The One You’ve Been Waiting For

With dinosaurs. Well, kinda.

Here’s the general picture. From now on till The SHIFT, there will be:

  • Less PTW mayhem
  • Continued (regular) human mayhem
  • Continued lost keys, stubbed toes, and cats in trees till The SHIFT.

The Transition From 3d to Rainbow Bridge

These next days are bringing us to a unique, single nexus/node point for the entire earth. It’s a little different than what we were expecting.

There will be ONE moment exactly where every person is aware of SOMEthing (The SHIFT). It will happen at the same moment, on every timeline in existence, at that point. It’s the Bifurcation, followed by a gap of time — a gynormous, one-off Timeline Jump. It’s the MIND that makes The SHIFT.

The SHIFT is the ‘sorting hat’ situation, where everyone goes where they will be best served, according to SOURCE. In the eye blink of that SHIFT Moment:

  • The PTW and all associates will ‘disappear’ ~ POOF
  • Every human/human hybrid will step into the Rainbow Bridge period, their bodies still where they were the moment before
  • And those still needing a little more help to get out of 3d will exist in a “Groundhog’s Day” situation (that’s also in the Rainbow Bridge framework), looping that particular day of the Momentary SHIFT.

Think about how there is always another ‘halfway’ point between any two points. This can go on infinitesimally long via SOURCE, this giving all those extra-sleepy souls the time they need to wake up, while adhering to the fixed timeframe for the Rainbow Bridge period. Neither the Awakened group nor the extra sleepy 3d group will be aware of ‘missing’ anyone. Once each extra-sleepy one is awake enough, each will join all the other awakened ones JUST stepping into the Rainbow Bridge period, the moment AFTER the SHIFT moment. (We are really indebted to that Groundhog Day movie metaphor at this point!) It doesn’t matter whether we’re physically sleeping or awake at this ‘moment’… and SOURCE is handling time-zone logistics. Our apparent reality will just continue, BUT it will feel completely NEW.

The Rainbow Bridge

We gave this period the name “Rainbow Bridge” because it is literally The Rainbow SOURCE LIGHT Bridge. All the work and imagination we have done with SOURCE LIGHT has given form to it.

The Rainbow Bridge is a period of time. It is a combination of Triage/Rest and Recuperation/and ‘training wheels’ time for Practicing a new way of living (freely). Because we will have no past memories or future plans during this period, it will be a ‘fresh start’ to roll out the New Earth societal fabric. Pantomime skating dinosaurs will run rampant, or… skate rampant. Or not.

Because of SOURCE, this time is perfectly long enough for this cleansing/healing/new plan to become established. During this period, SOURCE does a reboot for our borrowed minds, like a consciousness upgrade for our SOURCE spark. (A few people have already done this.) Think of unplugging something while making adjustments then plugging it in again, then skating it around in a dinosaur suit. We will retain all the necessary aspects of our minds (except that little pantomime dinosaur part) for ordinary living during this time. We will be provided for and protected as well. There will be no biting.

There will be no memories of the past DURING this Rainbow Bridge time, where we continue going about daily life on ‘reserve power’; no thoughts of the future, just moment-by-moment and being ok with that. Absent memory and future plans, there will be no fear. Similar to the Groundhog Day effect, it’s a way to minimize emotional trauma during this huge change.

After this time period, we will have our past memories return up to and including the moment BEFORE the SHIFT, but no memory of the upgrade period. Timelines will spread out and continue on again after this time, and memories and future thoughts begin again. The Golden Rule will be ‘pre-installed,’ and all will behave according to it. We think this ‘pre-install’ is an intrinsic part of the process SOURCE is gifting us with. It’s a time to Practice how to do what we want, when we want, while avoiding any trouble for anyone else. It will TAKE some practice.

THIS… takes practice.

Starting with the first step into the Rainbow Bridge period, there will be NO ‘pandemic’ anything, nor residual distancing habits from it. People in all the various ‘uniformed’ occupations will spend their work days facilitating necessary maintenance, repair, support, and new creations. On-planet, worldwide travel will be possible. Debt will disappear. No one will remember how everything had to be paid for first — instead, ‘work’ will be about making things possible. These are only the smallest of the changes. We will be provided for, and protected as well. The Creation of the NE will proceed in a huge way, bringing new visions into being (farms, music, communities, jumping pantomime dinosaurs, etc.).

There is a Unity in the Rainbow Bridge period. All who are there ARE already on the NE. It will really BE over, and ‘Christmas’ officially begun. Even without the dinosaur suit.

See? No more dinosaurs.

133 thoughts on “The One You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. Wow, it is 1am my local time, I finished the meditation and went down to my living room to smoke, I know I have to quit, I will do it on Terra, I promise, and just maybe a few minutes pass, and BAM, this post from You, huh, incredible 👍✨

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    1. Ahhhh, just to add something, before I went down, I first visited the bathroom, looked myself in a mirror and like my eyes are different, more like a Cat’s eye shape, like there is someone else looking at me, my higher self maybe, or am I already changing, anybody else seeing some change in his/her eyes, am I just imagining this ?

      Huh, so strange, I do not know what to think about it ?

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      1. I was thinking about this, it is not always useful 😁, but I will give it a try in explaining what is maybe going on, but I stand corrected if my reasoning is wrong 😉

        For some time now, when I am finished with meditation, I noticed that I see differently the lights, it is looking like they have a rainbow halo around it, no matter is that a standby light on TV or a moon.

        With this in mind I tend to think, again not always useful 😁, that after meditation I am actually seeing with different set off eyes, sort off, maybe I can see more then usually in terms off vibration, more like with 4d or even 5d sets off eyes, maybe I am right about this, hmmmm 🙂✨

        Let’s add something from today, I was driving the car, certain Queen album is playing in my car CD player, and I could here soo many references for the upcoming Shift that is actually unbelievable, like “This could be heaven for everyone”, “This world could be free, this world could be one”…., in the one other song I think that I even heard word ascension being used, extraordinary🙏

        I found that song, I think it is appropriate now 😉✨


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    2. By the way: yesterday I was man down the whole morning. Didn’t do much in the afternoon either, except going for a short walk.

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  2. Oh Boy! Thank you CATs 🙏

    Just reading this after my nightly cup of sleepy tea!

    I think a second read, maybe third, fourth the morning is definitely in order but this just sounds perfect! But then it would if Source is at the wheel 😉

    I look forward to understanding this more tomorrow ❤️

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Much Love ALL


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  3. Yay 🌈 🎉🙌💫
    LOL, I actually have this exact dino suit in the house. 😂 The pets love it! 😂 I hope I can take it 🌈 ✨ in joy 💕

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  4. Lots of info to absorb but it’s all good! A question for the CATs, is there anything those who are aware of all this need to do to help those who aren’t awake yet?

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          1. “They REALLY like working together. So far, no planet has ever worked WITH SOURCE before.”

            Just when I thought I heard it all.

            That statement alone indicates a fraction of what lays in wait for our futures. Beyond words, truly.


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          2. Really? Why not?

            I have questions and I hope they aren’t stupid ones. I apologize in advance if they are.

            Have other planets/peoples ascended before, but not by working directly with Source?

            If not, why not?

            And then…

            I guess I am in awe. How BIG is this thing? By that I mean the entire plan. It sounds so groundbreaking and new. 85% and everything sounds so big. It sounded like it was the greatest show to watch before, but now….Wow. I feel so small and wonder how did I get to be a part of this.

            Thank you, Cats.

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  5. Hmmm, I’m not sure why I’m putting this comment here, but – maybe there is a reason –
    Something was going on during (9/30) overnight, don’t remember what but think intense – not enough memory at all to say –
    As I think I’ve mentioned ‘little dog’ attaches herself to my body different places as she feels directed or senses something – usually a part I’m having more difficulty with or something … Mostly it’s above my crown ‘chakra’ in some way – often low back – any number of places. Last night was unique; she plastered her hips and lower spine area (glad it was it wasn’t any of her lower parts) over my eyes and third eye area for 6-8 hours without moving – even through my repeated wakings – I wasn’t about to move her; I thought she must have her reasons… After she finally moved elsewhere this morning she’s been VERY quiet almost semi-comatose, but not in a bad way.
    CAT EDs and all, any thoughts or just more of the usual unusual?

    Also been having having more of the fever feeling, but not real fever, times- energies?, neurological weirdness? or one of those ‘not worth mentioning’ things…

    Oh, 5 or 6? days ago the Alastair Sim’s version of the Christmas Carol showed up on my recommended videos to watch thing – the ONLY Christmas related offering – that version and the Albert Finney one are my two favorite versions – sorry for any misspelling of actors names, if I did. 🙂


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    1. That’s cool, the one that sleeps in the loft, Tinkerbell snuggled up to my chest/neck last night. Then @ 4 am she got between My arms, now sleeping like a baby. Peace.

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      1. Christopher. Sounds like Tinkerbell has taken on cuddling duties whilst Minky is busy with the kittens. That’s sweet.🐈🤗💖

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  6. This is purrrfection! I confess that I was teary -eyed after reading this.
    There is so much to look forward to. And lots of relief to be rid of the PTW, kind
    of boggles my mind really.
    I’m still counting on lots of wide open space on Terra!!! Infinite Love and gratitude
    to All – jane ❤️❤️

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    1. Yes, to tears of Joy w/Gratitude/Love to Source/Terra(What a Team). Many thanks to All here C’s/M’s/Posters, even silent Ones that have the Greatest Good In Mind. Peace.

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  7. Oh! My! God! Did I read it right ? EVERYONE IS GOING TO TERRA. ???😳

    I have to read it a few times to make sure that I got it RIGHT? The reality has not sunk in it! I’m almost teared! I think I’m gonna cry soon ….


    THANK YOU Bro J! SuperFriends! Angels! 🙏🙏🙏

    THANK YOU CATs, AM, Ms, MendoCAT 🙏🙏🙏

    and THANK YOU to ALL of you here 🙏🙏🙏

    Somehow I’m lost with words ….

    LOVE YOU ALL 💖💖💖

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  8. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this WONDERFUL news. Tears streaming here and now. Tears of joy. I had JUST finished a clearing meditation where I have been going to my being a happy child place, praying for all, and especially for daughter and babes who i so don’t want to be seaparated from including The Shift and I daresay I would have sacrificed my place on Terra if I in fact was eligible, if they weren’t. I sent out a Remember Joy email to a few people some/most of whom I was pretty sure were not awakened to the point of consciously knowing about The Shift, daughter being the motivator to create that email, including her as if it was just a group email. Just a few hours ago, hoping the words I sent would plant/nourish a seed. But at the end of my child joy meditation just now i just went to tears, wanting so much that my precious ones would have the gift of a free, safe, and joyous life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this truly wondrous message.

    Love and blessings and joy to All here, and everywhere

    trinity ❤🌳❤🌳❤

    PS Dancing/skating/gymnast Dino is also perfect. I have a history of terrorizing T Rex dreams, none recent. So it is perfect also.

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  9. Instead of bouncing around on a trampoline like a dinosaur, I feel like I am flying with a whole group of dragons! Thank you for the post.

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  10. Go SOURCE ABD TERRA…Of course we are ALL going… I confess I had tears also
    Will be referring to this post often, I’m feeling so much better after this news…love hearing everyone’s experience with these great posts. Christina, the pics of your living accommodations are awesome, so glad you shared them. So happy to be here with all of you.
    I agree with Jane infinite love and gratitude to All!
    And every dream I’ve had lately cats have been in. Last night one of my guys slept at the top of my head, the other on my sacral area. They mentioned something’s coming.
    ….. Heres to Terra!
    Love to all
    ~ Cat

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  11. So happy to hear the shift is happening soon. Interesting as it has been a personally horrible year with losing my husband and losing my business. I have been lost in the past and yearning for a “new earth (Terra). This morning I woke up and let go of the past–how liberating. I have also let go of worry about the future–even more liberating. I feel so much lighter & brighter. Everyday I meditate on what you CATS suggest. I literally can feel and see the New Earth just around the corner. Thank you for all your inspiring messages and encouragements. All encompassing LOVE is just around the corner. Shine bright to all.

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    1. Ruth, I am so sorry, what a terrible thing. You will see him again, hold on, we are almost there 🌈❤

      Mark x

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    2. Ruth, your message resonates so strongly with me. I too lost my husband (Of 50 years) earlier this year and have been processing adjusting to life these past six months.

      It’s been challenging but also unexpectedly uplifting as I’ve now realized that while Dean May have stepped over to help out on a different plane of existence, I’m still here and I’ve refocused my attention on myself and my life journey instead of caregiving 24/7 for his brain injury for the past 14 years and recently increasing dementia.

      Thanks to the CATs encouragement to everyone in their posts and comments I stayed the course for the pool/gate/black ice/climbing the mountain visual and had significant ahas and resolution this morning. As I traversed the black ice I recognized that Dean had made his own decision to transition and that it wasn’t up to me to interfere with that. I removed deep-seated and lingering feelings of guilt and shame that I didn’t do enough his last month with him. And I forgave myself for being human and less than perfect.

      As I climbed the mountain I envisioned my life on Terra in a cozy warm and nurturing cottage, living in a beautiful woodland setting … with glorious autumnal colors as I so loved growing up on the East Coast of the US. And surrounded by majestic mountain vistas while also quick access to ocean beaches where I could seek/ find beach/sea glass and other ocean treasures.

      And in a spirit of giving back to my community, I saw myself organizing a body/mind/soul community center that would enrich people’s lives as they sought out training in life skills, education from classes, workshops, etc. it would be staffed with natural healers and teachers passionate about sharing their gifts with others. (My seemingly unrelated life experiences and learned skills seem to have all come together… where nothing ever is wasted … and immigrating to a foreign country/assimilating to a new culture, learning foreign languages, learning computer languages, indexing books so others can quickly find the information they are looking for, caregiving for aged parents and for an injured husband, managing a hospital computer department, facilitating interfacing disparate computer systems, spearheading building a community library, volunteering with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and being a longtime seeker of knowledge… especially self- and spiritual development. Everything has reformed into this magical future possibility that I’m visualizing. It is so MARVELOUS to be excited about life again.)

      Thank you to all of you posters and commentators. Your sharing made me feel a part of this community, as I got to know you and your stories. I’ve only posted two short comments in the years I’ve been avidly following this blog. And though this post is quite lengthy I felt called to finally share part of my story but especially my ahas this morning.

      And a special thank you to Ruth again… for the serendipity of your post… that started my desire to share all this.


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      1. Lucie. Wow. Terra needs STO beings like you. What an amazingly giving life you have lead so far. I feel Terra will welcome you with wide open arms. Thank you for sharing. 💖💖💖

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      2. Lucie ❤️ So wonderful to meet you and thank you for sharing your story.

        I loved your visions of your own personal Terra and future plans.

        What a life you have had, I take my hat off to you ☺️🙏☺️

        Looking forward to meeting everyone properly and seeing everyone’s imaginations in action on beautiful Terra 🌈🌿🌸

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  12. Wow! I’m absolutely dumbstruck. This explains why I was standing looking at the rainbow bridge in my comment a few days ago. It wasn’t time to cross just yet. I have to laugh at my comment to self: next time you see the bridge, cross it. The note to self was literally a note from self. Har! Surprises abound. This is getting funner!!! What a grand adventure. Thank you SOURCE and TERRA!!! (All those hearts and stuff which my computer doesn’t have, or at least not that I have figured out. Har! again)

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  13. JUST A NOTE that won’t let go just now…
    @ [[ J! ]] (I’m shouting 🙂 ) I’m expecting at least one hugely extended patio, key lime pie and Latte party in the near ‘future’…
    just sayin’… 😀


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    1. Okay, so here it is after 3:20 AM on October 1st. I’m wide awake and in hyper-drive. So many bulbs to plant in so many places! So many trees and shrubs and perennials to plant in new places! It makes me giddy with tears of joy. BTW, I suspect angels love key lime pie, too. Whew! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest,maybe I can go back to sleep and resume my beauty rest.

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  14. Earlier today, in the late afternoon, I went upstairs to meditate and I believe I made it up to the top of the steep hill in the meditation. I saw the setting sun reflecting off the golden glory of AA Michael’s battle armor as I reached up to ring the bell. It was a clear, crisp “Ding!” though not overly loud. Down in the valley below there was/is a village and I sensed that people I know and love are there. I finished, came downstairs, made myself dinner and just discovered this. I was going to ask you if I indeed had “made it.” Lo and behold, WE ALL HAVE! ❤ ❤ ❤
    So, I will have to re-read this in order to absorb and try to understand how it will work. But I have been ill and I have a medical procedure scheduled early next week and I am wondering if I should go ahead with that or call to cancel. Since we don't know when this shift will begin. I don't expect you to know or answer. I don't think I want to spend our 16 days of reset in a medical setting.
    My birthday and that of two of my children is Halloween weekend. If I understand this correctly, we will mark that date on Terra and with Christmas decorations. Thank you, Source!! Thank you, Terra!! We are ONE! What a wonderful world Terra will be!

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    1. I was wondering about some medical things myself. It’s time for my annual eye exam, blood work, etc., but it all feels unnecessary at this point. Even two of my pets are soon due for checkups, but such things seem like something of the past. Not sure what to do just yet…

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        1. I’m planning a birthday trip mid December to Coronado, CA. I love my friends, but I don’t want to live groundhogs day over and over again with one of my friends husbands. 😇

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    1. Minky/Tinky Love the Trees/telephone poles. I caught Minky sitting on a pole top once. Neighbor mistook Tinky for a large Squirrel. Peace.

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  15. This will need several re-reads for understanding, but the important part that hit immediately is that ALL are going to TERRA!
    So if I read correctly and please correct as needed:
    Mind makes the Shift. ( I already asked Brother J to hold my mind and heart, then place as deemed necessary.)
    (1) Shift and Sort to where each is best served
    (2) 16 days in/on the rainbow bridge with memory lapse while humans unify and their consciousness’s are upgraded, Groundhog Day repeat for stragglers
    (3) Golden Rule installed for all, then practice of same with societal systems reset
    (4) Timelines return and diverge according to destination desired for growth
    We are love. We are light. We are one. Thanks Source and Terra for creating this outcome. Cay

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    1. I feel a bit ashamed to ask, because ‘Golden Rules’ naturally imply some importance.. 😀 but I have to ask, because I really don’t know: What is the Golden Rule?

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      1. All Rules must be made of Gold.

        Actually, it’s simple: Treat others the way you yourself want to be treated. And since other people are YOU… be nice to yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Forgive yourself, and others. And All Rules must be made of Gold.

        -CAT Eds.

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  16. ***Wow is right!***

    I almost can’t believe I’m reading this……….EVERYONE is going! THANK YOU SOURCE! THANK YOU TERRA!

    I will reread this many times for it to really sink in. The Rainbow Bridge 16 day period is awesomely genius – all aspects of it are PERFECT…….reboot, pre-install ‘Golden Rule’, no past memories or future plans………Love.

    CATs, M’s, Mendo CAT,and AM – you are and have been the Christmas gift to ALL of us here. Your sharing of knowledge, insight, true history, and most of all you fantabulous humor!
    We then share this with others consciously or unconsciously throughout our daily lives. I am honored to have found and be a part of the ***SOC** *community. Yes, there are no coincidences.

    A question: Since we (in the CAT community blog) are now aware beforehand what the SHIFT will entail during the 16 day period, will ‘ we ‘ have any memory during the 16 days that we ‘knew’ this before? Also, will sick/ill or disabled adults and children remain so after the SHIFT?

    So much to process…..thank you again for all you do!

    ***Much LOVE to ALL***
    .*. .*. .*.

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  17. Cat Eds. Source, Terra, Harold (& all the other Angels I thank you all from my heart. Tears flowing. Cute dinosaurs! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  18. Wow
    Source and Terra, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏
    Also thank you to Cats and everyone on this site for their hard work and help in making this happen, and keeping me on track

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  19. WOW! here we go!!
    Thanks Cats and everyone else who’s been radiating the light, this is awesome.
    Still trying to get my head around the logistics of all this but how it happens
    doesn’t really matter, trust the plan,TRUST IN SOURCE.

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  20. Oh CATs, How wonderful!!, I was excited!!

    What you say about those 16 days of adaptation resonates well with me.
    Somehow it reminds me of what I think happens after death.

    I have dreamed many times (at least 8 times) of known people who have passed away (even with pets),
    I always see them in their best physical moment, some with 25 years, others with 40, regardless of the age of death. But healthy, vibrant and happy.
    The place is similar for everyone. A wonderful college campus, with great bustle and activity.
    In some cases my acquaintances went to class (one of them to quantum physics and another to astrophysics (?)) And others were the teachers, a woman gave a sewing workshop and another in masonry. Another was in charge of designing gardens.
    Only in one of the dreams did one (the one who went to quantum physics) and who had been a dentist and my uncle in life, said to me: don’t think that this from Heaven is a contemplative life. We have to work and study a lot. But you are going to love it !!

    I knew they were dead, but their life was wonderful and enviable.

    Then in another dream when asking myself before going to sleep, how did one get to that state of health and recovery after many of them being old, sick and one with Alzheimer’s? I had a kind of revelation in dreams.

    After physical death, there is a period of readjustment, days or weeks, in which impurities or negative attachments (?) That have been added to us in life are removed. Our memory is cleaned, we are reset and we are returned to our pristine, clean original state. This is done by a team of “angels” or qualified recycling and resetting personnel.

    After that period we restart our life in what best suits our soul, but not as etheric beings, but as physical beings in a physical environment, very similar but not exactly the same as this.
    In which I understand that we have perfect health and without the needs or deficiencies that we know in this life.
    It was a long time since I thought about these dreams. I had them half forgotten. Your reference to that 16-day triage has brought them back to me.

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    1. All the people I have known who died when contacted by physics have been in their perfect state as adult form. X x

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  21. Ha ha ha @update 3, excellent.

    Who also knew that Angels like desserts?
    It must be an ‘Angel Delight!’.

    Don’t worry, I’ll get my own coat.


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    1. Mark.😹 Lol. Some watched The Fast Show. I loved Mark Williams sketches. Mostly I will be wearing purple!!!!😸💖

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  22. 🌈 🎉🙌💫❤️💐🌹❤️🌈 🎉🙌💫

    what a big surprise
    thank you cat’s for this huge christmas gift in october
    thank you SOURCE and brother J 🌈 🎉🙌💫

    well, than it fit’s with my jule dreams:
    september: asking a wise woman – (the cat’s dreams and visions)
    october: the great spiral in the sky – (the SHIFT)
    november: the house with an indoor pool with lights…. – (a new home)
    december: the great Pyramide the 1. …. I wanted to do a visit, but she was not there anymore – (The Allseing Eye is gone)

    🌈 🎉🙌💫so I am looking foreward to see y’all soon 🌈 🎉🙌💫

    Love Alnilam ❤️💐🌹❤️

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  23. Thank you all! This is so beautiful!
    And so needed, we’ve all worked so hard.
    We are all so exhausted and oh so ready.
    Thank you all! Love to all! ❤
    It makes me feel like dancing! *teehee* 😄

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  24. Just reading this with a delicious cup of morning coffee, sweetened with COCONUT SUGAR!

    SO, SO, SO much of this post is ringing so many bells in my Terran Heart, guys.

    I was lucid dreaming again last night, after not being able to get to sleep for AGES! I’d had a busy day and had almost fallen asleep whilst watching something on the Terravision. It was like I had an instant power nap for a few seconds then was wide awake again.

    Dreams included a previously undiscovered pool on the mountainside, two people I love (haven’t seen in years) running like the wind and laughing and other wonder stuff.

    I feel bubbliciuosly happy!

    Love love love… all we need is Love xxxxxxx

    Jaybird TerraHawk 🙂

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    1. Ladybirdbeau. You will probably sleep better if you take those cowboy boots off before you go to bed!😹💖💖💖

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  25. So what happens to the PTW, and all the horrible little negative beings? Will they be basically turned back to SOURCE? Or will they be in a Groundhog Day forever until they’ve learned their lessons?

    Also if anyone turns bad while on TERRA, what plans are in place to stop anything like we have now happening again?

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    1. We don’t care about the PTW, frankly.

      No one will “turn bad” on Terra. During The SHIFT, they will be UN-PLUGGED from SOURCE, reset, and RE-PLUGGED back into SOURCE. What you’re saying is a near impossibility. But if someone were to go off the rails, they’d be POOFed so fast it’d make your head spin. SOURCE and Terra aren’t messing around this time. Terra is a unique place in the Omniverse.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Is Mr. T considered part of the PTW, I wonder? You’ve said before that no world leaders make it to NE (now Terra), but that was before this lovely new development where everyone gets to go. After all the crap he’s had to deal with, it would be nice if he got to spend time with his family and follow his bliss. I understand he can make pretty nice buildings, and Groundhog Day might be able to fix the ego thing…..

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  26. What if we’ve all been in the groundhog day?
    Ever since I’ve been born, EVERYTHING gives me dejavu. When you say things have changed, I have an inner knowing that it has all happened as it’s meant to.
    It’s hard to explain, but essentially, from my perspective, to you the timeline has changed but to me the timeline hasn’t.

    It could be that we all are in our own bubble and once this is over we all end up on the other side together. The strange thing is I know I’ve already made the shift as well. so maybe I’ve “come back in time” (for lack of better wording) to help everyone.

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  27. Strange question…
    Why is it that whenever you say Terra or Source has done something, at least a few days earlier I have similar thoughts that mirror Terra’s and Source’s actions?

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  28. This is all so exciting!!! Nothing here on the old earth matters anymore. It will be such a relief to be freed of all the worries and anxiety that comes with this existence. True Peace will be upon us. Thank you all!
    On a side-note: October 4th has been on my radar recently. Something big occurring, like a major announcement, not sure what. It’s also the date that Pluto goes direct, a significant event.

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  29. Like everyone else, my first thought on reading this last night was, WOW!!!
    And then I celebrated by stealing my husband’s last two mini Almond Joys. At the time I was overtaken by the deliciousness and perfection of coconut. So I was quite happy to see the update this morning that angels like coconut, too. Nice to know we’ll still be able to enjoy it! ❤️

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  30. Hello all ~
    I came across this today, and find it carries a great many parallels to what we are feeling and discussing here on the blog. I thought some of you might like it too. I’ve excerpted it from the original:

    The future is not out there in front of us, but inside us.
    –Joanna Macy

    “We are in a space without a map. …we are on shifting ground, where old habits and old scenarios no longer apply. In Tibetan Buddhism, such a space or gap between known worlds is called a bardo. It is frightening. It is also a place of potential transformation.

    As you enter the bardo, there facing you is the Buddha Akshobhya. His element is Water. He is holding a mirror, for his gift is Mirror Wisdom, reflecting everything just as it is. And the teaching of Akshobhya’s mirror is this: Do not look away. Do not avert your gaze. Do not turn aside. This teaching clearly calls for radical attention and total acceptance….

    [Consider] three stories of reality …

    the first is “Business as Usual,” 

    The second is called “The Great Unraveling” …systems don’t just fall over dead, they fray, progressively losing their coherence, integrity, and memory.

    The third story is the central adventure of our time: the transition to a life-sustaining society. … to survive the first two stories and to keep bringing more and more people and resources into the third story. …we can [choose which story] to align with…… [this third story is] “the Great Turning”…the intention to serve all beings. … like a flame in the heart…

    It is no wonder that the bardo represents a place where the unknown, even the inconceivable, can happen and where we who enter are profoundly changed.

    When we dare to face [ourselves] … courage is born and powers within us are liberated to reimagine and even, perhaps one day, rebuild a world.”

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  31. dear Cat’s

    are we young again? ( thirty years old was someone telling)
    how is the clima? is it like on earth with north and southpool.

    how we can travell? long distance for example
    you told it will be a tough earth, does it means we have to start in the stone age?

    I have this questions and please give me an answer.

    thank you

    Love Alnilam 💖💖

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  32. This is very interesting! My meditation this morning… I was thinking about the shift and all 6 of my kids… and my granddaughter, and I asked J / Source to show me his love…

    I saw an image of me walking with my oldest son holding one hand and my younger son holding the other. Then my kids all grasped hands… the bond between us glowed golden light… and then other people came to join…

    It became a circle… and the light between all of us grew into the beautiful shape of a Mandela flower pattern… I was filled with so much peace and love. SOURCE was telling me, none of the people I love are being left behind.

    Then this morning I come here… and UPDATE 1 !!

    I’m filled with peace and so much gratitude today…

    ❤ kk

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  33. Can’t get this song out of my head. I’m feeling it’s a Twin Flame song/theme. I hope/I know I’ll meet her on Terra…on the beach…(oh, no…it’s another song…!). 😁😇

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      1. 3 days, yes. That’s about right! 🙂 I was like, do I post it or not? Then I was like, yes. Couldn’t stand it any longer. 😅😇

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      2. I have also been having this lovely “earworm” song of late! Not that we haven’t all been exercising our hill-climbing muscles … Chuckle!

        Gramma B.

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  34. I have no words. SOURCE and Terra are both flabbergastingly amazing!
    Yet this is – somehow – the way I originally envisioned it all happening: SOURCE ascending everyone besides the obvious troublemakers, holding our hand along the way.

    Thinking of it… I do have to thank SOURCE for my crazy high Insight score. I could always trust my sixth sense, no matter what.

    CATs… thank you for everything you do. I am truly blessed to have run into you guys and your blog a few years back.

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  35. Okay, here’s my casual observation this Oct. 1 morning: I went over to the cabin to visit with the muggles who are here for a brief visit. There is an undertone of excitement in the buzz of chatter. One of them remarked upon how she had no idea what day it is. Hmmm, thinks I, verrry interesting! And for Gardener it truly is Christmas in October. She is absolutely beaming because she has started planting the bulbs today. It’s her favorite time of the year. (I figure it will take her approximately 16 days to get them all planted) Har! Other than that I know nothing. Cheers

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  36. dear all my prescious friends

    I am so happy and feeling the calm and trust about what to come
    Thank’s to the amazing cat’s for the guidance

    I really don’t know why I came here and how…
    But now I am here with you all and together we shall go to the

    ❤️🌈🌟🌈❤️ RAINBOW BRIDGE ❤️🌈🌟🌈❤️

    Since 2012 I am dreaming about the Pacific Ocean and Polynesia
    so it’s the Call of Lemuria… it’s TERRA ❤️🌈🌟🌈❤️

    I also do not trust anymore the ET promise
    I prefer SOURCE ❤️🌈🌟🌈❤️ sweet Source and our father

    I told the news this morning to my husband….hm

    I am so eager to the start. I am the fool on the hill
    everything will be allright… on the hill I stay until source is calling us

    sorry for all my smileys, but I love them
    I love the colors and they help to express my feelings of LOVE
    and enthusiasm
    and now I go to bed and dream

    love Alnilam ❤️🌈🌟🌈❤️

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  37. Your angel is a chip off the old block because everyone knows:

    “Our Father, which art in heaven,
    Harold be thy name.”

    (Old joke, but had to do it. Apologies.)

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  38. I had a thought going through this ?morning? – that the term ‘Black Ice’ might become one of those common use things that no one knows how got started – Like a mental process or thought starts, then an inner moment of recognition occurs and the person takes a breath and thinks or says, “Oh, black ice thing” (or even without the word thing) and then release the breath, cleansed and relaxed – not even a bit of a ‘big deal’. I like it! … Centuries from now people trying to analyse the origin of the phrase usage – wouldn’t happen or even be necessary considering conditions, mental and otherwise on our new home, but it tickled me… still does…

    A good ‘day’ to you all – there was actually an extended period of family laughter in the apt last night, even without a huge meltdown at the end – YAY! I’m letting the energies feel more relaxed as well – OOPS, some distress just sounded from beyond my room – I asked for some volunteer soothing from helpful parties… breathe… 🙂


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  39. Hello all~
    I use the Ground Hog’s Day meme myself all the time.  A lot of people do.  The thought came:  “Wouldn’t it be interesting if the guy who wrote the Ground Hog’s Day movie script found himself in that situation, and then quickly figured it out.?”

    Well…. turns out HE DID.  Some pretty remarkable parallels here.  Must be parallel day.

    As I usually do, this is EDITED to best illustrate what I’m trying to show:
    love, friend

    “…He doesn’t remember how the idea first came to him. Danny Rubin was interested in what would happen to a man stuck reliving the same day over and over. Would he go crazy? Fall to his worst impulses? How many lifetimes would it take for someone to truly change?For Rubin, …[having the movie made] felt like Hollywood had recognized him for who he was, like it had realized what he could do. “It was like, ‘Finally,’ ” he says now. “ ‘This is where I belong.’ 

    ”And then it never happened again.

    Most people in this situation either quit the screenplay business or learn to compromise. Rubin did neither. He kept writing …But none of them were produced, …“It seemed true of all his projects that they would take out the part he found interesting,”  

    [But] People kept writing to Rubin to tell him what his movie was about.    At some point, he started leaning into it. [Then he was asked to write a musical out of the Ground Hog’s Day  story].

    “He’s a beautiful guy and a one-in-a-trillion really,” [Producer of the Ground Hog’s Day Musical], Minchin says. “He’s an incredibly gentle, sensitive guy, too good for the world he ended up in, too pure in his desire to write interesting things for Hollywood.”

    Where Hollywood had mostly disposed of him by the time shooting began on the film, [the Musical’s ] Minchin and Warchus saw him as a vital component all the way through workshops, rehearsals, and opening night.“In theater, the writer is supposed to be a participant. In fact, the writer is a primary participant,” Rubin says. “So if you’re a writer who’s spent 20 years being sidelined, to be allowed to be at the big-boy table — it was very satisfying.”

    “He’s really getting another chance,” his brother Michael says. “He is Phil! Go figure, he has made it, he’s lived through that, and he’s a better person and a cooler guy.”“It’s ironic, of course,” Minchin says, “that for him, it has come round again and he has to relive this, has to relive this story of reliving stories.”

    It’s about 15 minutes into the first preview show, and the actors have suddenly vanished from the stage. The audience murmurs. The curtain drops. Minutes go by in silence.

    Finally, Warchus comes out to make an announcement: Inside the stage, the complex mechanism that powers the production’s intricate onstage turntables — there are five of them, nestled within each other — has somehow broken down. It’s never happened before, and they don’t know how to fix it. The rest of the musical will be performed with the cast sitting on the stage in a row of chairs, and everyone in the audience will get tickets to a second show.

    The audience is, if anything, a little bit thrilled. The usual has been disrupted. They’re witnessing a one-off, an iteration of Groundhog Day that will never happen this way again.
    The one screenplay he wrote that he most wishes someone would make is called The Hanging Tale. It’s a Scheherezade Western: A man is on the verge of being hanged, and they ask him for his final words. He starts telling a story — the story becomes the bulk of the film, “full of adventures and cliffhangers,” Rubin said. “And then you cut back to the hanging and it’s night now and he’s still standing there with the noose around his neck, and they ask, ‘What next?’ 

    Eventually, the townsfolk postpone the hanging again and again, “until the story he’s telling teaches the town compassion and they let him go.”

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  40. And Cats, what about loved ones that we’ve lost (gone on ahead of us). Do they start reincarnating on the New Earth?

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    1. Hm. We don’t know. Hold onto that question. We’re a little all over the place at the moment. (CATs are upgrading NOW, to be of service right away… and it’s a bit much.) We do know that all those whom the reptoids were holding at the soul machine factory on that Tatooine-y planet near the middle star in Orion’s Belt have all been released, and the portal removed. So, that ‘go into the light’ thing is GONE. (The machinery had already been made inoperable by the SuperFriends a while back, but the spirits were still there; however, the spirits there were having a great time, so no worries.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I would like to know that too. My father, who I miss like crazy every single day! Love him more than anything! I want to see him on Terra. My great friends who passed years before. One friend committed suicide. She came to me and said it wasn’t what I thought. To this day, I wonder if she meant afterlife or how she died. My other friend who died in a car accident! my grandparents. I think of them daily.

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  41. Now when I was very young, I had a hearing problem and had to have medical stuff happen to make it better although I still hear lots wrong!

    This is the first time in 44 years that I realised it is actually:

    ‘God and Sinners reconciled’

    I thought it was:

    ‘God and Saviours reconciled’!

    And the hymn ‘Away in a Manger’

    I thought when I was a child, it was:

    ‘Away in a Manger, no CRISPS for a bed’!!!

    Hmmm, I did like crisps a lot, still do!

    Oh, and Blackpool tower was (sorry!) Black Poo Tower!

    I also (apparently) cried over a bit of bacon rind on the pavement thinking it was a dead worm, again, hmmmm, bad enough it was part of dead something else..!

    I also (apparently) went up to a deceased fly and said “You’re a nice little fellow but you’re dead”!

    To a very smartly dressed lady in a trouser suit with short hair in the 70’s, I went up to her and said ‘Hello man’!

    A lady with very furry boots (on the outside), I tugged on Mum’s coat and said “Why has that lady got Dog feet?’!

    Oh and the worst one! When I was about 5 years old, I told Mum and Dad I wanted to be a brain surgeon. They said ‘Oh, that’s lovely, is it because you want to help make people better?”

    I replied “I want to look inside their heads”! EEEEK

    I was very, very young!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙃❤️

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    1. Lovely Lily You Are a gift from God. So Glad to have conversed with You. Maybe We will All meet on Terrific Terra for J’s Latte’s. Peace.

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      1. You too Christopher ❤️ It has been an absolute pleasure ☺️ Yes, lets do that, latte’s on Terra! See you there!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. It Will be a day to remember w/J’s blessing. It was Eden(earth den), Now, It is Tden(Terra den). I See it through the trees. Peace.

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    2. You can always trust children to say the right thing at the right time 🙂 I’ve been told my son likes to ask people eating meat how the animals died, which is a perfectly reasonable question from my perspective of his.

      I’m a total crisp junkie at times, but have learned the hard way to keep them out of beds. Imagine that, wisdom in organized religion…


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      1. Sifoo ❤️ Your son sounds absolutely lovely, sounds like you will be seeing him very soon ☺️

        What is it about crisps? Why are they sooooo good!

        Much Love & Light ❤️☀️❤️

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  42. Cats and All:

    Thank you for this most welcome and heartening news!! This would further explain the sheer joy and giddiness I saw in my Higher Self the other day – it was like she was in the middle of a flower made of light, smiling and laughing and trying to wrap her arms around me! We tried so hard to meet, but as she came closer to this density she became fuzzier in my vision until she was just a blob of light…

    So glad to be near the end of all these distractions – Peace and Unity, Love and Light, Here We ALL Come!

    Gramma B.

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  43. Wow! What an emotional day for me Today but in a good sense!

    When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to check on this blog – read again Update 1 – no, there’s no mistake, ‘Everyone is going to Terra’. 🙏 As the words sunk in, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

    I went downstairs to my favourite corner – to admire my garden but this time I really observed every tree and plant – thanking Nature. Then I my thoughts turn to TERRA and SOURCE and I thank them – next thing I knew, tears were rolling down my cheek.

    Tears of relief – that everyone is going to Terra, including my loved ones.
    Tears of joy – for Terra’s BIG heart to include everyone.
    Tears of gratitude – for SOURCE taking over the home stretch.

    When I opened my ACIM Book for Today’s Lesson, I couldn’t believe what I was reading 😳 – every phrase in Today’s Lesson rings truth to CATs latest posting. (My apologies in advance for those who haven’t reach this ACIM Lesson yet but I just wanted so much to share Today’s Lesson. I’ll try to be discrete:)

    “I thank my Father for His gifts to me’’
    – Today let us be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and to smoother roads … no thought of turning back …..a bit of wavering …. But you can well be grateful for your gains, which are far greater than you realize.
    – A day devoted now to gratitude …. (needless to say, I was saying Thank You very often today)
    – He will bless your gifts … they grow in power and in strength, until they fill the world with gladness and with gratitude.

    For the first time in ACIM Course, I said ‘Amen’ after I finished Today’s Lesson. 😇

    Much Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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  44. So, a question. After the the move to Terra, will we remember this life now and those we know and love? Will we have to search for our current family members or somehow wind up in close proximity to them? No doubt we have far-flung family from distant star systems that we will want to meet and be reunited with. What an amazing scenario! We will surely have to develop telepathy for communication. So much to learn and absorb. So GRATEFUL to you all for the last two years that I have spent in your community, to Terra, to Source, all the angels, HOBs and others that I have forgotten to mention. We are ONE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. During the 16 Days, not really… afterward, yes.

      As for the ETs… we’ll explain later, but only HOBs will be allowed on Terra, and only extremely vetted ET ambassadors from Positive civilizations. Terra has protection like no planet, ever: SOURCE protection. It’s never happened before.

      -CAT Eds.

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  45. I find my self in a secondary school training to be a teacher at a remarkable time. I have been analysing the ‘system’ and logically assessing why, is it needed, how could it be better.. then I hear brendas blog about the rebuilders..
    I am 48.. I had never considered teaching until last year really. It came out of the blue.. I followed my inner guidance. I trusted. I am a natural rebel. I hate repression and I feel the children are repressed and there has to be a better way. The system is very broken. I know children like routine and a safe enviroment. But it can go too far. Every secondary school as far as I have seen in England, has a blazer and tie as a uniform.. so stiff and uncomfortable. And adults march about barking out uniform reminders. I always longed to be able to wear my own choice of clothes at school. It felt a very ‘french’ artistic way to be. Another alarming thing.. all the children of every age are currently being ‘assesed’ and given a grade in art?? How can you grade an 11 year old for creativity without stifling creativity?
    I asked myself why am I here? What is my role? Why was I sent? Now I think I have my answer. I am a rebuilder. I am here to oversee the changes these children need for a brighter future.. a tiny cog in the wheels of change. There must be so many of us 🥰 we can all build this better world after the shift.

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