Scenes From The Event, Step 3: 9/23 to 10/1 [UPDATED]


Wow, 9/23 did not disappoint.

Wow! (This is the Tixie meter in Yakustsk, btw, 11 hours ahead of EDT.)

UPDATE 9-26-17 4:00 PM PDT

Energy is still pegged.

UPDATE 9-27-17 12:00 PM PDT

Energy is STILL pegged! Wow. Note that this is only one source.

UPDATE 9-28-17 9:00 AM PDT

Energy has finally dropped. Phew. Six or seven days of WHOMP and circumstance, as Da-da says.

UPDATE 9-29-17 10:15 AM PDT

BOOP. Back up, again. Welcome to the Mesa Grande Plateau.

Detail1. Energy popped back up (from near zero) at 4:15 am EDT. Current level…

About 2557, which is 150 orders of magnitude greater than “normal,” whatever that is anymore.

But wait, there’s more! There was this. BOOP.


UPDATE 10-1-17

As per a Frosty tip…

We felt this one. Ug.

And here’s more meterage from 9/23/17 and thereabouts.

This is the Ottawa schumann meter.

FYI, we noticed that water is now “lighter” and less viscous. Check it out for yourself. Like one of the M’s said, “It’s a density thing.” We’re guessing that humans, who are ~73% water, are also on their way to a similar condition. Interestingly, water (and bodies) seems to weigh the same as before, but… something is different; this will become more apparent in the weeks ahead. For the record, this is just a surge: it’s not the 4D earth, not yet.

And thanks to a kind commenter, we were alerted to seven recent 9/23-esque GRBs (gamma ray bursts), which science types are attributing to a coming galactic superwave. Um… duh. It’s been happening for the past five years. Anyway, lookie here:


 Seven of those. With lots more to come. (As you can see above.)

To give you some perspective on energy event size, here’s one from 9/6/17…


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  1. Thanks to All,These energies are A “strange good”. I welcome them W/Gratitude/Curiosity. I feel something disappeared, maybe a Mandela Effect, plus more active Chakras. Most active in my heart and throat. Peace/Love to All, Happy October.


  2. Massive headache today. It's past 12pm pacific and the headache hasn't dissipated. Ugh indeed.Keleka17


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