623: HNY 2021 ~ [UPDATE11]

Hooray. ZZZZZZZ…

Happy 2021. Wake us when the light wave is inbound.


Two CATs woke with this song. Sorry for the whammy.

 There's a place up ahead and I'm goin'
 Just as fast as my feet can fly
 Come away, come away, if you're goin'
 Leave the sinkin' ship behind

 Come on the risin' wind
 We're goin' up around the bend

 Bring a song and a smile for the banjo
 Better get, while the gettin's good
 Hitch a ride to the end of the highway
 Where the neon's turn to wood

 Come on the risin' wind
 We're goin' up around the bend

 You can ponder perpetual motion
 Fix your mind on a crystal day
 Always time for a good conversation
 There's an ear for, what you say

 Come on the risin' wind
 We're goin' up around the bend


 Catch a ride to the end of the highway
 And we'll meet by the big red tree
 There's a place up ahead and I'm goin'
 Come along, come along with me

 Come on the risin' wind
 We're goin' up around the bend


Whoa! We just checked and Epstein is ALIVE on this timeline. What the hell? He was dead on the one we were on before. At least we see him as alive here, it’s super confusing.

All hell is breaking loose on Wednesday.


CATs recommend everyone reboot their computer systems, regularly (phones not so much, unless you’re having issues). And if you know how, scan for suspicious processes (either via Windows Task Mgr, or Apple’s Activity Monitor), and delete them. At night, turn everything OFF. Computers, phones, routers, the works. The best kind of computer/phone is one that’s turned all the way OFF and embedded in concrete.


And another CME:

Fresh programming is due in today and tomorrow, and more on… the 6th. Here we go.

We also had a little timeline jump in the night:

And more activity:

Alas, some of this high energy is impacting birds in Rome.

And this is a pretty darn big GRB:


Another pair of CMEs (here’s just one):

This one will ALSO be here on the 6th, go figure.


Oh boy.

The above is a major incursion of rescue ships to deal with some upcoming bad energy. Humans have caused so much turmoil… and we’re on the edge of a war or something very ugly. The space cavalry are here and may have to intervene… on this timeline. Keep your vibrations high.


Btw… all the headaches are from the Wave X pressure change: The energy is 10X what it was. We are heading for the crucible.


Ah. We were experiencing ‘spiritual cavitation’ (this is why CATs were having headaches), literally seeing ourselves vibrating in a jittery way. It’s because we now need to ground to Gaia again. (We had stopped for a short while, grounding only to the NE and SOURCE.) She’s now done with whatever she was going through and WOW does she feel better, so try connecting and get ready for champagne tingles.

During the morning meditation we heard ~AM tell Gaia he loved her, and then he spontaneously said: “Let’s get married!” and Gaia shot back: “We’re already married!” And there was much laughter.

FYI, Gaia is also in full-on dishwasher mode, so be prepared form some crazy weather, some shaking, some baking, some champagne bubbles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… you’ll be on the edge of your seat.


And another, glancing blow:


For the record… some CATs are just as tired and growing just as disillusioned as the rest of you when it comes to these visions and dreams taking so long to pay off. We’ve been seeing the same things foretold for years. We understand that SOURCE and Spirit et al have to honor all those involved, but Team Dark needs to GO AWAY. NOW. Tough love. Those who still want to learn that lesson with them and “wake up” oh so slowwwly can go onto another timeline and learn at their own SLOW pace. It’s time for those of us in the more advanced class to be allowed to advance. At least 10% of the population is awake enough to fly, at least to a calmer, saner, cleaner 4d earth — preferrably with power and running water, and environmental controls, and some kind of food replicator, AND exposure to ETs, so we can finally start learning and growing past the limits installed by our… draconian… society. Think of us as the First Wave. Could we be allowed to go and grow, please? Our graduation will then be both lesson and example and inspiration for others. (Not all the CATs feel this way, but it’s more than half.)


AND… what did CATs see a few minutes after posting UPDATE10 and turning everything off?

203 thoughts on “623: HNY 2021 ~ [UPDATE11]

  1. How did we end up on this mental timeline? It is horrible. I was close to tears today. No one gets it and everything gets worse and worse here in the uk. I hope to god these ships can help elevate the situation. I don’t want to be a part of the school system as it stands and there is little I can change 😨

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    1. The ships are only for emergencies. EVERYONE needs to elevate their own vibration as much as possible, but we can’t do it FOR people, they have to do it themselves. This is why a group meditation isn’t all that effective. It’s a free-will thing.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. the hardest thing is to have something like a bomb detonate before your feet and not beeing aware of it

        had such things (image language) regularly with more often than not to drop my vibration a good deal, what is good in it, training in getting stronger in vibration

        hope so even the biggest sceptics will start asking the right things of what we are

        and i know perfectly well that things arrive as they arrive with a little personal redirection to later of soon as result

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    2. Cora ❤️

      Sending love and a hug 🤗 we are in the UK too, hard to ignore the oppression but we have to try and keep ourselves looking up at the stars, not into the yucky gutter 😉

      It will be okay, really ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. Pick 1 little thing out of Your day that was Good, and focus on that in Gratitude. Then You will See others, as things get Lighter, You might even giggle. Have a Beautiful day! I’m joining Lily’s cheering squad! Peac3.

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  2. OMG
    what are you talking about? ***Update 6****
    cat’s what is going on with Cumiana? 500 Herz Schuman
    Tomsk only 9 Herz.

    I am like J… looking into our garden and watching the birds

    Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 500
    by Disclosure News | Updated on 4 January, 2021 | Planet Earth | 671 comments



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  3. Lin Wood is saying it all right now. I saw this which made me very sad..
    The blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera. The target is ordered to rape the child on video. The target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.
    It is all so very very wrong.
    Is he actually exposing truth? I feel he is but I know I have been wrong before many times. I know everything is going crazy and we need to keep calm, but the possibility of all these poor children’s suffering is just too sad 😥 on this time line has this happened? Is he correct?

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    1. Yeah, that gun-child-camera thing is a CYA rationalization. Their acts were done with free will. Wood isn’t bringing up anything we didn’t already know, though you can see how info is being put out there to create a future CYA scenario.


      Perhaps a meditation is in order.

      < CAT Eds.

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  4. I had a headache today.. hard to focus. Thanks for keeping us in the loop as it’s crazy right now. A crucible seems a good option.. bring it on. I can not concede to what this current timeline proposes in my own reality. It has to shift.

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  5. Cat woke me and the dog up to give a cat speech he just went on and on it was almost like human speech. He didn’t need food or wanted out just was trying to tell us something. Then had wild dream of 3d bodies being pulled off people like cocoons and they were not happy about it.

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      1. My cat has been very vocal too. Trying to figure out if it’s pain (she’s been sneezing but no snot or crusty eyes so probably not bacterial infection—can cats get upper respiratory infection without having snotty noses?), or what the message is. Still wants to play. Still eating and drinking. She is the hardest animal for me to read. Any insight?

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  6. Hello everyone! I have been lurking lately (not commenting or “liking”) because I also was only using my phone and not the computer while on vacation, but please know that I have read everyone’s comments and “like” them! The weird thing is, I do not have headaches or most of the physical things that you all have happen to you during the energy updates. My daughter had terrible migraines (just as you posted) but I only have tinnitus, which is constant but usually not loud.

    I do NOT feel like we are about to erupt in a war and need ET backup, but this might be due to my “going within” and not really interacting with others outside, as in shopping stores, salons, and the like. I feel like more people are being kind, at least the ones I interact with when I am out. Am I in my own bubble here? Have I gone on a timeline that lags behind youse guys? (a shout out to J who says it that way)

    I work on creating a loving world almost every minute of every day, and put a lot of energy into it, especially during meditations. I hope this is helping avoid the any bad stuff that is possibly coming…. ?????

    CATs, am I still with you?
    I’m sure I am, but sometimes I feel like I am out in left field waiting for the baseball.

    love love to all in the room,
    < ella

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        1. Me too, Ella! I, for the most part, just feel great all the time these days. I have wonderful interactions with people when I actually leave the woods I live in to work or forage for food or gas in town. But! I definitely live in a blessed, consciously created bubble of bliss, & am purposefully joyful as a spiritual exercise. The natural setting I live in keeps me healthy, I’m sure…beauty is good for the soul. And hanging out with a handsome cowboy, good friends and family…that helps! Love is a great boost! 🤗💕💓💠💞 (I already went through my trauma a decade ago and very consciously chose to be more mindful of my thoughts, choices, manifestations and perception of life…because it was so painful not to. Pain is an excellent teacher, but love is a more sustainable one! 😊)

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  7. Medical update: a visit to the doctor this morning for a recheck. Some healing has taken place but “you just have to be patient.” Where have we all heard that before! And it just creeps me out to go through the whole masked/gloved/wipes scenario for check-in at the hospital. No wonder my blood pressure is on the borderline/High level! Feeling exhausted, but I will have to check in with you here every so often to then be able to see what updates that brings. At least I know that we should ground to Gaia again. Merci beaucoup a tous!

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  8. Okay, here it comes: I went to Costco today to stock up on pecans and walnuts and olives and scallops, oh, my! I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do it before Wed. I noticed today that the irs had deposited my $600 whatever to my account. How bizarre is that? Black ice everywhere, HOWEVER, all is well when I go into the garden to do my garden check. (Told ‘ya so!) So remember, guys and gals that this is all a dream in the mind and that we are still, as always, in Heaven with SOURCE. Just sayin’. Time for a nap followed by delicious coffee. (Perhaps accompanied with a few lemon-icebox cookies. Yum!) <J

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  9. Thank you for the updates CATs ❤️

    Am hoping that grounding to Gaia will help with the ‘spaced out’ feelings I’ve been experiencing lately…

    We are locked down here in the UK…

    Bring on the LIGHT, we are ready! 🌟☀️✨

    Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Just found out the lock down here in the UK starts on Wednesday….the 6th, hmmm, any link to whats going on in the USA I wonder…

      Back to meditating!

      Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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          1. I met up with Gaia last night, it was beautiful, she turned my hair pink and green and put cherry blossom in it, bit like I was a cherry blossom tree! Then she put this strange gold crystal thing into my chest. We went to see someone, may AM and he poked the crystal and made my actual body jerk lol! So Gaia pushed it further into my chest do it couldn’t be messed with. I have no idea yet what it’s for. I also have a long blue crystal in each hand and apparently will be getting a pink one in each foot, still no clue. The meditation did make me feel a lot better, but I can still feel the underlying tension. Looking forward to being somewhere peaceful, tbh I’d be happy even without power and running water, I’ve done lots of camping so I reckon we could finger it out, there is a river near to my house/yurt on new earth anyway along with my allotment and feral chickens I’m sure I could look after quite a few people.

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      1. May I gently propose that after all we have all been through and as Gaia and AM were married thousands of years ago, that we all wear whatever makes us feel free and joyful for lots of fun. Party time 💞

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  10. I woke up with the song “Right Here, Right Now” in my head. singing it all day.

    Meanwhile, as per LinWood, nothing he is saying is shocking me. It all makes sense, like pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together.

    I’m pretty calm about it all. Don’t doubt what all is happening. Lets get the crescendo booming.

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  11. Up from my nap, latte in hand. Here’s a continuation of the Costco story, which at the time of me writing this, has yet to appear. This is an example of the 3d bat-sh!t crazy it’s become. As I was hurriedly beating my hasty exit from the store, I glimpsed down the full length of that vast store to see 2 plastic boxes. They looked like those hot dog vendor displays. I didn’t see the usual people standing at the exit to verify one’s purchases. I then realized that there was a person in each plastic box with a small slot to stuff the sales receipt through. (At this stage of the story let me advise the readers that I hadn’t gone into a Costco store since this whole scamdemic was started so I was a little naive.) Anyway I blurted out my initial thought about a hot dog stand. He simply seemed sad and depressed. I could not begin to imagine what it must be like to stand all day in a plastic box while throngs of masked-up sheeple paraded past. I have to tell ‘ya the guy got mantraed big time and he and the entire store got rainbow-bubbled. Repeatedly. . . (We do what We must) cheers <J

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  12. J thanks for your uplifting posts…you express yourself well. Also, CATS and all, thanks for the updates….Been rough couple of weeks, physically, mentally, and definitely emotionally. Really high points and really really low points. A couple times I didn’t think I would make it through the “black ice.” Doing meditations as often as I can and will now ground back to Gaia. My acupuncturist told me yesterday that I’m spiritually disconnected from my body and experiencing all kinds of sensations. Love the herbs he gives me. I am getting better every day so my hard work in eating right, exercising my weary sore joints, and resting/connecting/meditating in Source and Brother J’s arms of energy are giving me results I can feel. So very grateful. This site is a lifesaver for me. Humbled.
    I love this blog and all “youse” guys.

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    1. hello friends

      we are all in this together
      I am on the timeline of Maui-Lemuria NEW EARTH

      I wish everybody a good landing on New Earth soon

      Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      1. The 12 holy nights are very meaningfull what you dream
        so in the last night that is for the month december ( from the 31 december to 1 of january) I dreamed about the island of Maui (Hawaii) I saw the island from space and in the center of the island a heart was pulsating, like the heart of our earth. And the wind was blowing from northwest.

        So I strongly believe that I will land in the New Earth soon, or it will be in 4 Dimension…. I really don’t know, but I am sure:
        💖🌈💖my timeline is awsome 💖🌈💖

        I wihs for all my friends the clarity to choose

        Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  13. Update 10. I was just thinking the same thing today. Go ahead and let these timelines finally split and us all go our separate ways once and for all. I started off 2021 with a dead battery in my car. The battery wasn’t even a month old. Then, the gift card I got my mom for Christmas gave her $12.00 on a $20.00 gift card which caused a huge thing with my stepfather that I already have tons of issues with. My mom has Alzheimer’s so things have been really rough the last couple of years. He’s upset thinking I only spent $12.o0 on my mom when he just cashed in on mine and my sister’s inheritance from our real dad that’s been dead since 1973. Almost a quarter of a million dollars of my mom’s separate property that he sold and turned into joint property. But, hey, I only had $100.00 to my name at Christmas time and spent $40.00 on it for their gifts. I’m so sick of this ffffing 3d world!!! Let’s get on out of here already!

    The Dog Lady

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    1. STP, Sooo, We got separation,which Is Now to end. Maybe, We, being first up on the plateau/mountain, are doing whatever as We’re at the Rainbow Bridge. Seems We are/have been tested,many times to be cleansed. We Are The LLT1, and We Shall assist All of the Others of the One in preparation for the spiral up the bridge, to a higher plateau. Just Maybe, We chose to be A Light for All waves, that are to go. Peace.

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  14. I got up on Monday morning with the children’s song ‘Frere Jacques’ in my head. “Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John, Brother John, Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing, ding, ding dong, ding, ding, dong…”, well, I started out with the French and German versions in my head, had to look up the English lyrics. Danced around in the kitchen to it, humming, making my coffee. When I looked up the lyrics in an old kid’s book, I came across an image of a monk that had fallen asleep drunk at the table with a glass of wine in the hand and a giant bell was hanging right above his head, 😂, subtle, much? I know it won’t be pretty or funny when the masses finally wake up and my heart goes out to them, but that giant bell made me chuckle a bit…it’s wake up time, just don’t spill the wine everyone…🤣😘

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  15. Update 10, my thoughts exactly,recently I was contemplating about the exactly same topic, count me in, where I need to sign 😎

    Perica ✨

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  16. We definitely live in 2 realities. Heard from a family member that a friend and her family all died of the virus. Unfortunately I can’t explain that it might be something else because even if I was a doctor my family will believe the MSM regardless of the truth.

    I am so done with this world. I feel the same as you in update 10, let the ones who are awake go to 4D and let the slow learners carry on in 3D. Sometimes I feel they don’t want to learn.

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  17. I agree with UPDATE 10 wholeheartedly: Ultimately I don’t care much for what happens, since we are all ONE. I just want t34m d4rk to go far, far away from here, and never bother us again.

    Their antics have grown way past the point of being entertaining. I’m tired of seeing my brothers and sisters constantly suffer due to their interference.

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    1. Keep doing the Garden w/pies/cookies/lattes, and shine that Light. You Are an Inspiration to Others. Peace.

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  18. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be easy or short. ❤️ We will need all our resilience. And patience. X

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  19. Looking over the comments today, I just wanted to point out how much this blog from the Cats,M’s, and Dada give solace to many swimming in the riptide of 3D life. May we reach the shore of N.E. soon and have a beach bonfire complete with marshmallows and hot drinks. (Remember to swim parallel to shore until you find a break in the energy flow.) Cay

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  20. I’ve had so much going on since Christmas with work and family and friends – a third death attributed to the virus since Christmas Eve. You hear some hospitals are empty, but according to the relatives of the friends that just passed, their hospitals were filled – ICU at capacity with ALL on ventilators. Does make you wonder if it isn’t the ventilators killing them.

    But, despite a lot of changes and some negativity swirling around, I’ve been feeling rather great the past couple of days, actually a bit of a euphoric high at times. I don’t know what gives, but I’ll take it!! 😊. And my work cats and home cats have been off the charts lately wi5h their behavior. I guess whatever I’m feeling they’re feeling. (And I think part of mine may be my new habit of staying off phone/internet until the afternoon.)

    Much love and light to you all!!

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  21. Even if we could all depart to a peaceful, unity, environmental whole place together, we would still want to help the vulnerable and suffering. I guess we all need to go together. Never has patience been so hard to muster ❤️ I hope and pray we find the strength for what is to come and it doesn’t take too long.

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  22. now that starts to explain a few things that happened in the last days
    the poor one that have no idea how to deal with it

    thank you cats

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  23. Absolute agreement with Update 10.

    Getting extremely frustrated with everything and I’m starting to think that Source isn’t strong enough to defeat the PTW and is stalling for time, otherwise it would stop the madness.

    As an example, I once prayed to Source for love years ago and…crickets.

    In the meantime, I know sociopaths, narcissists, and outright disgusting humans who are super successful romantically. And with everything else, too.

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  24. Dear Cats,
    Update 10 is a truly formal statement of intent, directed at whoever runs this department, I think we could form the First Wave Lobby.
    I fully subscribe to it. Much of the above has been part of my reflections in recent months. Where can I sign it? I put all my experience (and all my being) at the disposal to achieve it.

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  25. Yes, yes, yes! Totally agree with Update 10 and everyone’s response to it, Sigh….

    Feels like I’ve hit a dead end, a wall, and I’m just standing there thinking, ‘where’s the door?”

    Much Love ALL 🙏🌈💠🌈🙏

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    1. Be careful, for what annoys You Is attracted to You. Acknowledge It, Thank It for the lesson, Send It On w/Love. That’s what I got out of 10/11! Much Love/Patience to All. Peace.

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  26. Preface: I’ve been reading “The Disappearance of the Universe”, after having seen it mentioned on here. Let me tell you it was/is an excellent reminder. I found my own path per se to communing with my higher self, though I now see -and have begun to integrate – the aspects of ACIM that my strategy is now enhanced through.

    I see you already answered yourself in Update 11, but in reply to update 10 I have a few rhetoricals for fellow illusory readers:

    1. This is all illusion, so should the 10% “ready” be brought to a more pleasurable illusion, would that simply be the ego creating a way to make it less enticing to leave and create a manner that would – ideally in ego’s perspective – slow down the forward progress of said “ready” towards the true awakening to the only real reality?

    2. Should the 10% ready be “split off”, what of those remaining then, in the sense of unity and the purpose of those purported “ready”, wouldn’t it be easier to awaken the whole of One through staying in the same experience?

    I am all for an “lighter” go of it, though also ever-more aware that “lighter” would simply be another distraction – and potential elongation – of the illusory time spent in the illusion should it take away from my ability to experience, forgive, and unconditionally love the dream this is.


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  27. Yeah, I can relate to update 10 also, been feeling pretty disillusioned with how long all of this is taking. But then I also have moments of an inner peace when it’s okay.
    Recently I was driving home from work one evening and thinking about all this and how nothing seems certain anymore. As I got closer to the pickup truck in front of me I saw the license plate, white plate with black letters…STP…that’s all it said. Okay…
    That night I awoke from sleep with a tone sounding in my right ear. It happens periodically so I didn’t pay it a lot of attention…but then it sounded again a bit louder. So I got up and looked at the clock and it was 2:22….”Stop worrying. Everything is working out…” etc.
    Still feel like I know nothing but I’m okay with it.
    Saw this quote recently:

    “Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
    – Leo Tolstoy

    Hanging in there. Thanks so much for keeping this blog going. Love to All.

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  28. re Update8’s FYI

    for 100s in
    Earth’s Rotation Glitches Are Speeding Up | S0 News Jan.7.2021 – YouTube


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