624: The LIGHT Bridge That Waited ~ [UPDATE3]

For those requesting a deeper CAT meditation…

Between now and until something happens, meditate on the SOURCE light inside yourself, on the light inside EVERYONE — the light which is SOURCE. Got a firm grip on it?

First, G+P+C.

Now, meditate on that light moving from the solar plexus (right above your belly button) to your heart space. See it merging, and growing, and then bursting out of you, out of everyone in a huge light burst originating in the chest. It’s a good thing, Love and Light.

Do it for yourself. Then do it for your family, for everyone you know. Start small, build up, then go boom. (When we first wrote this we could feel it starting in us from others and we hadn’t even sent it out yet!) Now imagine this light exercise for all the people in your neighborhood. In your town. In your region. In your hemisphere. Everyone on, in, and around the earth. Do it for everyone NOW, and in the past, then forward throughout all of time and space, from the beginning of time and the omniverse to the end of time when all beings merge BACK into SOURCE and the omniverse vanishes in a titanic WHOOSH of light and angel singing. Imagine it as a giant line of Light and Love reaching from the beginning to the end… and beyond.

There’s your Light bridge. You are literally your own bridge to infinity. Totally easy.

Pass this around. As many people need to do this daily until we reach critical mass. No pressure. Be calm. Be deliberate. For those comfortable with your OMATA group, join with them and turn your power UP to infinity.

We were waiting for that meditation idea spark… and here it is. You are basically giving a SHOCK of light right to the heart of everyone in existence, all at the same time, at just the right moment, to bridge to whole new worlds… eventually. It will take time.


Commenter Kittkatt had excellent insight for this meditation:

I started with grounding… then I was opening chakras, got to the solar plexus, lit it up like the sun, pushed the light to my heart chakra…. and then it got interesting… I saw it shoot up into the sky like a pillar of light and then my intention was to spread it all over the world.

(here’s where something took over)

I started visualizing my DNA…. turning golden white, and said “Spread this through the world, my family, everywhere … past, present and future… and the network like veins in the body burst out in a torus-shaped doughnut, filled with all these connections lighting up with golden white lite….

It arched like a bridge of the past, present and future… all inside me in my DNA uniting all parts of me and all beings that are part of my DNA. I then saw the earth covered with a golden glow… and rainbow light shining down…

We are all ONE…


After doing the big meditation a few times, we now just go from the personal “light body” part right to the light bridge, and then add Kittkatt’s DNA part.


This is what the Xmas lights meant in our meditations:

Light up that right-handed double… no, octuple helix! We want more. MORE!

124 thoughts on “624: The LIGHT Bridge That Waited ~ [UPDATE3]

    1. Yes, that was from me — because this past week, more than one of Charlie Ward’s followers/interviewers have been calling him a “Care Bear” with golden love light pouring out of his chest, which he was laughingly pantomiming in his newest videos …

      …and when a giggly visual such as this continues to pop up again and again in my ‘monkey’ mind, it never fails to go straight into our superconductive lightworker Crystalline Grid, for all who are also connected to NE.
      The delay is usually a day or two.

      A visual/emo trickle down effect. Not a cue drop, but a higher realm crystal drop.
      Every single dang time….if only I could share each one. You would all be howling.

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  1. Okay. This is really crazy. I had a feeling to super ground today. I had a very long talk with my sister about all kinds of important things in our lives shortly after. We normally only talk a few times a year. Then, I went to my meeting for my Fraternal Order of the Eagles Ladies Auxiliary. I’m the Treasurer, so I sit at the front table. I was overcome during our opening prayer to ground and send a super heart burst of love and light to everyone in our meeting room and throughout the rest of the club. And, I sent some out to others outside of that. And, then I came home later and saw this post. I guess I’m more in tune with the CAT stuff than I thought. LOL! And, as far as mantras go. I can never remember any of them exactly. Like y’all said. We all just do our own amalgamation of them. Mine for now is…Love and light to all. I am an eternal, immortal soul. I have been here for waaaaay too long now. Or, maybe not? I am love. I am light. I am source. And, all is forgiven.

    The Dog Lady

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  2. thank you cats so much
    I will do it for sure!

    Something similliar I did 2002 february in Bodh Gaya (India where Buddha was enlightened) sitting in meditation and imagining everybody in meditation room is enlightened, than the people downstairs in the garden of the temple, than whole India and than the world.
    What than happened was unimaginable but took two hours of being in an alternate state. And I wasn’t a buddhist, only meditating

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  3. 💖🌈💖This is so prescious
    what a ginourmious gift 💖🌈💖

    ….thank you with all my heart
    our ticket to NE with STO💖🌈💖

    I feel it deep inside myself
    we can do it YESSSSSSS!

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  4. Love this, thank you AM, Ms, CATs

    Just tried a short meditation whilst Elsiecwas occupies, the world is now a shining, glittering ball of golden light ✨

    My eyelids were flickering like crazy whilst doing this!

    Will do it for longer later, phew!

    Much ❤️ & ✨ ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Oh thank you CATs, Ms and AM!!! Kind of like being in a plane at night looking down. Once I saw all the hearts zapped and turn on into lights bursting like gold streams into the sky over Ca and Or, the dolphins in the Pacific said that dolphins and whales wanted to do it too, soooo…..then there were gold lights coming out of the ocean. A beautiful sight, gold with some pinkish, purple in the background. But nothing compared to the feeling! Got a little fluttery in the heart, breathed like you said. Heard a beautiful voice singing in a language I don’t know, reminded me of a Celtic song. Felt like I was moving, undulating on waves, as if I were on a float in a swimming pool or lake. Yeah, me and my water thing again. Was able to get all the way to Canada and most of the U.S. before the intensity began easing up. Sent light down my grounding cords on the way in and way out of this meditation. So do we just keep going back as often as possible and keep on it, covering more of the world? I didn’t try to force it when it began to wane. Heard an elephant trumpet so I’m guessing they are going to want some of this.

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  6. Yes! I call this “star bursting”. I have been doing this for the past 6 years. Blasting pure Source Light right from my Heart, out in all directions in time and space. I also envision this energy burst traveling up any cords or connections that anyone has to me. If they are watching me, tracking me, have a file on me….*FLASH* it goes right to them. ❤️🌎🌌⚡️

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  7. Done one time up to now, during the morning meditation and there was a pure silence around me at one moment, like I was not here anymore, will do it again at afternoon and before going to sleep, I hope that 3 time in a day is enough for one 🙏

    Perica ✨

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  8. This may be the very reason all of us volunteered to be here, over and over again. To reach the point where we can forgive ourselves. To reach the point where we can Love ourselves. Enough to extend that Love back and forward in all directions. To our lineage. Bestowing Grace on our lineage. Because it can only be done from within the system, in the moment of now.
    And each of us here on this planet have participated in getting us here in one way or another. Hold strong. Hold to purity of purpose. Hold Love, let yourself Be Love.

    May Source Love protect and guide us all. May Source Love – Grace us, as we in turn grace all with our love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

    Love, Angela

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  9. I had an intense night feeling the energies and meditating. I felt and heard the phrase “Let it Be.” I am holding on to the Light as best as I can. ❤ ❤ ❤ I was happy to see the new post in my email.

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  10. I find the advice given in this blog always useful and spot on.

    “Brenda’s Blog”

    You are beginning to align with your heart instead of your intellectual anger as you observe those who oppose you in thought or action.

    Despite your need to display your outer-self love resulting from your heart opening, you must honor yourself first. For perhaps you think heart-opening means once again that others are more important than you.

    Without self-love, loving others more than yourself is merely another 3D caretaking mode with a different title. Because you were inundated with that philosophy in 3D, it is easy for you to again accept that displaying love means loving others is more important than loving yourself. Such is not true and never has been. Even so, that is a lesson some of you continue to have difficulties understanding.

    Your inner-voice is your new command center. You no longer need to depend on the approval of friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers. For doing so is merely a replication of your 3D life.
    The only approval you need now and forever is the sense of rightness you feel when your actions are from your heart, your new internal voice.

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  11. Love it!
    “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,
    let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”
    (Found a great Springsteen cover of this but won’t post the video cause you know why.)
    I can already feel my heart glowing like the sun!
    Thank you, CATS et al

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  12. I’m failing to help. I’ll try this tonight. Life is dealing me up a lot of Lemons. I hope I can turn that around quickly. I’ve forwarded it on to a few. I hope it can lift us out of current circumstances x x x love and light to all x x

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      1. I’m imaging a lovely orchard of citrus trees.. I love lemons 😆 I’ve tried this meditation a few times. I’m just connecting to the shinning phase. I need to try for longer and relax into it. ✨✨

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    1. Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
      That saved a wretch like me!
      I once was lost, but now am found;
      Was blind, but now I see.

      Through many dangers, toils and snares,
      I have already come;
      ’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
      And grace will lead me home.

      The Lord has promised good to me,
      His Word my hope secures;
      He will my Shield and Portion be,
      As long as life endures.

      Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
      And mortal life shall cease,
      I shall possess, within the veil,
      A life of joy and peace.

      The earth shall soon dissolve like snow,
      The sun forbear to shine;
      But God, who called me here below,
      Will be forever mine.

      When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
      Bright shining as the sun,
      We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
      Than when we’d first begun.

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  13. Is anyone having trouble understanding other people at the moment?

    I will be talking to Mum or someone on the phone and the conversation will start off fine but then I realise I haven’t heard or understood most of what they have been saying and have had to ask them to repeat it, I hear the words but although they are speaking clearly it sounds like another language, so odd!

    Have also noticed I am struggling to read more than a couple of paragraphs before my brain just switches into dazed mode and I cannot concentrate!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Yeah. It’s been happening for months with me. It appears that I’m speaking to them in a foreign language and they don’t get it. I realized then that I’m at a different wave length than they are. I just shrug and repeat myself. (Of course, they could just be hard of hearing and I have been accused of being a mumbler. All I can say about that is Har!)

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      2. That last few months I have not been able to hear people very well. I have an appointment at the hearing doctor Friday! However, I hope I am not splitting from these people, as I am trying to make it so they come with me. love love
        < ella

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        1. I had a hearing test done too a couple of months ago! It came back that I could hear above normal in both ears. The hearing loss I had from 10 yrs ago is no longer there.

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      3. Yes, you might be right there, thanks ☺️

        I’ve ordered a hamster cage from this company and phoned to ask about some details, I asked the lady on the phone how she was and she replied ‘Yes right okay then, that’s great, thank you, bye’ ! Got off the phone thinking ‘huh’!


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    1. Yes Lilly, I have this too. I read a lot of spiritual ascention blogs from the earth plan, and noticed some of the “spiritual celebrities” don’t resonate like they used to. When I have trouble concentrating I take it as a sign / message that I don’t need this anymore, take off the training wheels and go within to Source. As for conversations, I just have to laugh. Most of mine with mom sound like some version of Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on First.”

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        1. Had a phone call with a lovely homeopath this morning to help Elsie. Fudge was well spoken, clear and concise but honestly all I could hear was noise/babble. I had to make a superhuman effort understand her, had it before but this was really intense. I was thinking, I know you are speaking English, I should be able to understand you but something is not working here! Really had to ‘tune in’ to my own language ☺️

          Strange days indeed!


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            1. So…are you saying that you “fudged” your comment? 😉
              You are too cute, Lily!
              And…it was such a chocolate day…
              Chocolate zucchini loaf, and a pistachio, rose petal, & dragon fruit cacao bar totally called me… Both have helped me with today! 💞

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            2. Lily, it had made me think of the clueless Harry Pttr minister, lol – who is she consulting???

              ❤ to U and E

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    2. Yes, absolutely! I have to super focus sometimes to just listen and retain anything. Some days are more of an effort than others. ✨💛✨

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  14. Thanks CATS. Brilliant suggestion (all puns intended).

    Remember using this technique back when the NE and earth started the big split back in the summer.

    Today, spinning Heart Chakra blasting Rainbow Light in all directions. Can sense the LIGHT of SOURCE and of the NE/Gaia Complex entering, melding with my own and blasting out laterally across the world, sun, planets and all the ‘Sentients’ asleep and awake.

    REALLY GLAD CATS are spearheading these efforts.

    LIGHT has WON. What is DARK is being REVEALED.

    Heart CMEs goes to everyone.

    BLESS the Dark Ones, too, that they feel the LIGHT and UNBURDEN their Souls of the Miasma.


    Thanks to all. Blessing to all. TO ALL.

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  15. – did for quite some time this morning, very early – had some dreams yesterday that seemed related… was sleep day…
    words used often were “light, ignite, unite” to all peoples and animals, etc.and very expansive locations.


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  16. Oh, lily, snap😹😹. This is a problem I’ve had on and off most of my life. Now it’s happening quite frequently. It’s no wonder many of us believe we are from ‘elsewhere’
    Don’t worry, all is well and as it should be. Just a bit confusing 😹😹

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  17. During meditation saw feline forms in close proximity, felt good. Did one to focus on the DC. area. Shoe man lost his way! Peace.

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  18. I did this meditation last night. Since fireworks were banned in my area (both commercial and residential) I imagined light fireworks bursting out of myself, which seemed more “fun”.

    To be honest, I almost didn’t want to since I’m beyond distraught about practically everything. Not just the Dark winning in my personal life and all around me, but it appears the President is running out of Trump cards to play. But if I didn’t take part, I feel like I would have regret not trying. And it’s not like I have anything else to do as a de facto hermit, hah!

    Last night I had a dream about attending freshman orientation in college. In the past, I dreamed about graduating from college and now I’m dreaming about starting it?

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        1. Everyone has now declared a LANE.

          No more hiding. Look at Lindsey Graham going on about prosecuting “rioters” at the Capital.

          Those guys that got inside? That doesn’t just HAPPEN. If there were REAL breaches, the whole crowd would have been Inside. Those guys are AuntiFaux. (There are pics ON THE a-faux sites of them, even in the same costumes. That symbol on the guys chest? No MAGA person would ever rock that ink) They were invited in and given access for provocative photo ops.

          A nifty, non-destructive Reichstag Fire.

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  19. Just got done reading all of the latest comments here and at some other sites. Usually, I come here first, but tonight I came here last. Got to the end and had the old hymn “All is well with my Soul” play in my mind. Nice way to end the evening. Especially, after all the craziness in DC today. Have a great night or day or morning all, Where ever you are on this crazy planet!

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Ha. I woke up yesterday morning with that hymn running through my mind. I haven’t heard or thought of it since the early 80’s when I was forced to go to church as a child. Synchronicity; love it!! Thanks for sharing.

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  20. When I am doing it for others, just before I sent that light from solar plexus to the heart I add “Remember Source” line, it seems appropriate as people do need to remember the Source and again establish the connection with it 🙏

    Perica ✨

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  21. If not for the updates here, I would have gone insane today! And to keep my mind zen while waiting for more updates here, I often pictured Trump being inaugurated on 20th. 🙏🙏🙏 So, if there’s a spike in the no# of click in this blog today, I could be one of the guilty one 😅

    I tried to do that Light Bridge meditation yesterday but somehow, I didn’t “see/feel” any light movement from my solar plexus to my heart. After a while, I gave up and said the mantra “I am the Light, I am the Love, I am” and send Light and Love to the world. Could it be that my chakras are blocked?

    Meaning to ask: Is Gaia and Mother Earth synonymous? It’s easier for me to pronounce the latter than the former. And I’m dying to know how does Gaia look like please? 🙏 An angle? Or like Arwen Evenstar in the Lord of the Rings? Or does she appear differently at different times?

    Thank you so much for the updates 🙏💖

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    1. Let’s see… keep trying on the meditation, but just do it for yourself, don’t try the galactic version. Every CAT had trouble with meditation in the beginning. As for Gaia… sure, you can call her Mother Earth. All kinds of cultures have all kinds of names for her. It’s the intent that counts. What does she look like… she will appear to different people differently… but she always seems to have this Force-of-Nature HAIR that screams “Gaia.” Usually when I’ve seen her, it’s on the Spirit plane, so she’s like a gynormous, shining White Goddess, all white and misty like a spirit, but radiating power. The few times I saw her as a body… well… yow. Total ultra babe. Like a love-at-first-sight kinda thing. For me, anyway. 😉

      Different planets in the solar system have different (giant) spirits within them, male and female, like Gaia but very different. If you were to quickly cruise all the other planets you’d zoom back to Gaia every time.


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      1. When I ground to Gaia I always link to a blue Crystal like glow at the centre of earth like a core of light. Ive never seen a person. Just sensed a consciousness. That is a lovely image. Now the marriage thing makes sense.

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        1. I get the crystal cavern when I ground to Gaia, but then get Gaia in goddess form when communicating with her, the love I get from her often brings me tears.

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          1. @cora & pam141, I’m happy for you two, that you’re able to connect with Gaia.

            Perhaps I’m a young soul (not in terms of age tho 😁) with so much more to learn!

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      2. Apologies AM meant to write why I posted youtube link but on my second day of fasting toxin headache galore.
        I met a man when I was 31, Bob, he was older than me and was the only man who touched my soul, (He was the most beautiful man to me). To my eternal regret I got scared of my feelings and ran away. If I had a pair of timeline scissors and offered one time only I could use them that would be the moment …snip. He died in 1998 I miss him every day.
        He is the most beautiful soul, loved his sense of humour, his quick wit, (he liked Meatloaf band) and in his very manly presence I was called to be my authentic self and regrettably wasnt strong or had the courage to be with him and allow things to gently unfold. I was protecting him from me as I knew I would hurt him,(from my Lucifarian upbringing) and he meant so much to me I chose to hurt myself further.
        Happily I am much stronger now and have the courage to be open to receive good things. I long for the day I meet him again, I imagine us sitting on a beach, drinking coffee, he made the best coffee!
        Divine timing on ever switching timelines, I will wait for him and only him, otherwise happily accept being single.
        Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

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          1. @alsoonewhobelieves
            Thank you Ella for your kind words which really meant a lot and encouraged me as I am still building my inner courage to connect with others, (old programming); and one day significant other, (huge courage required – gulp).

            I woke up this morning prompted to do some work with a crystal; after percolating all night this was the other bookend after last night’s work with it. I then sat in meditation; after awhile I saw two golden parchments, left and right, as I looked closer I could see there were dark veins within the gold; it now looked like two leaves, (I am very visual). I was enjoying watching these two beautiful leaves undulating and moving gracefully; the veins changed to circles and saw they were now butterfly markings. They were now two butterfly wings still separated. I watched the butterfly wings come together, their central column now infused with brilliant golden light. The edges of the wings began to furl to the centre; as they did so they became two long golden champagne flutes, very graceful beautiful shape filled with golden liquid. The two golden flutes merged into one single vertical line.

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        1. I have a whetstone, Belle. Timeline scissors are sharpened, they’re Fiskars 🙂
          I climbed a vertical berm with his black and silver 250 Enduro in Thornton, CO and got airborne at the top. His name was Robert, but he didn’t die. He just went into the Army. I miss him too, and align with the rest of your sentiments about Bob.

          Interesting synch.

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      3. When I did the Light Bridge meditation, trying to imagine Light from my Solar Plexus to my Heart chakra, nothing gives (so, it was like doing it for myself), unlike many of you here who can “see/feel” the Light burst and movement. Since I didn’t feel any Light, I couldn’t send it out. After a few tries, I did the other mantra.

        I’m the type that need voice-guided meditation to stay focus. I have tried the Meditation Primer in this blog, after G+P+C and say ‘Bro J, you’re welcome’, but each time, my mind can only stay empty for a few minutes and then that monkey mind of mine starts to chatter away. But even with voice-guided meditation, I’m still looking for one YouTube meditation channel that resonate with me. Do brain waves meditation work?

        So, for my meditation, it’s like switching back and forth for a period between Meditation Primer to voice-guided meditation in YouTube. But when it comes to ACIM course, I have no problem with my focus from Day 1, since it’s guided (by Bro J).

        You must be one lucky dude to be the chosen ONE by Gaia? 😉

        I can’t even achieve OBE, let alone astral travel in the spiritual plane. 🤦

        With Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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        1. @phoenix, the sound helps me a lot, too – I’ve been using Kenneth Soares’ 432Hz meditation music (it’s quite the series), they all seem to help bring me much peace.

          The one that most resonates with me is at https:// http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=j-Kgu8CIazA&t=2166s (take out the two spaces).

          YMMV, Hope this helps you!

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  22. I feel like things are coming apart at the seams and some people don’t seem to care, they just keep tearing it apart. My hope is that they can be reached and find love for their fellow man.

    Has America been a puppet from the very beginning and we now just have eyes to see, or some don’t? They are blinded by “victory” and hatred for a man, willing to throw away humanity so their side can “win”.

    I am having a hard time imagining a world of peace, but that is what I will be focusing on hard for a while.

    Much love to my fellow human!!!

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    1. They’ll care eventually. You can’t make them. Things are supposed to be coming apart at the seams. The old world has to crumble. The idiots have to take control of the bus (or think they have control).

      The United States has never been a puppet, though some (the cabal) thought they could make it so by buying it. You can’t really buy an idea and try to completely control it; this is why there is entropy… and cats… in this universe. A genie-out-of-the-bottle thing. The cabal’s problem is simple: They are 100% STS, so they are slaves to their own egos and wishful thinking. The U.S. has a deep STO soul that will forever TRUMP the cabal (hence the name), regardless of what anyone says.

      Peace, which is really SOURCE, is found within. It is rarely something you find externally, but when you do, you notice it, it’s so rare. When you find inner peace… you can live anywhere. Still, I definitely understand what you’re feeling.


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  23. Here in Brisbane Australia we are in lockdown for three days as the mutant strain of the UK virus has been spread around by one person that was a cleaner at a quarantine hotel
    We have to wear masks if we want to go out
    The shopping centres are packed with people there’s hardly anything left on the shelves
    Some stores have shut down due to fighting
    It’s crazy
    Today is my shopping day it’s not worth going out
    Get a grip people!
    I hope Trumps not giving up!

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  24. Some of the best current-event intel I’ve heard thus far, was put out today January 7th on Charlie’s bitchute channel, and summed up by this lady Danielle Stotijin at around time mark 16:00 in this video:


    To sum up what the next few weeks will bring. When it all breaks loose.

    (I would have time-marked the video link for you, but unfortunately bitchute does not offer this feature yet)

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    1. This video states that bitcoin will go down, but also says that everyone will have their own XRP cryptocurrency ledger (32:45). Trading one crypto for another crypto makes me scratch my head. Especially one as controversial as Ripple…if you know the crypto scene Ripple is under attack for not being sufficiently decentralized. I have my doubts.

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  25. thank you Cat’s
    thank you friens
    you are really giving me a good direction for my path
    the meditation is awsome…. I am doing it through the night
    and three times a day. Very powerful.
    Also your hints about what’s going on…. it helps me to keep my faith!

    a big hug to everybody here 💖🌈💖

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  26. Let me get this straight. The guy holding the codes to a nuclear arsenal is deemed too dangerous to hold a Twitter account? Bwaahaahaaa. You couldn’t make it up.

    Dreamt of T having a very powerful b0mb, and intended to detonate it. (B0mb is probably allegorical to information=disruption). But somebody held a ‘test-tube’ too close and somehow the b0mb was sucked into the test-tube and detonated, but became 10 times its original power.

    Everyone ran and hid to avoid the blast radius. We ended up at a coastline with a towering cliff face. People were huddled against the rock but I knew it would crumble and collapse, which it did. I ended up walking out into the lovely blue sea.

    Obvious dream interpretation but unsure about the test-tube? Maybe it represents public scrutiny because its usually used in Analysis?


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  27. I’m exhausted, but /i’ll try to remember everything from overnight/this morning – inner vibration!! – have g/p/c-‘d
    dropped into sleep state last evening (no time sense anymore – it’s either day or night..) – i may lose sequence… think lots of dreams…
    ‘little dog’ curled up above my head first time in months – lately usually under covers somewhere or up next to me, shoulder/chest area.
    Somehow our family dinner eating time has become somewhere between 1-3 AM ugh – such is life…
    After dinner sleep period in which I was pinned to mattress with ‘little dog’ HEAVILY curled up in a scoop of the back of my knees – I never sleep on my stomach since my back started going so bad decades ago – she seemed so intentional I didn’t move her – everytime I woke up after that. dear sweet – cheeky- Freddie was singing ‘Thank God it’s Christmas – belting it out… another section of early morning after a getting up time?? dog plastered to neck/head – Freddie starts again… there were a few heavy mission type dreams… Freddie back to singing then three stemmed goblets – stemmed, but more of a brandy snifter type bowl shape – seemed significant and represented the other three band mates sharing some bubbly. then MC Hammer ‘Can’t take that’? – started with the sense of his sideways dance shuffling going on and a sense of a mongoose snake attack dance(totally forgot about the feline/snake video at time…) there were some words to the can’t take that part can’t quite remember, but seemed strongly to do with Aunt-tiffy… – Freddie still singing in background.

    I know the song video can be found but feel strongly to Share Freddie, too..
    so delete if you have to…
    love to all – so wiped out!
    Was also after the new light meditation the other day, but guess after a CAT etc.? response to a comment that was my fault for leaving the light on’ as I did a LONNNG session very detailed and extensive and afterwards felt so tired and oddly lonely wishing for a true friend thought of Freddie as had had a long CLOSE association with him in the mid-late 2000 decade (I didn’t even know who he was before that time. – I was studying physics and metallurgy in the 70’s… – someone convinced me to cut it off because I was too happy and learning things – ugh. – haven’t said this to anyone – my daughter knows and was aware – my ex knew too.. – Have NO idea why I shared that…
    I think that was all…


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  28. btw, for some time??? a week or more??? when I g/p/c the direction felt to NE and lovely G is horizontal not ‘up’… SOURCE direction is always… THERE, just THERE…

    – sorry if irrelevant personal data… just thought of noticing it again.

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  29. Hey ALL, Just wanted to say that this indescribable sense of peace prevails here at the farm.(As per usual) An old friend (We were both freshmen in Architecture in 1963, and yes, I told ‘ya I was old) had a non-discussion about Wed. activities. I finally stated that if it feels good to him to be upset about the “assault’ on our democracy then, by all means do so. I promptly forgave the whole scenario. (With a mantra or two thrown in for good measure.) BTW, I finally got the 3 movie collection of the Austin Powers movies starring my favorite character Mini-Me. All I can say about that is EEeeeeee! Har! <J

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  30. Hi Everyone,
    Still feeling good. Against all evidence to the contrary. I feel good. Calm.
    Let’s keep loving. Love love love to all. Angela

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  31. All the recent social media removal of Trump and his supporters may indicate the need for girded loins for the foreseeable future. Free fall in progress. Cay

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    1. [shrug] Like we all didn’t know that was coming. This is just more of the free-will self-separation of the brainwashed and the unscrupulous that will haunt so many for so long. It is also the next step in the playbook.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. So what will be the next move? While what is happening should be terrible to anyone that likes liberty, I feel things are more under controlled by the good guys then it appears. Still, things cannot continue like this for long. The white hats need to make an actual move and not the vague B.S while TD gets to run away with the narrative… again.

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  32. If anyone senses energy pours would be helpful from this family to ours thank you – the neighbor in back of us lept over the eight ft fence with a 3 ft metal pipe to attack my daughter – she had almost taken the baby out with her to bring in the dogs – so thankful she decided to not bring her. Police were not helpful when he arrived hrs later – plus she feared neighbors retaliation for calling them, so was afraid to have them interview him…
    I don’t feel freaked, but added to the energy lately that we’re being drawn to move from here, probably back East where there are friends and family – ‘moving home’ – so to speak…
    Have no idea how to do so feasibly, but open to Universe opening a way…
    I just thank you all for being here.

    PS – she's ok, just traumatised…

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  33. Here is a QHHT session with Allison Coe from May 2020 that is extremely relevant today. Long, but the pertinent general information is between 15:00 – 47:00. Very good advice on how to cope with the current social atmosphere, and how the Shift happens after the Roar. A 5-week revelation of the truth is the catalyst for the widespread personal transformation. 23:32: “2021 is when it happens.”

    This person says that ultimately 85% of the population sees and chooses the Light, bliss, peace and freedom. The sad 15% remainder of humanity just keeps its collective head down and goes on with the same old dead-end patterns of 3D.

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  34. I’ve just realised, T is currently embodying what we perceive as great leaders. I know he’s already embodied the spirit of MLK.jr, Julius Ceaser and perhaps Winston Churchill. I wonder if he was a bunch of those leaders in past lives to prepare him for this one.

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  35. So, today is an exquisite sunny day here at the farm. A bit frosty earlier, but it’s warming up. Gardener is here working in the perennial garden. Will take her the complimentary latte shortly. I need to go to the chicken palace to get some eggs for my french toast. Ya’ ALL drop by, ya’ hear! Cheers and a lift of the coffee cup. <J

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