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  1. Maybe it is also time to share a dream I had with a close friend during the same night in March 2019. I was hovering 50-100km above Terra. Sidenote: I can only recommend the views from the upper atmosphere/space to everyone 😉 Truly an unforgettable experience. I was not alone there in this dream. Some energy/light was with me, but nothing visual, I was connected with source? or this being through pure knowingness. I was “told” I should see this. It was not simply our planet like you see it in (mainstream) documentaries, it was greener, healthier. It was so much forest and beautiful nature down there. Incredible! It felt so harmonious and I knew this dream was not another simple dream…. which is why I told my best friend about a strange dream the other night. She stopped me and said she also had a strange dream. We then asked small questions one after the other to verify if it was a similar dream and if so, both of us are less prone to bias. Turns out it was the same 😀 Have you had similar experiences?

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  2. Sitrep-
    Cat’s purrfilter has gone lovely magenta.
    Someone switched all the empty space with liquid light and it feels amazing.
    Afternoon reading: The Jumpropes are Light-Saber Candyfloss at Last, by Fluffy Meowski

    Blushing bemused terran-acity,

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  3. The more the merrier. I suppose that telepathy and claire-type abilities will be the norm on Terra. Would be fantastic to have teachers there who can assist in developing those skills, kind of like here 😉🙏🏽❤️.

    I am seeing beautiful trees, rolling flower filled meadows, and clouds at eye level at the top of the hill, with plenty of room for All. Not in a rush, but would not be upset if it happens like now, lol. The weather seems…peaceful, which is a nice counter to all the black ice, and helps keep the smile on my face. One Love to Terra and the Terrans ❤️🌎☀️💫

    (Happy Birthday Lily!! Filling Pitchers of Light, to arrive on Sunday!! ❤️🥰✨🥳)

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    1. mootzfriend ❤️ Thank you 😉💕

      In a way this is going to be Happy Birthday to EVERYONE! We will all be starting over, just Wow! 🎁

      I’ve been dreaming up landscapes too, this is just so BLOOMING exciting!

      Lots of Love ❤️☺️🙏☺️❤️

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  4. Now whenever I see the word “Terra” I think of the opening and closing music to Gone With the Wind. Terra is what they named the grand estate in the movie. But this version of Terra doesn’t include a civil war or hunger, or suffering.

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  5. “We won’t be here for the election.” A couple months ago for some reason I thought I might not even bother to vote this time. And I always voted, even though I saw it as some sort of illusion of freedom, a bone they throw us to make us think we have a say. So great! No need to try to figure out all those state propositions!

    Keep doing the pool, black ice, climbing drill. Thought I made it a couple times to the top. Had Kitty Magia in a backpack but when the CATs said you can’t take/ help anyone else up I figured she is somebody, so the next time I just imagined her climbing next to me. She is a much better climber, scrambling up, pausing, waiting for me saying hurry up! Last night right before
    I fell asleep I heard cheering.
    I intuit mom is on her own path and I can’t interfere, just hold a space of Love for her, and look forward to when we see each other again.

    Once when I made it to the top there was an arched door frame and you could’nt see anything thru it from earth side, but when you stepped thru, Terra was GLORIUS to behold. Brought that heart expansion feeling and tears. So I flew down to the Terra place on the lake I’ve been imagining for years. And hugged the man who says he’s waiting for me there for the longest, best hug ever. Tearing up with the heart expansion just thinking about it.

    In a meditation vision once in my imagined Terra (it’s VERY important to live in unity with nature and we never do anything involving her without consulting her 1st) we wanted a bonfire one night to celebrate something. So we went into the woods and telepathically asked the trees if it would be OK to gather some of the dead fall to make a fire. The trees said NO, the fallen trees must remain on the forest floor. They provide homes to the critters and will decompose and nourish the forest soil. So how can we have a fire, we asked. The trees said you humans are so powerful all you have to do is sit in a circle, align your minds and hearts in the intention to enjoy a fire, and you will have a fire.
    Not to make light of anyone’s loss or suffering by joking about the fire, but it’s kind of funny I’m a fire evacuee right now. Yeah, I wanted a bonfire to celebrate. Maybe skip the bonfire in Terra for a while after this.

    Need to go out and find a temporary scraching board for Magia. I know she wants to scratch but is too polite to dig in on our host’s furniture. Just wanted to share experiences and send everyone Love! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you-me-Terra! So much Love.

    Oh! Just one more thing. Sorry for being so long winded. For years I have intended to get the closeness my sister and I once had back. Sunday night it happened. We talked for hours. She said I got my sister back. I said I’ve wanted this for decades and sensed maybe I was pushing too hard to be close friends again so I backed off and just sent you Love. As soon as I got off the phone the emergency notifications started. So here I am stranded with the feeling that Source is working miracles in my life and nothing can hurt, disappoint, or scare me ever again. So much gratitude for everything that’s ever happened to me and for each one of you. Your posts mean so much.

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  6. ~ Anonymous ~ WHAT a wonderful post from you! and I will chuckle with you about the bonfire celebration… so useful to be able to laugh at ourselves, especially in such unsettled times. I hope your evacuation ends soon and no harm comes your way to return to. Sounds like you have a really capable tool bag if you keep it as full of seeing miracles as you describe here.
    much love,

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  7. OMG! I had goose bumps while reading this post! I am so excited and overwhelmed with Love! I love Terra name for Gaia much more!
    It suits her better! 🙂

    Thank you SOURCE!!!
    Thank you CAT’s!!!
    Thank you Angels!!!
    Thank you Guides!!!
    Thank you All participants of this blog!!!

    I have been extremely tired for the past few days I guess it is all due to the jumps and pre SHIFT energies!

    Eagerly waiting for the Fun Ride to the SHIFT! 🙂


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  8. Wow, I will start doing the excercise as well. I hope to see the shift in my lifetime. Looking forward to the changes, here in 3D or on Terra or wherever I end of in this life 🙂

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  9. This blog is like coming home, every post mentions things i have seen felt, experienced! Happy Happy Happy Christmas!
    Icing on the cake my lovely friends shared a double Rainbow yesterday and here you are WOW!
    Thank you all for sharing your stories, insights, love, seee you all soon 🙂

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  10. I was pregnant in 1971..If the baby was a girl I was going to name her Terra Amber…the baby was a boy….but I now want to change my name to Terra Amber..I never resonated with my name..altho it is nice..Catherine..but Terra Amber suits me..I may be old,but I am always changing..fluid.

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  11. When I meditate on the steps, I see a gorgeous turquoise pool and I glide out easily and up the steps.. through the gate no problem.. then I see a huge, huge frozen lake, and snowy pine forest on the far side. It’s black but there is loads of snow about falling and obscuring the ice. I originally thought I had to look into the blackness and find all the things that were here that I needed to work on. Is the idea to just disconnect from them all? I’m definitely stuck here but I’m not sure why.. It’s quite fun skating about but I don’t seem able to get off and start up the grassy slope. Do I need to work more on the ice stage before I climb? Just keep trying. I’m determined to do this!! Xx

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  12. Hi CATs and Everyone
    CATs I have a question I hope you will have time to answer. My Kitty Magia is scheduled for her annual booster shots and I’ve always been conflicted about giving them to her since I never get vaccines. Yet she likes to bring me presents, including two bats over a two-year period, which thankfully both tested negative for rabies. I remember ya’ll saying put off or reschedule all medical procedures for the duration. Does this include our fur babies? Thank you.

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  13. Sure a lot of birthdays, Happy Birthday to all of you! Angel food cake and smiles all around🎈🎈❤️😇

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  14. I have been thinking about this statement for a few days, on and off, just can’t get it off my mind:

    CAT Eds – ‘’ The question is: Will ~AM do 1B singlehanded??
    And later in the Update 4: “We officially reached the 6B UP number”

    So, I’m curious, did he? And am I amongst those 1B that AM did singlehanded?

    I’m still wondering why I didn’t come across the Black Ice during that meditation but instead found myself directly in white fluffy cloud (which I initially assumed it was snow 😬)

    Much Gratitude and Love 🙏💖 and to AM 😘 (if you’re reading this)


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