624: The LIGHT Bridge That Waited ~ [UPDATE3]

For those requesting a deeper CAT meditation…

Between now and until something happens, meditate on the SOURCE light inside yourself, on the light inside EVERYONE — the light which is SOURCE. Got a firm grip on it?

First, G+P+C.

Now, meditate on that light moving from the solar plexus (right above your belly button) to your heart space. See it merging, and growing, and then bursting out of you, out of everyone in a huge light burst originating in the chest. It’s a good thing, Love and Light.

Do it for yourself. Then do it for your family, for everyone you know. Start small, build up, then go boom. (When we first wrote this we could feel it starting in us from others and we hadn’t even sent it out yet!) Now imagine this light exercise for all the people in your neighborhood. In your town. In your region. In your hemisphere. Everyone on, in, and around the earth. Do it for everyone NOW, and in the past, then forward throughout all of time and space, from the beginning of time and the omniverse to the end of time when all beings merge BACK into SOURCE and the omniverse vanishes in a titanic WHOOSH of light and angel singing. Imagine it as a giant line of Light and Love reaching from the beginning to the end… and beyond.

There’s your Light bridge. You are literally your own bridge to infinity. Totally easy.

Pass this around. As many people need to do this daily until we reach critical mass. No pressure. Be calm. Be deliberate. For those comfortable with your OMATA group, join with them and turn your power UP to infinity.

We were waiting for that meditation idea spark… and here it is. You are basically giving a SHOCK of light right to the heart of everyone in existence, all at the same time, at just the right moment, to bridge to whole new worlds… eventually. It will take time.


Commenter Kittkatt had excellent insight for this meditation:

I started with grounding… then I was opening chakras, got to the solar plexus, lit it up like the sun, pushed the light to my heart chakra…. and then it got interesting… I saw it shoot up into the sky like a pillar of light and then my intention was to spread it all over the world.

(here’s where something took over)

I started visualizing my DNA…. turning golden white, and said “Spread this through the world, my family, everywhere … past, present and future… and the network like veins in the body burst out in a torus-shaped doughnut, filled with all these connections lighting up with golden white lite….

It arched like a bridge of the past, present and future… all inside me in my DNA uniting all parts of me and all beings that are part of my DNA. I then saw the earth covered with a golden glow… and rainbow light shining down…

We are all ONE…


After doing the big meditation a few times, we now just go from the personal “light body” part right to the light bridge, and then add Kittkatt’s DNA part.


This is what the Xmas lights meant in our meditations:

Light up that right-handed double… no, octuple helix! We want more. MORE!

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  1. I’ve just realised, T is currently embodying what we perceive as great leaders. I know he’s already embodied the spirit of MLK.jr, Julius Ceaser and perhaps Winston Churchill. I wonder if he was a bunch of those leaders in past lives to prepare him for this one.

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  2. So, today is an exquisite sunny day here at the farm. A bit frosty earlier, but it’s warming up. Gardener is here working in the perennial garden. Will take her the complimentary latte shortly. I need to go to the chicken palace to get some eggs for my french toast. Ya’ ALL drop by, ya’ hear! Cheers and a lift of the coffee cup. <J

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