627: HORROR! ~ [UPDATE1]

Something terrible has happened in Amish country.

Silas’ hat blew off today due to an unusual gust of wind.

Birds flew into the air… and the hat was recovered after about 25 seconds. It was touch and go there for a while.

Sadly, the hat was not entirely plain after that, having had the distinction of hitting the ground, and the brim was a tad dirty. Silas still wears it, but has a twinge of worry that he will be seen as elevating himself by weating such a rakish, unruly hat.

Scene of the unfortunate incident.


Silas’ cat was not amused.

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      1. I am ready. I was just looking into how to delete my social media accounts this morning. Ready to dial it back.

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        1. We have deleted all social media, though we set up a test account on Telegram, just to see what’s going on. Note that in the blackout phase, we’re going to have to explore our mor exotic faculties. 😉

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. No even 1 account on social media?? I have 1 account on Twitter and there’s so much going on. I dont think I can delete it just yet. Although there’s a mass migration to Gab where POTUS is on b/c he was suspended for good on Twitter/FB. When POTUS addresses the nation, I will like to hear it. It’ll be a doozy.

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          2. Telegram is supposed to be about connecting in groups. Will you let us know how to connect with you? I just downloaded the app today because friends were encouraging me to add it to my phone; protection/communication during the upcoming craziness.

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          3. Telegram has now a lot of the qanon groups, one is called ‘We The Media’, many other qanons on there now with their familiar names, it’s growing fast! May take a bit to get on, they are trying to slow new followers down to prevent trolls. 23000 people joined We The Media on the first day!

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  1. I would be good with the quiet…..

    no internet… no work…. just quiet peaceful nature….

    dang, can you pull the plug faster?

    Work is overwhelming at the moment. Cannot concentrate on it.

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  2. If people had telepathy , telekinesis and could fly/teleport, then you actually don’t need any technology and money is pointless. You also can’t have any conflict (at least not easily).

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  3. Wonderful. You started my day with a laugh and a smile. Perspective duly adjusted to levity and hopefully a bit of levitation. The cat looks so right in the hat. Thanks and love, hugs and sparkling dna to all especially Kittkattt for the meditation tweek.🌈🌼💖

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  4. My kind of nonsense, most appealing.

    I was reminded of Mrs. Pry and her unruly rhubarb waving at the kitchen window.

    Mrs. Pry, from next door, was holding aloft a muddy bunch of rhubarb with her feeble hand. A freak gust of wind unfurled her flabby bingo-wings which made holding the rhubarb considerably more difficult. I’ve often wondered what purpose flabby under-arm fat had served. I believe Mrs. Pry has the potential to be able to stay afloat; even during violent sea storms. A liver-spotted buoyancy aid that could probably be raised to ‘set-sail’ and harness a fair wind.
    Better still, Mrs. Pry could be used to pay respect on military remembrance days. If she had the British flag tattooed on her right bingo wing and saluted, the effect would be magnificent, especially when ruffled on a windy day.

    I bid you good day, as I pull down firmly upon my rakish hat and gaze upon those rich, woven fields of fecundity.


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    1. Eeeeeeeeeee!!! FYI, the Ark is up and running. 4-6 inches between today and Wed. I sat out on the cart in the rain with my latte. It’s gentle and warmish. It was so nice that I didn’t want to come in. There is a whole lotta’ peace and joy out there. Just sayin’ The greens are somehow more radiant, the mosses are breathtaking. Remember to forgive, forgive, forgive. I finished The Disappearance Of The Universe last night. I teared up at the conclusion. What a gentle way of introduction to ACIM. Just sayin’. Cheers <J

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      1. Gary’s two follow up books are helpful too. Well, except I’m trying to wrap my head around P & A indicating that gun violence and sexual harassment accusations are still the order of the day 100 years from now…?? (Granted, it all happens in Chicago. 😉
        I’m hoping that’s to do with timelines or something; seems to throw a monkey wrench into a NE future. At the same time, they each needed a big ol’ forgiveness opp so they could get enlightened. — I dunno. My melon is duly twisted.
        If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d love to hear ’em!

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  5. I’m sputtering my coffee! Oh to live in such beautiful green fields. Alas … there will be no videos of my precious grand kitty who’s in a particularly naughty stage. ❤️ < jane

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  6. I honestly don’t know what’s going on anymore. Just TRYING to enjoy the ride – not be hard on myself and trying not to yell at everyone. Feels like I’m knee deep in muck and barely wading my way through. Chocolate isn’t even helping.
    Hat kitty’s expression is purrfect!

    As always, thank you for the updates!!

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  7. As promised, something “completely different”.

    For a moment there, I thought we were gonna hear about Amish communities being ascended right out of their fields.

    THAT would be encouraging.

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      1. Hello Cat’s and friends

        honestly I am not very happy today
        my husband ist in total rejection and desagreement of the news I told him.

        He is spiritual but brainwashed through M/S/M and so he don’t believe or he do not want believe.

        For myself who wish to ascend it’s also not so good to dig in the rabbit whole of alternative news…. the black ice and even desagreements from husband.

        I have no one to talk about this stuff and I feel the bomb will explode fast and furious this night or tomorrow. And I do not want to stay in a vortex of anxiety and hate, war etc. But in an othe way, isn’t it better to know what’s going on???

        If we have media shutdown, we even can not comunicate anymore the next time.

        I will go on in my meditation and walk in nature through the garden.

        Sorry about my complaning, but today it was good to tell my sadness…
        Maybe you cat’s have some words for me? I appreciate very much.

        Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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        1. At this point, we can’t see into this far enough to see if the info blackout is actually going to happen or not. People keep talking about it, but… well, the fog is very thick. People in our own families are in the same boat as your husband.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. thank you so much Cat’s

            I understand that I am not allone with my husband, but many similliar cases all around the world. He is a kind loving man and so I will try to understand him. He allways tells me to not go into polarity, but the white hats are the one who are doing the battle and without this team, humanity would be in future big trouble. We the people choosed this team and I trust this plan. Not taking part of any splitting ideas.

            It seems calm at the moment. I did a good meditation at new moon time, (6 h UTC)
            the only thing that’s help.
            thank you for the support.

            Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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        2. “I have no one to talk about this stuff and I feel the bomb will explode fast and furious this night or tomorrow. And I do not want to stay in a vortex of anxiety and hate, war etc. But in an othe way, isn’t it better to know what’s going on??? If we have media shutdown, we even can not comunicate anymore the next time.”

          I feel the same way. Pretty much all public internet forums are compromised by bots and trolls at this point, so hard to find like-minded people.

          If you make a good argument that goes against the “mainstream media is right and Trump is evil” narrative, brand new accounts will pop out out of nowhere to discredit you. And eventually your comment disappears.

          It’s almost as if there already *is* an information blackout, in a sense.

          And I’m forced to go radio silent as well — ignore everything about politics from contacts, but make a mental note of people who are brainwashed and need to be abandoned to the black ice.

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        3. All’s Good, 1 option is when they take down comms, filmed confessions of very bad stuff, Will run on a loop,(Pure black ice). For those of Us that understand must help those that Are Lost(best We can). Overload to the mind Will Be common to Them. Sooo, Stay Grounded/Breathe/Use Mantras/Stay Hydrated. Every tool/ability We have learned here, will be used in Love/Power/Wisdom, Harmoniously. Peace.

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    1. actually not new….similar with unmeltable ice / snow has been filmed in Australia & other parts of the world many times, several years ago…like the bizarre giant hail storm ball anomalies. It is caused from the atmosphere being ‘Over’ saturated with billions & billions of tiny plastic particles, & most likely has gotten worse since past years. (a simple eco-cycle flow chart of how the Earth naturally cycles weather / evaporation of water explains,….then add plastic, ‘Glyphosates’, radiation, & all the other pollutants to the equation…& yup, add viruses like covid as well. ) “everything is connected, is not just a metaphor”

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      1. Monday’s ramble: To escape the rain this morning, I went to the grocery store. I came back the alternative route which is through the rich river delta dairy farmland. No traffic, Wash. state as it used to be. The snow geese have started their migration north and so visualize emerald green fields with flocks of big white pristine geese happily nibbling and taking a rest break. By the time I got back to the farm, the first wave of rain had moved east. It was too early for a nap so I made an early latte and headed out into hidden garden#1. It’s in the portal area. I must say that I’ve either raised my vibration a lot or the portal energy has changed. Instead of being blasted, what I received was gentle, joyous loving energy! Now that’s pretty sweet! So after sipping my truly delicious latte, I got up and wandered through the garden with my jaw agape. The Loderi rhododendrons have reached an astonishing 16 feet and they’ve been planted less than 12 years. Google Loderi King George to see what I’m talking about. They have enormous trusses of mind-boggling fragrant flowers. Wow! So, that’s how things are at the farm currently. . . . .Cheers <J

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        1. Wow! Thank you, J! What incredible flowers they have! Your descriptions are always the perfect antidote to all the craziness out there!!!

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    2. Oh yeah!
      in Spain we have had a big problem with the snow this weekend and these have come out. These people have never seen snow in their life. They say it is plastic.
      I have skied many years, and that “dry” type of polystyrene snow was the most desired for skiing. It is very light, fluffy and has hardly any moisture, but if you put it in your mouth it melts. In fact we used it in the ski resort mixed with syrups (and a splash of liquor) to make slushies … 😉

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  8. Okay, in case communications go down online maybe we should test our telepathy skills! For a bit of fun, what shape was I thinking of whilst writing this? ☺️


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      1. Note to ALL: Please re-read what I implied in my previous comment above. Bottom line : This advice WORKS! I’m here to tell ya’. (BTW I’ve been doing all of the above except for sitting in the sun. Too wet. Will being out in the joy and moist air work? {Just askin’ for a friend} I baked the latest batch of lemon-icebox cookies last night)

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      2. How about performing crazy dance moves in the kitchen (hopefully without pulling a muscle…) and making your teenagers cringe? 😁😉😎

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      1. Perica & Dugan knows ❤️

        I was thinking of a star ⭐️ ☺️

        But yes maybe a double helix would be more appropriate 🙃

        Yes CATs, more meditation, sun and cookies sounds like the way to go, I now have a vision of soaring to NE lit up by sun rays with a giant choccie chip cookie in my hand 😁


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  9. New Marina Jacobi video, for me it was very informative explanation off the current events and how they ate viewed in the Quantum Field theory, and the repercussions that they have on it, but everything is leading to the positive resolution, one way or another 🙏

    Perica ✨

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  10. Long time follower, but silent this past two years.

    Like lots of you, i had dreams this fews weeks about to be in nice environment like seaside, lake. Trying at first to cross lot of water (energy?) to bring back people/friends to my side, before the tide was to high.
    Then doing the same thing days after, but this time i had to pass trough a very narrow path, literally a ventilation duct made of dirt and bricks, after the water part, to looking for young people/children(young souls?) in a sort of auditorium, where people sat gazing at / listening to something obsessively. Really hard to get them through the narrow passage, until the tide was to high.

    And the night after you talking about the ‘meteor timeline’ ( i live in France so it is really few minutes after your post), i dreamed to be outside, when the meteor shower was starting to explode in the sky, trying to gather people in safety places, behind big hard rock. But this strange trio of blue energetic tornados, seeming almost solid, ramping the floor toward us, was very bad news… then the meteors started to hit us almost horizontally. It was a game of evading them by dodging to the side. I managed to bring everyone safe, through a door/window. Grabbing a friend at the last second, before he got hit by a meteor. Quite crazy stuff…

    Thanks all to keep this site on date, and wish all of you the best to the next weeks. Quite safe and calm. Love and light!

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  11. It’s a proud moment for me today, Twitter suspended me for something about a coup of Mr. T. LOL! kinda cool to be in the same boat as the Prez.

    So no email no, texting no nothing? Right? If the blackout occurs….

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