629: Stand Down and Walk Away

A message to a particular segment of the population. Perhaps you know one. Perhaps you are one.

This was a previous UPDATE, but it needs to stand on its own.

FYI, several CATs are reporting overwhelming empathic vibes of terrible sadness coming from a point of time not far ahead, sadness of the populace yes, but more the sadness of American police and soldiers for other American police and soldiers who foolishly fought against forces backed by The Light, and from the families of those such who fought for the Dark having to deal with being labeled “TRAITORS,” and the horrible aftermath of having to live with such a stained legacy. We ask those police and soldiers and operatives who THINK they’re doing the right thing (or revel in doing the wrong thing) in being anti-Trump and supporting the Deep State to not go down that path. It is a long, painful path, especially for your families. History will not paint a pretty picture of you, and the karmic stamp on you and yours will last a very long time, thousands of years. There will be no escape even in death. Such a taint will follow you for SO long, you cannot imagine.

For those inexplicably looking forward to this conflict… your euphoria and overconfidence will last about 10 seconds and then you will be dead — or worse, stand military courts martial. For those who “die,” you will find that you still exist, your body torn and gone, but the real you living on, and that real you will discover that you’ve been very wrong about things, made some seriously bad choices, and that you must now spend a HUGE chunk of time learning these terrible lessons over and over, in terrible places, in terrible lifetimes that YOU YOURSELF DESIGN FOR YOURSELF, to punish yourself for what you think you have done wrong. You don’t have to suffer. You have a choice.

Choose the path of peace. You really have no choice. What you don’t know is that Light warriors… many of whom have fought and distinguished themselves in the Revolutionary War, in the War of 1812, The Civil War, in WWI, WWII, etc., are all here in various form and manifestations specifically to stop you. They will not fail. And behind them are Spirit and SOURCE and Higher-Order Beings and ETs from numerous civilizations. Only a fool would stand against such a force of history.

We urge you to show that you are not a fool. Walk away. Walk toward the Light. The game is over.

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  1. That’s a beautiful post, CATs. Bless you for speaking to these beings about which side to decide with now. This is and always has been a light/dark war, and we are right at the peak of the energies of it all. I send blessings to all of those BEings in hopes that they WILL make the lighter choice. We all do have to be reminded, it IS their path, their choice. My heart hurts for them. Peace out, CATs, Ms and Kittens. GodSource wins 🙂

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  2. Hi, whoever You Are,
    I ask you as a human being to be in the Light and in Love frequency in the moment of YOUR choice.
    Choose the Light, for you and for all the lovely human being on this planet.
    We are with you.
    We are within you.
    With Love from Italy,

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  3. The great thing for me is, I experienced no emotion around this statement. It is what it is. All is well. Back to the Bridge, climbing up or in.
    I am having great fun with the helix.
    Thank you and to all here for the work/fun.

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  4. Thank You, for A Very Thoughtful post! I just dropped My youngest son off for a flight to Naval Oceanography training in the Pacific. We Are very Proud, and sent Protection with him(AAM), A Good Friend. Much Love To All! Peace3.

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  5. What a wonderful post CATs thank you ❤️

    I have been feeling a lot of flatness and sadness, perhaps I was picking up on this too. I feel for anyone caught up in the wrong side of all this and the repurcussions it will have on them. It is a tragedy.

    I would like to echo your statement if I may in saying ‘It is not too late, please find that little flicker of light that you may still have in your heart and let it grow, now really is the time…’


    Gratitude & Love for you ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  6. Very sad perspective indeed…

    Like was happened in France after the WW2, where the “traitors and family” were shaved to be bald, hanged, executed and more worse…

    As much with some of the pro-Trump or population in general, who will not be able to let go of their frustration at having been humiliated before, as well as all that part of the population that mocked, hated, humiliated Trump and his supporters. This last one will just realize how it got stupidly fooled by all the bad guys and MSM all this time… and flip over by pointing fingers at these unfortuned families. Instead of looking at themself and think about how they got there, to avoid any reflexion about their past behaviors…
    Not to mention all this ” It was not my fault, i just followed the : orders, MSM, the other people, [put whatever excuse you want here] .

    Will be a very sad moment to witness, if we are still there…
    Keep calm and love

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  7. I can’t describe the feeling I get from that empathic joining of their emotions but it’s the same melancholy I get from this beautiful but sad song.

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  8. Not certain what to think of this. Have been going to stop receiving them but every so often get something like this. Feel it is in line with some things we talked about today. Roger

    On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 2:59 PM Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat wrote:

    > The CAT(s) That Lived posted: ” A message to a particular segment of the > population. Perhaps you know one. Perhaps you are one. This was a previous > UPDATE, but it needs to stand on its own. FYI, several CATs are reporting > overwhelming empathic vibes of terrible sadness co” >

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  9. I can only say thank you CATs, M’s for putting this post up. I don’t personally know anyone (soldier or policeman) to tell but it touches me deeply to hear of the Light warriors from our previous US wars are here to try to stop them doing the bidding of the Dark.

    Knowing also the Higher Order Beings, ETs, Spirit and SOURCE are behind them and will not fail….I am in awe and humbled to be here at this time to participate and experience this with you all; CATs, M’s, commentators and readers of this blog.

    Dark to *Light*

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  10. Yes, Agreed….

    The empath overload… the gaslighting repercussions, the legacy, the karma, the absolute shame and disgust they will have when they wake up and figure it out. I keep pleading for something to wake more people sooner… SOURCE, AA Michael, Brother J…. I get that they have choices, lessons and roles, but I beg anyways.

    Ironically, my son and I both had akashic record readings real recently. We are both the same (soul family AA- M), but the interesting part was his whole story through his lifetimes. He has been in MOST of the WARS in history. Apparently I have as well. I feel called to FIGHT… but I am trying to CHOOSE PEACE…

    Highest best possible outcome for all…

    I know the light wins… I feel that, but I almost feel like there is this huge gray fog that is the soul turmoil approaching quickly, I’m trying to shine light on it and into it… maybe we can save a few more….

    ❤ kk

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    1. The vibe started when my other son called me from San Diego Sunday night telling me the NAVY is cutting his quarantine short and he is to report aat 0400 in the morning to ship out. No time frame and no contact. I have been an empathetic mess since… all the red flags went up.

      My son won’t be on the wrong side of things. 1 of my 6 kids may… however my oldest daughter. 😦

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    2. Yes, if We can help a person or more, then the dominoes start to fall. Maybe, We can reach them All! My Guides want Me thinking BIG, I Agree. Peac3.

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    3. Very sad indeed Cat’s
      now I understand my sadness yesterday

      It reminds me at the Bagavat Ghita when Arjuna was unhappy to go in the battle the next day. He told it Krishna that even part of his familly is in the opposite site, he has to kill te next day. Krishna answered: Do your duty because I allready have killed them all.

      Thank you cat’s….
      with love Alnilam

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    4. The path of peace is best innerstood by those who have been pressed into war. Warriors are really the only ones who can effectively hold an olive branch in one hand and a sword in the other.

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  11. The 1st person I thought of is my niece who is anti Trump and has not called my mom to see how she is. My mom was in the hospital last week with sepsis and something terrifying happened to her. She is home now and has to to sleep with me or my sister. I think it was the mind and sepsis. No harm came to her. Anyway, I think she (niece) will not care if anything is released that shows crimes against humanity and Ts innocence. Sad. Makes my mom very sad, her granddaughter. A few of my friends who are anti T will care if all is revealed.

    Do you think the sadness will be because we Patriots will be crying hysterically bc T has left the WH and B is in when the Truth is revealed that he and his family are criminal pedos?

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  12. I was especially touched by the following in this latest CAT post….

    “What you don’t know is that Light warriors… many of whom have fought and distinguished themselves in the Revolutionary War, in the War of 1812, The Civil War, in WWI, WWII, etc., are all here in various form and manifestations specifically to stop you. They will not fail.”

    It was so reassuring to me to hear that soldiers from every war are part of this battle … what an invincible team we have amassed.

    I just know my husband is also helping as part of this brigade. Since his passing this past April, I felt strongly from the start that he’s been fully engaged in helping the light forces, using skills and experience his 20 year military career experience in signals intelligence, with two years in a helicopter in Vietnam identifying, tracking, and eliminating enemy forces.

    It was especially gratifying to me to think that because he’d lost his abilities after a severe brain injury 15+ years ago… and, while once vital and STO oriented, his limitations frustrated him because he could no longer participate/help others as fully as he had done before his TBI. Doing what he loved best… to be of service… is thrilling for me to imagine. It brings me tears of joy and makes my heart sing.

    And I love visualizing these light warriors and their massive strength, standing shoulder to shoulder with firm resolution in their eyes. They were steadfast and committed toward defending our cause while they lived and I know that light burns just as bright within them now.. and they will not fail.

    Thank you for mentioning these glorious allies to our cause.

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  13. Yes, this is felt. Their sadness. But I also feel an anxiety when I tune in more into them..
    An anxiety that is rooted in a doubt deep within. Inside of a lot of them, they don’t have a good FEELING about this and THAT tells me that there is Hope; for them & their loved ones.
    Hope that they will listen to & trust that feeling so that they wake up before rather than after💖✨

    But beings that thrive off of/in chaos.. Can’t quite feel them anymore. Only some of their distorted energies.. And distorted energies sound terrible to the ears, especially when they cry out your name in three syllables! (wtf?!?)
    They are in the sticky darkgrey-blackish fog/mist that Kitkatt also tells about. Though We/I really tried to pull them up trough and out of this sticky darkness. But to no avail. We/I saw the harmonious frequencies/energies and the distorted frequencies/energies separate from each other. The sticky darkness decended slowly away and downwards from us/me. I wish them all the best on their journey through..

    (Endnote: This happened sometime late Oct/early Nov last year. I had such sour muscles in my arms when I “came back to my body”. Had to go to a mirror and do a really corny thing; roll up my sleeves so that I could take a look at my arms & shoulders to see if they were as they felt, and my jaw dropped to the floor… Kind’a had to convince myself that it did happen sorta..)

    Take care everyone💖✨

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  14. Feeling gloom permeating everything.

    Your post bouys.

    The dance may change.

    But the song remains the same.

    LIGHT has Won. Now the DARK is being REVEALED.


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  15. In my meditation today Brother “J” was standing on the horizon with arms out stretched for all humans wanting his protection. A beautiful scene standing in front of the rising sun with NO JUDGEMENT. Not too late to choose love. Cay

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  16. Yes, now when You mentioned it, I did feel a wave off sadness yesterday, from nowhere really, even tears, strange, now it makes sense.

    Also, I had a strange turning off the lights in the living room on, then off at some points, is the vail thinning so much that the spirits are more playful then usual ?

    Maybe it is just a glitch in the switch, it is electronic one, touch sensitive with a dimmer function, so it is possible, it was strange for everybody in a house to see, even the “non awakened” ones ?!

    Perica ✨

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  17. I really hope this is something along the lines: “it gets worse before it gets better”, even in Switzerland they impose heavy restrictions now, having to wear a mask everywhere, shops closing. Basically creating suffering wherever. I know it’s black ice but I can’t help beeing angry. I hope they all get what they deserve soon o-o

    Though thanks to all the cats for your blog and your encouraging messages and posts!

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    1. The shut downs are being used to remove dark, as peaceful as possible. Smile/meditate/dream of the beautiful new Earth, You are helping to create. Know, All Is Well. Energy Out, Is Energy In. Peace.

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  18. Been experiencing the overwhelming sadness a lot these days. It doesn’t help that I seem to keep getting beaten down with 3d issues almost every day of my life. But, I know ultimately that the sadness that I feel is for the other side and what is to come of them when this war is finally over. Especially my nephew who is totally wrapped up on the evil side, and he doesn’t even know it. I have to admit that some of the sadness may be my own too. Being so attached to this 3d place and knowing we’re going to be leaving it behind soon. And, sometimes still having feelings of uncertainty. That, maybe we are all wrong, and we’re going to have to go through all of the horribleness of Biden or Kamala and become even more enslaved than ever before. But, then I keep telling myself. NO WAY!!! We’ve all already completed that test way too many times and it’s time to finally graduate and move on. Besides, I know I was there when Russia was taken down during the “Bolshevek Revolution”. I know Source isn’t going to make me go through all of that again. So glad to have this place to escape to. Love and light to all!

    The Dog Lady

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  19. Daily meditation, Thursday, January 14th 2021:
    The closer we get to the centre, to the spiritual sun, the more we feel light, warmth and life growing within us. This is a law. And it means that if you feel darkness, cold and death descend on you, you need not look far for the reason – it is because you have drifted away from the centre. Initiatic Science teaches us that true strength lies in knowing how to remain at the centre. In humans, this centre is the highest point, the summit of our being. The periphery on the other hand is where we encounter unrest and distress when our consciousness strays towards things that are alien to our true self – to our soul and spirit. This is why we must keep a constant watch over ourselves and say, ‘Let me see, where am I today? Oh, I have wandered off towards the periphery. What awaits me there?’ Nothing good, that is for sure, which is why you must hurry back to the centre. How? Through prayer, through meditation, by consciously establishing a bond with the sublime Centre, with God himself.

    Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov
    I felt really in resonance with this thought.

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  20. SOURCE forgives all.

    But can you forgive yourself?

    Free yourselves from the terrible pain that awaits you.

    Let go… rise up, brother, sister.

    Make that ONE decision. There are so many hands waiting, wanting to pull you upwards.

    You are so loved, so loved.

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  21. Spent last night writhing in the energetics. It was a “finger in the wall plug” from around 11PM (until now) kind of night. Grounding and breathing are the only thing that kept this old body from spontaneous combustion. Good luck all. Cay

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    1. My Brothers and I used shock each other for fun, when we were kids with a loose wire on the freezer. Twisted way of getting attention. Peace.

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    2. Most of yesterday (the 13th) was an in-bed whomp day for me. Not electrically charged though, I’m happy to say — but we all feel the energy in our own way I guess.
      A couple days prior to that I was feeling physical heart ache off and on. Not the emotional component, thank goodness, but just the ache. I had a feeling it was an echo from the outer world. We all need to lay down our arms, always. ❤

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    1. The Split HAS occurred, but the two timelines are right on top of one another. However, we’re sensing there’s been some distancing. In dreams, we’re rescuing people from the farther timeline.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Might be why the beautiful weather today… perfect blue sky….

        knowing me tho… im on the wrong timeline… LOL

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  22. It reminds me of Faust. He had free-will until the very end. However, he believed his fate was sealed and his sins could not be forgiven. So when his term ended he allowed Mephistopheles to carry him off to Hell.

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