Stop reading all this crap — from everyone. Stop thinking about everything all the time. Stop asking about the future. Just G+P+C and meditate. Meditate the old-fashioned way, as per the primer. Forget everything else. No fancy names. Develop your Protections. Be tough. If you see something in a dream, a vision, a meditation, see something that’s sketchy or makes you feel weird, hit it with the mantra. Listen to your own counsel. STOP listening to anyone else — including us. Be yourselves. Throw your spiritual weight around. Unicorn says something odd? Walk away. See a lizard? Light it up. See an ET? Tell them to GO HOME. See something that wants to mire you in the Illusion? It’s your funeral. Enough, already.

This is not difficult. Get off the carousel and take a seat. Meditate. Wait for The SHIFT WHILE LIVING YOUR LIVES, but who cares when it comes? We’re losing interest. In the meantime, be decent people. Live RESPONSIBLY, with love for all, like it’s your last day on earth, and everyone’s your family. Who cares about the rest?

We’re done here.

If SOURCE, or any HOBs want us, they know how to contact us. If SOURCE wants to give us all a hug… we’ll take it.


Psst… we haven’t stopped. We just wanted YOU to pause and go within. We haven’t gone anywhere — not yet, anyway. Less is more.

FYI, a Big Bad is now down. And trapped. And powerless. London and the UK have been been bubbled. DC has been bubbled. Vatican City has been bubbled. (Antartica was bubbled a while ago.) End of the line.

A new thought: How might you be of service to SOURCE?



  • Until further notice, please ground to the “New Earth.” Don’t use a name. (Forget the “Terra” thing for now.)
  • Time is very fluid. Some people are in the SHIFT NOW. There really is no “16 Days” — it was a metaphor and we didn’t know it. GroundhogDay is going on right now for some.
  • Watch that you don’t get mislead by disinfo.

186 thoughts on “STOP ~ [UPDATE2]

  1. What’s going on outside off Earth, either the Earth is spinning faster, or the time is flowing differently ?!

    I just came in after walking the dog, and almost immediately I saw one bright light moving, and I was thinking friends in patrols, but then I noticed that the moon is also visibly moving ?!

    It is a bit cloudy, so just to be sure that I am not going crazy, I assumed firm position under one tree, so I can lock on one tree leaf and the moon to verify this bizarre occurrences, but that just confirmed my first observation, but also, I could see that every other light in the sky is moving at approximately the same speed as is moon and that bright light, probably some star.

    Are we in that groundhog day collectively or this was for my eyes only, my groundhog day, or something else is going on, ohhhh, I felt like a fish in the bowl 🙃


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  2. Okay, sorry, just one more! My friend just sent me this, it really moved me. We used to be in a relationship when I was at university. I was very messed up at the time and he was just always so sweet to me. We are still good friends now…

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  3. Hello Cats & M’s 🙂 a major shift is underway … the Rainbow Bridge is a Musical Bridge & acts like a Musical Instrument Fine Tuning the 7 lower frequencies with the 7 higher frequencies, these adjustments will not happen all at once, its a step by step process as you attune to each higher frequency/tone. A human Harmonic Convergence 🙂

    On Monday I Dreamt of a Paper Clip … Source is holding it All together 🙂
    also has something to do with holding the timelines together … the Paperclip was created from One Source … time is becoming Timeless.

    Source was in action on Wednesday dealing with some unruly energy that was misbehaving badly lol wonder if its connected cats ?
    I dreamt I was beaming energy south last night 🙂

    “Terra” somehow reminded me of Venus … however there is a connection going on right now with Earth & Venus, I am no astrologist but there is some kinda of alignment occurring with the 2. there is a lot of LOVE flowing into New Earths Terra at the moment 🙂

    I am always in loving service to Source, I have walked solo for the last 15 years with Source right beside me … all is provided by Source … Source is the only source of information … Source is eternal living light and love reflecting who I am … Brother J and Source are One 🙂
    in May this year during gridwork Brother J popped out and said you haven’t forgotten me? I was a little perplexed and said are you kidding me, You and Source are One 🙂 there is a Source plan to his OmniPresence now awakening Magnificently in all our Hearts so he needs to be CLOSE to us all, especially during the mindless events we have had to continuously endure … the strength behind it all … the Arch in architecture is Opening the Heart with loads of Support from above/source … the mind surrenders and trusts in the power of Love.

    Love is the Key that Opens the Heart!

    Love and Source Hugs to All

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  4. After I grounded myself in New Earth, expanding myself to be massive and holding New Earth in my arms, I felt a massive surge of loving energy throughout my body and a sense of gratitude from the being who is New Earth. All of our intentions towards her are appreciated. Forces are trying to distrupt her energies and to create and help manifest the New Earth. But our combined energies and love are winning. We are in amazing times.

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    1. Word.

      My relationship with Earth Center Chakra (#13) are amazing.

      I send, she sends.

      It makes my day to feel Her energy flowing to and from SOURCE through my energetic framework like a Spike of Light connecting the two.

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  5. My dream 5 October – this night

    The question to my higher self regarding the coming shift and what will really be, only after a few days clear answer:

    First I went to the dentist because of two back teeth on the lower right that were infected.

    Then I took the bus up a snow-covered road in the direction of Mont Blanc. (Mont Blanc is the highes mountain in Europe with 15,720 feet (4,792 meters)
    We (several people) got out the bus and hiked up a path with beautiful nature like in spring time.

    It was a bright day, the sun was shining, blue sky and the snow-covered Mont Blanc massif in front of us. Where we hiked there was no snow, it was a good, wide path and I walked slowly and was overtaken by a group of people talking, I wanted to go up in peace and quiet. One woman from the group smiled at me, she went barefoot.

    love Alnilam 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. Hey, AM, glad you’re on the mend! Thanks for the confirmation on the Event. As I said yesterday or whenever about I noticed it was starting for me, at least, in slow and subtle ways. Again, thanks.

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      2. I can feel it. Saturday was the first day, in a long time, being out in 3d was positive. It was actually kind of magical. Everyone I had contact with responded in a happy, friendly manner. Surroundings seemed fresh and new. There was just one person that seemed perturbed by my presence.

        So happy you are feeling well, ~AM.


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      3. yes indeed
        the shift is allready happening
        I still see the beautiful landscape of my dream
        the green hills with fruit trees, and I am walking in stillness and calm
        and in front the majestic Mont Blanc massive, covered with snow.

        It is my second dream about the Mont Blanc
        I had a dream 2013 in january, after the sudden death of my husband
        it was my husband guiding me to the elevator to the viewing platform
        he waited to I get in the lift, the door closed and I get up to the Mont Blanc.

        In that time I was sad and desperate, but after the dream, I had this knowing that everything will be good in my life.

        Last year, on a flight from Lisbon to Geneve (Swizzerland) the airplane was flying near the
        peak of the Mont Blanc…. the snow in light pinkish- golden colors.

        love Alnilam 💗💐🧚‍♂️🌈

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        1. My Dad pops up in My dreams occasionally, just smiling with telepathic approval! I never remember Him saying bad things about another. Yet, He would occasionally say,”He/She was the best I ever saw”. When He or Mother walked in a room, Everything came to Life. The “old souls of Love”, They Are! His 100th b-day Is 11/28. Peace.

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    1. about my dream of the Mont Blanc Mountain

      I allready climbed a very high mountain in real 3D: the Kilimanjaro in Africa 5895 m – 19340 ft
      I was 24 years old and it was amazing, I had to walk in fife days 100 Km
      so let’s try to post a photo of tat time:



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      1. thank you Perica for the advice how to do
        so I will post the picture and let’s see….
        I was 24 years old climbing Kilimanjaro

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        1. Well, it works 😉, glad to be of some help, aren’t we all here to help in more ways then one 😉✨

          Perica ✨

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  6. What do you mean by the UK being in a bubble?

    Will this affect me or any of us in the UK in any way, as in some big event happening here?

    I know everything will be fine anyway, but just so I can reassure people around me that everything is fine.

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      1. I thought as much lol.

        There’s one thing I know from the CATs, I trust you 100%.

        Thank you, your posts always keep me informed. There’s not many blogs and/or people who don’t distort the truth these days.

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  7. I wrote a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. Wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, so grateful ❤️☺️❤️

    I am struggling with my health again. Birthday was quite tough. UC is flaring up and the exhaustion is too much. Trying to care for Elsie in top of it all. Keep getting very dizzy and sick.

    Was feeling really low last night with it all and looked for solace in music hence all my video posts, so sorry to clog the blog.

    Love to you ALL and an extra dollop of love and light to our dear AM


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    1. ❤ Lily, I am little late for a party, but better late then never 😎, Happy Birthday Lily ✨🎆🎇🎈, the next one we will celebrate together with the rest off the group on the NE, You can expect hug and the kiss on the cheek from me, I do not know about the others 😁✨

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      1. Lily, i too am late for the party…Happy Birthday!!! 🌸💚🌸 Have cheered you & Elsie on from afar… feel better soon…you are doing such a Great job! HUGE HUGS to you!🤗

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    2. Lily a large send of Loving Pour for you, there whenever you need it. I hope you’re doing better. I couldn’t find the original posts. Some kind of purge going on I think. I’m sorry your birthday wasn’t as wonderful as it could’ve been.
      I’ve been doing lots of organic home made chicken broth. It seems like a miracle, as it’s helping. I cannot eat anything with additives or GMO’s or it throws me for a loop. It’s simply not worth it. I’ll wait till everything is in balance again to try anything new.
      I had high hopes, so we tried something that was supposed to be organic, but no. I’m so excited as in another week the local organic farm will be open again and – VEGGIES!!! Yay. I miss them so much on the off-season. I froze many things, but it’s not the same.

      Avoid anything that says “natural flavors”. It’s a very limited diet I’m on, mostly anything the local organic farms have. But it’s well worth it to feel better. I hope you find your path to feeling better. Everything is harder when you don’t. Love, Angela

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      1. Angela ❤️ Thank you for your Light Pours, I shall be sending some your way too 😊

        I absolutey agree with you on the additives, GMO’s etc…I was just doing my shopping online for a delivery tomorrow and I edited it quite a bit after your message and reminder! I had lots of crisps in my basket! I deleted the worst culprits and added some organic fruit instead so thank you! I will try a banana as an evening snack instead of my usual treat of a packet of crisps which of course is not a treat really if it’s making you poorly!

        We have an organic veggie delivery service here from local organic farms. I absolutely love it but it can get very expensive so I tend to shop there as a one off every now and then but the taste of everything is soooo good!

        Much Love & Light & Veggies ☺️


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  8. Something on the positive note to share 😉

    There was a big storm at Saturday where I live, the the sea was rumbling, going over shore, and I was worried about getting the sea in the house as a last time, which I shared here, I prepared somewhat for that by moving extension cords from the floor, and few other things just in case.

    I went into meditation that night and asked Gaia (I am using this term here spirit ways, I do not think she minds if not the correct one 😉), to at least avoid my area if possible, so I would not get flooded again, but I also stated that if she needs to release some pressure from herself, that she do it anyway, I will manage 🙏

    And miraculously, storm calmed somewhat down, and I was not flooded, big Thank You Gaia if my voice (thought) reached You 🙏✨

    Day after, I was buying some food in nearby shop and as I am friendly with sales woman’s there, I got to a chitchat with one lady there, and she was telling me that she was extremely surprised that our small town was not flooded and rain stopped as opposed to just adjacent place was flooded with heavy rain and from the sea also, maybe she telling me that was not accidentally ?

    Anyway, I do not know for sure that Gaia heard my pleads, but I am most definitely glad that my house was not flooded, who ever, what ever done that I am most grateful for that act of kindness, Thank You 🙏✨


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    1. Perica

      what good news about calming the sea and Gaia
      I guess, we both were priests in ancient Lemuria who are connecting the gods of the elements. Because I am doing here the same…
      Maybee we some connection to the ocean, you worked on boat and myself also (only for some month, but anyway I love the Ocean)

      and your story about the moon and stars moving is awsome!

      love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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      1. Hmmmm, Alnilam, You are maybe on to something as I had impression during many meditation that I had on the head something like a head piece ornament which middle part was going upward and also some bracelets on the arms, as some priest in maybe Egypt, not sure ?

        As for connection with a sea, well, I live about 7-8 m from the sea, this is the view from my bedroom window 😉

        Perica ✨

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        1. Perica
          thats sound amazing
          You live on such a marvellous place

          how did you are able to post pictures?
          I live 500 m near the sea, but over the cliffs
          I am feeling ggod near the ocean as you.

          love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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          1. Yes, it is small town, I got that house from my father and done necessary renovation and moved here back in 2002, I am just 15km away from the bigger town where I used to work and where I grew up, but I basically already have everything what I need here 😉

            Regarding posting, just post direct link without [img] in the beginning and [/img], it is needed for most forum boards, but on WordPress, direct link works 😉

            As You like that image, I will repost the links to two image galleries, I think that You like the images on them, one with images I took near my home, and the other with images after spending one and a half months on the cargo ship in Persian Gulf, but as my ascension symptoms were sky high then, my body could not cope with the work on the boat as Electrical Assistant 😉

            Near my home:

            Cargo ship Solin:

            Perica ✨

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            1. thank you so much Perica

              I watched all your photos and they are all amazing. Such a marvellous place to live thank’s to yoyr dad.
              I was on the Persian Gulf, but only to take a swimm in Dubai, where I spend 12 days
              I love your pics. I was flying over the Persian Gulf by airplane in 2019 going from Frankfurt to Musqat.

              On the cargo ship I worked, I was 22 years old going from Hamburg to Yokohama
              and other ports in Japan and South Korea. Never will forgett the beautie of the Pacific

              maybee feeling deep inside that Lemuria was my home in the long past…

              love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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        2. oh Perica, it’s beautiful !! How lucky you are.
          I could not live without seeing the Sea (I am a sailor’s granddaughter). I have it close to me but I can’t see it from my window.

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  9. Was there something massive going on at about 18:00 UTC ? I had urge to lay down immediately or it would not ended up well, I am feeling OK now after laying in a bed for last 20 min, some energy influx or what ?

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      1. After that initial hit off that wave passed, I am now feeling immensely lighter, in a sense like less dense, but while writing this, I am feeling some energy on the back of my head, anybody else feeling similar symptoms ?

        Perica ✨

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  10. Jeepers, There are so many posts running concurrently that it’s becoming hard to keep up with all the comments, Whew! Today’s cute story: I was meditating this morning in Hidden Garden One because It beckoned to me. As I was doin’ my thang, suddenly a wee tree frog (which I could never see) started to serenade me. He was about 5 feet from my ear. How sweet was that?

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    1. @J Without that hint someone gave me this past year about hitting the ctrl F buttons when on a comments page and placing the date in the box that shows up, in the yr – month- date format I would have been lost and missed soooo much – so grateful to that person…

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    2. J – I love tree frogs and their songs – much rarer out in NM than in Ct, but I have my memories… Hmm, made me think of ‘future past’ – part of a song lyric? – Moody Blues?? Anyway, might explore the idea of future past as a way of thinking of things I could envision- I’m not very good at having desires for things – practicing might be a good idea… 🙂

      I love the idea of you, J – I’m sure that sounds weird, but I’m very glad you are in whatever world I’m inhabiting in whatever timelines the last few years – cue the cheerleaders chanting –
      “Who do we appreciate? … J, J, J – lol.
      I was in the pep squad for a short time in high school – one of my friends from Jr High became a cheerleader in high school – my road wasn’t that road… 🙂
      I will back slowly away now…


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  11. I have just realized that there are new comments from today, 10/05/20 on three different threads here. I will have to go back to each one to follow up on the developments. So much has happened, it seems, in 24 hours.

    I am so Grateful that our beloved -AM is on the mend! I have been wiped out from the energies this afternoon and am just up again after a TTMB. My Muggle spouse just had the local news on and I had to leave the room because it seemed like it was from another planet. So much fear porn still being pushed. When/Will that end in any way before the event unfolds? I think that would wake people up to turn on the tube and see NOTHING (like the test pattern that used to run when I was a kid in the 1950s).
    Waiting for the world to change, we are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  12. I feel You, got a muggle wife. Yet, there’s a bright side, for My lesson in this session Is “tolerance”. For both, I’d guess! Peace.

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  13. I’ve been thinking about this astounding transition we are collectively making.
    The “STOP” post shared the suggestion to ” Wait for The SHIFT WHILE LIVING YOUR LIVES…. In the meantime, be decent people. Live RESPONSIBLY, with love for all, like it’s your last day on earth, and everyone’s your family.”  

    Of course, we’ll still be living our lives in our new world, still living with ourselves, with people close to us, AND among people we don’t know anything about – though I suspect we’ll all get a leg up on that courtesy of SOURCE as part of the process.

    We are clearer every second about what we DON’T want or appreciate here in our present world.  We’ve been doing some imagining about what we DO want to life be like, ahead.  Perhaps we can help ourselves and do a little ground work while we are waiting by living ‘as if’ we are already in the new conditions, with each other.  How might we do that?  STO of course, but might there be some ingredients that are especially helpful?

    I can grow breathless when I imagine a new collective society where ALL our humanness is allowed to truly shine, actively SUPPORTED into full flowering.  I am thinking about our energy, our vitality, our natural impulse to thrive.  What is it in ourselves that gives rise to our individual and communal Life in all its variety?

    Perhaps it is a sense of Wonder.  We spring from the ultimate wonder : SOURCE!  Why is uninhibited wonder something we generally relegate only to children?   What are the varieties of wonder, such as awe, curiosity, surprise, delight, amazement? What is the connection of wonder to knowledge? To the imagination?  To the flowering of relationships? What happens to the storyteller, for example, when the room is filled by people sitting forward, listening, even smiling, with a sense of wonder?  How can a sense of wonder be enhanced?

    I think such inquiry itself creates wonder.  I know when I am really in a questioning mode, I find endless things to appreciate in ANY  direction I look.  The outcome is always a feeling of wonder.

    There is actually a little known branch of organizational development  (Appreciative Inquiry)  that explores this topic with the goal of creating beneficial change by focusing on “what’s right” or “what’s working” and seeking to do more of it.  It works to create a culture of PASSIONATE ENTHUSIASTIC BELONGING.  

    Some of the basic assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry are:   “The act of asking questions of an organization or group influences the group in some way”;  “People have more confidence and comfort to journey to the future (the unknown) when they carry forward parts of the past (the known)”; and
    “If we carry parts of the past forward, they should be what is best about the past.”

     Imagine that in the future you are actively contributing to a vibrant community. What would that contribution look like for you?  How ’bout we do more of that?

    “What we ask determines what we find. 
    What we find determines how we talk. 
    How we talk determines how we imagine together. 
    How we imagine together determines what we achieve.”

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  14. When I re-read my comment about Wonder and Inquiry, I realized I’d unwittingly described my personal, persistent sense of expectation of ‘christmas’…. with one exception. JOY. Joy in all its depth and all its exuberance.

    I hope the joy rolling out of my heart right now reaches the shores of your own.

    much love,

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    1. @friend,
      I haven’t been attracted to watching or listening to very much recently – perhaps I’ll give a shot at listening to some Christmas music, maybe mostly instrumental… esp as the CATs or Ms or ~Am mentioned it representing? hope… can’t be bad – been feeling a little numb lately – not bad – just in limbo?, kind of…. Music always helps me somehow, no matter what it is…
      Maybe I’ll start playing my Native American flute again – haven’t since my family came out and started living with me – might set the dogs off though… not a good thing. 🙂
      ♪ Joy to the world… ♪♪

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    1. Lily

      I also feel something….
      in my meditation I connect imediatly to SOURCE
      since yesterday, the time when ***Perica*** was feeling a wave
      it was 18 UTC so it is 17 h here and it’s my mediation time.
      are you feeling better Lily?

      love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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      1. Alnilam ❤️

        That is so beautiful ☀️💕🌈

        I wish I could meditate. Things are a real challenge here. I am in the middle of a really heavy, painful period on top of the UC symptoms. My body is just crying out!

        On top of that Elsie does not sleep. She has been turning her body around so that she lies along the width of the bed instead of the length and has been screaming such a lot. Mum and I spent all day today moving the room around thinking that she wanted to have her head facing a certain way. But, now she is really upset with the change and will not sleep. I have been sitting here contemplating moving the room back but I know I will be up until 1am at least as I will have to re-mount video monitor and move her bubble tube, safe bed surround etc.. and I am so tired, everything hurts. Feeling really nauseous too and weak and the thought of doing all that just makes me want to burst into tears. I just wish she would settle down.

        Oh, goodness, it never ends. I just want her to be happy and to get my health back.

        I do apologise for grumbling I know there are so many going through it at the moment…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. @Lily144, I am the least of the least on this blog, but I will send you as much energy as I can starting right now. Blessings! May SOURCE provide you everything you need at this time!!

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          1. SamV ❤️ Thank you so much for your kindness 😊

            And please, never think of yourself as anything less than anyone else, we are ALL each other, we are ALL in this together, we are ALL one. One for ALL and All for one!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Hey, that is my line, well, technically it is not, I guess we all here share the same, so it is appropriate, it can be the motto for whole group, not original one, but… 😎

              And now on more serious note, I read about your medical problems so I felt a need to send You some Source light, I hope that it will help a little, You will be your own in no time 🙏✨

              Perica ✨

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        2. Oh Lily
          so sorry for that challenge
          try a cristall in a glas of water under her bed
          change the water every day

          if there is a waterline- water vein- under the house, maybee this will help

          I am sending a pinch full of light and all my love from the heart
          to you and sweet Elsie ☀️💕🌈

          love Alnilam ☀️💕🌈

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          1. Alnilam ❤️ Thank you, so grateful for all the Love 🙏

            She has beautiful blue Celestine Crystal and Rose Quartz in her bedroom. Her mattress is only about 5cm off the floor so I am limited a little bit. I thought perhaps some rock salt may help in a small bowl…

            So much Love, Light, Thanks ❤️☀️💠☀️❤️

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        3. Lily. You poor love. I am so sad for what you are having to cope with. You are such an amazing person. I have asked Source, brother J and any and all benevolent angels to give some assistance to you both if it is in your highest good. Hold on lovie. You will come through this to a brighter future. Big hug and a comforting cuddle. 💖💖💖

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much, the support here is keeping me going as is my amazing Mum and Dad for bringing Mum over so often!

            I’ve just been barely able to move all day, then this eve, I realised Elsie was not going to sleep well so somehow found the energy to move her room back. By some miracle she is now sleeping!

            I will collapse in bed very soon, I can barely think, probably just as well really, keeps me focused on moment to moment and that is all! I lost an hour tonight, very strange because after I have usually done Elsie’s bath/bed routine, I leave and see if she will sleep. Normally I get in the kitchen and it’s around 8:30pm -9pm. Tonight I looked at the clock and it was quarter to ten, WTHeck!

            Strange days…

            So much Love and gratitude, I’m being kept afloat by some wonderful souls and pure willpower!

            Hugs, Light, Peace 🤗☀️💠🙏☀️🤗

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            1. Lily. I read your latest post. Please speak to your GP asap. I also avoid doing that but there are times that you need help and this is one of them.💖💖💖

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  15. Today Amanda Lorence reposted a video that I watched a few months ago where she describes her vision of the Event wave that she saw in 2014. When I first saw it and her description of the “train to 5D” I didn’t yet know what we’ve recently been told here by Cats and co. that most all of us will ascend. Amanda feels that we’ll stay on this Earth, but that doesn’t matter, I guess. What do you think of this, Cats? It should be the first video on her Fb list.

    This also ties in with a post on Terran Cognito’s site yesterday “Question to Stan X about Benjamin Fulford post”. In Terran’s note below, he says that he has known since 2014 that the solar system would be returned back to its “Original” Prime frequencies. ” What some call ‘ascension” is simply a return to Original…….(and later)…..”It’s about a return to heart. A return to Prime.” I don’t align with everything he states, but parts of this resonate with me.

    These two bits do not feel to me to be disinfo. But what do I know? I’m just a recent graduate to the Cat crew. A Kitten, I guess? 🙂 We are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤ Laura

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  16. Just came in house, few lights moving and changing colors while moving, soo, nothing new, nothing out of ordinary, sky is at standstill as opposed to a last time, but huh, what was going on that time, for a love of God I still cannot figure it out ?!

    Was I witnessing some timeline jump or some fast forwarding of time, or something even more exotic, I would really like to know what was that all about ❓

    Perica ✨

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  17. Lilly…been working on a swing adaption idea…would it work to use a wagon or office chair and tie a sheet to it to “swing” Elsie back & forth? Is it the closeness of the swing to her body that soothes her along with the motion? If so, maybe wrap her where a swing would hit? Does she pump herself or do you push her?…there must be a solution to “swing” her…a large cardboard box she sits on the floor and “swings” around the room??? My heart goes out to you & Elsie. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. collage fun ❤️ Thank you for thinking of Elsie/us

      We have such a small house, you couldn’t even swing a hamster 😉

      I have been looking at small rocking chairs, could maybe get rid of an armchair. Then again, that would be more change and going by what I have just done in her bedroom, she hates change!!!

      We’ll be okay, just exhausted and it gets too much sometimes….

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Yes, a rocking chair is what i thought of after posting…hmmm…what if she experienced a rocking chair at someones home?…she would like that – right? Then maybe u could “adopt” the rocking chair after a few days of visiting it? Maybe the armchair gets slowly “walked” out the door over a few days or weeks?? Know what u mean about a tiny space. Shelly

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  18. This Lorie Ladd video from today absolutely echoes this post: STOP. Practicing Presence | The Game FreezeTag 🙂

    Not a coincidence, I think. ❤ ❤ ❤

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