The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on [UPDATE3]


You are currently living through a highly complex situation. No, really. Here’s how we see things, currently…

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Latest from Gaia Portal & Notes [UPDATE2]

Notes From Aboveground Some of you may start having dreams about packing things up and throwing some things away, like the last day of school. FYI, we saw dragons showing off in the upper atmosphere last night. They don’t look like dragons at that altitude, but instead as bright lights that FLASH (like an explosion), then fade… then FLASH, then fade… if we maintained high-end … Continue reading Latest from Gaia Portal & Notes [UPDATE2]

Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Going UP… Some of you may now be experiencing what we’re calling “The PULL” in meditation, when you set a grounding cord to the New Earth, and/or to SOURCE, you feel this upward PULL. Some have been experiencing this for a while, while others are getting it now. Ground UP!  Additionally, we’re continuing to see interesting activity elsewhere. Here’s a current snapshot: Recent Moscow SR … Continue reading Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]