Flying Blind/Surge Incoming [UPDATE5]

[NOTE: We changed it from CME to “surge.” Seemed more apropos.] Ah. This latest from Lisa Gawlas explains why we can’t see anything right now… well, can see less: I could see two earths both in eclipse of each other, passing each other in opposite directions. It was stated that the “old” earth and the “new” earth are eclipsing each other. creating a black out … Continue reading Flying Blind/Surge Incoming [UPDATE5]

Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Going UP… Some of you may now be experiencing what we’re calling “The PULL” in meditation, when you set a grounding cord to the New Earth, and/or to SOURCE, you feel this upward PULL. Some have been experiencing this for a while, while others are getting it now. Ground UP!  Additionally, we’re continuing to see interesting activity elsewhere. Here’s a current snapshot: Recent Moscow SR … Continue reading Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Day 28 Graph-ic Update

Welcome to Day 27 of the 40 day meditation challenge. Anybody else feel this, or this… Heart palpatation city from about 3:00 to 6:00 am PST. Also, while we’re being graphic, check out this advanced magnetometer reading of the earth’s magnetic field bowshock from last November, as taken by India’s new magnetometer (whose name escapes us because it has no live public feed; once it … Continue reading Day 28 Graph-ic Update