626: Good News and Bad News ~ [UPDATE6]

We have Good News and we have Bad News. We know you want the Bad News first…


Team Dark is emboldened by their seeming success (for the time being), so… they’re acting out in many ways, both in 3d and in dreams. Dreamwise, be sure to Protect well before bed. And remember, in dreams (and sometimes elsewhere), a good offense is the best defense; if something gets in your face in a dream, whip out that light saber. Better still, use the mantra on any nasty you see in a dream or vision.

On the external 3d side there is another issue literally on the horizon:

The PTW are using HAARP to significantly warm the North Polar region. Unless The Cavalry steps in to mitigate (which we expect they already have), this could cause some extreme weather. Note that this is a totally man-made act of war against multiple countries… and lke everything else the ca8al does, is a crime against humanity. The PTW have been doing this kinda thing for a while, but never anything THIS blatant and recordable. While this seems bad… it also shows where we are in the program: At the end.

Also… CATs have had multiple dreams about a (big) plane falling out of the sky (in a flat spin), followed by lots of other planes ducking down into the lower atmosphere to escape something — along with some ET craft — before some serious space debris (looked like lots of meteors) hit the upper atmosphere. NOTE: This could be an adjacent timeline; we see that all the time. We’re still looking into it, so this report is preliminary. One of the craft we saw was symbolic:

Yes, it’s an Alderran Cruiser!

If our “reality” goes seriously south (which we doubt on this timeline) and ships DO appear and land, and stuff plummets from the sky… be careful what ship you get on. Don’t panic. The ships carry shielding. Take your time to check out who’s piloting what and what feeling you get when you look at them. It will be obvious. Humanity has been tricked in the past during extreme times, but we’re a lot more savvy now.


The Good News is that the Bad News isn’t that bad! Confidence is high that things with the election and The Revealing are going to resolve relatively quickly, esp. considering this is such a large happening with so many moving parts. Might happen in stages, might happen all at once. OR… you’ll find yourself on a timeline where things DON’T resolve. OR there will be a timeline split where everyone drives yellow 1972 VW Beetles. Anything is possible, but what we’re covering is most probable.

If you care about the election and arrests and all that, you will get your wish… on whatever timeline… but you might have to stick around to enjoy it. That is, no early NE entry.

At the moment, CATs are experiencing thinning between NE and OE layers, replete with smells, sights and sounds. While the sights are inner-eye/internal (TREES, mostly), and the smells are incredible and sadly unrecordable, we actually have a good fifteen minutes of recorded birdsong from the New Earthinside a CAT’s living room at 3:00 am. Needless to say, it’s cold out, the windows were all closed, and little tweety song birds don’t tend to twitter at night. Here’s an excerpt. You need to turn your sound all the way up (best with headphones), as it’s faint:

And there’s a NE cat!

It’s current CAT thinking that this ‘thinning of the veil’ means that some doors are going to open early for some. Will the doors stay open or immediately close behind you? We aren’t sure. But the doors are letting in TONS of spirits into CAT houses and they are everywhere, even more than usual, especially at night around portals. Most ‘haunted’ places are near energy centers, and most CAT houses are pretty close to portals. The ‘Stompers’ (what we call rather clueless, borderline unruly spirits) are out in force.


Now, for those who really want to know what’s going on, politically, this is 100% accurate… for THIS timeline. Your future may vary — a lot.

This is all rather ‘black icy,’ so we’re trying to concentrate on the highest possible timeline, and raising our vibrations as high as possible.

But wait, there’s more…


BEFORE we saw today’s Schumann Resonance (which looks lke an old-fashioned WHOMP brewing)…

…we got this either from Spirit (ONE), or SOURCE, or both. The lyrics speak to multiple subjects, for multiple audiences:

Someone, someone’s done me wrong
You thought that
Your love was strong
Now you’re feeling like
Such such a fool, poor you

You’re thinking
Maybe if you said goodbye
You’ll understand the reason why
The love you had felt so cool

Oh, but it’s all right (all right)
Once you get past the pain
(Past the pain)
You’ll learn to find your love again
So keep your heart open
‘Cause love will find a way

Sometimes we all
Feel a need to change
Our love we have to rearrange
And move on to something new
Yes, you do

Your dreams feel like
They’re falling apart
You need to find a brand new start
But you’re almost afraid
To be true to yourself

Whoa, but it’s all right (all right)
Once you get past the pain
(Past the pain)
You’ll learn to find your love again
(Find your love again)
So keep your heart open
‘Cause love will find a way

Love will find a way
Love will find a way

Yeah, now so don’t
Don’t be afraid of yourself
Just move on to something else
And let your love shine through again

Yes, cause it’s all right (all right)
Once you get past the pain
(Past the pain)
You’ll learn to find your love again
(Find your love again)
So keep your heart open
‘Cause love will find a way

It’s all right (all right)
Once you get past the pain
(Past the pain)
You’ll learn to find your love again
(Find your love again)
So keep your heart open
‘Cause love will find a way, oh

Yes, it’s alright (alright)
Don’t be afraid
‘Cause it’s alright (alright)
Yes, it’s alright (alright)
Leap your heart open
‘Cause love will find a way

And that’s enough for now.


Not sure if you’ll find this Good News or Bad News, but we keep hearing this song all the time. While we heard the Pablo Cruise tune in the middle of the night, we woke upwith THIS song, as we have for many mornings the past few months. Apologies for the whammy.


There was so much to put in this post that we forgot some things:

  1. The Dark is going LOWER as we go HIGHER, so you need to concentrate on the highest during this time. It may seem like things are getting worse and worse, but it’s a perception thing.
  2. In the earler “bridge” meditation, we encourage everyone to give it a go with Kittkatt’s DNA suggestion. It’s important. When we did it, our Archangels friends LIT UP and started flying in a tight upward spiral…


Aha. ETs ARE intervening in terms of that polar heating thing… and elsewhere, ahem (as are others you know, wink), so no worries. We sense they will emerge here and there during this political stuff. We don’t want to put all the faith in them, as we have to rely on ourselves, mostly, but there’s lots of help from The Cavalry.

In terms of current events, this appears accurate:

There were reports of P3losi being arrested, but she was just stopped at the border (trying to flee). But the next phase in this operation appears to be what the “second lockdown” is all about. It’s for everyone’s safety while over 400,000 people are rounded up and arrested. And… it’s hard to see through all the emotion and FWK (what we now call “fook” — Free Will Kerfuffle; like trying to watch a 12-sided TV tumbling through an ocean wave)… but we think that that ‘horns’ guy who stormed the Capitol… was an undercover Marine! (Or this is a story being floated for a certain purpose.) We dunno. (As for Pence… we dunno. He def. won’t be the next VP.) And the Inauguration looks to be… in the Spring? The military will be taking things over for a little while. And military law is very different than civil or criminal law.

It is also true that the (dark) magic triumvirate are now PROVEN to be behind it all; they just followed the money, which was huge, btw: The Vat 1can, The Cr0 wn, and DC. That Octopus goes down for the first time… ever. When all is said and done, the U.S. (and the world) will have finally won its war of independence. Only took 230 years. This ca8al removal/burst of independence will transform every country in the world… if you’re into that 3d thing… or, it’s possible that part of 3d will become 4d at one point? Hard to tell. For all we know, we awoke this morning (or some of us did!) on a timeline where turvy is topsy and v.v.

What we do know for sure is that EVERYONE is here to watch: ETs and spirits galore. Holy cow. They are everywhere. Don’t be surprised if you see things here and there out of the corner of your eye. Some (GOOD) Pleiadians were amused that we saw their (half-a-blimp-sized) ship over one of our houses and we just waved. Hi, guys.

And for those who grumble that this is just Black Ice… it’s only becomes slippery if you dwell on it and allow it to stir you up; NEGATIVE EMOTION (fear, anger) is the Black Ice. We’re supposed to know what’s going on, so we can know how to help.


Oh, duh. THAT’S why the Rome/IT meters have been looking the way they have: Vatican activity.

You can see ‘portal chop’ in some terrestrial meters. For example, here’s Portal One’s tick-tock…

…and here is it in a VLF meter…

Between the new moon on the 12th and the extreme Wave X energy associated with the kerfuffle, portals are going nuts. (And the M’s are saying they want MORE energy! They’ve become energy junkies.)


Ok, looking 4-6 ‘days of darkness’ at this point. ATMs and internet and TV and phones will not work. But VHF/UHF/HAM radios will! No fear.


FYI, this means: “GAME ON”:

122 thoughts on “626: Good News and Bad News ~ [UPDATE6]

  1. Hi Cat Eds. Thank you for the large mixed bag of info. Fascinating and helpful. I’m feeling pretty chilled and peaceful and know Source is orchestrating everything perfectly. I just need the cat to understand that. She has been supercharged today. There have been some magnificent wheelspins on the wood floors. I wonder if it is related to the whomp energies.🐱

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  2. My mother is a big T fan and I sent her the image y’all posted. I just hope it comes to pass, my mother has been fairly anxious at what’s been going on. Though I try to avoid black eyes sometimes I find myself a little on edge too, but I do believe things will work out.

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  3. Thank you for this. I wondered why I heard very springlike bird song ridiculously early this morning. Not 3am but much too early for a winter morning

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  4. WELL! (Best Jack Benny impression) I was just going to share with you ALL, but, as usual, You’ve beat me to the punch. Har! My report is that there has been some incredibly intense stuff happening the last 2 nights. On both nights, I had extreme heat (energy) and I would wake up literally every 2 1/2 hours regularly on the dot. I figured that I needed to come back here for a metaphorically catching of my breath. I suspect that youse CATs have been doing the same. Phew! Some workout. Great things have been accomplished since I catch myself chuckling for no apparent reason. So. . . .bottom line is that Good stuff is happening. Just remember to forgive all since none of this is really happening. WE’re safely tucked in with SOURCE.

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    1. on the night from the 9th to the 10th i had a more unusal sleep pattern, nothing i can put in words other than i woke up a few times during night and needed a bit more coffee and time of calm during the day to refind my usual

      seeing then what goes on energy wise no wonder


  5. This may be my favorite post yet! Love the late night birdy tweets and cat meows. I can’t wait to see how the cat relationships to little critters will change on the New Earth. : ) Meanwhile, I have my seatbelt buckled. Very helpful with all the jerky motions of current day to day life and dreamtime! Electronics have been weird with various devices acting strangely. I never know if WordPress will let me comment or like anything here anymore. Very annoying. So I’m testing to see if this will get posted.

    My daughter is a nurse and got her vaccine this morning. She agreed to my request to bless her shot and ask that it be Clean, Healthy and Pure. I was surprised that I felt rather neutral about it all. Light Pours would be most appreciated right now! I love all of you so very much. Infinitely grateful for this blog and All who come here. Thank you. I think I need more chocolate and a nice cappuccino to go with it. <jane

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      1. I asked her and she said YES : )) It’s all in Source’s hands. So weird how neutral I feel. Not like me when it comes to my daughter or vaccines! Much love and thanks again for your reminder!
        XX < jane

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  6. For the first time ever I dreamed that someone tried to assassinate me after I did the light meditation before going to bed Thursday night.

    I dreamed I was on a bus in a snowy area. Then the bus stopped and some unknown dark figure started firing shotgun shells into the bus. My hands were full trying to stop the bleeding and I end up using Apple Siri to send goodbye messages to people as I was dying. Then some secret agents storm the bus and bring everyone to safety, but I got really weird vibes from them like they had their own agenda. Still better than dying.

    I think I was attacked by dark forces and was so disturbed I was planning to ask about offensive spiritual warfare, day and night. Because I think we are in some sort of war and I’m now in it.

    Also, Friday was a mess…I just sat at my computer all day watching Trump and friends getting deplatformed from every single company I knew about. Sigh.

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  7. I like this blog, expecially this entry.

    But since I dropped the Mozilla browser this morning, Brave doesn’t seem to work quite properly with the WP “likes” widget. I’ll cross my fingers that other webmaster improvements may yet help with this.

    In any case, **THANK YOU** Cats-n-Ms-n-all, incessantly.

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    1. I suspect you dropped the Mozilla browser for the same reasons I did 🙂

      I use Brave as well, I believe the WP likes widget doesn’t work because Brave has additional security software built-in which blocks third-party cookies/localstorage (like that widget).

      Stick with Brave if you can since security is a good thing, but if you need the Firefox experience try a browser called Waterfox.

      It’s basically Firefox recompiled by a third party to remove all traces of the Mozilla Foundation — no “analytics”, bloatware (like Pocket), or advertising.

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  8. THANK YOU !!!!
    THANK YOU !!!!
    THANK YOU !!!!
    The recording of NE birds & feline… I’m SO excited !!!!
    The copy of the highest vie black ice message…soothing, encouraging, uplifting…
    Love WILL Find a Way — it did in 1978, it has all along the way to today,
    and Love WILL Certainly Find a Way (Create a Way)
    in every here and now
    Love is our frequency, our home, our heart, our song!
    Thank You for the reminder, via Pablo Cruise 🙂
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    I ask for Love's Divine intervention on behalf of the Polar Bears and other animals.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Even if the internet & social media methods of connecting with you all are interrupted,
    we can FEEL each others heart, and KNOW all is well and we are together, with each other and not alone.
    Big Hug
    Big Love
    to each and every one of you.
    Looking forward to seeing you on NE!

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    1. It’s a pity we weren’t recording things back before we had the shields up, but… well, it was pretty scary stuff. Living in seriously haunted settings 24/7… it was going on in ALL of our houses… well, it can be unnerving enough without recording what we were hearing and seeing! (Plus other considerations we can’t go into.) Da-da has been keeping notes on much of it, I think. He must have two books-worth of material by now. The first part I saw was amazing.


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  9. Exactamundo … Keep your Heart Open cause Love will find a way … even if all that you have loved is gone away love will find a way … a new day … a new you 🙂

    Love to All & Thank You

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  10. As usual, THANK YOU.

    The ship looks not unlike the Pegasus craft from Star Gate SG-1 (what I have always believed to be Controlled Disclosure).

    this cat at the end. What is that breed? I saw one pass through my yard once. Gorgeous.

    To all… KEEP THAT LIGHT BRIDGE GLOWING. Spin it out of your heart chakra just like Sol spins out CME. Spin out Chakra Mass Ejections of LOVE LIGHT.

    LIGHT has WON. Now is to SAVE those we can from the SHADE.

    Stay Safe. Keep Grounded to Gaia/NE complex.

    Love you all, CATS and everyone.

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    1. We aren’t sure about the cat at the end. It looks HUGE, like a domesticated wildcat. It’s in an airplane seat, to give you a sense of scale! Thing is bigger than my dog! Can’t believe they’d let it on the plane without a carrier.


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      1. Looks like a Savannah cat to me – they’re big, incredibly smart, and nearly human in many ways. (This sounds familiar, given this site….)

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  11. I woke in the middle of the night a while back.. nowhere near dawn, and there were so many birds twittering away. It stuck with me. What were they all doing awake? It was so busy out there. Possibly 1 or 2 am?
    I love the song. Iv’e been drawn to music so much more recently to get me through these weird times. I heard this earlier..

    It was like a soul bath. I need any respite I can get as current energies are hammering me.
    I’m ready to go.. I just don’t think I’ve chosen the easy path, if my current experience is any guidance. And that is ok with me. I love this crazy world .with all its sadness and joy and magic and pain… I would like for it to be more perfect.. but not nothing. And without polarity and contrast is there anything? That is a really hard question to find the answer to. ….. I would love to have a world of just love.. but is that possible? Can we leave this all behind? We are all one and will be again when the time is right.
    Que Será, Será

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  12. My husband had a dream that North Korea was attacking the US. In his dream he was crying his eyes out and he said there would be no warning. I want off that timeline. Planning a news detox with a equivalent upping the meditation. But, when he awoke from the dream he saw on his phone was Kim Jong Un threatening to attack the US. New Earth beam me up.

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  13. Got up this morning and there was this eerie calm and i have sensed this on other occasions. Checked the schumann and saw the big burst and one other source said there was a big cme yesterday and the earth was reset to 0. Tried to feel into whether that was true or not but got suddenly very sleepy. Another major shift? Thanks for the update.

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  14. I just read the justice time line bit. I hope so. I do want the mask crap to be over and to get on with helping make the world shiny and exciting and happy.. x

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  15. I had the 3 am bird song a few weeks back. It was so loud and clear, I definitely remember it, because I was thinking this isn’t supposed to be happening, and I cannot recall it ever happening before as I’m a light sleeper and always wandering…

    Am I right in understanding that the PTW cannot denotate nucl3ar 80mbs as ET can neutralise. If so, why can’t they neutralise HARP etc.?

    Thanks for the positive update guys x


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      1. Stop pressing the ‘ON’ button for the TV. Stop turning the radio dial to news. Stop opening the newspaper. I don’t understand why everyone talks about black ice, yet they deliberately still tune into it. Stop it!!!! News Flash (not really): Source Has Won!! Stop using your 3-D minds as to how it comes about. It’s going to be waaaay bigger and more spectacular than you can possibly imagine. And from a way higher perspective. Just let it effing happen. Love wins! We have won. Do you not get it yet? I want to smack you all silly (but with love). Sorry to be terse, but just relax and celebrate already. We are at the last sentence of the last paragraph of the last page of the last chapter of 3D Earth. And the ending is the most positive, glorious, exuberant, sensationally positive mindfuck of all. Stop worrying about your dumb, human ‘What-if’s’ and celebrate the New!
        I love you all,

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        1. Cursed with retched curiosity.

          The only MSM material I ever get is sometimes the top-of-the-hour 3.5 minutes from the radio network which is too brief to even taste; and the 3.5 minutes of local news which is usually quite innocuous ; and the weather.

          But I pretty much scour several alt sites and blogs for clues and hints to discern, aggregate and consider.

          Something like this has been my hobby for many decades.

          Hard to set it aside. SO damned interesting.

          Also, it will be helpful when things need explaining to newly awakened.

          Anyway. As you note, it is coming to a dramatic conclusion.

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            1. Cat Eds.
              It was during 2014 that I first read about Andara crystals.
              I was filled with Joy knowing about them, and deeply desired a lemon green one for myself.

              That was one of the times where I was without income, living at a friends house, awaiting my next “assignment.” The crystals were pretty expensive back then, so I knew I would not be ordering one. But, oh! I loved that light green one!!!!

              Within days, as I left the house to walk with my dog, TWO Andara crystals were on the driveway. 🙂 Lime green.:-)
              I still have them in one of my treasure pouches.
              They are still precious and vital, and a constant reminder that I am not alone.

              Experiences like this show me that LIFE is sentient to our thoughts, emotions, desires…
              The air around us, the water, the Earth/Gaia…

              Let others argue about whether they are fake or real.
              To me, mine are real:
              Life itself gave them to me.:-)
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  16. Who are the Adderans? (The Adderan cruiser). That whole scene with the Laptops is a big question mark for me. It appeared that the BLM thugs went in first and reaked havoc. Photos of them taking things. It didn’t appear that any Trump supporters took anything. Footage of the shooting from different angles showed no blood at first, after the shot. Social media was heavy with ppl posting their footage from the Capital. And dont forget ItalyGate. Perhaps this is why the big purge happened yesterday?

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    1. The good guys used the look over there plan. While the a&b thugs did their childish thing, that everyone captured. Positive forces walked through(since the door was open), lifted laptops, full of goodies. Peace.

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  17. I find it interesting that as things appear more chaotic, I seem to be having the totally opposite reaction. We be in the midst of the most incredible raising up imaginable! I’m still giggly. Whata movie! (Spoiler alert: It ALL works out beautifully and divinely <J

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    1. Same here, J! I find myself breaking out in very cheesy dance moves throughout the day, I bet you the spirits and visitors are doing regular face-palms while watching….” Oh no, not THAT again!!!” 😁🤣🙃
      Hugs and kisses everyone!!!!

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  18. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the bird, but I did hear the cat.

    I have a feeling that many of us are curious how things will end before going to NE, which is why the split hasn’t happened yet.

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    1. We talked about it and just because we can’t connect to the monoliths thing doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t real. We didn’t look at all of them. There are several HISTORICAL devices of this kind already in place that no one really knows about… and that we don’t talk about so as not to alert their useful function.

      Something is definitely happening.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. CATS, did year what brit reporter Katie Hopkins is reporting?

        Pope Francis arrested facing 80 charges of fraud, child trafficking and more.

        Tweets he sent out were time release. But then someone said there was live YouTube. italian police say no, he’s in custody.


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    2. I felt this one.
      I really feel something is building in me, Light!
      Thanks for the sharing Perica!
      Love to you All Brothers. 🐈🐣

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  19. Thank you cat’s for the news
    the birds singing tape is awsome 💖🌈💖

    I had three nights some weeks ago Nightingale singing
    it seems in a dream, but I wole up and heard it very clear and so beautuiful

    I will take your important advice and stay away from black ice
    knowing that everything is unfolding is important

    Love to you cat’s and to my OMATA group💖🌈💖

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      1. They were telling people to disable updates on their iphones as the PTW were apparently going to use the updates to stop the EBS…


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  20. Loved Dr Seuss when I was growing up and the Who’s singing around their Christmas tree and Cindy Lou; nostalgia of loveliness. Was a huge fan of C.S Lewis and read the Narnia series over and over again.

    Where sky and water meet,

    Where the waves grow sweet,
    Doubt not, Reepicheep,
    To find all you seek, There is the utter East.
    C.S. Lewis

    Think I’ll watch it this afternoon although I wish I had the books to read. A child’s imagination is beautiful and precious. Perhaps we should all watch or read what we enjoyed as children to help us connect with that part of our self that is full of wonder and adventure.

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  21. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Cats have any insight into the Vatican/Pakistan blackouts? It kinda feels like something BIG shifted last night. I had such a hard time sleeping and then woke up super energized and just HAD to look at current events and there was the story.

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  22. Cannot believe you are advocating people to get on ships, you absolute f*cking shills of human beings. F*ck your harvesting ships, you damn fools.

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    1. Don’t get on any ships. Truly helpful ETs can rescue you from an emergency without asking for permission, whereas the bad apples have to get it first. If they have to ASK, just say NO.

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    2. Is That really necessary? You should change something, for it Is overflowing through Your mouth. Peace.

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  23. Chillin to Native American Flute music on yt. My nephew made many out of poke weed stocks, yet he has since passed(helping from other side). Peace.

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    1. The first was just a CME; the flash was SOURCE energy from Portal One. Portals were WAY active last night (and now). We heard sky booms all last night, with occasional big energy flashes. Most of the portals near CATs are now sentient (because of us) and are very nice about venting straight UP instead of in our general direction.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Sentient portals? You guys just keep blowing my tiny mind… 🙏

        Another thought if I may, do all portals have Guardians please?


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        1. They have names and everything. If we see one without a name they kinda jump up and down (in a portal way) when they see us and ask us to name them. All Gaia portals have been alive for some time. ~AM was mockingly called “The Conductor” by The Fallen (i.e., train conductor) in a failed Dark incursion back in October. We might get him a hat!

          < CAT Eds.

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      2. oh my goodness CATs. The portals are sentient because you live nearby and got to know them! WOWWWWWW you never cease to amaze me!!!!!

        love love to all in the room
        < ella

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        1. Mmm, yes and no. On a whim, two of the M’s made one come to life one day (they have a special affinity for portals)… and then one of the SuperFriends thought that was a great idea and they made *all of them* on earth alive. We ALMOST got in trouble for that by the Space Police. No one had ever done that before and they didn’t know the impact, but we’re taking them all to the NE with us, so no worries. A bit of an anomaly!

          < CAT Eds.

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  24. TFOL: So, imagine many time balls …

    Blossom: Hold on … could we call them ‘time spheres’? ‘Balls’ just isn’t doing it for me!

    TFOL: So, imagine many time ‘spheres’ …

    Blossom: Oh, so much more etherically resonant! Pray continue.

    TFOL: We are trying!


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    1. Have you seen all the posts from [email protected] on parler? It really is all happening. The letter from Nancy re the Portland riots 😳 Laura Eisenhower re tweeted it too on Twitter ive been a social media addict all day! So much is happening. I definetly need to give it a test now 😆🌈

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  25. I had an interesting couple dreams this morning.

    (Most of my dreams have homes with broken stairs in the middle)

    I was buying a brand new house and they were putting the finishing touches on it. The first dream I was in the driveway watching them pave the interior concrete on the garage. it was like 4″ higher than the driveway. They said they would fix it.

    The second dream… I was in front of the house again… 1527 was the address. I went inside and was inspecting it, and figuring out where I would put my furniture… Theres pink paint on the carpet, and a missing piece of carpet. Weird appliances in the kitchen. I went to the back of the house, and i noticed a stairway.. it was curved and white… solid staircase… NO HANDRAILS!! lol

    I looked over across the room of the staircase and there was a second one on the other side same curved but mirrored.

    Didn’t realize until I was explaining to someone the shape…

    ( ) — bottom curve of the helix…..

    Looks like I’m prepping to move? New Body getting its finishing touches?

    ❤ kk

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      1. Hmmm, my dreams are not so refined.

        A week ago I had a very lucid dream. There was a very high tower. Inside was a spiral staircase but it was very strange. It consisted of a very large copper looking spiral encased in transparent plastic. There were people on these stairs at all levels, jeering and shouting.

        I was with someone I couldn’t see but I knew them (this often happens, I’m sure its my spirit team). I went full Hulk and hauled myself up on the outside of this huge spiral staircase, smashing the outer plastic as I climbed, very fast!

        Then, at the top level, I burst through a double set of doors and shouted “let’s kill this f@#$%^g wizard!”. (Yeah, I was shocked too when I woke up). I strode very purposely towards a black magician performing some dark magic ritual. It looked like we were in a deserted multi storey carpark. There were approximately 40 other dark magicians encircling the main one. I had absolutely no fear and was fully focused upon tearing this magician apart.

        My companion laughed, restrained me and said “let them have their fun, it matters not”. I relaxed and then awoke.

        Not sure what exactly this one was about but I know it was significant.


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    1. I had a dream where the address to the house had turned from a 1 to a 4. Then the whole neighborhood looked nice. In real life found the giant heavy rabbit statue of my moms’ who is no longer on earth turned over in the backyard but perfectly so. Not man or animal or wind has been able to turn that heavy thing over and it didn’t have a mark on it. Alice in Wonderland vibes.

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  26. Update 3: The ‘horns’ guy. Apparently this is his sister who says he is a marine:


    Thank you for all the you do CATs, there is so much disinformation out there it’s quite dizzying (is that a word?!). Good to get some much needed clarity here 🙏

    I am peeking but am also very grounded and practicing the new light DNA meditation as much as I can.

    Elsie has just started homeopathic treatment and I am noticing regression and progression at the same time alongside very smelly nappies!

    She has accepted our new hamster Fernie very well although he is hiding a lot so that could be why!

    Felt really under attack yesterday as if I was literally surrounding by invisible but very negative entities. Took me awhile to shake it off. Ended up having a very concentrated epsom salt bath and lavender and managed to get help from Brother J, Guides and AA’s. I could literally feel the dense energy being pulled off me…

    Forgot to mention, before New Years Eve, I had an odd experience. I was standing in Elsie’s bedroom waiting for her to come and get ready for her bath. I suddenly felt myself grow really tall and….big! Obviously I did not go through the ceiling but it was like my energy or aura? had suddenly grown, the sensation was nothing I have felt before!

    Such crazy times…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  27. Re: Update5. . . .Look at it this way: This will give us ALL a chance to practice our inner-communication skills rather than our seeming external attachments and apps. Har! <J

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  28. I was up in the middle of the night last night and definitely heard birds singing. I’ve also had doves and other birds filling my trees in my back yard lately. And, this is not the first time this happened. We’ve got bad weather now so no birds in the trees and that’s part of why it was so strange to hear a bird singing last night in the middle of the night, and in the cold and the wind and the rain.

    My homebody female cat and my neighborhood wanderer feral male cat had a big fight on the front porch last night. That hasn’t happened in awhile. He’s a big bully so she usually just gets out of his way and lets him takeover. Guess she’s in super protection mode right now and doesn’t realize he’s showing up for the same. The good thing is my female is also being more affectionate lately. Giving me lots of “I love you” blinky, blinks and asking to be petted. And, not to forget the dogs, they’re all in super needy mode right now. Driving me crazy!!! Although, at the moment that I’m writing this they seem to have settled down for a bit. We’ll see how long that lasts with all this bad weather. LOL! Not long, Thibadeaux just came and climbed in the chair with me. LOL again!

    On a final note. I agree with not paying attention to anymore M$M news. All it will do is bring down your positive energy listening to all the lies, lies, lies. (Oh, that just made me thing of that Thompson Twins song from the 80’s) But, I’m still following my “real” news sites here on the internet regularly. Well, at least for as long as they last. I’m meditating and praying that we don’t have a total blackout. If it does happen. I’ll be out there still connecting to all of you in our other ways. Like we already do. I’ve been hearing the Whoville song too! Love and light to all!

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Simon Parkes mentioned something about possible power and internet outage in England as well, said to prepare with supplies for a few days and water for drinking. Germany is starting extreme lock-down covid-related tomorrow…
      I feel like this is a world-wide operation and it would not hurt to be prepared just in case….

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        1. Yeah, I have the feeling we’ll see a flurry of celebrities and politicians dying of “covid” soon….

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  29. Thank you 😆 this is the best news how amazing 🌈🥳❤️ I love the thought of excited portals and ets and spirits all clamouring to watch the show 🥳🥳🥳 it’s going to create a new earth with all this wiped away x

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  30. Regarding updates 4 & 5: I’m thinking of stepping down to the [nearly-closed] local theatre and purchasing a large trash bag of freshly-popped popcorn. This all seems to be getting interesting, indeed! And i downloaded “Disappearance of the Universe” onto my local Kindle harddrive so I will have something worthwhile to read, too, in the duration….

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    1. Yeah, it’ll be non-stop popcorn for us! I am hoping that power won’t go out, only internet, in which case I will make my boys deep-clean the whole house with me!😆☺ It’ll be amazing!!!!!

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  31. The energies today….idk, but they are rough as* right now. No joke. Was gonna clean the house, full of energy earlier. Now?
    Its naptime. My head hurts & I feel super wonky. Meter whompage in progress?!?! Ewww

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  32. Great updates. Thanks bunches. ❤

    I had to go to Town for supplies today, a hetculean affair at any time as it’s almost an hr away (and i had to go further). You know, to stock up. Some more. And with all this cliffhanger energy I was calm as a cucumber inside, despite the fact that I thought I lost my d license, a cr card, etc . I just had to let it all go. What, no drivers license during the most potent event EVER? I figured I wasn’t gonna be needing those things pretty soon. 😉

    (Found em when i got home yay!)


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  33. Hi CATS, I know you’re all very busy with everything that’s going on, just wanted to ask something. Around 8:00pm CST my cat Tam started howling like crazy, I mean screaming. I sat with him ‘til he calmed down, he mellowed out and seemed okay again. He’s always been vocal but never like that. With the energies being so high he has been more wound up than usual and wanting to stay close to me. He’s almost 18, doing well for his age (eats Renal Support food and is staying stable).
    I thought he was in pain and was ready to call the vet but wonder if he was howling at something I couldn’t see. He sat quietly for awhile and then went to sleep. I’m feeling lots of light energy around (within?)…maybe there’s other activities going on? If you’ve got a moment any insights would be appreciated, many thanks.

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    1. Looks like he was alarmed at what he was seeing. Our animals have been crazy the past few days — which isn’t surprising given the energies AND all the extra spirits and ETs here. The veil is as thin as it is during Halloween. When you look at him, drop a grounding cord off him.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. <CAT Ed’s. Yes, I will do that. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

        @Christopher Schneider I know what you mean, have been seeing the “corner of the eye stuff “ and hearing the odd sounds too.

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    2. I’ve been seeing and hearing other things, quick glimpse. Heard a cats meow on job today, looked at cat. Not her making noise, she was sleeping. Caught a few “out the corner of eye” things lately. Peace.

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  34. Will Mr. T be inaugurated on the 20th? Is he going to be reelected as president? I’m hearing so many different theories the past few days now.

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    1. He was reelected, but a coup tried to defeat that. Looks like we’re headed for the blackout phase. After the kerfuffle, he’ll be inaugurated probably in March. Very fluid situation at present.

      < CAT Eds.

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  35. “and the M’s are saying they want MORE energy! They’ve become energy junkies.”

    😂🎉🤣 OH my goodness, I feel this way too 🎊✨😅

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