Watch for Giftage


We really have no idea what we’re going to write about, day to day. Then things happen and we know what we’re gonna write about. Case in point…

Yesterday morning, upon awakening, some of the M’s received gifts… from the Pleiadians. [Note: These are higher vibrational gifts, basically thought energy in the form of objects you touch with your astral form.]

One gift is a sneak preview of what everyone will “get” after The Event: a slim, silver device that is… well, a number of things in one: a communicator; a translator; a COMPUTER terminal with access to… everything, as far as we can tell; a “light body gateway” that serves a number of sub-functions, an astral  transporter being one of them … and a bunch more. We’re still playing with it.

The device is really a TRAINING DEVICE, to help you become more telepathic, as well as break down your notions of what you can and can’t do with your mind. You can literally do anything with it — though, technically you can do anything even without this device — but this device (which you can give a personal name to!) is sorta like training wheels for 4D/5D.


30 thoughts on “Watch for Giftage

  1. Talk about giftage… MERLIN STOLE MY CROISSANT. Right off the kitchen counter not four feet away from me. Total white ninja operation. Never saw him. And he never made a sound.

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    1. Mmmm, croissant; nature’s most perfect food, sublime with coffee… Merlin has excellent taste!


  2. Do we get one of those cute ginger kittens too? 😉

    Very exciting!

    Would love to know what you guys and gals think the event will be. Will it be one huge event or a series of waves that get stronger and stronger? I have definitely felt some of this energy already but have feeling that we are only just getting started!

    I know some are loathe to refer to it as ‘The Event’.

    love & light x


  3. Didn’t another reader mention seeing themselves taking care of a group of people post-event and being given a device just like that for communication? Anyone want mine? I’m done with gadgets.



    1. I set up and indefinite curfew for the use of any gadget (and some are just banned in my universe, i.e.- rejected on entry) to disallow any dependency on them. The only gadget one should strive to use and develop is one’s own organic consciousness, a source made gadget for creation.
      Gadgets are here to make people dumb. Think about it, when we started using paper block notes, we stopped remembering important info (e.g. phone numbers, etc), when we started using calculators we lost our ability to do most of the arithmetic and calculus without them in our head, when we started using mp3/cd players/the rest of electronic music recorders and generators we stopped hearing the live music of nature and organic instruments, we stopped being able to hear and appreciate silence. When we started using scroogle maps or other electronic maps and navigators we lost the ability to have a quick orientation in any given location (new or old). When we started using synthetic telepathy, i.e. mobile communication, we became unable to stay present and exchange quality communication with each other in real time. When we started using synthetic imagination- the tv and dvd devices, we lost our innate ability to imagine something wholesome for us and freely walk outside all imposed on us mental and frequency boxes, we lost our ability to create at will/by our, not imposed, someone else’s choice. The list goes on. So, whatever goes with the label “smart” is here to make you dumb, hence the curfew. By body is liking it and so is the rest of me. It’s a pleasure to have my mind belong to me and not any gov./man given gadget.

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      1. So true.
        Before TV entered our home, my mother and her sister used to play the violin and sing. My brother used to play the trumpet. We lost those evenings forever … Winters were colder, but it was warm in our hearts.
        Thank you for bringing those memories back.


    1. I just watched it and am trying to put the pieces together from all the other Intel on what’s happening and what is going to happen……I’m so confused as a lot of the info resonates


    1. Hey, SB, “This video is unavailable”!
      Hmmm, what was it about? Offense to YouTube’s morale, I presume?


  4. Interesting you posted this. I have had a few dreams in the past where there was a type of tecnology to help train abilities like telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation. The tech was like the diving board that a child uses to learn to swim.

    In case anyone is worried, language and swimming are considered technology. This is because you learn them and they aid you in some way.

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  5. I saw a bed type thing where the person laid on it then their physical issue came up in gold stuff above them and I was manipulating this gold fluid energy to treat them.


  6. This version is SO MUCH less cumbersome than the full body suits I was demo’ing in dreamtime ~6 months ago!

    Hahaha, those were funny though.



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