628: Ok, Enough is Enough ~ [UPDATE3]

Alrighty then, you’ve had your little Justice fling…

…it’s time to get back to the meditation work of Ascension. You know how this turns out, so… keep a weather eye out for this and that and go back to meditating twice a day and raising that vibration. A Split is a-comin’, we can feel it. So, leave the baggage behind…

…or just eat it.

…and move on up, one link at a time, if you have to.

Please note that the recent solar activity/CMEs, sandwiched between the new moon and the full moon coming up is highly beneficial for some, Ascension-wise, so you might want to try meditating in the sun (in moderation, those of you in the S. Hemisphere).

I’m Ascending!

While you’re doing this, work on gratitude, and how you might work STO into your day-to-day, both here and at the Next Level…

…and maybe set some NE goals:

And ok, sure: Have a cookie.


Ok, lots of CATs have been feeling that something is going to happen later this month, something spiritual. We think there will be something spiritual that is more NE, and also some kind of false flag at the same time. Spiritual divisions are going to start happening. It looks/feels like it will be around the 20th (of course). We don’t know if this is The FLASH, or the final Split between the timelines. Both are welcome!

Ok and this is photoshop:

There never was a SIMPSON’s episode with Willie like that.

In the meantime…


This is very important.

All our Higher-Being friends either urged us to do this, or we dreamt about it. It has happened for all of us one way or another. Some commenters discovered it on their own. It can’t be a group thing, because everyone is too “different” in their requirements.

Basically, we encourage everyone to go into a special (individual) meditation — use the latest BRIDGE meditation, for just yourself, or really any meditation will do — and put the intent out there that you want to go UP. Aspire to a higher vibration. Don’t think about what you want, specifically, just aspire to something higher, aspire to getting closer to SOURCE. With CATs, most of us saw circles at first, then those turned to spirals, spiral going UP and UP. Some CATs saw our three Archangel friends turn BRIGHT WHITE, take wing, and fly around and around in spirals going up and up: DNA upgrade. (By all means, ask for help. Ask Brother J to help, or AA’s Raphael, Michael, Gabriel… whomever you have an affinity with.) The thing that makes this work is your INTENT to turn away from the Dark Show (read JUSTICE TIMELINE) and put effort into raising your vibration (read SOURCE TIMELINE). Afterward, your Guides and Spirit and SOURCE will do all the rest.

NOTE: Dreaming about it is a REMINDER to do the meditation. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything or have an epiphany, it’s the INTENT that counts. Work at it until… something… happens in the meditation. You’ll know.

After this, there is nothing left undone.


A message to a particular segment of the population. Perhaps you know one of them. Perhaps one of them is you.

FYI, several CATs are reporting overwhelming empathic vibes of terrible sadness coming from a point of time not far ahead, sadness of the populace, but especially the sadness of American police and soldiers for other American police and soldiers who foolishly fought against forces backed by The Light, and from the families of those who fought for the Dark having to deal with being labeled “TRAITORS,” and the horrible aftermath of having to live with such a legacy. We ask those police and soldiers and operatives who THINK they’re doing the right thing (or revel in doing the wrong thing) in being anti-Trump and supporting the Deep State to not go down that path. It is a long, painful one, especially for your families. History will not paint a pretty picture of you, and the karmic stamp on you and yours will last thousands of years. There will be no escape even in death. It will follow you for SO long, you cannot imagine.

For those looking forward to this conflict… your euphoria and overconfidence will last about 10 seconds and then you will be dead, and you will find that you still exist, that your body is torn and gone, but that you live on, and that you have been very wrong about things, and that you must then spend a HUGE chunk of time learning terrible lessons over and over, in terrible places. You don’t have to suffer. You have a choice.

Please choose the path of peace. Light warriors… many of whom fought and distinguished themselves in the Revolutionary War, in the War of 1812, The Civil War, in WWI, WWII, etc., are all here in various forms of manifestation specifically to stop you. And behind them are Spirit and SOURCE and Higher-Order Beings and ETs from numerous civilizations. Only a fool would stand against such a force of history.

We urge you to show that you are not a fool. Walk away. Walk toward the Light.

81 thoughts on “628: Ok, Enough is Enough ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. Dearest CATs and Ms and ~AM,
    I love you so much! You are so funny and find the BEST pictures!

    On a more serious note — message received. Off to meditate now. Brother J, Omata, and ancestors, please join me. Love love

    < Ella

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  2. BEST. CAT. MEMES. EVER. !!!!

    And–“thanks” is such an impotent word, when stacked up next to all you do…but–THANKS!!

    Love you all–

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  3. It wasn’t until I saw this post with the luggage that I remembered my dream from last night. I was clearing out my desk and office space, loaded everything (maybe all in 1 box) out to my car, then went back in and hugged everyone goodbye as they were staying and I was moving on.

    Then in the next scene there was a wedding reception and everyone around me was dressed up in 3D glamour clothes while I was wearing a casual skirt, top, and tennis shoes. I noticed I really didn’t fit in at all with that and knew it was time to go.

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    1. Love those memes! You gotta live a life, too 😀

      Something brief I wanted to share: Yesterday, I deleted a FAmous “social” media service provide with its messenger service entirely. Then I apologized to somebody I was close with after quite a while.

      The interesting thing is, these things seemed to simply “happen” by intuition. I felt so clearly that these are the things I want to be doing. Also, I feel a strong urge to meditate more than once a day again these days. You can literally touch the energies at the moment. Crazy times, beautiful experience (even if sometimes lengthy 😅)

      Have a great day all of you.


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  4. Before I went STO’s this morning, I was seriously disengaging from Here(like white cat out). Antonia Taylor came to mind, disappeared, maybe lurking on the observation deck. Believe I Still have others to help/lessons to learn, Now. Are You gonna eat that cookie?? Peace.

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  5. I’ve been focusing on the STO past couple months. Really being conscious of my thoughts and attitude, especially at work. I feel wonderful. I feel mentally better than i have in years. So many years. Cats, truly, thank you for helping me build back up my faith and relationship with our dear Brother J. You guys and my Mom. I Love to ALL.

    We are love, and light and sound. These are the only things around. And it’s gonna be ok. We’re gonna be free, be all we were meant to be.

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  6. Good job, Cats…good job! I thought I would just walk up the hill, la-di-da, and do one last internet check-in to see what was going on. Little did I know that soon I would be hunched over, having to make sure I moved my phone out of the danger zone, worried that I might accidentally drool on it…my sides are aching. It was the picture of the white cat in the sun that did it. It got me laughing so hard I literally was worried I would drool on my phone while doubled-over guffawing. Then I scrolled down & saw what it said underneath. More laughter, & I started to worry that I might laugh so much that I would puke up my dinner. Then…catching my breathe…I scrolled down more. Yup. Had to lean on my car for support…more guffawing ensued. But at least I didn’t puke…on the carpet or the driveway. Really, good job guys. You got me pretty good. My sides hurt. Thanks. Thanks a lot. 😉
    (You da’ best! 😻💕)

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    1. I had my morning latte whilst sitting on the courtyard porch out of the rain (2.07″ so far in this past 24 hours) The point of this comment is to say that things are remarkably peaceful. The only sound is of the rain and the river. Peace, joy, and forgiveness. (And lemon- icebox cookies) <J

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  7. Ha ha ha, you know some of us so well!

    I was doing spectacularly well in avoiding black ice for a stupendously long time, until yesterday.

    It was reminiscent of those scenes depicted in vampire movies, when a person on the verge of transition is offered immortality by drinking upon the blood offered by a vampyre! The desperate soul starts out slowly, allowing one or two drops to enter their twitching mouth, but before long they’ve seized the proffered wrist and clamp on, sucking the life out of the astonished nosferatu, Mwahaahaahaaaaa!

    Thankfully, 7 hours of sleep and your timely instrucrion has returned me back to a semblance of normalcy. Although it has to be said, my interpretation of normalcy would not be considered consistent amongst my suspicious peers… 😎

    Sally forth once more, up and away from the mire of Tulgey Wood.


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  8. Ps when I was meditating a ballon floated in and popped. It really made me jump. I’m setting protection but I’m a bit paranoid during meditation if what I’m receiving is from source or infiltration which isn’t helpful. I do the protection over a few times I’m pretty sure it’s working and sending love to all others. Any advice? I wish I was a bit more confident.

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    1. YOU are your own protection. You don’t need anything else. You have SOURCE in there, somewhere!

      Go into meditation… G+P… then connect to Brother J. Ask him to handle your meditation and set protection with you. Easypeasy.

      KNOW that Brother J and SOURCE are going to help you. No fear.


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  9. Can you estimate when that whole craziness is over? My girlfriend lives abroad and it would be nice to see her again after more than a year! But for that to happen there needs to be vacc. free travel and open borders.

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    1. Around the 20th, something happens, but it might not be for everyone. It may go in stages, we don’t know, yet.

      In terms of freely traveling… on 3d… we’re gonna guess 6-8 mos. By summertime, things ease up.


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      1. How is it possible that no one in spiritual community also on this blog, didn’t take beer bug seriously last year on the beginning and also didn’t predicit that all this scenario will happen?! thank you

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    Just in case, for when we DO move forward. We may not meet again.

    So, must say now.

    “So long and thanks for all the cat pics. ” F. Prefect

    CHEERS to a a New World a’comin’.

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  11. We have been fortunate enough to have the CAT(S) that have consitently told as all who care to listen and hear and discern that we have a choice and the we can choose Source with aligning with the light of Source with out thoughts actions speech. It’s not always easy, but remember we always have a choice.

    let our light do the talkin.


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  12. CAT’s

    you are so awsome good
    to bring us back to ascension work
    I love your sense of humor and the pictures of cat’s, very awaken
    and in alert modus to catch the fish, the sausage (ascension)

    I only can say to y’all:

    💖🌈💖 thank you thank you thank you 💖🌈💖

    this last meditation I saw the sun, bright shining in the sky
    I was half sleeping-halfe awaken… so beautiful

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  13. I unfortunately still don’t see anything in meditations.
    Is this a bad sign, or will it be good enough to focus on the idea in my head?

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        1. Yep, it’s so sick. 😔 My heart literally breaks whenever I hear someone say they are getting it. There’s no repair for this one.

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      1. Aaaah, is this why I dreamt of climbing that spiral like a madman? What did the dark magicians at the top signify though? The PTW agenda keeping my DNA from activating no doubt!


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  14. I woke up around 4ish am today with those Champagne bubbles you CATS always talk about! It was ticklish all over my body. Immediately, I was like, AHA! This is what the CATS are talking about!

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  15. NEWS UPDATE: Breaking…in an unprecedented, bold move…the ‘Watermelon Pet Outfit’ company announced, “For every pet outfit sold, we will include 3 lemons for FREE + a lemonade recipe + an Ice Box Lemon Cookie!”. They went on to say…”It is our sincere wish & hope the “Lemon Inclusion Act” will begin a “Lemons to Lemonade” movement globally…”Share a lemonade with your neighbor.” is printed on the packaging. (for anyone taking this seriously – it is a joke 🙂

    In a related News Bulletin…the company will offer a limited edition, ‘Silas Hat’ which goes perfectly with the summer blue dress in the 2021 catalog. Great debut preceded this announcement, as some were against dropping the hat on the ground before shipping…however…Everyone unanimously approved a cat blessing rub on the brim was an excellent idea.

    …this summer company has been so successful…a winter squash version is “on the table” for consideration…stay tuned…

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  16. Did the meditation with full intention to the Source timeline. From the observer POV however , I saw this letter today from the Joint Chiefs signed by every head of all the branches of the military, affirming that Biden was the rightful winner and will be Inaugurated president on Jan 2o. How does the military act to expose the corruption if all their heads are affirming the official narrative? Has all this military helping T been a deceptive ruse, and T will be ousted , or will there be an internal military civil war? It’s all so confusing.


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      1. Wait, are you implying that the military, which was the lone relatively uncorrupted entity that was needed to act to expose the corruption and assist T to stay in office at the end , has been shown to be just as compromised , and will not act, and T loses, B and darkness takes over on this new twist of a timeline? [sigh]

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        1. Some elements of it, yes. Unless they change their minds, they will fight against the Light forces… and lose terribly. (Highly decorated military) Spirits from all of time have incarnated for this one moment. No one could stop them in defending the Light. They have no personal regard whatsoever. If necessary, they will go down gladly taking The Dark with them. It is literally an unwinnable fight for The Dark.

          < CAT Eds.

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    1. Your recent posts were helping me keep my hope alive so this was surprising, disconcerting and confusing for me. I thought we were seeing key players being taken down. I am not ready to give up on this country or the good people working tirelessly to save it. Is that naive of me?

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  17. Thank you for the reminder, CATs! A timely lesson with my ACIM course today too:
    “My Home awaits me. I will hasten there. If I so choose, I can depart ….. What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of shattered dreams, ….? “

    If I linger on, it will only be for my family 😞 It’s no problem leaving the luggage behind (Black Ice) but it’s tough when it comes with the family. Sigh! They are too busy with work (they work longer hours at home than when they work in office!) and only read/see the main news. When I hinted to them THIS & THAT, they would just listen politely without asking further!

    Anyway, I will try that BRIDGE meditation with Intent but without expectation and see how things go. I will place my future in the Hands of SOURCE. 🙏

    As always, THANK YOU for the guidance 🙏 💖

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  18. thank you for update 2

    It’s difficult to not look in the alternative news
    I have Simon Parkes as my favorite
    this days until 20 january are so important
    but anyway, T will winn on our timeline and an all the others too

    I wish everybody of our Omata Group the best vibes ever
    the light and the love, thhat brings us up and up and up
    like on Jacobs ladder we will rise…
    It have to come from the heart, like a call to Source 🌈💖

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  19. I had an interesting dream last night.

    I was in a massive hotel with a bunch of people. The rooms were large with lots of beds next to each other. There had smaller rooms inside the larger ones. I was there with a small group. We were all walking around enjoying the hotel until one point we went to the reception and I had no top on. I tried putting another on and it disappeared. We were also talking about getting ready to go. I left my wallet at the reception and went to my room with a female friend (seems to be the same one in every dream) who was going to help me get ready.

    We get into the elevator and it was unusual as it was round and the interior looked like the walls were spiralling upwards (looked like inside a helix). I pressed 12 instead of 5 (my room was on floor 5) and we started spiralling upwards. I held onto the curved vertical rails as it ascended.

    When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, we were next to a street. We were definitely not in the hotel. 2 bellboys collected the elevator compartment and went into a white building made of industrial beams. Then we went to catch a taxi. I jokingly said I should’ve brought my wallet and then the dream ended.

    It seems I’m doing the work in my dream-state as well.
    I always wondered who the woman is as I seem to know her very well, but I have no clue who she is. Thought it was Gaia once…

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    1. @cats, I was wondering about your opinions on this dream. Am I interpreting it correctly?

      I hope I’m going to NE. I am tired of this world.
      Is it possible to go if you’re unsure you will?

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    2. Eeeeee! The winds of change blew through the Puget sound region early this morning. Well over 550,000 customers out of power. Interesting! Having a generator is a good thing. We have running water, internet, and more importantly, the espresso machine works seamlessly. Just chillin’ <J

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  20. Did the light bridge meditation last night and did not try to force anything, just let it evolve naturally.

    After I had light myself up I saw myself diving into my own heart!l, almost like turning inside out! Once through my heart space I was soaring up ‘Inside’ the double helix seeing the whole structure and many strands light up with gold white light then swirling rainbow light around the outside of the helices.

    I had asked Brother J, Guides and AA Michael to assist me and it was amazing!

    Trying to practice being in the world but not of it, aware but not entrenched in the 3D show.

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Actually I need to edit this as there were multiple helices, not sure what that means, but it went on and on…I have always had trouble visualising DNA strands etc…maybe because it has, for the most part (in my life) been referred to through ‘science’ ugh, which always made me immediately switch off! It’s only recently, the last few years, I have realised just how important that ole ‘junk’ was 😉

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  21. Things start to move as they do always, enough awarness i have to see the changes in me month after month, was a nice sunny winterday without ugly things in the air, let the flow continue upwards

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  22. I know. I’ve known it for a while, I think.

    This illusion isn’t worth the hassle. Nor the suffering. I’ll try instilling all my intent into that meditation and see if, perhaps, we can start putting an end to it.

    With each passing day I increasingly realize that this crap is completely unfixable. Leaving everything in the hands of SOURCE is the only choice I have left.

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  23. Hi CATs,
    Just in case we will be still here in February, should we left wh4ts4pp in Europe too?
    Should we believe in 3l0n Mu5k and in S1gn4l?
    Now I’m using W and Telegram.
    What do you advice?

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      1. Ah! LoL
        Please, can you also remember me what browser can I switch with G00gl3?
        Thank you for your advice 🙏

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        1. Browsers not controlled by Big Tech PTW companies (in no particular order):

          Chrome engine: Brave, Dissenter, Ungoogled Chromium, Vivaldi, Iridium

          Firefox engine: Pale Moon, Waterfox

          I may be missing a few, feel free to chime in. Opera is controlled by the Chinese.

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          1. Elemental- I am happy to have you as a part of this page for many reasons. I am really thankful for your knowledge of the tech world, as I am not particularly savvy in this territory.


  24. I was naughty and watched cliff high…
    He is picking up the energies coming on the 20th and going into March.
    Though I know he is a bit…compromised…he was good earlier before he started on his ego trip.
    Here’s the link if you’re interested:

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      1. Okay, just after the last comment this morning, I looked out the window and discovered that the cyclamen coum are in bloom, the power is back on and the sun is shining here at the farm. I take it as total confirmation that all is well. I can’t impart the feeling of peace that is prevalent here. I’m sending it out from my heart. <J

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  25. Sharing my meditation results: once I’ve G+P+C (and always breath in and continue breathing in SOURCE), I do see the upward spiral helix, it always takes me to the SOURCE end of what I think is the time spiral, into which I project the white light from my heart forward, filling and slightly overflowing the somewhat leaky time spiral from the beginning through to … whatever.

    I could analyze and say my creative mind is just “…blowing smoke up my you-know-what…”, I prefer to think in actuality the work that’s apparently occurring is real and of value, across all time and all personalities.

    Whenever I start this meditation, the big boy cat (16 pounds) shows up to demand that I hold him in my arms across my chest – I guess he wants to be hit by the stream of light, too (or, as I like to think, he’s protecting me – like a personal guard).

    My real guess? No matter what, regardless of what we see or visualize, any meditation brings value both to us and synergistically to all.


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  26. Update 3.

    How strange, I’ve felt the overwhelming urge to cry for 2 days, but didn’t know why?


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  27. I spent the evening watching the third movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am often finding/given relevant messages in the stories. I was floored last night that this one had a whole plot point of a ghost army that rallied and fought against the evil. While my son has read the trilogy multiple times, I had not so it was a pleasant surprise. And, the scale of the evil in the trilogy seems appropriate and relevant for what we are dealing with now.

    Separately, that feeling the day before yesterday manifested for me as anger in a Justice way the whole day long. It was hard to recognize that it was a collective feeling – I tried all day to ground, center, meditate and soak in a bath through it but could never shake it. Yesterday morning however, a simple Reiki grounding and clearing made all the difference.

    On a broader point from my personal perspective, when I have journeyed over the past 6 months or so, I have been shown that it is a time to transition from a “Light Bringer” to a “Light Warrior” and that we are establishing or that I am part of the “Light Brigade”. Usui Sensei, who is one of my main guides has moved from a teacher of Reiki principles and practices into a more Spiritual Samurai Sensei role, if you will, armed and in battle stance. I don’t yet know how this will manifest for me – wondering if I need an Akashic reading or if it eventually reveals itself clearly. It has been a long path and there is a lot of contrast between my inside understanding and outside acceptance by others. It is hard being in a Blue place (SoCal) but understanding all the darkness behind everyone who projects the illusion of light. There is such a lack of understanding of even what that darkness is and and how deep it goes. The hardest part is being in a long familial relationship (well over 20 years), having woken up over the last 10 years without this person. Being negatively labeled, the cause of anger/frustration and discounted in my home. But only on these aspects are we in discord, I continually get messages to stick this out. This person was able to see a snow cone’s worth of the iceberg over the last four years (which is something!) but unless they want to do more on their own, it feels hopeless until we get a large reveal and reckoning. I am guessing I am here to support my family as things get revealed so I am trying to be patient. This is the hardest part for me. Thank you, Cats and others here for listening. I don’t share this stuff out in public ever (except now). I do have three folks I keep close who understand parts of this with me and who care for me, so yay! That is something. 🙂
    Last little bit- what would you say is the best path of a personal practice to work on right now? Obviously, meditation as described. Anything in particular to a “school” of energy work? I am learning about codependency and BALM (Be a Loving Mirror) in the psychological realm.
    So much love and light to you all! C

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  28. I got to meditate for a few minutes in the sun overlooking the river the other day. Only a few minutes because the baby was stirring, although I also got to pray and commune during this time. It did feel especially powerful. this is a great reminder to keep getting myself out there.

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