After The SHIFT

Lots of people have been asking for more details on what to expect in the very near future. Here’s what we know at present.

After The SHIFT

The NE is more aware than anyone just who and what she is importing into her new home. And she has no intention of allowing any muddy feet on her doorstep, much less inside the door. To that end, through some feat of cosmic engineering, there is a ‘reception area’ for the NE, “Groundhogville,” a kind of middleground 4d-staging area created for this purpose. There, in case anyone is fretting about the guest list, we have the opportunity to revisit any grumbling (Black Ice) forgiveness issues still kicking around, and at the same time expand our own imaginative hearts, which will in turn make this growth so much easier for the super-sleepy ones. Or not.

A visit to Groundhogville can last a day, or a millennia — or more, given the individual. Think if it as an open-ended Rehab. Whatever a person is doing the moment prior, that simply continues on… still brushing teeth… still driving car, etc. Our surroundings will look the same. SOURCE will put some ‘updates’ in our minds so we’ll already know how to function without ‘money’ there. There will be no wallets, or purses or coin jars, no receipts or invoices or statements… nothing to require “what is this for?” If someone was in the middle of online ordering, which won’t exist since neither will corporations or digital fund transfers, the person will be doing something else; the item being ordered will either already be in place, or the need/want for it no longer there.

All past memories will be gone, and a brand new temporary memory will begin in their place. However, we will not forget how to drive a car, or use a computer, etc.  We will recognize the people familiar to us, as usual. We will remember the answers if in the middle of taking an exam, still remember our endless passwords, even the ones you previously had forgotten.  Should someone be in the middle of a life-threatening situation (like open heart surgery, or being attacked), the circumstances prior and following will alter a bit to prevent any harm, and whatever drama is involved (including psychological trauma in progress), the circumstances will immediate downshift into a more harmonious situation . There will be no shock, no disorientation, no stepping off of cliffs, etc.  

The slums and war-torn areas will simply not be. All the people who were living there will instead find themselves in simple villages that would fit their time and place in 3d, but CLEAN, more verdant, sturdy, waterproof, warm, etc.  Things will improve from there.  It might be an easier transition for these people who live so close to the land already.
Gives new meaning to the phrase, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

AND it will all seem quite normal. Nothing will at first seem any different. Gradually, stuff will morph itself into the NE reality, allowing us to get used to our remembered SOURCEness and psychic abilities, etc., at a natural and comfortable pace. Should we turn the corner on the way to the market and find ourselves face to face with a fairy, in conversation with a talking tree, or greeting an estranged spouse with delight and open arms, it will all seem entirely familiar. Although each day will be the regular length of 24 hours, ‘time’ however… may not ‘move’ in the same… format.

All the trash heaps, strip-mined land, acid-rain lakes, smog… all gone. As you’ve read in previous posts, the air will be extraordinarily fresh and clean, there will be a brightness about nature, and let’s all keep filling in the picture with our BEST Imaginations.

Now It Gets Complicated

At the end of a period of time, all will go to the NE. While a few might go early, the main group will STEP on NE together (despite the fact that the time technically took place ON the NE… kinda)… and be wherever SOURCE and NE want to put them (given our preferences, of course). But… those who need extra Groundhogville treatment will repeat the same day till they learn their lessons and are ready to move on… where they will then STEP on the NE together with all the rest of us and not remember the time it took to do all that work they just did. If some turn out to need extra attention, or are misbehaving, there are other places people will wind up, going where they are best served.

That’s enough for today. We’re tired.

93 thoughts on “After The SHIFT

  1. Love, LOVE the humor cats (the nine-tails was hilarious). And the love from Terra and SOURCE is amazing in these plans… Thank you for sharing, this continues to humble me, I’m only starting to grasp just how amazing this is (that word seems to weak to me….)

    Much gratitude to all for this!

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  2. Thank you, you must all be really Blooming knackered!

    Sending a ‘good’ cup of coffee and a very soft lavender pillow through the ethers

    Oh, and of course a ton of gratitude…🙏

    Love and a Snuggly Bed ❤️💤❤️

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      1. Angela ❤️ Thanking you very muchus! What an amazing month this is going to be!

        I am wondering if there will be a Schroedingers Other CAT blog on Terra?☺️

        Much Love ❤️🌈❤️

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      1. Duganknows ❤️ That would be lovely 😊

        I went to a private girls school for two years from age 12. I left because I felt like I didn’t fit in there. I used to run x country and 800m and won an inter (posh) school race. My PE teacher told me off for saying I was knackered which I purposely said with a strong cockney accent! She corrected me and told me I should say I was very tired or weary lol!

        Terra will be so much fun, I can’t wait 😊

        Much Love & Chuckles 😉❤️☺️

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      1. Alnilam 🙏 Yes, it will be a very special day for billions of people, wow, imagine the size of the cake!

        So much Love ❤️🌈🏔🌈❤️

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  3. I have been wondering what happens to the people in jails (specially the ones that are guilty, the rapists, the career-criminals, people that committed nasty murders, etc.), people with mental deficiency (born that way or that got that way for whatever reason), the drug/alcohol addicted ones. Will they go to another place/planet like the PTW?

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    1. Some will get POOFed. Some will go to a special part of Groundhogville. Some will be in a high security section run by… the Space Police, yikes. Word of advice: Don’t sass the SP. They have no sense of humor. At all. Don’t mess with them.

      Addicted ones get the consciousness upgrade like all the rest of us, then Groundhogville till they’re better.

      People who are sick or impaired or severely abused are already on the Bridge to Terra. There were about 1.6B of them. They get special treatment.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Good! It will be a relief to have a fully functioning body again. Quite frankly it has become quite tedious dragging my left side around for these past 16 years. I wondered which would happen first-physical death or restoration of body. Yaaay!! So now it’s time to cross the bridge.

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      2. I have been sick for so long with fibromyalgia/CFS and now cancer. I live in my bed for the most part. It has been so hard to live with people who don’t believe you, doctors who tell you you don’t look sick or abuse you, family who can’t understand, some who actually hate you or call you lazy. Years of trying to work, to function as a normal human being but watching people look at you funny or make fun of you when your body fails you yet again. It was something I never wanted that made it so hard to go on. Days of crying at work from pain, finally my body giving out and being unable to work. Not feeling sorry for myself, just saying what it was like. So many nights I wondered how long I could go on or if I would someday end my life because of too much pain. Source always said I would be healed and I have been waiting for years now since I was told that. I was told my friends who are sick would be healed too. I wondered how this would happen.

        You just made me cry tears of relief.

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        1. SerendipitySky, it is very real.

          I live with someone who has suffered with these diseases. I see them suffer, and live on a roller coaster of depression and pain.

          Well guess what, NO MORE!!!

          Imagine, having the energy, the enthusiasm, the mobility once again… we are al so close!

          Hang in there ❤👊🌈


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      3. I wonder about the elites and personnel connected to the trafficking that Trump is going after any of them get in? I sure hope not even under guard I wouldn’t trust them.

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      4. OMG! Thank you! Thank Source! I’ve been bedridden for a year and the only thing that gives me hope is knowing I am on a trajectory to a higher dimensional world. It’s so bizarre knowing I have a Source suit, wings and yet just can’t get out of bed (yet). I have made little improvements but obviously I want to run, to soar, to live the life I see in my mind! I needed this. *tears of joy* ❤

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  4. We Are The Laughter/Light/Love/Truth/One With Gratitude. Thank You w/Love, to All here for helping Me through such an unusual journey. I Am in Perfect company. YOU ARE THE BEST! (no matter what Your parents say) Here comes the Sun! Peace.

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    1. Indeed, Christopher! Goosebumps and tears to hear this perfect combination of songs. We ARE Homeward Bound as Here Comes the Sun! I also feel that we are in Perfect Company. ❤ ❤ ❤ We are blessed!

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    2. ~ ah Christopher ~ that music is JUST perfect for right now. Thank you so much for passing it our way. The ‘Peace’ is palpable.
      love, friend

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    3. Thank you Christopher, that was beautiful. I sing a few verses of “Here Comes The Sun” every morning as I watch it rise. 🌞

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  5. I’m kinda’ thinkin’ that this works for me! (See if this statement wins the award for the best understatement of the day. Har!)

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    1. I’ve been doing this for all my long years as a designer of gardens (since 1971) It was always frustrating in 3D. It would sometimes take weeks to accomplish and then the plants would need more years of growth to achieve my vision , when in my head they would happen instantaneously. It’ll be a delight to have this function to be up and running again. Again I say yaaay!

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    2. do you mean humans will be able to imagine things and they become a reality? Hence we will not have to do any physical rebuilding or restructuring or changing on terra? We can imagine a garden of vegetables and it is there? Sounds too easy 😂🥰 If we are stuck in ground hog day will this be life as we know it continuing on and on and seeming like reality just continues? As we learn.

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      1. Actually you could have an instant garden, or instant growth. Say you want a salad with romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes, no matter what time of year. Through your intentions and love you will be able to harvest the same day you plant the seed as time will not exist the way it does now. There is an amazing abundance of everything on Terra.

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      1. Thanks Angela and Christopher! It was a nice relaxing day with long phone calls from 2 old friends I haven’t seen in ages! And a beautiful Fall day to boot! 🙂

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  6. I’m wondering…
    Will the ‘Groundhog Day’ Be a single day that repeats for 16 days or will it be 16 days that repeats until the lessons are learned? And will we notice that we’re repeating the same time period over and over?

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      1. My intention is to loving beautiful things every day going forward so I don’t end up taking leaves or cleaning the toilet for 16 days!😄 I meditate at sunrise every day so will definitely continue that so it will be a part of the repeat.

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    1. I am also wondering if we will notice that we are repeating the same day.. as that would be freeky 😂 im guessing not. If we carry on for 100 years will we then not agree. It’s all such a mind bender.

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  7. wow, slowly getting hyped as well. Hopefully long distance travel will be easier as well. My girlfriend is Thai and all this VISA stuff and especially this year the travel restrictions are a real big bother. And seeing such a change in my lifetime would be wonderful.

    Also nice with the longer lifespan. More time to refine my current incarnation.

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  8. thank you for all this good news
    2014 I was reading the book The New Earth from Eckart Tolle
    I was sitting in a coffe shop in Maui in Vahaina. But it was not this
    what I have expected.

    To hear from the cat’s about Terra is f a s c i n a t i n g !

    Love Alnilam 🌟🌈❤️

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  9. I noticed that today the sun is incredibly bright, so bright that I almost could not discern its round shape, I wish the beautiful day to everyone 🙏✨

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  10. “Here, Spike. You’ve dropped your brick…” hee hee.

    To think, a soul could be learning a lesson for a millennium, then cross over to Terra 5d with the main party still within the allotted 16 day adjustment phase, utterly mind boggling! And yet, to me, it still seem perfectly plausible, weird.

    This 16 day period sounds like a window of great healing for everyone on every level. What a gift! Imagine, coming out of it, as brand new, untainted, with all cynicism, self doubt, illness, neurosis’, fear, judgments, etc, etc, etc, all GONE! We get to start anew, our unblemished blueprints, free from negative influences. Good GOD above, where will we end up, this empowered without impedance??? Project Terra will be the epitome of magnificence without restraint.

    This also seems spookily familiar. This amnesia thing, and easing back out of it. Natural almost. I suppose it’s like gaining lucidity within a dream, or waking from a dream.

    I wonder if we will have our memories restored of how dark it got here on Earth? If so, how would that affect us individualy and collectively? And I wonder if we will have our collective memory fully restored regarding our past relationships with beings such as the Sasquatch, Fae etc. That for me is irresistibly enticing.

    One area we haven’t discussed in depth is how we will feel, physically, emotionally, psychologically. I think I have a very good idea on this, and if I’m right, we will probably still be wearing a permagrin even whilst sleeping…

    Thank you CATS once again for your tireless efforts and guidance. You have been a rock to cling to, literally. I hope your tiredness for once is at least a happy tiredness x


    P.S. Those space police remind me of Judge Dredd!

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  11. Just saying, Hi

    Been sleeping TONS – feeling very peculiar when awake – there were a bunch of times waking sightly thinking – ‘wonder what day THIS is…’ then falling back asleep – family energy feels a bit better , I think.
    Being pulled back to sleep – I tried to keep up reading comments
    feel very weirdly differently exhausted, odd… can’t describe…

    love to all…


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  12. I forgot to add the best bit about Terra, I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts. Hopefully my selfishness will be obliterated too!

    The best bit will be our children living in a world free from all danger and negativity. Imagine how they will flourish and bloom. What wonders they will be able to create…

    And I won’t ever misplace my keys anymore, because we won’t need to lock anything, ever AGAIN ha ha ha!


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  13. Groundhog Day: Episode1- I TTMB last night shortly after 8:00 ’cause I was bone-tired weary. When I awakened this morning I looked at my battery powered alarm clock and it read 7:00. I got up feeling rested. I immediately logged into this very site and imagine my surprise when the computer clock said 2:00. I then I turned on my phone-it agreed. So I went hmmm. I replaced the battery in the clock and went back to bed. Okay, here’s where I got a chuckle-the alarm clock showed 7:00 when I got up this morning for real, Welcome to Groundhog Day episode 1 Har! (Note to self: Pay attention to the details- you might learn something)

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  14. “The best bit will be our children living in a world free from all danger and negativity. Imagine how they will flourish and bloom. What wonders they will be able to create…”
    Yes, Mark! OH HAPPY DAY! For me, that will be the greatest gift. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I would not mind being 25 yrs younger physically, but can continue with this body if no further aging occurs. 😉

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  15. Today during my afternoon nap, I thought of the sweet Source and I was immediately overcome by a feeling of deepest gentle love.

    That made me very happy and shows me very clearly that I am in the right place (up there as a fool on the hill)

    I am amazed that the ET’s take up less and less space in my life (that has been going on for quite a while) and now they are not important to me. I don’t really get it, since I am supposed to be the commander in a spaceship myself. That was my firm, unshakable belief that is now dissolving like a mist in the wind of change.

    So much has changed in the last few months: if I was still meditating with Kadoisch Kadoisch Kadoisch Elohim Tsebayot, it has disappeared for a few weeks. Visions of sacred geometry, pyramids and merkabas have disappeared. Since July there is only the new earth Lemuria.

    And it’s this glowing love that brings me there too, I know that. It is a knowing!

    Love Alnilam 🌟🌈❤️

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    1. Same here, I was in indirect communication with them, I wrote you about it (not with my group, but…), for a year now and after one big disagreement few days ago I decided to leave all that behind me, I deleted all off my links in my browser related to ET’s, and I felt such a relief after that, it was meant to happen I guess 😉✨

      And beside, what is the best place to be for our soul growth in whole Universe then here on Terra, this beautiful new and improved special place, no place better then Terra to be on, right now, right here 👍✨


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  16. I am really looking forward to some positive
    physical changes, that I have had to live with,
    as a result of aging. That and getting rid of
    ants 🐜 They have been crazed lately…..the
    worst attack I have had since living here for
    21 years. I hope to be able to feel better and
    be able to help others on Terra in any way that
    that I can. There are so many wonderful
    possibilities for all of us!

    With love ❤️ to all,


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    1. Coriboy ❤️ I am with you on the insect thing, anything that bites lol!

      I’m not sure what is going on with me but a couple of weeks ago I started getting these really strange, large red spots on my legs and then on other parts of the body. They all went really flat but are still there. Could be bites, bit Elsie does not have any…

      I could just be run down..Never had anything like it before but I do wish it would clear up ☺️

      Yes, how wonderful to return to the most perfect state of health we have ever been in, perhaps even more so…Wow!

      I’m not very old but I feel it and my health is pretty awful. I’ve been seeing faint rainbows, like really wide water colour rainbows in the sky for some time now and wonder if this could be the rainbow bridge that J has mentioned…

      May we all be celebrating soon ❤️

      So much Love 🙏🌳🌈🌳🙏

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      1. Lily, It feels like the insect attacks and
        other strange physical conditions are the
        last attempt of the opposition to hold us
        back and make us feel discouraged. We
        just have to keep our thoughts on Terra
        and how we will be able to live joyfully in
        a beautiful, peaceful world without all of these problems.

        Happy upcoming birthday! 🎁 🎂🍰🧁
        Have a wonderful happy day!

        With lots of love ❤️ to you and Elsie,

        Pamela/ Coriboy

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        1. Thank you Pamela/Coriboy ❤️

          Elsie and I opened the caramel cupcakes a day early, anyone fancy a nibble? 😊

          They are amazingly delicious considering they are gluten free! They have little gold caramel bits on top of the caramel icing mmm! Really gorgeous with a mellow cup of oat milk coffee!

          Lots of Love & Light & Caramel Cup Cakes


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          1. Hi Lily. Have a grand Birthday tomorrow lovie. You deserve it. May lots more cupcakes come your way.💐🎂🍰 Oh and a lot less rain. What a soggy Birthday Eve!💖💖💖

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  17. If my wife and I are very attached and we are aware of the event and everything related, will they still separate us?

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  18. I went through the night with many wakings and ‘what day’ question – always a progressively higher #, though some numbers were skipped – many difficult energies at times – no words that would describe them – the last time I woke with the highest # and a small smile – I don’t care if this was some personal mental ‘rehearsal’ or real in some way – I have my little smile and that’s enough.
    I’m glad there will be relief for my daughter and her partner – he has pretty bad PTSD from family treatment and his previous very abusive wife (which I think can be harder for men to deal with emotionally) and pretty advanced alcoholism – pairs up which a large degree of LACK worldview that my daughter operates from paired with a number of physical and emotional conditions – not telling tales, just very happy that they can experience relief and a different existence elsewhere in their own respective journeys. This mornings family energies reflect these conditions – with the kindest most beneficial wishes for them, and the children, and release of any ‘black ice’ concern, I leave them in SOURCE’S and Terra’s’ hands’. (she wanted to be added there…)

    I will keep my small smile… and ‘little dog’ – whose name is Lia – which in looking the meaning up the other day, means in Greek – “bearer of good news” or in Hebrew is “languid, relaxed” – both fit her admirably…

    See you all on the other side – can’t wait for J’s patio party. 😀

    Love to all,

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    1. oops… ‘pairs up WHICH – ( should be WITH) – a large degree of LACK, ” don’t know if it was my mistake or computer – oh, well…


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  19. I’m sorry if I seem rude but as you said the guides are a bit apart, we could not have children and brother J promised my wife that he would be a mother and precisely in these days the opportunity to adopt arose and then it seemed that she was pregnant and with him change we don’t know what will happen and if they separate us it is a bit confusing. greetings to everyone from Mexico

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  20. I am telling my peeps…

    There will be a worldwide epiphany
    When it occurs…

    They look at me funny.

    I am not looking forward to ‘forgetting’ everything I’ve learned these last months and years.

    I’m hoping that the ‘internal memory’ holds fast.

    There are many voids in knowledge that need to be filled in.

    LOVE to ALL

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    1. Cloudradio. I’ve got used to folk thinking I’m barmy. Water off a duck’s back nowadays.🙄
      If I understood correctly our memories will be missing during the 16 days and if they are not there, well we won’t miss them. Then they will return when we go to Terra – maybe with a few tweaks for our highest good? Who knows.
      Enjoy the process.🤗😊🌈💖

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  21. Just came from walk with a dog, it is cloudy night outside, but I could see just a few stars, and there is a big rainbow halo around the moon, like we are not in Kansas any more ?!

    Also, for a last two days I am feeling the pressure mainly on the right temple, but sometimes on both, some big download in progress or what, anybody else ?

    Also one off my post is missing, again, feeling like in twilight zone, but there is the light there 😉✨

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    1. Yes lots of pressure round head, neck and spine, plus my eye has been weirdly vibrating. My teeth and cheeks also feel very odd. It’s very windy here in the UK, winds of change!

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  22. CATs is tobacco smoking an addiction that would keep one in groundhogdayville? I struggle off and on with it, and it’s back on now with the evacuation, I’m ashamed to say.

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  23. Hello all ~ this is another good one to consider. And SHORTER! 🙂
    love, friend

    “…Chrysalises both inspire and baffle me. The thought that a caterpillar can crawl into a sac made of its own body and dissolve its form and come out as a butterfly is a cliched image of transformation, but holy crap. Stop for a moment and really think about that. Does the caterpillar know this is going to happen? If it does that shows some tremendous trust. If it doesn’t, then that shows some incredible courage. It just hangs out there, isolating itself from the rest of the world and changing in ways it can never understand.

    Does a caterpillar see a butterfly and go “that will be me one day?”

    So yes, we are all heading into our chrysalises. We have all climbed into our cocoons and are waiting for the imaginal discs to come into play and elongate and grow into our new ways of being. We might be here for a long time, and learn some things. We are entering an interregnum that will be as big a challenge as any that humanity has faced.

    Have some empathy for the caterpillar who creates its chrysalis and becomes a pupa. It may believe that this is now how things are, and meanwhile, at an unconscious level, the imaginal discs are swirling about in its corporeal soup, with a different idea about what it is to become.

    Inside the chrysalis, your ideas about yourself dissolve and life itself takes over. Watch for the small signals, watch for what happens at the edges. Amplify the acts of kindness and possibility that you see in your community and your personal life. Document and grow the new practices you discover be they helpfulness, attention, curiosity, or competence. Stifle the urge to seek cortisol hits from triggering events and social media that make you angry, or the outrage merchants that still crave a hold on your consciousness. Instead, cocoon yourself and study your imagination.

    Into the goo, friends….”


    Excerpted from here.

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    1. Friend ❤️

      That is beautifully put, thank you ☺️

      Elsie and myself are absolutely, undeniably, contained very much so (at the moment) in a very interesting bubble of goo! 😉

      So much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  24. And I like this one too:

    “…We are strange creatures, hope reminds me: again and again we are made by what would break us” ~ Krista Tippett

    love, friend

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  25. Clearly I have Transformation smack dab in the front room of my mind!

    Two more, then I’ll stop.

    love, friend

    “…Part of the beauty of Transition is that it’s all an experiment. I don’t know how to do it. Neither do you. …Bringing about the world we want to live in, the world we want to leave to our children is, substantially, the work of the imagination, … ‘the ability to look at things as if they could be otherwise’.”     From What Is to What If  –by Rob Hopkins

    “Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.” –Martha Beck

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  26. I hope to unite with all you beautiful people on Terra. This blog, the Cats and commenters have been a source of sanity and upliftment since I started coming here. I am almost in tears reading this page (in a good way) sometimes. I feel I have made so much personal progress from following this blog and the ripple effect has been huge. There are no proper words. I read every post and just about every comment. Thank you all for being a part of this. Much, ove for you all.

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  27. CATs you said there will be no CAT blog on Terra, and you will be off on another mission. Will we get to meet you in person to offer our thanks and give you a hug? (Promise it won’t be a stinky smoker hug. Habitual use of any substance keeps you out of 5D is what I got.) Or contribute by helping you on the next mission? We must be driving you nuts with all these questions, like happy inquisitive toddlers.

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  28. I just remembered this song is an ACTUAL thing – Soooo, everyone who has had a recent birthday or an upcoming one or who has ever HAD a birthday,lol 😀 –
    This one is for you – including Terra – Happy Birthday!


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  29. The shift can’t happen soon enough tbh. Do you still see yourselves not being on 3D earth in November?

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  30. Amanita I know you meant much love. And back at ‘cha with that! As it came out, much ove, it reminded of a favorite book, A Man Named Ove. A hilarious and heart warming read I’d recommend to everyone. Yes may there be much Ove!
    (I wrote this twice because I think the 1st post failed.)

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  31. Cat(s),

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

    You have shared MORE valuable information than any other site I have seen.

    WE can only imagine the depth of effort that you’all put into these reports in general. In THIS case, we are really nothing less than GREATEFUL.

    WE do need to take the details you share and work with them in our own interior space.

    YOU have done the most amazing job for what must be negative compensation.

    WE really do Love and Appreciate the hard working Cats.

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  32. Thank you everyone for your B’day wishes. Thought I would say one BIG thank you here instead of lots of little ones! 🙏🌻❤️🌻🙏

    Had a bit of weird day with a slightly rubbish ending and am now feeling pretty awful.

    Woke up feeling very unwell, my UC is really flaring up at the moment, and I am just exhausted trying to look after Elsie with it all. Mum came over which was lovely. We both did some drawing with Elsie and Mum offered to finish painting Elsie’s bedroom whist I entertained Elsie. It’s just a bit of wall I didn’t get around to but as always I ended up painting instead as I am a bit bad a letting anyone do these sorts of jobs for me.

    Had some kale and spinach soup for lunch (big mistake) which just made my symptoms worse. Also had fried rice for dinner which my body was not best pleased about and I ended up lying down for a bit after with stomach pains. Daft Mummy…

    This evening, Elsie really did not want to sleep and refused to lie down in bed. She wanted to lean back against me and rock which I tried to do, but she started screaming. I told her I would have to leave the room if she screamed as it hurt mummy’s ears (it can be really loud and really high pitched!)..Anyway this went on for a while and I just about had enough, really tired and just wanted to go and sit down. I ended up letting out a rather big scream myself which I think surprised both of us. Bedtime ended on a really crappy note but Elsie has fallen asleep…

    Sometimes I wonder if I need to be a bit firmer, rather than walking on eggshells all the time trying keep her happy, then getting so exhausted I ‘pop’ from absolute fatigue. Maybe I need to just say ‘no’ sometimes…Feeling sorry for her as she is going so stir crazy with everything and can’t find a release. The net swing she loves at the lovely country park is off limits because of everything so she is getting little sensory feedback. I tried a few times to pick her up and swing her around but think I nearly killed myself in the process, she is taaaaall for her age…

    Oh boy what a blooming day…Apologies for being down in the dumps.

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🌈❤️🙏

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    1. We ALL have good and bad days, everyone does. Often I myself feel I’ve let myself down badly. What’s frustrating, is that you try to be the best version of yourself all day, but for one moment, external input can completely unravel all of your efforts! The key is self forgiveness.

      I used to admire monks in monasteries and such like. I’d look on in awe at their virtue, their compassion, their calmness and patience. But now I see them as frauds LOL (There of course many exceptions, this is an analogy to highlight lifes trials and tribulations, so take a chill pill!). Anyone who lives a life of solitude or in a bubble like a monastery, protected from all of lifes challenges and upheavals, are hiding from life. Based upon this type of existence, everybody could be a Saint!

      But real life isn’t easy, its bloody hard, especially when you have children, even more so when they are children with special needs. You are doing bloody brilliantly, Lily, and you should be well proud. The same goes for everyone else. We fall, we pick ourselves back up, we soldier on, despite often just wanting to stay down.

      Let’s hope soon, all of our days have less falls, significantly so.

      Mark x

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      1. Mark ❤️

        Thank you so much for your kind, honest words, really have helped and made me pick myself up and brush myself off again. I am sometimes hesitant in posting about our struggles but I am very glad I did, it’s amazing what a few soul felt words from a friend can do, thank you from my heart to yours 🙏

        Onwards and upwards even though we may still stumble a little yet…😉

        Much Love & Light 🙏❤️🙏

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