The One You’ve Been Waiting For

With dinosaurs. Well, kinda.

Here’s the general picture. From now on till The SHIFT, there will be:

  • Less PTW mayhem
  • Continued (regular) human mayhem
  • Continued lost keys, stubbed toes, and cats in trees till The SHIFT.

The Transition From 3d to Rainbow Bridge

These next days are bringing us to a unique, single nexus/node point for the entire earth. It’s a little different than what we were expecting.

There will be ONE moment exactly where every person is aware of SOMEthing (The SHIFT). It will happen at the same moment, on every timeline in existence, at that point. It’s the Bifurcation, followed by a gap of time — a gynormous, one-off Timeline Jump. It’s the MIND that makes The SHIFT.

The SHIFT is the ‘sorting hat’ situation, where everyone goes where they will be best served, according to SOURCE. In the eye blink of that SHIFT Moment:

  • The PTW and all associates will ‘disappear’ ~ POOF
  • Every human/human hybrid will step into the Rainbow Bridge period, their bodies still where they were the moment before
  • And those still needing a little more help to get out of 3d will exist in a “Groundhog’s Day” situation (that’s also in the Rainbow Bridge framework), looping that particular day of the Momentary SHIFT.

Think about how there is always another ‘halfway’ point between any two points. This can go on infinitesimally long via SOURCE, this giving all those extra-sleepy souls the time they need to wake up, while adhering to the fixed timeframe for the Rainbow Bridge period. Neither the Awakened group nor the extra sleepy 3d group will be aware of ‘missing’ anyone. Once each extra-sleepy one is awake enough, each will join all the other awakened ones JUST stepping into the Rainbow Bridge period, the moment AFTER the SHIFT moment. (We are really indebted to that Groundhog Day movie metaphor at this point!) It doesn’t matter whether we’re physically sleeping or awake at this ‘moment’… and SOURCE is handling time-zone logistics. Our apparent reality will just continue, BUT it will feel completely NEW.

The Rainbow Bridge

We gave this period the name “Rainbow Bridge” because it is literally The Rainbow SOURCE LIGHT Bridge. All the work and imagination we have done with SOURCE LIGHT has given form to it.

The Rainbow Bridge is a period of time. It is a combination of Triage/Rest and Recuperation/and ‘training wheels’ time for Practicing a new way of living (freely). Because we will have no past memories or future plans during this period, it will be a ‘fresh start’ to roll out the New Earth societal fabric. Pantomime skating dinosaurs will run rampant, or… skate rampant. Or not.

Because of SOURCE, this time is perfectly long enough for this cleansing/healing/new plan to become established. During this period, SOURCE does a reboot for our borrowed minds, like a consciousness upgrade for our SOURCE spark. (A few people have already done this.) Think of unplugging something while making adjustments then plugging it in again, then skating it around in a dinosaur suit. We will retain all the necessary aspects of our minds (except that little pantomime dinosaur part) for ordinary living during this time. We will be provided for and protected as well. There will be no biting.

There will be no memories of the past DURING this Rainbow Bridge time, where we continue going about daily life on ‘reserve power’; no thoughts of the future, just moment-by-moment and being ok with that. Absent memory and future plans, there will be no fear. Similar to the Groundhog Day effect, it’s a way to minimize emotional trauma during this huge change.

After this time period, we will have our past memories return up to and including the moment BEFORE the SHIFT, but no memory of the upgrade period. Timelines will spread out and continue on again after this time, and memories and future thoughts begin again. The Golden Rule will be ‘pre-installed,’ and all will behave according to it. We think this ‘pre-install’ is an intrinsic part of the process SOURCE is gifting us with. It’s a time to Practice how to do what we want, when we want, while avoiding any trouble for anyone else. It will TAKE some practice.

THIS… takes practice.

Starting with the first step into the Rainbow Bridge period, there will be NO ‘pandemic’ anything, nor residual distancing habits from it. People in all the various ‘uniformed’ occupations will spend their work days facilitating necessary maintenance, repair, support, and new creations. On-planet, worldwide travel will be possible. Debt will disappear. No one will remember how everything had to be paid for first — instead, ‘work’ will be about making things possible. These are only the smallest of the changes. We will be provided for, and protected as well. The Creation of the NE will proceed in a huge way, bringing new visions into being (farms, music, communities, jumping pantomime dinosaurs, etc.).

There is a Unity in the Rainbow Bridge period. All who are there ARE already on the NE. It will really BE over, and ‘Christmas’ officially begun. Even without the dinosaur suit.

See? No more dinosaurs.

133 thoughts on “The One You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. And Cats, what about loved ones that we’ve lost (gone on ahead of us). Do they start reincarnating on the New Earth?

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    1. Hm. We don’t know. Hold onto that question. We’re a little all over the place at the moment. (CATs are upgrading NOW, to be of service right away… and it’s a bit much.) We do know that all those whom the reptoids were holding at the soul machine factory on that Tatooine-y planet near the middle star in Orion’s Belt have all been released, and the portal removed. So, that ‘go into the light’ thing is GONE. (The machinery had already been made inoperable by the SuperFriends a while back, but the spirits were still there; however, the spirits there were having a great time, so no worries.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I would like to know that too. My father, who I miss like crazy every single day! Love him more than anything! I want to see him on Terra. My great friends who passed years before. One friend committed suicide. She came to me and said it wasn’t what I thought. To this day, I wonder if she meant afterlife or how she died. My other friend who died in a car accident! my grandparents. I think of them daily.

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  2. Now when I was very young, I had a hearing problem and had to have medical stuff happen to make it better although I still hear lots wrong!

    This is the first time in 44 years that I realised it is actually:

    ‘God and Sinners reconciled’

    I thought it was:

    ‘God and Saviours reconciled’!

    And the hymn ‘Away in a Manger’

    I thought when I was a child, it was:

    ‘Away in a Manger, no CRISPS for a bed’!!!

    Hmmm, I did like crisps a lot, still do!

    Oh, and Blackpool tower was (sorry!) Black Poo Tower!

    I also (apparently) cried over a bit of bacon rind on the pavement thinking it was a dead worm, again, hmmmm, bad enough it was part of dead something else..!

    I also (apparently) went up to a deceased fly and said “You’re a nice little fellow but you’re dead”!

    To a very smartly dressed lady in a trouser suit with short hair in the 70’s, I went up to her and said ‘Hello man’!

    A lady with very furry boots (on the outside), I tugged on Mum’s coat and said “Why has that lady got Dog feet?’!

    Oh and the worst one! When I was about 5 years old, I told Mum and Dad I wanted to be a brain surgeon. They said ‘Oh, that’s lovely, is it because you want to help make people better?”

    I replied “I want to look inside their heads”! EEEEK

    I was very, very young!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙃❤️

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    1. Lovely Lily You Are a gift from God. So Glad to have conversed with You. Maybe We will All meet on Terrific Terra for J’s Latte’s. Peace.

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      1. You too Christopher ❤️ It has been an absolute pleasure ☺️ Yes, lets do that, latte’s on Terra! See you there!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. It Will be a day to remember w/J’s blessing. It was Eden(earth den), Now, It is Tden(Terra den). I See it through the trees. Peace.

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    2. You can always trust children to say the right thing at the right time 🙂 I’ve been told my son likes to ask people eating meat how the animals died, which is a perfectly reasonable question from my perspective of his.

      I’m a total crisp junkie at times, but have learned the hard way to keep them out of beds. Imagine that, wisdom in organized religion…


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      1. Sifoo ❤️ Your son sounds absolutely lovely, sounds like you will be seeing him very soon ☺️

        What is it about crisps? Why are they sooooo good!

        Much Love & Light ❤️☀️❤️

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  3. Cats and All:

    Thank you for this most welcome and heartening news!! This would further explain the sheer joy and giddiness I saw in my Higher Self the other day – it was like she was in the middle of a flower made of light, smiling and laughing and trying to wrap her arms around me! We tried so hard to meet, but as she came closer to this density she became fuzzier in my vision until she was just a blob of light…

    So glad to be near the end of all these distractions – Peace and Unity, Love and Light, Here We ALL Come!

    Gramma B.

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  4. Wow! What an emotional day for me Today but in a good sense!

    When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to check on this blog – read again Update 1 – no, there’s no mistake, ‘Everyone is going to Terra’. 🙏 As the words sunk in, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

    I went downstairs to my favourite corner – to admire my garden but this time I really observed every tree and plant – thanking Nature. Then I my thoughts turn to TERRA and SOURCE and I thank them – next thing I knew, tears were rolling down my cheek.

    Tears of relief – that everyone is going to Terra, including my loved ones.
    Tears of joy – for Terra’s BIG heart to include everyone.
    Tears of gratitude – for SOURCE taking over the home stretch.

    When I opened my ACIM Book for Today’s Lesson, I couldn’t believe what I was reading 😳 – every phrase in Today’s Lesson rings truth to CATs latest posting. (My apologies in advance for those who haven’t reach this ACIM Lesson yet but I just wanted so much to share Today’s Lesson. I’ll try to be discrete:)

    “I thank my Father for His gifts to me’’
    – Today let us be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and to smoother roads … no thought of turning back …..a bit of wavering …. But you can well be grateful for your gains, which are far greater than you realize.
    – A day devoted now to gratitude …. (needless to say, I was saying Thank You very often today)
    – He will bless your gifts … they grow in power and in strength, until they fill the world with gladness and with gratitude.

    For the first time in ACIM Course, I said ‘Amen’ after I finished Today’s Lesson. 😇

    Much Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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  5. So, a question. After the the move to Terra, will we remember this life now and those we know and love? Will we have to search for our current family members or somehow wind up in close proximity to them? No doubt we have far-flung family from distant star systems that we will want to meet and be reunited with. What an amazing scenario! We will surely have to develop telepathy for communication. So much to learn and absorb. So GRATEFUL to you all for the last two years that I have spent in your community, to Terra, to Source, all the angels, HOBs and others that I have forgotten to mention. We are ONE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. During the 16 Days, not really… afterward, yes.

      As for the ETs… we’ll explain later, but only HOBs will be allowed on Terra, and only extremely vetted ET ambassadors from Positive civilizations. Terra has protection like no planet, ever: SOURCE protection. It’s never happened before.

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. I find my self in a secondary school training to be a teacher at a remarkable time. I have been analysing the ‘system’ and logically assessing why, is it needed, how could it be better.. then I hear brendas blog about the rebuilders..
    I am 48.. I had never considered teaching until last year really. It came out of the blue.. I followed my inner guidance. I trusted. I am a natural rebel. I hate repression and I feel the children are repressed and there has to be a better way. The system is very broken. I know children like routine and a safe enviroment. But it can go too far. Every secondary school as far as I have seen in England, has a blazer and tie as a uniform.. so stiff and uncomfortable. And adults march about barking out uniform reminders. I always longed to be able to wear my own choice of clothes at school. It felt a very ‘french’ artistic way to be. Another alarming thing.. all the children of every age are currently being ‘assesed’ and given a grade in art?? How can you grade an 11 year old for creativity without stifling creativity?
    I asked myself why am I here? What is my role? Why was I sent? Now I think I have my answer. I am a rebuilder. I am here to oversee the changes these children need for a brighter future.. a tiny cog in the wheels of change. There must be so many of us 🥰 we can all build this better world after the shift.

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