.

          My friend was at my house (unit 108) at the time that this was occurring and he witnessed all of this.

          They told me to make a half crescent shape with my finger, because they needed my protons to verify my identity and sign the contract authorizing them to use lethal force on me.

          I did so immediately, and instantly I started being attacked with what felt like electricity. My neck began pulsing out of the right side, and strangely, my friend’s neck began pulsing in the exact same place.

          What ensued was me being attacked for 17 straight hours, while I was being frantically guided to do alchemy with my own blood, fire, and a bunch of weird ingredients that I’d been gathering unknowingly.

          They also told me that an incoming train (I live next to the train tracks) was equipped with some sort of nuclear bomb meant for DJT. They asked me if I would absorb its energy to prevent, it from blowing up DJT and NYC, I thought about my girl and my mother for a split second and then basically said “fuck it, let’s go” I can’t remember what happened after that, but I definitely died that night, and now I live half-dead and half-alive, and I’m a portal for all types of energy from both sides.

          After that fateful night, I quit my job in the middle of the most successful period of my life, gave away the rest of my money, and spent the next 1.5 years in near total isolation, being totally reliant on my parents for basic survival. I’m now working again, and whatever I needed to go through is completed.

          I could write another 300 pages on the odd supernatural events that happened to me prior to Dec. 5, 2017, and what’s happened to me since, but I think this story provides enough details to answer your question.

          It’s hard for me to share more details without sounding like an a****** with a Messiah complex, which I’m not.

          I don’t care for other people’s approval… I’m just a guy who doesn’t give a f***, and who’s willing to take unlimited punishment for people that he doesn’t know.

          If you’re curious to learn more about me, you can ask your guides about Ryan Moalemi. They might have to ask their guides, and so on, and so on….

          It’s weird because once people on the other side learn my identity, they start calling me “grandpa” (with a lower case “g”).

          Even my cousin Mani, who jumped out of a small window of an 8-story building to his death in 2017, contacted me on Dec. 5, 2017, calling me “grandpa.”

          Apparently, there is still a moratorium on direct contact with me. So the people that know me, only know half of me, Ryan on this side or xx on the other.

          And, I’ve denied every type of privacy/protection ever offered to me, so my whole life story, including my current life and identity are free for anyone to see.

          I don’t hide anything, sexually, personally, emotionally—I’m an open book for everyone to read. And, if any detail about me is being hidden, it’s not being hidden by me.


          1. Anyone who contacts you to tell you that they are going to destroy humanity needs to be told to take a hike. A long one.

            This is very interesting. Since the Pleiadians got booted, we’re discovering all these psychics who apparently are beyond having to set protection (pssst… EVERYONE HAS TO SET PROTECTION!) and are thus letting anyone and everyone with an agenda in. That time is over. Unicorns drive us crazy.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. What a sh*t show. Looking back on life it explains so much. Everything. I wonder what would have happened if the meddling throughout history had never happened? You know? Anyways just shows that our presence here is really important. Maybe dispelling the instigators was in the cards. We are just waking up as each new step pops up.

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            2. Indeed. The CATs are feisty and grumbly this morning. Lots of them were ready to actively go after various folks and expose them… but ~AM stepped in and calmed everyone down. People can make up their own minds about the verity, or lack thereof, spewing from this and that. “All the dross will drop away,” as he said, “without us having to sharpen our claws on annoying posts.” (It was so well said we had to jot it down.) This is all part of the CAT mission — and now it’s part of yours.

              -CAT Eds.

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            3. It’ll be interesting to see how the world looks over the next six months now that the humans “in charge” don’t have their crappy neutral advisors around, not to mention the “magic spell” machine of others having now being broken for good. Perhaps [gasp] people will listen to their own consciences…


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            4. Years ago my friend was a channeler, it always started with “beloveds” and some resonate acensional stuff. Then weird parts slipped in. Like she wanted me to go with her to the desert where Obama was going to give us the technology for the trapped Greys to leave. Ohhhh kaaaay. I noticed the messages were very egoic, she was the only one who can save humanity, that she was the reincarnation of every famous spiritual person in history, including Jesus and Mary, that she is already twelfth dimensional, that it was not cheating on her fiance because she and her lover were the same soul so that’s not cheating,…. I would ask her if she ever asked where the voices were coming from. It’s Source! She said, and she would never question Source. I watched the termoil she went through, it was sad but she refused to say it was anything but Source and she just stopped talking to us.

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          2. This can’t be real , a person who would do this either has no respect or love for themselves or are making huge fun of all of this. pathetically gullible beyond belief is what I’d call it.

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    2. Yes i do especially in dreams. Numbers and colors.
      I have rescues and worry about leaving them behind (because of the event or shift).
      I recently had a dream a (great big as a bear) white wolf came and watched over my flock gently guarding them and me.
      then last nights dream I was riding my bike and an important part fell off (like the pedal)
      and a nice stranger was suddenly there pointing at the part smiling
      “there it is, I am your new helper now” then I slid down the bank, grabbed the part and soon after that back riding again, thanking the helper, off I went. Maybe new guides are showing up…

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  1. Love the cats in the autumn settings.
    Too bad the PWBs, TWBs, Blue Avians
    and other assorted and uncategorized
    (Note the cat in there) ETs don’t like the
    “Declaration of Human Rights for the
    Universe.” We have had enough of being
    manipulated, tricked and taken advantage of in so many ways. Good

    With love ❤️ to all,


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  2. If you said the queen of England dieing is a sign of the shift being emminant and she has a few years left, then the shift won’t happen for a long, long time…ugh! So tired of waiting

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    1. Whaaa? Few years left, waiting for a lizard to die, then shift. Oh hell no! This is so discombobulating (and so very painful) that I won’t make it much longer this way (did I mention the pain?) But then I thought, wait a minute, I could wait three years if there was *more* between now and then. Like opening gifts, receiving blessings, and especially an easing of symptoms. So if I believe more is coming (waves) before “The Shift”, and it’s still creating change, then okay let’s keep going. But damn.

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      1. Well, the last time we looked, it looked like right after QEII kicked the bucket, The SHIFT happened almost immediately… but it doesn’t look like that anymore. (Can you say, “ARRRG”?) IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ANYTHING but a big happy white marshmallow fog with your high beams on. New timeline, new possibilities. Are we there, yet?

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. I couldn’t agree with you more, to exist here takes sooooo much OUT of you, if we could develop ways to protect what energy we have instead of watching it get sucked out of us
        continually we might be able to enjoy what little time we have left.

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        1. Ah, but there is a whole other TIME on top of that where we’ll get to suddenly BREATHE… and relax. In green. (With no biting insects!) Even the days will be longer so you’ll be able to better enjoy it. Sounds like a promise of heaven, right? It’s not that far off.


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          1. Yes!!! Thank you, thank you for mentioning that! I could especially do without the chiggers!!!! Btw, ticks seem to be strangely absent around here for a couple of months now at least, and this is normally tick central! We have not seen a single one on us or the dogs, chiggers on the other hand are very much alive and kicking!
            I was told during a meditation that they will disappear as well. Glad to hear a confirmation! Aaaah, to frolic in meadows and forests and gardens without worry or care! Pure heaven!

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  3. Up from my nap. Thanks for the update. Thanks youse All! This certainly confirms my comment a bit ago in the previous post. Re: Whoooaaa! It is still profoundly quiet and pillowly. This is getting interesting!

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    1. Because they are YOUR reflection.

      (everything and everyone in this reality is your own personal mirror being shown right back at you, so that you will *hopefully* LEARN from it)


      1. Mmm… we’re going to say no to this observation. The Blue Avians have a master-slave arrangement with humanity that no longer serves anyone worth anything. They are arrogant… as evidenced by their recent bird-headed man pictograph that showed up in the Australian desert within the past two years, the bird-man with a wand, so peremptory — but lots of neutral ETs are arrogant: intelligent, but quietly savage and unfeeling. Been there done that. THIS IS THE REASON THEY ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED ON EARTH. We no longer tolerate selfish, self-serving neutrality or moronic negativity. This is not something that can be changed. It is permanent. They can go back to their own planetary system, or another one somewhere else, and lord over that, but The Event is happening EVERYWHERE. Perhaps we will be friends one day… in the next 500 years.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. All those neutrals and intelligent arrogant ets are just holding us back (jealousy maybe?)
          and I always thought this experience would exist and end much better with out them and their interference.
          Its time for our spark of Source inner knowing to guide us out we are creators.
          Thank you for the Declaration.

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      2. @Anonymous

        Sort of sounds like you want me to be responsible for their free willed choices.

        I may have moments where I’m not exactly the best person I can be, but there is no real part of me that enjoys/wants to enslave others. These spoiled space goons are reflections of thier own poor character.

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        1. Hahaha Spoiled space goons go home and stay there. Bravo it is such a hilarious image in my minds eye. Thanks for sharing that

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      1. The 2nd Arc was taken from the Great Pyramid. The 1st was removed from these dimensions and still operational. Perhaps WE sync with it for timeline adjustments. That’s my point backed up by the article. Sorry to be short, but using one finger on a silly iPad, and I’ve used a keyboard since 1975, ha!


  4. I posted a comment earlier today that seems to have disappeared; it is not important. But I did want to call attention to Terran Cognito’s post for today regarding the Amazon fires and a prior post from Monday. Still feeling wiped out by the energies that you documented so well with the above meterage. Thank you, Cats and Ms. ❤ ❤

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  5. Just curious, and I’m not trying to throw shade on anyone’s knowledge and experience greater than my own, as I’m trying to understand all that’s happening. But I’ve always been under the impression Archangels are not positive entities. Reason being, mainly, that in the Gnostic literature Archons are the chief energetic baddies not to mention the hierarchy that ‘Arch’ implies, and in the Emerald Tablets there is mention of angles…

    “Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
    even to the end of space of this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them.
    In that space where time exists not,
    faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
    Move they only through angles.
    Free are they not of the curved dimensions.
    Strange and terrible are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
    Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
    Think not to escape by entering your body,
    for follow they fast the Soul through angles.
    Only the circle will give ye protection,
    save from the claws of the DWELLERS IN ANGLES.”

    I know that it’s a stretch to think that one of these has anything to do with the other, but then at the same time I think it’s too much of a coincidence to ignore. Any insight that can be shared by anyone?

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    1. Thoth has written the Emerald Tablets in a coded Light Language, I, at least,
      cannot understand yet.
      If the “DWELLERS IN ANGLES” had claws, they were reptilians.
      Angles, as opposed to circles, seem to have been some hiding places in space.
      On the other side, Angels, are a totally different species altogether!
      They are in complete devotion and LOVE to God from the very beginning.
      More so, the Archangels, the “Magnificent Seven”, also called “The Aeons!”

      And the archons have no monopoly over the language (arch/archie)!

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      1. Because everything is inverted here. Makes sense. The change to ‘el’ also has significance.


    2. Oh. Archangels are VERY positive beings. They are higher order beings, like various light beings we’ve met. They have humanity’s greatest good in mind AND at heart. Don’t let other people’s bad PR/ideas slow you own.

      And folks, let’s toss the whole emerald tablet thing. You don’t need that stuff. It’s old. You’re new.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @CatEds And folks, let’s toss the whole emerald tablet thing. You don’t need that stuff. It’s old. You’re new.
        Agreed, it is a different time space continum now and while the emerald tablets may be of interest to some it is time for research of a very different time and space, it is time for all if us to embrace new experiences.
        On a personal note my body feels as if a volcano has erupted the internal heat at times is unbearable and dripping with sweat. Feel most unladylike. Lost my appetite insomnia while trying to navigate the game of life. Aggression and tolerance levels in public everyone feels on edge like something is about to explode.
        …..are we there yet 🙂

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          1. @CatEds no need for apologies as no offence was taken. Love your blog, the fair but firm manner in dealing with comments and cats sharing their wisdom and experience all while trying to maintain a sense of humour, the openess of some feeling grumpy – me too 🙂
            It is time for humans to get off their knees in awe or worship of other beings and join their rightful place alongside their families from the stars and elsewhere.

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      2. Well meh, some of us can’t close our eyes and travel. The only traveling and learning we do is reading. Not optimal, no doubt. But if we’re talking ‘timelines ago’ then nothing is relevant. That isn’t gonna quench our rabid thirst for knowledge and figuring shit out!

        That being said, Elizabeth April is a fun channeler to listen to. Her last video she spoke with Gaia, who said the fires around the world are both bringing new species to Earth (not just at the location of the fires, everywhere) and uncovering old locales of ancient civilizations that will become known around the world. So…some things to look for!

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        1. I also read this about fires: 1. Active magma chambers below forest causing burning from ground up, 2. Gaia is pissed off about the rape and pillage by big pharma, big oil, big losers and cleaning up. Someone else’s hypotheses.
          Mine is that Gaia is cleaning house-purging the filth, infestations and crap that no longer serves Her and her Family (that’s us 😉)…cleaning up the mess, making Earth nice and sparkly! Thanks Mom!!
          I’m following Her lead. Been purging my house, giving most of it away, so I walk into a fresh, clean environment! Sure has lifted my Spirit!!
          Remember that advertisement with the lady in a white dress and wreath on her head, for butter maybe?…”Don’t mess with Mother Nature”…cue thunder & lightning…well, Gaia’s is so over this 3D mess, as are we…so buckle up babydots and help Mom with these chores…send her Loving, Healing Energy so We All have a sparkly new place to live!
          Love & Hugs to All Y’All!!
          p.s. every time I see a satellite image of a hurricane, I see a big mop

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          1. Noooo, no. Gaia loves us. While she has been severely mistreated over the years, she recognizes that many of us are waking up and is keeping bad things from happening to us. The SHIFT is actually Gaia leaving THIS 3d body of hers and going to the next level… and hopefully taking some of us with her!

            In terms of hurricanes, there is something to that big mop idea. Note that we stopped trying to stop things from happening, unless we were asked by Spirit. Otherwise, we’re interfering with some kind of lesson. Though the Amazon thing doesn’t feel natural…

            -CAT Eds.

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    3. I read Voyagers by Ashyana Deane and I read a lot of Lisa Rene and both claim Archangels can have their own agenda like Angels and mostly work with or for some ruling elite God imposter. And when I read the First Testament Bible didn’t the Angels do alot of killing for that first testament God?

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      1. I have read Ashyana Deane’s books which did not resonate with me.
        Over 20 years ago I attended a class she gave in NYC. The class was
        asked by ETs, Ashyana, was working with, to allow them to do an energy
        procedure on us. We were to give be our permission for this by thinking
        “yes” or a green light. I did not feel good about this and thought “no” and
        visualized a large RED stop 🛑 Light! Also, I have never had any reason
        to believe that the Archangels and angels work for “some elite God imposter,” but, of course, everyone needs to use their own discernment.

        Pamela (HC)


        1. Yes, we were also leery of giving access blindly when it was asked for here and there — which has caused 10^3 difficult feline situations. If someone gets in your face about something like this, it is amazing what a calm regard back at them can do, that steady eye contact. (Then silently hit them with Mantra #1.) Be prepared for lots of these encounters, as most of you reading this have more than likely been chosen for specific tasks, to help as needed. Also be prepared in some cases for people TO RUN AWAY; it happens sometimes.

          Oh… one more thing… if you find yourself caught in inexplicable traffic, or delayed for whatever reason, don’t fight it. If it’s not to keep you from being involved in a terrible accident, it’s to have you bump up against someone to help them. If you see someone more than once, it’s more than likely a call to (mantra) action.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. While on the subject of “strange” thing happening during driving the car, this happened to me few days ago, just after I had my first conversation with P on his YouTube channel (already covered here), I am the guy from Croatia, Earth 😁

            I was driving my car and in CD player it was album from Eurythmics and at one point CD start to skip around some song and word “Angel” start to repeat over and over again, strange.

            When I came back from the town, maybe the second song had word “Angel” in it, which repeats, but I was thinking to my self, how many songs are on this CD with word Angel in it, strange. But that was not all, another song shortly caught my attention, it had words inside like “Mission from God”, “Man with the mission”…

            I usually do not listen to words in songs, specially if they are not in my native language, so it was strange for me to listen and remember those words as I usually do not remember the lyrics in the songs at all ?

            I do not know what to think off it, is that make any sense to you ?

            If I have a mission, I am still not fully aware off it, except maybe urge to post information related to our liberation as guide for others to see the truth, but I have a feeling that beside that I have something more to play in near future ? I am really not sure, but I hope that soon I will find out 🙂.

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  6. Woke with a dream vision yesterday. I was alone in a stone chapel? looking out, knowing many were coming soon. I turned and saw a sign set up behind me in the empty room that had 3 slats, like you would see at an intersection. Top said PARADIGM RESET in big block letters. I could not focus to read the other two choices, and woke up trying.

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  7. @rusirius44
    2019-08-26 AT 11:25 PM
    “Forgive me for this my good friends, but two questions have I.”

    “1. Why wasn’t this declaration created sooner?”

    It was.
    Beginning in 2013/14, the Groundcrew Firstwavers were all empowering these shared declarations.

    With desperate force and incredible intention.

    “2. What makes this declaration any different from the dozens I have read over the years from other sources?
    (I think I know the answers already…)

    There weren’t enough of us, Mark.
    Not enough lightworker power back then, and this mission has always been about the numbers.

    Plus, the higher realms had always planned to delay this ascension horror anyway, up to 2019… was leaked through the Essassani transmissions as far back as 2010.

    So it didn’t matter WHAT we did, everything we tried.
    And we tried EVERYTHING.

    But the higher ups kept us in a very locked in, pre-planned trajectory to be time-loop terrorized year after year until we were dizzy — until we finally reached 2019…

    …which in higher realm energetic probability projections showed the Timelines splitting apart in the SHIFT.

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    1. Yes, this is all true. But what’s most important is that… we are being paid attention to, now. Our SuperFriends are very very special, singular beings, exotic even in an exotic realm, hugely respected. And they have posted our broadside to the galactic community. This has never happened before. We used to laugh when they (and all the spirits) called us, “The Event People,” but perhaps they saw more than we did. We don’t mean to sound arrogant at all. Interesting things seem to be happening through us at times, and we’re not sure why. We’re no more special than any of you, than any other human who originated elsewhere. We do work hard to do the right thing though — for all beings — before thinking of ourselves. We are all equal in SOURCE. This is a new thing for humanity AT THE ET/HIGHER-ORDER BEING level. After helping some beings, we found ourselves in a position to ask very powerful positive beings to help *other* beings, at times… and this has created… a family. We are very tight-knit. We are hugely different. But we all want to do the right thing by SOURCE and all our brothers and sisters, everywhere. Hey, we learned this stuff from years and years of Star Trek! We’re not gonna let Picard down. 😉

      [Wait for it…]

      -CAT Eds.

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            1. Number One, I charge you with the responsibility to “engage” and infuse your team/family with enough Higher Consciousness awareness, in order to drag them from where they are now, to the level of SOURCE *Inclusive* Consciousness —

              — which considers ALL of creation to be “family”….both Light AND Dark.

              (p.s. Thankyou for the new details on what has changed for us in the galactic arena. Supremely appreciated beyond measure.)

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      1. Love the Star Trek analogies, and the Declaration of Human Rights, reckon the negatives & neutrals have all been put on notice with a new “Prime Directive”.
        Much gratitude for Everyone’s service, sacrifice, and commitment. There’s definitely a palpable difference in Everything. After the task #6 exercise and meditation, I was doing the column of light exercise, and felt a powerful influx of Light and Love that poured out of my heart as butterflies of light, similar to what Sifoo mentioned in his Oz experience. Afterwards, a great sense of peace and calm quiet came over me, and my whole body was pleasantly vibrating. There are many common experiences, and synchronicity’s with the community here, and definitely a collective energy felt in the meditations, tasks, and Loving comments, and communications. I’ve been visiting the forum for nearly a year, and it’s been wonderful to witness how we’re All growing. I’m so grateful to Dada, the CATS, M’s, and Everyone for your contributions, and blessed beyond words, for the clear, unconditional guidance, wisdom, and Love that is so freely given, and present here. Exciting times, despite the growing pains, to Be Human and Present, here on this Beautiful Planet Earth With All You Beautiful Beings. Hope you all have an amazing day, Beam me up Scotty.

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    2. Thanks, but confusing and upsetting.

      Being locked into terror does not sound “higher up” in any sense of the phrase?


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      1. And just what do you think THIS ‘Earth Experiment’ school/university hologram is???

        Because of this, it is graduating into the omniverse of creation, the most “higher up” next-to-Source, Light/Dark beautiful Beings of all — Angelic Humans.

        Free your mind.
        In EVERY sense of the phrase.

        Make it so…


        1. We will not be ‘the most “higher up” next to SOURCE.’ We will join our higher-order brothers in already being so, and work in the school at the next level. Free your own mind from being anything other than a humble servant of SOURCE and Spirit and ONE. That said, tone is often difficult to convey with words.


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    3. Yes, Mark is right: ‘ascension horror’? ‘Time-loop terrorized’? Horror how? Terror-why? It was SOURCE who was bouncing us through timelines, to help us avoid cataclysms and negative consequences few of us deserved. The tone of this comment is odd. The hubris from “groundcrew firstwavers” is a bit much. We were all here during that time, all doing the work. We don’t point it out like we’re better than anyone else.


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  8. In the blue image with the white line there’s a picture. On the left of the white line there are 2 giants from the old times. They were positive guardians. One on the left has a bulbous head and long hair, looking like an elf from Rivendell. The one on the right has a helmet and beard. Reminds me of the Olmec heads. To the right of the white line are hands doing something- giving or receiving? Collecting? The hands are old.

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    1. Wow! This stuff is just ridiculous! I actually felt super weird on Sunday 8/25 more than today. 8/8 was off the hook horrible but 8/10 was fantastic. I’ll have to keep an eye on dates that feel high strangeness…then count time and see if there’s a super good day soon after that. But generally I’ve been very frustrated because people are starting to feel “freer”, but I feel Triple tied down. Maybe I’m Darkness’ Last Stand or something. Portal days like 10/10, etc are really horrible. Like something wraps me up to keep any light from that day reaching me. Wish the Super Friends would do a similar eviction on Black Magic or Energy Inversions. Now THAT will be a happy day! 😎 (((Hugs)) to all Cats, Ms and assorted Friends. We are all just walking each other home. ❤️️🌻🌎

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      1. They already did. Those spells don’t do a thing now. All negs (and their dark mojo) and neuts (and their invasive tech) are GONE… though we suspect some of the neuts will be back after they figure out how to shield the energy… if they figure it out. But they can never walk the earth again unaided like we can. Positive energy is off the charts right now.

        -CAT Eds.

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  9. antother delay for “THE SHIFT” ! ? hm … isn’t fun anymore ! but the event is near ! 🙂 how can stay in the moment (now) and “waiting” for the EVENT?! oh ….


    1. Yeah, they’re adjusting the scope of the readout, trying to find where the energy really went… and not wanting to show. Both Kiruna meters have been hardlined at 5 volts because otherwise it’s probably stratospheric and they think it’s a “glitch”… and it’s harder to read… which is just bad science. The value is the value. Deal with it, Kiruna!

      -CAT Eds.

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  10. Well this explains a lot! My head has felt squished nonstop for days now, and yesterday my sister out of the blue had a wicked panic attack and nausea, but of course doesn’t want to hear about “the energies or timelines” so I had to take her to the doctor – who said nothing is wrong again! Can’t wait til people understand what is going on, or at least to be around people who do someday, it’s so frustrating! These charts are off the chart for sure, whohooo we are in it now aren’t we? Thanks everybody – love hearing what everyone else is feeling!

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  11. Feistyness and freedom must be in the air! Love it. Here’s Brenda Hoffman’s latest post, on dealing with the expectations of others (there’s a “dear ones”, but it’s just the salutation; seems innocuous):

    All is well here in my little pocket of 5D. I’m busy with the fruits of my garden; filling up the freezer with spaghetti sauce, eating lots of cucumber salad, making blackberry jam, watching the butternut squash grow… For a while there, I thought my birds might have moved on, but then I refilled the feeders and they’re back (!); there’s a small flock of what look like juvenile cardinals, a bunch of noisy blue jays, small woodpeckers, some beautiful gold finches, and my personal favorite, the little hummingbird that drinks so much nectar that she makes her feeders bubble like a water cooler. She’s also having a lovely time flitting about the rose of sharon bushes, which are in full and glorious bloom. I do love late summer!

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    1. Thanks for the vision of beauty, It’s similar where I Am(NW Pa.) I feel “on pause”, yet time is moving fast. I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am! Peace in Harmony.

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  12. Woah today has been quite something! I feel like the burden has been made heavier yet. Things are popping and cracking all over.

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    1. @ lily144
      There is a feeling that Macron of France & his elites plot against Bolsonaro,
      the president of Brazil.
      That the pictures are old, that is, faked.
      That in Brazil, the farmers regenerate their fields by burning them every year. That Di Caprio & other ‘celebrities’ make a lot of a circus, which is misleading.
      That even that girl from Sweden, with all her pompous noise, is misleading,
      right now, when they finally officially declared, ‘Climate Change’ is a BIG fraud.

      my Love to you, dear lily

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      1. Ah (shakes head) thank you Oro for the clarity ❤️ One day, one day soon this will all be a distant memory and we will all be filled with wonder and awe at just how far we came and the enormity of what we all went through here on beautiful Gaia.

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  13. Hopefully, just a quick word before sleep… I know there’s been a lot of emotion and concern about the Amazon fire – I hesitate to say this and spark a ‘discussion’, but since hearing about it(here, not delving). I sense this is or may be, (subject to error) one of those ‘leave it alone – this needs to happen for some reason’, unknown to questionable sensory beings like me… I wish all beings of all kinds that are to be safe, be brought and guided to safety or otherwise brought to their peace with peace. @ Cats, Ms, etc. Please, please correct, if I’m sensing incorrectly…

    Big long, very pink, maybe roll cloud east to west in ‘southern sky’ maybe 35 degrees above horizon yesterday (8/27) evening – no other clouds in wholly blue sky – before I saw your song, ‘Southern Nights’.

    Birds en-mass had returned all day last Sat (8/24) at canine’s house, but haven’t heard them over here – ~ a mile away??

    Post latest TLJs, roof area above living room seems devoid of portal and attendant, dark red w/ iridescent green, dragon. May have been before, but didn’t ‘LOOK’ until today.

    Been dealing mostly with the painful at slightest directional move to hip/ilium/low back/ pelvic area – left side. Don’t know if I’m on the, this week’s transformational journey or not – hoping the ‘things’ ease up after Friday – would be nice – have asked for healing assistance –
    Interestingly after an emotional blowup by my daughter to my saying, “I didn’t know how change diaper the next day with the ‘thing’ going on with my hip ” I should have said it differently- but I’m sad to say I reacted to her energy blast wanting her to stop – she heard different words turning it into a judgment on her – did not help to say those weren’t my words or my intent – only to do with hip mobility/inability. *sigh* We got over it and mantras were said, BUT for a few minutes after blow-up pain reduced in my hip… until an injudicious movement then the momentary screeches returned. Guess I’m still human. 🙂

    Irritations and further mundane life difficulties continue and continuing inflating my bed several times a day – today creatively and slowly re-arranged things in my room to make that easier – thank you to all that had suggestions where to find mattresses – unfortunately it is against the law here for such places to sell donated mattresses due to a number of states having an increase in bed bug occurrences, so most of ‘offered’ such on sites are ‘buyer beware’ you may be getting a population you don’t want. So, have to wait til I have $ for new – I did have it but it went to replace the dead tv – believe me I rather deal with air mattress than have insane family. 🙂 – sorry, rambling now…
    going for sleep.

    be well-er, all,


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    1. Kathleen, I worry about you, your back, and your sub-par mattress. I was going to mention checking out to see if anyone was giving away a mattress (you can also put a request for whatever you need out to the community), but I hadn’t considered the bedbug issue. Still, people give tons of really good stuff away, including things like TVs, so I’m going to mention it anyway. Freecycle is how I’m finding good homes for a lot of my dad’s stuff; it’s nice to know that people will actually use and enjoy it. Much love…


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    2. Kathleen, I share your pain. Literally. Same pain. Right side. What a pain in the butt, huh?! 😅 Healing prayers to us both. ❤️

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    3. @CATS Anyone up for a dream interpretation? I was walking thru a large ,airy room bright light..airport hanger! There is a bar song the wall where a few ppl were and a woman turned around to look at me. She smiled sweetly like she already knew me. In that instant i knew, (they) had blocked us from ever meeting. This wasn’t a passionate love connection, it was a sisterly bond, that we finally met. She was tall, dark thick wavy hair, milky pale skin, freckles, bright eyes!

      I have trouble remembering my dreams lately but this one sticks! I can still tell you what she was wearing. Thank we will meet?

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  14. Those thunder planes are back! The last few days practically non stop craft flying over our home. I hardly ever see them just hear them except for a rare night sighting when I see a few lights. Chemtrails have appeared again as have all my auto immune stuff. Ulcerative Colitis pretty aggravated, rashes, eczema, asthma. Cannot help wondering if the PTW are upping their game and spraying more ‘stuff’ from above. Of course the heat seems to make it much more challenging as all the windows are open. Body is crying out for healing. Trying to focus on the good, beautiful daughter, beautiful pets, meditating when I can and half fasting but blimey, am crawling up a mountain each day…Visualising healing, cooler weather and erasing of all craft that are up to no good and thorough cleansing of our skies.

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you Tea Kay 🙏 my hands are so painfu!, they look like I’ve been burnt and now it’s spreading up my neck and face, UC is calming down a bit with fasting! Never had eczema like this before. Daughter was crying today as I tried to stop her from grabbing my hands (she communicates like this, grabs my hand/fingers and gestures towards what she wants etc..) Also feeling blocked when I try to meditate and clear. Even just trying to ground is a real challenge. Been seeing black things out of the corner of my eye which disappear when I focus on them.

        CATs are you sure those malevolent beings are gone? Feeling under fire at the moment, I don’t know what’s happening.

        Much Love ALL ❤️

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        1. Dear Lilly,
          So sorry 😐 about your eczema and how it makes it
          difficult to deal with your beautiful daughter. Sending
          you both lots of love 💕♥️💕♥️ and healing. 🌈 ⭐️ 🧚‍♂️


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        2. Oh Lily, I’m so sorry you are suffering this atm.
          I just sat with it, and asked for clarification on what is happening with your hands. A wizard stepped forward, very kind. He had an owl whom was both flapping his wings and clasping to one of this fingers. He made this very close up to my vision, to notice the clasping of the feet onto his forefinger. He also wanted me to notice the upward motion that the little owl was attempting.

          I then felt that the issue may be coming from something that your beautyFull Elsie is playing with? Something that she is handling, and when she is communicating via touch of hands/fingers, that it may be passing on to you something you are allergic to? OKay… the wizard just said ‘got it’.

          Those black things you see out the corner of your eyes… I see them too. I can see them on walls in front of me when my focus is on something else, but I see them clearly. I used to see them very often, up til recently. Now, it seems they are not so regular. Trying to remember the last time I saw them….. hmmm…. not sure.

          Much Love your way Dear Lily
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Tea Kay ❤️ Thank you for looking into this for me 🙏 I’ll keep a closer eye on Elsie. She doesn’t handle anything really other than her toys and her bath sponge which she insists on getting from the bathroom everyday! Could be so many things hmmm cat litter, guinea pigs have fresh hay and they are in the living room, there is still the smell of dead rodent in the bathroom that the pest man could not find yuck! Our place is damp despite dehumidifier being on and windows open. All on one level too so hard to find a ‘healthy’ room! Have considered rehoming piggies but love them too much! We are on a waiting list for social housing, a move near my parents to a home without damp would be a miracle! We have been waiting about three years. I keep a asking spirit why we are stuck here but get no answer. It’s a real struggle with Elsie’s care needs here as space us so limited. Then you feel bad as you realise so many are living in much worse conditions and try to remain in gratitude for having a roof over our heads 🙏 Much Love Tea Kay, I love that you got a wizard and owl! ❤️😊❤️

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            1. Dear Lily,
              I understand.
              I wonder, with the Cats being able to see what they have, and what was shown to me, was what you have mentioned above re the dampness, and the emf’s etc?
              Being that you both use internet stuffs.
              Makes sense, and I get a ‘yes’ on that.
              I feel for you being stuck there.
              I pray to Spirit that your manifesting moves quickly!

              Much Loves n purrey headbutts,
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  15. Blossom Goodchild ❤️

    28th August
    by Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light
    If you post this on other sites please add this note. Thank you.
    Hello everyone. For the past 11 days I have been trying to sort out my mailing list problems, to no avail. My nerves are shot from being on the phone to my IT server and trying to work things out on my computer. Drained to the core! I feel, without a doubt there are those who do not want these messages of Light to get out there, and would like to send me to the funny farm! LOL … ( As many of you may recall, I went through all of this back in March!)
    I begin rehearsals full time on Monday. The Universe always provides me with one professional show a year … (that is all I ask/need ). Therefore, there will be no more channellings until the end of Sept. This is the only way I have of letting people know.
    After the show is up and running , I will be looking into a new server for bulk emails and I am so very blessed to have had a lady from the US offer to sponsor me for a year’s subscription. I choose to find an Australian based one. Less complicated … one hopes.
    Ok. Well done if you are on my newsletter and have found this! I would be so grateful if emails could be kept to a minimum or sent without needing a reply … during my ‘playtime’!
    So, for now I bid you Adieu, and Cheerho … UNLESS OF COURSE something major happens and I am called to duty!
    Thanks to everyone who posts these channellings on other sites and on social media . Every bit helps the Planet.
    Sending so much Love and Golden Rays
    Blossom G.
    And here is the lastest channelling .
    Hello, my friends. Without any doubt in my mind, those of lesser Light are doing their very best to drive me insane! And it’s working! Once again, I cannot send my newsletter out to inform people that a new conversation with us is posted. I won’t go into it here, yet I guess it is wonderful proof that what you have to say is of Truth and is trying to be quashed. So, let’s ‘battle on’! Could you talk to us about how to connect more consciously with the Energy boxes you spoke of last week?
    Welcome to you Dearest Blossom and although we are aware of the ‘delicate frame’ you are residing within at this stage, we are also aware of your strength of Light and that you are still able to keep your Vibration High in order to ‘tune in’ with us. Many thanks.
    These Higher levels of Energy filtering through in their own sweet way … would we say … have a life of their own. We would not so much say that they are programmed, yet, more so, that they are intelligent Energy threads that know exactly what to do and where to ‘deposit’ themselves. You, in your Human form, yet, as your ‘SoulHighSelf’ know too, how to connect with them, by simply ‘addressing them’ as your friends. For indeed, each incision is one that is part of the agreed plan.
    Incision? Bit of an odd word to use?
    We are using this term in the sense of infusion/cutting through.
    Yes. I get you. That’s what I thought. Assuming too, that the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM mantra is a very powerful way to connect with them.
    This is so. For the ENERGY CODING within those words is like a magnet to them.
    The Higher YOU as an individual … Each One of you … have allowed yourself to awaken to, the ‘right place’ is found within these ‘Spheres’ to meet up with.
    Now then. You suddenly have changed the word from boxes to ‘Spheres’. Yesterday, I met up with some dear ‘exceptionally clued up’ friends (wanted to say Masters?) and they said the boxes were actually Spheres. The lady of the partnership had ‘seen them’ when ‘Being out there somewhere’.
    This is so. Spheres of an enormity that you cannot quite comprehend.
    With respect … out of my own curiosity … why have YOU not used the term ‘Spheres’ before?
    We are now. When they were mentioned moons ago, ‘Boxes’ was more appropriate for the metaphor and then, as of our last conversation/communication … we believe … with respect … you brought the matter up using the term as in the past … ‘Level 1 2 and 3 boxes’. There is only so much we are able to ‘fit in’ within our time together!
    That has amused me and I can tell you are also amused as you bring this through. I know my friends will be happy that you have confirmed this. I suddenly feel very emotional (Far from unusual at the moment!)
    Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls who touch base with us via these communications and on an individual Soul-Love communication … THESE TIMES ‘ARE’ VERY EMOTIONAL!
    Not only are you releasing the old way of … thinking/Being … from yourselves and on behalf of others … you are also … attuning/blending … with these Higher Energies that are offering a Higher Vibration of Love itself.
    As your BEING … attunes/adjusts … to these levels, then your very souls are recognising that which they are coming … into contact with/in touch with … and it puts one’s heart into … ‘overwhelm/overload’ … in a GOOD WAY … and yet, due to all the unravelling of everything … it all FEELS as if it is all wrapped up into one.
    Which it is … I know not if I am Arthur or Martha!
    This is an indication of what we are meaning by … Topsy Turvy /upsidedownness. For this does not only take place on a … Universal/Global … level, Yet … on /within … an individual one, also.
    Back to the ‘Sphere’s’ if we may … for I feel they are important.
    We would say … there is nothing more important. Imagine 7 vast spheres.
    I am sure that is the number my friend saw. In days of old I would have questioned myself about this coming through you now, because my brain received the info yesterday from my friend. Not anymore. I’m all growed up now!
    Imagine … two lines of three and one beneath. Tune in via breathing and the ‘I AM’ mantra/chant/connection and feel yourself be taken to the Sphere that is suited to you and remain there for your meditation.
    Please note. This is for enhancement of your Light. It is a way of connecting and yet, it is not that you are actually entering into these Sphere’s literally, for it is not possible for you to do so. It would be too much for your soul to do so. Yet, it certainly is a ‘tool’ to assist you in connecting with them. We would say it is of an adapted version … for your Being to ‘use’ … during this transitional period.
    Am I right in thinking … no matter what … we could not enter these Spheres due to the enormity of their Energy Vibration?
    Correct. Yet, to work on connecting with them is a very Powerful thing to do.
    Ok. So, this may be a pointless question yet, where exactly are these Spheres?
    They are circling your Planet.
    All of them?
    A question difficult to answer. The best we can say is ‘their presence’ is known to the outer layers of your Planet and yet, they phase in and out … releasing ‘levels’ of Energy Light as and when appropriate.
    So, are they actually ‘visible to the eye’ should one be passing that way?
    To pass that way, one would have to be of a particular Vibration to begin with. We would say YES … they are visible to those that can see them!
    I get you. Fair enough. And they obviously are very much involved with what is going on right now on our Planet? Silly question!
    Yet, one we can answer. Yes, indeed. They have been ‘Keeping watch’ for eons of ‘your time’. They are of an intelligence that can assess all that is taking place.
    Wait, when you say all that is taking place, do you mean literally? As in who is the president of each country? Who is dodgy? Who is not? You know what I mean? Like in a way that ‘we’ are shown?
    No Blossom. Not of this way. They operate on an ENERGETIC level. They assess the Energy of your Planet … not just as an entirety yet, ‘sectionally’ also.
    Whoa! I’ve just suddenly warped up into a Higher Feeling Energy … and … Go!
    WOAH! Wait just a tootin-pickin’ second. WE COME FROM THESE SPHERES?????????
    We would say they were your method of delivery.
    Yet, you said we could not be in them fully as they are too strong (Or words to that effect. )
    Too strong for you now. Yet, when your humanity as a … new race/new beginning … arrived, your ‘State of Being’ was certainly able to … be of it/part of it/within it.
    Did it create us?
    No. Would we say they were your ticket from the stars, to your Planet.
    Seriously! This is such an untimely time to bring this up … as I am unable to connect with you for a while after this communication … we will all be left dribbling! What you have said is making me feel as if these Spheres were sort of … how do I put it … ?
    Let us try. What we are feeding through to you Blossom, is that … these Energy Spheres were your carriers ‘down through dimensions’ and then releasing the Energy of Humanity … the Beingness of Humanity … onto/into/within … a level, that ‘aspects’ of your Higher Soulself could be deposited into the creation of.
    Brain blow out!!
    And yet, is it not that on another level you completely understand?
    Yep and yet, as I say, due to me being off hire for a while … how can you ‘put this in a nice little box and wrap it up’?
    By saying that we Love you.
    By telling you that YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS.
    By mentioning that all is ticking along as it should and in the month that you are unavailable to chat with us … we are so very close to Each One of you … in both thought and spirit. Allowing us to lift you up into the awareness of understanding that you are so much more than you once accepted yourselves to Be.
    Join our Energy in the … visualisation/meditation … of the Spheres … that have been set up to connect with you.
    Many thanks, Guys. I look forward to next time and yet, very much looking forward to feeding my soul, topping it up with my passion of being on the stage. Be it for only for a short while! I LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM

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    1. Hmmm. CATs, didn’t you tell us some time ago that the spherical “ships”/ beings that have been appearing around the sun are filled with SOURCE light/love just waiting to be released? Seems like there were way more than seven, though. How do these relate to the spheres Blossom is mentioning?

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      1. Ooooh yes, I wonder that too ❤️ I take it Blossom’s guides are benevolent seeing as she is still able to channel them? I hope so, I do love Blossom muchly! ❤️

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  16. Gaia Portal ❤️

    The ÉirePort Group has connected telepathically with select extra-terrestrial Higher Dimensional Elements who have communicated the following information.

    The message that we, collectively, have been cleared to communicate is that it is essential, for the Earth Planet Ascension process to proceed, that individual Earth “Light Connectors” (aka, “Light Workers”) begin to also “connect” with each other in ways to facilitate a more effective and efficient and accelerated increase in the Planetary Vibration.

    Much progress has been made in this regard, in certain groups, yet more of such will be very helpful for the planet to release various “prison paradigms” and paradigms (ideas) which are no longer helpful for the spiritual growth of humanity.

    Increasing nodes of connection and communication is key for Planet Gaia at this moment.

    Each will know their role in this effort, and will find their way as needed.

    ÉirePort Group

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  17. Hmmmmm……..

    ÉirePort Group Communication 8-29-19… “Increasing nodes of connection and communication is key”

    The ÉirePort Group has connected telepathically with select extra-terrestrial Higher Dimensional Elements who have communicated the following information.

    The message that we, collectively, have been cleared to communicate is that it is essential, for the Earth Planet Ascension process to proceed, that individual Earth “Light Connectors” (aka, “Light Workers”) begin to also “connect” with each other in ways to facilitate a more effective and efficient and accelerated increase in the Planetary Vibration.

    Much progress has been made in this regard, in certain groups, yet more of such will be very helpful for the planet to release various “prison paradigms” and paradigms (ideas) which are no longer helpful for the spiritual growth of humanity.

    Increasing nodes of connection and communication is key for Planet Gaia at this moment.

    Each will know their role in this effort, and will find their way as needed.

    ÉirePort Group

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    1. Hearing you. It was major pain here… hot water bottles, AA Michael and Mr Tea, helped enormously.
      Much Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  18. So are you saying the Pleiadians have been deceiving us all along and are just another race of nasties just like the Reptilians? Also, I don’t understand how all of a sudden the malevolent species have been banished from Earth now and not before. Why would some blog post (Declaration of Human Rights for the Universe) on some random website upset an entire race and how could something as simple as a few words have such power over an entire race of aliens? David Icke and many other truth seekers have been exposing and doing everything in their power to rid the planet of injustices, but this post saves the day? Doesn’t make sense.

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    1. [sigh]

      We don’t know if all of the P’s have been deceiving humans, or not. Frankly, we don’t care. The Pleiades is a big system, as we’ve said. SOMEONE from there must be positive. If they’d like to come to earth and hang out, fine — all POSITIVE BEINGS WITH HUMANITY’S GREATEST GOOD IN MIND ARE WELCOME ON EARTH. All others must go to where they are better served. This seems pretty clear. As for the rest… they are certainly not the same caliber as the reptiles (who are 99.8% low low vibe 3d’s), but… the Plieadians involved were high enough vibe TO KNOW BETTER than to treat an intelligent, spiritual species as cattle to test for their various ‘missions.’ Well, they screwed with us and paid the price. Did our actions with the TWBs and the black-eyed beings and the calamari teach them nothing? So smart, so dumb.

      We. Are. Not. The. Earth. Police. We don’t like having to banish beings for whatever reason. We give everyone several chances to grow and do the right thing. We *HOPE* that various beings will see the light and start working toward unifying — that is, work for the light — but when they so obviously choose to make mischief and hinder spiritual growth and obfuscate and confuse and be selfish… AND invade our houses and threaten our children?? They get the claws. They’re lucky they didn’t get worse.

      We aren’t slouch posers with a blog. We are a highly capable and fair group of disparate beings here to help. We are a team. We are a family. We are not from any one place. We are from all over. Many of us cannot be seen, unless you’re of a higher vibration (which you’d notice if you could see the reaction of some babies or animals near us!). Some of us have been on this planet since before it was created; some of us are billions of years old; some are quite young and recently from SOURCE; some of us helped create the Original Earth, which is why we got this pre-New Earth gig. We only made the Declaration AFTER we had the neutrals banished from the earth… and then discovered that the negs had been banished as well as a consequence of the verbiage we used in our original request. The words are quite clear, and they are reflected in the Declaration: Those without humanity’s greatest good are gone. POOF. Negs were in there, too. An added bonus. This is an actual big deal because we posted this where it needed to be posted *on the Spirit/higher-order being… billboard, if you will. There is one for the whole galaxy (where beings tend to work together more than work apart). Other people’s proclamations hadn’t been able to do that before because they didn’t have the connections. But that’s not important.

      THIS is important: You are either FOR SOURCE, for Spirit, and ONE… or you are for yourself, and your own selfish “ME” agenda. It’s not that complicated.

      So… everyone: Choose. Choose right now. Out loud. Make it known.

      There is no ME in CATs. There is only us. We work for you. We work for SOURCE. We gain nothing in any of what we do here, save the restoration of sanity in our brothers and sisters! We’re here to get our brothers and sisters BACK FROM THE DARKNESS, as many who will come. And we’re not gonna mess around when the end is so close. We’re NOT here to make money, or sell indulgences, or to help buy a relative out of hell. There is no hell, save the one you make for yourselves.

      Selfish agendas are not allowed where the CATs are going. But there will be lots of other places where selfish people and selfish non-humans will go where they can work things out. Those who go there won’t like it very much, but the learning value they will encounter there will be high. Higher vibe beings (like the P’s et al) should know better. If they’d been able to live and let live, to wish us well and help us out… they’d still be here. They are not, and that should tell you something.

      We had been severely underestimated till very recently. This is no longer the case. We are *Positives* here to prepare The Way for those going to The New Earth. We are not messing around. Those who have a problem with that need to seriously re-examine where they’re coming from, and where they’re going. We’re not your friends. We’re your Brothers.

      -CAT Eds.

      [Note: We are hip to the trolls in the meditation camp who were going to try and ambush ~AM in that recent meditation. This will not be allowed. You are very mistaken in your assumptions. Do not try to hurt any of us again.]

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        1. More difficult than anticipated. It’s why I’m suddenly walking around with a Tourmaline in my bra jabbing me. (I really should of found a tumbled version but I digress…) Energy attacks have been unreal. The good news in all of this — it forced me to make first contact with my guides +1 angel. Apparently I’m rolling deep. We all are. Like you CATs have been saying up there, time to be our own mf psychics.

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      1. The shaman Red Elk when he was alive said humans were bait to remind the ETs that there was a god outside themselves aka source. That so many of them had forgotten. Interesting this does seem like a big character test for all involved.

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  19. Urp! Bleah! Just say’in. Today (Thurs) I feel like I’m going to hurl in addition to the dizziness. (Other than that, I’m feelin’ just peachy. Speaking of peachy I’ve got to go to the fruit stand today to pick up some more fresh organic peaches. About all I can stomach right now.) Gird your loins, All!

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  20. Folks, we are NOT anti-Sophia Love. That would be ridiculous. We were irked with her for not setting protection and allowing selfish ETs to get in there and manipulate and screw over thousands and thousands of people (P’s and their pods) when it was unnecessary. But Sophia is our sister, just as all are part of our spirit family. So, let’s stop with the angst. If we didn’t have everyone’s greatest good in mind… we’d be gone, too.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. We were also frankly pissed that our families were exposed to those sneaky PWB bastards. If you’d been tracked as children and screwed over and tracked like cattle by ETs for 40 years, you might be a little feisty about it, too. This is why we hammer PROTECTION so much. It is purest arrogance to think that you don’t need it.

      You’ll notice that there are no ET armadas surrounding the earth and threatening us with invasion. This is because those who got kicked off the Earth (capital E from now on, please) know they screwed up, and that they’re in dutch with SOURCE. But they’re smart. Perhaps they will learn, and learn quickly. It only takes a split second to change your mind and start working for GOOD.


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      1. It’s interesting the movie The Craft I watched as a kid has such a similar plot to what it is happening. The girls hooked in with source pretty much one went bad two went neutral and only one stayed good. It brought out their true characters. The good one had to fight for her life against the other three. The source saved her so she could even do it and then she had the power. But, she only used it to protect herself.

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      1. They Are Perfect, Immortal spirits, They Are Our Brothers/Sisters, I Love Them dearly, may Their intentions Become Benevolent, so They rejoin Us soon, for They Are Whole/Innocent. All Is Forgiven and released. So Be It. Peace.

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  21. Dear CATs, I have a request for a simple strong meditation.

    At the Buddhist temple, they usually have a sunday mass for peace of the souls that are recently past away.
    I attend this sunday mass, to be in such high vibration to do a peace meditation for humanity (dead or alive) instead. During the mass, I just quietly repeating “I am the Light. I am the Love. I AM.” or ” We are the Light. We are the Love. We are.” (basically i use or transmute their meditative energy to meditate for earth ascension instead).

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  22. Laughing this morning about:

    1. “To paraphrase M5: we can’t believe we’re not dead. Though others
    probably wish it were so.” I can relate to that!

    2. AM’s comment that “all the dross will drop away without us having
    to sharpen our claws on annoying posts.” 😃

    3. Tossing the emerald tablets although I do love Emeralds.

    With lots of love 💕 to everyone,


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  23. Wait… we successfully removed all negatives and neutrals from the planet in one fell swoop, beings that were *actively preying on all of us*… then we made a Declaration of Humanity’s freedom from said tyranny… and because we inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings people are unsubscribing from us and saying nasty things about CATs behind our backs? Seriously?

    This is unfortunate. It is also ridiculous.

    I spoke with most of the CATs and we’re gonna let this go. Glad to be of service. Others can hold a grudge if they wish, but it’s not going to do much for you.


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    1. Those that love you outnumber those that don’t. I personally owe you all much gratitude for the information and clarity that you all provide to us for the greater good. Please ignore the haters.
      Love💗, love💗, love💗

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  24. Hello. Several of us would like to step forward now and ask that you remove the “Declaration” you have on your site, and wherever else it is posted, as a consideration for others.


        1. I’ve been in contact with a guy in Croatia who’s been dealing with someone claiming to be a channeled Pleiadian, and when asked about this recent earth kerfuffle and how they aren’t treating humans very kindly, the ET said:


          The fact that this is sticking in so many craws shows that the Declaration is a dividing line between low vibe and ACTUAL high vibe. We might post it in Andromeda, too. We need to get a jump on things, as that galaxy will be here in two million years. 😉


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          1. I dreamed a tall bird being was trying to hurt our earth birds. I made this weird noise at him and he jumped away into the invisible. But, here comes this tall blond guy yelling at me for doing that. And I told him they are picking on the little birds that is not fair. His response well the kids in your neighborhood are mean. I said yes some of them are but not all of them. LOL Hmm….

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          2. Hi CAT’s,

            I am that guy from Croatia 😉✨

            That communication I had with that guy on his YouTube channel were he posted some convincing video, so his story sounded believable.

            He claimed that he is walk in Plaeidian soul starseed and he answered some off my questions, interesting information, I told him about some off my dreams and few other “strange” things that I witnessed and observed, so he concluded that I am also starseed and here to help humans to go through Event.

            All that was fine, up to the point where his comments on humans did nit resonate with me as I have really good emotions for us humans and I think most off humans are off good hart and that I do not think that 90% humans are toxic (his word) !!!

            And probably that comment did not sit well with some off his superiors, but, so be it ✨

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          3. Maybe this has to do more for that kind off answer I got from him.

            We discussed about one Pleiadian crew who was very indirectly active on one other YouTube channel coming out with very good and detail information about a lot off things, and I followed that channel closely as it was refreshing.

            But the last two videos were very disturbing as how that Pleiadian think very low on us humans, so I asked that guy to comment while posting to him the link from this site with the story “A PSA You Won’t Read Anywhere Else”, not knowing at that time that he is also Pleiadian (walk in), and it turns out that he is aware off that Pleiadian and they are not happy with her speaking out….

            So, either me posting the link (I also commented there how some Pleiadians were misbehaving and that all were banished from Earth, not knowing his connection with Pleiadians at that moment), or me having the good opinion about human kind, I do not know which one or maybe both things upset his superiors up there ?

            I still wishing him and his colleagues up there good and prosperous life, and I mean it from my heart ✨

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        2. “Hello. Several of us would like to step forward now and ask that you remove the “Declaration” you have on your site, and wherever else it is posted, as a consideration for others.”

          Others? What others? Other than humans? Uh, no.

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            1. Do those still taste like chicken? Otherwise, no deal.

              P.S. Enjoying this declaration immensely. Git off our lawn, selfish ETs!

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          1. “Hello. Several of us would like to step forward now and ask that you remove the “Declaration” you have on your site, and wherever else it is posted, as a consideration for others.”

            What they mean is, in consideration of butthurt interdimensional trolls who have been playing nasty jokes on humans for millenia. I hope they all got spaced. LMAO.

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    1. and i thought, our stupidity was more than enough, that we removed our crucifixes
      from schools, “as a consideration” for the barbarian invaders…

      “Several of us” say NO!

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  25. We must really be touching a nerve: we’re now getting devil worshippers commenting (!), explaining why negatives and neutrals are GOOD for positives, “because they give you something to do.” We deleted the comment, figuring you folks would appreciate being saved from undue angst.

    Now the funny part. M4 read the comment out loud, then turned to those assembled and said (like Hagrid): “You’re a wizard, Harry.”

    That killed us.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. yes they seem to be getting bolder and bolder. saw a young woman at a TEDtalk (pfffffft) encouraging all ppl to be more kind but above all, more accepting of pedophiles. also saw a bot account on twitter that posts random pics that put up a pic of old goat head followed by posts approving of it. i can’t even type the other examples that we see in the media on a daily basis.

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  26. I am seeing that film (Constantine) scene with John Constantine, as he raises a specific finger to a specific negative as SOURCE pulls him away.

    Enjoying this Declaration immensely 🤭


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      1. good movie. loved the casting of gabriel. your statement a/b her and bowie makes perfect sense and seems so obvious but didn’t even occur to me until now.

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      2. They did make a music video together though…

        She also plays a great part in the new Jim Jarmusch zombie apocalypse ‘The Dead Don’t Die’, I reckon all you CAT’s will love it ;D

        Much love & gratitude x

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      3. Yes, I also agree, Constantine was a great movie, on top off my list 👍✨

        Too bad that the sequel was not that good, by usually they are not,

        Maybe one off the similarly good sequel was Mad Max 2. But I enjoyed all off Star Wars movies, even the new ones 🙂✨

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  27. lots of people asking others to “quickly chose their place” and “you’re either with us or against us!’ et al. i guess ppl feel the shit that’s rolling downhill. the thing is, i don’t think i do anymore which is kind of a bummer.

    even though i like to tangle with it from time to time (sorry youse guys have to hear it) I’m actually growing bored of it. yup, guess I’m getting older now. tired of the kid’s table horseshit.

    love the updates and how generous youse guys are with responses.

    so, even though i don’t feel the big buildup, the shit rolling down the hill, i still want to ask;

    are we fucking there yet?

    -karate G-pa

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  28. I’m starting to believe the shift is a lie by the PTW to control us. I’ve seen no proof the event is happening and none that there will be a shift. Meditation doesn’t work and I’ve been doing it constantly for 30 years. Unless you are able to send me undeniable proof, I will no longer believe in the world improving.


  29. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Archangelic Guidance is recognized.

    Connections of all and for all are made from this realm.

    The “Higher Law from within” is followed.

    The Keystone card has been played.

    Middle paths are abandoned.

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  30. Wow that was a weird night, crazy vibrations and heat, dreaming of floating fish, and their water? (Like they were in zero gravity) And circular rooms that spun and made me pass out, but in a good way I think.

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  31. It was going to come out sooner or later…
    Now is as good a time as any 🙂
    Loving purrey headbutts to you All
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  32. Been traveling and moving west(!), however, I had a unique experience Tuesday. I try to get this broken meat suit running every other day or so. Went for a short one, a few miles, and they always clear my head and some insightful nugget usually pops up along the way. This one was a struggle, i.e., radio kept stopping, small aches, etc. With a half mile left I finally hit a groove, a new song came on, I kinda excitedly flexed my arms and did a quasi double fist pump cuz I simultaneously felt this rush of bliss, then, not kidding, I felt myself lift off the ground for four or five strides. Like my normal plodding impact disappeared and it felt like I lightly lifted off and landed… then back to normal. It was amazing. And mind boggling. And I questioned if it actually happened; never in 30 years of running has something like it occurred. So there ya go, any thoughts?

    PS: love the declaration banter and all, unable to hit “likes” it seems.

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    1. Some of the M’s have levitated inadvertently. It always comes as a surprise! One was lying on a couch, working on releasing negativity at the time (this was years ago), and… UP SHE WENT. Freaked her right out. Another M has had it happen in their sleep a few times; they wake up near the ceiling, yelp, and drop to the bed! Pretty funny. A Franciscan monk in the… 1700s?… would levitate when in deep prayer, which the church later claimed was him flying around the room, but all he did was go up about two inches.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Awesome! 😀 Thanks! Amazing times. The only prob is that I’ll constantly be looking for it to happen again, which is exactly what I shouldn’t do for it to happen again. 🙄😀

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      2. Wow I have been dong such things for over a decade so glad to hear there are others. When it happens to you; you are sure it can’t be real even if it keeps doing it. I have also belched fire like a dragon and shot energy out of my hands too. A few times my dad saw the energy hand thing I blew up an overhead range doing that. These abilities when they come online are just so random wish we could control it better.

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    2. @ eric d,

      A high vibe, high flyin’ runner’s high — pretty neat! That glide is something I only experience in my dreams.
      Good luck with the move westward!

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  33. Today’s pithy comment (Friday): Firstly, Thank all youse Cats and Ms for your remarkable patience and perseverance! This has been and continues to be a remarkable journey. I haven’t a clue whats happening to me personally other than I’m in a state of Being. I suspect that some period of time will be required to integrate whatever has happened. Perhaps Lisa can shed some light on the energetics of it all next week. We’ll see. On a strictly physical note, being outdoors (which I am almost always) makes me teary-eyed today. It’s so profound!

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  34. Kiruna is doing something weird; timeline jump, maybe?

    Got a big ol’ whomp going on with Tomsk, too.

    Don’t know if either of those graphs will show up properly; may have to click on them. There’s a new moon today, as well. Is it weird that I feel just fine; energized, even?

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        1. Yeah, all three are old. They link to the current reading though, if you click on them. If there’s a way to copy and paste a specific image here, I haven’t yet figured out how to do it.

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  35. Dreamed I was driving and the car disappears around me and everyone else around the road and we all get sucked up into the sky. Then these people surround us and we are somewhere else ask where get told the higher earth. I said oh good no bad ETs up here right? LOL Then I see a mental image of bars of a prison disappear.

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  36. Give a thought for Florida, people out there could be in a real bad way next week. Maybe there’s a way to ‘nuke’ the storm mentally. There’s still time…


  37. I don’t know about you all, but I have been incredibly happy these last few days! I feel like I want to hug the whole world, bank tellers, teachers, strangers… the clouds are clearing in my life, yesterday I actually sang a waltz to myself in the kitchen and danced to it, haven’t done that in years. Even gave my voice coach a smooch on the cheek, she didn’t see that coming… I’m making deep connections with people I hardly know, see open hearts around me everywhere I go, but not in everyone I meet. I agree with etnomenignotum, it feels like people have made their choices and we are moving on. Boy, I sure like where we are going though, if what I’m feeling right now is any indication of what’s to come!
    Love you all so much!
    Big, big hugs to Lily and Kathleen, wish I could come over and help you guys!!!
    ❤ Victoria

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    1. Yes! The last 2 days here have been extraordinary also. So much clarity… love… expressions of oneness. Talking to people we have not met before, and finding/feeling the oneness. Its instantaneous.
      Big shift in emotional/mental. (after the big physical whompage).
      And, to top it off… late this afternoon, both me and Mr Tea got to see the very bright colors of the New Earth! Together! At the same time!
      OH my…… I’m overwhelmed with Joy !
      Amazing bright pinks that began as golden on the waters… that then traveled up onto the green grass… which then turned bright/hot pink!
      Further… a very bright yellow, coming from the base of a Tree. Not golden like the sun though… I’ve seen that Golden for a long time.
      This was bright sunflower yellow! A very thick line of it (about a 2 foot), all along the ground to where we stood. I then looked up and could see a massive thick ray of this same bright yellow, coming off a mountain top, and up into the sky.
      To say i’m Amazed, is an understatement!
      So much has led to this point.
      So very much.
      I Am the Light. I Am the Love. I Am.
      We Are the Light. We Are the Love. We Are.
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    2. Feeling the same. Singing and dancing at work, lol, got me a few strange looks. But people there are of good heart so they enjoy the lightened mood. Sure am going to enjoy this while it lasts.

      By the way, found this blog via Sophia Love mention in her last post. I wanted to see what was what so followed the link. So glad I did! I just completely enjoy the topics but also the conversation that happens after a post. Helps me feel not so alone.


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  38. Phew… glad to be on the other side of that whompage/knockout/pain !
    Hooly dooly… back to walking and talking with to the birds 🙂
    Charged up and Changed up.
    Love to All
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  39. To Whom It May Concern:

    We’re not allowing light/dark duality propaganda on the site. You can post it elsewhere. Light and dark are not going to be combined at the next level. We do not need darkness. We don’t need black and white checkerboard symbolism and its ilk, any more than we need owl and butterfly and hidden eye symbols. Light is FLUSHING OUT darkness. There is no stopping it. There is no polarity. There is no duality. Duality is an illusion. There is SOURCE. There is All of Us as ONE. And there is Our Memory of SOURCE. Everything else is an illusion, a game we agree to play in order to learn. Well, the rules of the game have changed. We don’t have “dark feelings.” There is no death to fear. And you don’t need darkness to learn. We have, in fact, learned that we don’t need either one. There will be a place for those who still embrace illusion and this misperception of light and dark, so they can learn. All will go where they will be best served. You can try to belittle us all you want, if that makes you feel better about yourself, but we don’t think it’s going to serve you very well in the long run. This “descent” experiment is at an end.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. To Whom It May Concern:

      HOLY SH!T……What is wrong with you???
      What an incredibly LOW VIBE LEVEL you have now chosen — holy cr@p….such a gruesome frequency you are broadcasting.
      You are nearly putting Georgi Stankov and Denise Le Fay to shame, with that level of vitriol spewage. Sad to say now, that you all should team up.

      Interesting, yet sickening, development…..however the good news from this is that it shows the SHIFT SPLIT is in full swing.

      But Wow. Your low dark miss-interpretations of others’ high vibe messages is now off the charts.
      And now you are seeing/experiencing *everyone*, as an ‘enemy’ reflection.
      You are currently demonstrating unbalanced masculine ‘ego intelligence’, gone berserker.

      YUCK. Bleh (shudder)……good luck with that.


      We can only wish, that many more will unsubscribe from your downward Self Destruction.

      Make it so.

      ~ SOURCE (Rainbow White Dragon)


        1. We expected cognitive dissonance much sooner, but… here it is for all to see. Unplugging people from the neutral feed has caused surprising levels of mental distortion. Please don’t react negatively to these folks; send them light instead. They are also your brothers.


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  40. This is bullshit, because there’s still people channeling pleiadian messages. How can this be possible if they are allegedly banned from Earth?


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