The SHIFT Meditation [UPDATE6]


Yes, you read that right. Let’s try something, but we’ll have to be quick (which is why we asked you to do the SRB and pillar meditations earlier; you should be much faster now). This must really be something because all CATs have chills.

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Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light

Everyone asks the same question. As many of you know, we post what we see and experience pretty much as soon as it happens. We assume a certain amount of flexibility in findings as the spiritual world has a much different (ha!) timeframe than we do. Much different.

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The Event Has Begun; Break Out That Bad Unicorn

Aha. Batman is CAT5! Two things we’re definitely sure about: The Event has officially begun, and We aren’t sure when The Event will happen. Talk about duality. Bear with us, here. THIS… is the official (public) beginning of The Event: This energy originates in the region of the Constellation Hercules; basically the direction of Polaris and the Little Dipper. That region of space will slowly … Continue reading The Event Has Begun; Break Out That Bad Unicorn