622: Jumps, Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

Timeline jump.

We’re in a jump — a coalescing jump — so expect electronics not to work for a little while, expect mandela effects, expect the unexpected and weirdness in general.


There was some “sorting hat” timeline stuff going on yesterday, too:

Note the dark range.

There was also an earth-facing CME today…

This looks like fresh new programming. One can only guess it’s about…
(It will be here around 1/2/21.)

Also… in meditation we keep seeing things like this:

CATs are turning INTO this. Or we’re just going crazy. Crazy CATs.

More later. CATs are busy busy. One of the Archangels had to step in and rescue ~AM last night (!), he went too deep to save someone and got too tired going back up and down repeatedly looking for them (good to know, we didn’t even know you could get tired in this way); all part of the training. Oh, and we got our grades for this lifetime. We passed! (B+ average, damn. Too grumpy. Always room for improvement.) Perhaps if we READ the books and didn’t just sleep on them….

This ONE WEIRD TRICK helps CATs read books faster. (Psst, it doesn’t.)


Huh. Lots of ETs laugh just like we do. And the insectoids SCREECH when frightened. (They got too close.) AND… ET tour guides (at CAT houses) conduct tours… in french? We can’t tell if that’s a telepathy thing or the beings coming through chose that language. Weird.


More jumpage detail:

That red line is a power line.


Folks… we ALL need to let go of all things 3d. Wealth and politics and vaccines… that’s all 3d. Time to think about living in a totally different way, in a totally different system… in a totally different place.

75 thoughts on “622: Jumps, Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. So this morning when I was half asleep before waking…

    I was shown and told, its like a stock bet… except the bet is almost guaranteed and TRUMP has that bet…

    The second part of that was…. a curtain call… for ACT I and there were tons of people I recognized bowing…

    their part was done / over…

    Felt odd a curtain call before the MAIN ACT…. or maybe I won’t be here for it?

    In my real life at the moment, my son just had a huge spiritual breakthrough with his Akashic Record reading… I am his anchor in the light. He is finding his way back. ❤ The reading was enlightening and his past lives and current life made a lot of sense the way the pieces fit. The plan is so magnificent for each of us… I marvel at the love and compassion awaiting us.

    I ❤ the sorting hat thing… I'm telling the HAT my preferred placement. Thanks HP for this that was stressed in the movies.

    Happy almost New Year fellow CaT's.

    @Perica Hope you are mending well

    ❤ kk

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    1. Hi ❤ kk, Yes I am feeling OK, a bit hungry 😁

      I am still thinking about that mine appendicitis, was that some big downloads which caused it, or some big incoming energies at December 24th, or maybe even dark entity attack on me, or it was just a standard usual appendicitis ?

      I really do not know ?

      Thanks for thinking about my well being kk 🙏

      Perica ✨

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        1. I will, thanks for advice ~AM 🙏

          I am not used to eat light and cooked food, even I know it is healthier, it is really my mind missing that old food, then my body really needs it, quite the contrary, but it is an old habit that I need to rid off as smoking, it is now 2.5 months that I do not smoke, I am quite happy about myself at the moment 😊

          Perica ✨

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        2. This really difficult advice.

          With sooooo many ‘stories’ (timelines) all coming to a head, it is Très difficile to keep one’s head down while fireworks are arching through the sky and exploding.

          Best I can manage is to share the space right now between 3 and 5.

          I have actually been Directed in meditation to “Observe”. so I take that to mean to observe both the 3D drama as well as the 5D drama, both playing out, seemingly, to some kinds of ‘crisis’ points which will drive the two remaining existences apart, finally.

          We are all on our own “right track”, if we are honest with ourselves.

          iddn’t dis phun?

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  2. Well;, the energies today certainly feel lighter(?) Less onerous, but still mighty intense. I’m tired but what else is new. I’ll just claim it was my trip to S33ttl3 yesterday. Cold, rainy, and grey. About all I’ve done today is pick up sticks from the last windstorm. Not feeling motivated to do much else. Will watch Auntie Mame w/ Roz Russell tonight. Time to pull out the old dvd’s to ring in the new year. Happy New Earth and New Year ALL! (I thought I’d beat the crowd.)

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  3. Dear Cats,
    I just saw for the first time the numbering that precedes the title of each new entry, this is 622.
    I’ve never seen it before. I think it is a great idea. On some occasion I thought it would be good to have a reference number to be able to go back to old posts. It’s something new??? I hope it’s not a Mandela effect … it makes me nervous … 😉

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    1. Having been on literally hundreds (thousands?) of timelines, I can say with great authority that you have nothing to be nervous about when it comes to timelines. No matter where you go, there you are. 🙂

      Be like CAT5, who walks in — wherever — and announces: “HELLO! I am HERE!”


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  4. Ha — My mother gave me a B+ for my care taking skills — she lived with my husband and me during her last few months, and I was pretty stressed not really knowing how best to assist her. It’s a running joke between us now… “That was a lovely meal honey, B plus.”

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  5. Thank you for your extra push AM continuing to save those who need help, respect and honour for all you do.
    Personally I quite like the grumpiness as you CATS feel real and down to earth; if it wasn’t there might feel a bit unicorny saccharine sweet.
    Thank you again for the website, creating a safe space to post, read your website a long time and watched very carefully how comments were dealt with. This the only place I’ve posted as a non social media person.
    Had another beautiful experience tonight, listening to someone in our group sing someone’s soul back to them, she has an amazing gift which is a privilege to watch her work and witness anothers transformation. A miracle 💞

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  6. Cats, congrats on the passing grades! Not sure where I might fall on a similar grading scale, LOL.

    My muscles have been twitching all day, on and off – weird (like you said…), never had that happen before. Could be because something woke me up at 3:45am, and more sleep I did not get. Our big Tom cat (16lbs) is recovering from a tooth extraction this morning, so he’s weirded out, too, including The Big Eyes – wonder how much of that is this TLJ…. 😉 Anyhow, the kitties here (both two- and four-legged) send all their regards and congrats to the Cats and others around this blog.

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  7. B+!!!

    Crumbs, based on that grade I reckon I got a big fat ‘F’reddy.

    I demand a recount. The dice are loaded from the moment we all naively passed through the proverbial River Lethe to be processed as food for vampires.


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    1. B+ because half the CATs have NOT been keen on venturing out amongst the masked masses as much as Spirit would like. (We can’t stand seeing people being fearful.) But we need to do our parts in dispelling fear.

      A woman at the store today actually mentioned being afraid, and the CATs present (CAT Eds. on a lunch break) said what we heard Brother J say so many times: “There is no reason to be afraid. All is well.”

      < CAT Eds.

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  8. Well, it was not easy, especially the old thoughts of not being good and worse & so on, they’re jumping on me right after waking up.
    (Big contrast to my dreamlife: exiting, happy and nutricious)
    I’m so glad I share the house with two wonderful cats; Cinzo and Zippy. Without them I would have become completely insane.
    Or maybe not, who can tell the difference?
    I hope we all get a wonderful life, to be there to feel the love.

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    1. We call those “attack thoughts.” (Did we get that from Brother J?) When they happen, LABEL THEM:


      Then attach a (mental) rock to them, and drop them to the center of the earth. Eventually, after a decade, they stop.

      If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts at someone (because their driving is clearly inferior), think of X’s over the action/words and think: “I take it back.” Then there is no negative spirit/karma exchange.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Wow CATs for that timely advice. I tend to have those random attack and negative thoughts (A Lot!) (I know you’ll have difficulty accepting that statement. . . . . . . Right! Har!)

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      2. A decade.
        Honestly, ty for this. Been working on the negative thoughts for 3 yrs now, & always am hard on myself for it. Like, I know they create my reality…why can’t I stop? My incarnation this time around has been full of lessons & struggle, though. Used to have negative thoughts 99.9% of the time. Now, maybe 20%?
        I’ve been upset at that #. So ty for acknowledging that it takes longer to retrain your thoughts, than we might think.
        & the tips for allowing them to pass without accumulating more karma. ❤
        I’ve always felt it important to not create any, this time around. Hasnt been easy, thats for sure.

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  9. My New Year wish for 2021 is that you CATs will turn into ANGEL 😇 as you all so DESERVED it, after eons years of STO 🙏🙏🙏 Glad to hear that AM is saved 🙏

    B+ despite that you all have solved your entire existence recently??? 😳

    I love that angel image, downloaded it (do I need permission? 😁) to use as a screensaver.

    I had a hard time telling myself that Reptilians are from ONE!
    So, I’m still practising – “I will forgive and this will disappear”

    Another year end and another round to count my blessings! So, GYNORMOUS Gratitude 🙏and Love 💓 to – CATs, Ms and AM, MendoCAT for SHOWING THE WAY (and not gave up on us, especially slow learner like me 😅) and to the many who have contributed to this blog and Da-da too!

    Looking forward to 2021 comes what may ‘cos I know I’m never alone HERE 💞and I place the future in the Hands of SOURCE. 🙏🙏🙏

    HAPPY 2021 everybody – LOVE YOU ALL 💖💖💖

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      1. Oh! Yes, that’s my 2nd wish for 2021 – that EVERYBODY makes it…
        If not, at least that 6B people that are/were on the mountain not too long ago…
        If not, you all have already done your best STO to wake as many people as possible.

        But please AM, next time you go on another rescue/save mission, don’t do it alone. There are many others here (plus CATs, Ms) who are more than willing to help out in their ways/capacity while the rest of us can meditate to keep ALL safe during the mission 🙏Together we can move mountain!!!

        And if I can have a 3rd wish 😉– to be able to meet you all ONE DAY to thank personally for guiding me till today and also to meet the rest of the family in this blog.

        With Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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  10. B+? B+?!?

    You all deserve A’s in my book.

    I would have literally sold my soul to the PTW if it wasn’t for this website, which gave me hope when the majority has bought into the lie. (I’ll give Laura Whitworth some credit too lol).

    Also, I drove by the Christmas lights at the corner of my neighborhood. They’re only at 25% brightness right now. Wasn’t there a post about dim Christmas lights, can’t find it…

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    1. Noo, we see ONE’s point. We have been freely giving ourselves virtually, but not venturing into the world to administer to the fearful. We saw the difference in people’s faces today, when we went out and were genuinely happy and NOT fearful. We need to do more of that.


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      1. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.
        –Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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      2. I refuse to be seen in a mask, because they are so tied in now with the virus and social programming. My compromise has been to wear a bandana and a Fedora, like it’s a costume I’m wearing… because it is. I figure if I can’t look like myself, I’d rather look like an outlaw than like I’m muzzled. And it seems to cheer people up…lots of positive responses… 🙂

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  11. What do you mean going to “save people?”

    What are you saving them from? Do they know they need saving? Or have gotten into a bind?

    How do you save people?

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  12. Just had an Eastern Brown snake in my dining room. 1.5 metres long. Only the second most venomous snake in the world. I had to get the snake catcher out for that one. Good bye 2020.

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      1. On par. Can be very aggressive. Not one of my favourite things about Australia. Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully this is our year.

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  13. Ok, I have a question… and maybe you will have an answer.

    I mentioned my dream earlier. Now I am running across all these things… when they said we were watching a movie….. its more like a play and while I don’t have the full script… there are so many actors. Everywhere I look, not much seems real anymore…. Is any of this real? Crisis Actors takes on a whole new meaning…

    This feels like the 1st time I started waking up (my spiritual awakening)… where everything felt like it was all lies… and here I am again… its all lies and fake.

    The illusion doesn’t play fair… so I am done playing. I cannot reconcile… so I just only want TRUTH and there isn’t much to find anymore.

    The whole government charade, for years TRUMP called them all actors, that does seem to hold a lot more truth than anything else.

    What happens when the illusion holds nothing left for you? I love my kids, and my family, but the rest? The only thing even feels real anymore is just my love for people around me

    I’m fine… just ready for the end of the ACT….. the matrix is blurry and broken and the illusion fades from view…

    ❤ kk

    PS Inception movie comes up a lot lately… projections all around us… not many 'REAL'

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  14. I just woke up from a strange dream, which one is not, you ask me? But It has left me thoughtful, albeit with an emotional heart.

    I was in a large wedding hall, It was circular. It had large columns of white marble. I counted seven (in real life I am counting, in dreams it seems that too). All radiant white and turquoise blue adorned, with gold ornaments. I thought it was a bit tacky, very 80’s.
    I don’t know who was getting married, but strangely I knew everyone in the dream. People from my day-to-day life, whom I rarely dream of, whom I don’t even think about (for example, there were the man from the post office, my fishmonger …).
    At one point someone said that before eating we could go for snacks by the pool. I did not feel like much because my makeup and my perfectly combed and straightened hair would spoil Jennifer Aniston … hehehehe!
    Still I went.
    I went into the pool, dived, swam and really enjoyed myself.
    At that point a waiter arrives and tells me: Madam, it’s time to go out. Lunch will be served.
    He was waiting for me on the edge in a fluffy white bathrobe. So far the dream did not surprise me, but when I got out of the water I see myself as a black woman, ebony black, slanted black eyes, almost feline, I wore a ribbon holding my black and very straight hair. I wore a white swimsuit and was statuesque, I was over 5’11 “. That left me shocked. I’m blonde, with blue eyes and very white and I’m 5´8”.
    When I took off my bathrobe I was wearing a white satin sleep dress. I have to say that I wouldn’t mind being like this in real life. I really felt like a goddess.

    I began to walk with ease between the tables in the living room greeting people. My “conscious” self a little embarrassed in the dream thought, I shouldn’t be doing that. I am not the bride and I wear a white dress (the rules of polite education say that only the bride wears white at a wedding) and waving as if I were.
    In that the voice that I identify with my higher self whispered: you are not the bride, you are the goddess.
    There I woke up and I remembered the dream of the Cats in which Isis appeared. I don’t know if Isis is black. I only know that she was who the one in my dream was, she was wonderful. And also remember the coincidence of a room with the blue tone, the pool … etc. Very recurring images of other dreams and meditations.
    And I’m glad that she let me see and feel life (even if only in a dream) as a super woman, and I don’t mean just the physical, but the great power that I felt inside my chest,


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      1. Is she also Sophia? And is she the black Madonna? And is the Holy Spirit, or Uncle Ho as you call him, associated with a gender? How do they all fit together? And who is the Trinity? Just trying to piece it all together here…
        Wondering what your take is on this…I’ll be much obliged yet again…💖
        Awesome dream, Christina!!!
        Hugs!!!! And Happy, happy New Year to all!!!! I was so giddy all day! I can feel the change happening! So excited!!!!!✨💥🎈

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        1. No, the “Holy Spirit” is Our Memory of SOURCE — which is so complete that It basically IS SOURCE — and meshes back with SOURCE and ONE perfectly. It is the “Trinity” talked about. However, there are other Extensions, so… it’s probably a lot more than three. Something we get to discover in the next 15B years!

          < CAT Eds.

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  15. dear Cat’s and all my friends here 💖🌈💖
    wishing everybody good speed to pass the gates
    for New Earth

    Cat’s please take care of CAT AM: hot chocolate and Donuts

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  16. Cat Eds. What a night phew! Glad that one has passed. I started with the heartbeat wobbles again around 7pm UTC and thought it was probably energies related. Voila I looked on SOC and there was the explanation! Thank you. I asked guides for healing and brother J to make the medication CHP and managed to get through without going to hospital. What a magnificent backup crew you all are. Thank you wonderful ones. You deserve an A in my books.☺️ So happy AM was rescued and hope there are no ill effects.
    May everyone have a beautiful transformation in 2021. Love and hugs to all here.💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💖🐱

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  17. I was looking up random things and came across the word Saudade and I was looking up some definitions of the word and came across this definition
    “is a feeling of lost connection with the most important feeling or thing you ever had, a desire for something that you lost and you don’t really want to have back because you know it isn’t the same or the happiness you have in remembering what was lost.”
    I have felt this way ever since I was little and it is hitting me hard right now and it is cool that I found a word to describe it.

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    1. OMG! Saudade is my favorite word. I think it’s Portuguese? Brazilian? Perfectly describes the over riding feeling of my whole life. I spent a lot of time looking at all the definitions of this word. Made me wish I was from these countries. Probably was in the past.

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    2. Ariana

      one of the most famous poet of Portugal
      Fernando Pessoa:

      Ó mar salgado, quanto do teu sal
      São lágrimas de Portugal!
      Por te cruzarmos, quantas mães choraram,
      Quantos filhos em vão rezaram!

      Quantas noivas ficaram por casar
      Para que fosses nosso, ó mar!
      Valeu a pena? Tudo vale a pena
      Se a alma não é pequena.

      Quem quere passar além do Bojador
      Tem que passar além da dor.
      Deus ao mar o perigo e o abismo deu,
      Mas nele é que espelhou o céu.


      Oh salty sea, how much of your salt
      Are tears of Portugal!
      To get across you, how many mothers cried,
      How many sons prayed in vain!

      How many brides were never to marry
      In order to make you ours, oh sea!
      Was it worth it? Everything is worthy
      If the soul is not small.

      Who wants to go beyond Bojador,(*)
      Must go beyond sufferance.
      God gave the sea peril and abyss,
      Yet upon it He also mirrored the sky.

      * Cape Bojador

      I live in Portugal and know about saudade
      it’s a longuing for something very far away
      a place or the loved one. I love that feeling
      and it is the saudade of ***SOURCE****

      we have here the FADO it is music and it’s deep
      and mostly sad.

      Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      1. This is amazing!
        It is most likely right that I am missing something that I had before whether it be something from a past life or just missing SOURCE even when I was really young I had the feeling it is bittersweet.

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  18. If you were given your grades for this lifetime, does that mean that class is over?? Graduation time! 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

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  19. “3d-leave it be”… I’ll look for my pom poms for the cheer, no short skirts though, hehe…

    ❤ to all

    There has been some 3d illness and fevers in family ( in them) since about Xmas, other things, but mindsets have been being worked on/through also, some with fireworks – some progress is seen… Have had some pretty yummy neck and brain stem pain (besides all the usual ughhhh's) – been sharing/enjoying with appropriate party's.

    Will be glad to exchange this reality for something more pleasant… Had a funny thought the other day – checked Feb's calendar for number of days… a leap year would have been funny for a big pleasant LEAP. 🙂 I'll take it any way it comes as SOURCE sees the right of it for everyone… Have had some days where there was great SOURCE silence in mornings and a few nights that there were some weird un-explainable ?en-framed, pretty, other worldly? frame encompassed dream activity…hard to describe.

    My best to all and sundry.


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  20. Happy New Year All! I think you Cats have done a stellar job educating others.
    I have been having some issues with waking up with images of mostly animals, (but sometimes people or vegetation) in various stages of pain or mutilation. You know those occasional visual atrocities that you cannot unsee, once seen. This is all after setting protection before sleep and trying to censor what I view. I have never watched scary movies for this reason. I found avoidance is futile.
    I expect it is a final push to KNOW those images are not real and only illusion, but next time around I would like to be in a non-polarized world. It would seem I am still trying to get a passing grade out of duality. Just venting. Cay

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    1. Cay ❤️

      These could be attack thoughts?

      I’ve had horrible thoughts go through my head at times all related to horrible things happening to my beautiful daughter, it’s like something is trying to come in and put these images in my mind that I have to push out, far away, not sure if it’s a test or what but truly horrid all the same.

      Much Love & Strength to you, may this pass quickly…


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      1. Lily,
        That was my first thought (or dreams due to the melatonin). But after writing it down, I realized the images were to drive home, that all is illusion.
        Yet another lesson.
        I must address that which causes me pain as illusion that has been created by insanity of others. Otherwise my spiritual growth will stop here and now due to fear of emotional discomfort. Fear has been used to control sensitive beings for a long time. See it as the tool which has been used against us and know it is not real (no matter how it came to mind). Cay

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  21. Well as this year comes to a close, I just want to thank you Cats for this wonderful space to share with some of the most interesting people I haven’t met yet! I wish everyone here a wonderful new year, good health and laughter and hope to see you all soon on the New Earth!

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  22. Hello Cats and Ms, I keep checking my aol mail, watching for a message from you to see if you’ve sent a reply to my query and sometimes briefly glancing at through some political stuff that comes in between. So now some of my responses are still awaiting review. Is that because I looked at the political stuff? For the last two nights I’ve had terrible attack/resurrection dreams. Today I had such a terrible one that I called people and messaged them to see if it was true. I also have answered messages from family members that came in on messenger. Is that also verboten? It’s the only way to contact my kids. Feeling like I’m being left out of the conversation. Still wanting to know what to do to set protection for my bedroom, because the last two night’s meditations ended up in nightmares. Can you message me a response in some other way? Help! I can quit glancing at anything political, but it’s hard not to read the titles.

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  23. Just wanted to wish everyone a very…..

    Happy New Year! ☀️🌟❤️🙏🌟☀️

    So proud to be part of this group, thank you ALL so much for everything!

    Love, Light & a sprinkling of Magic from Elsie & I

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  24. Forgot to say, you were absolutely right about the electrics CATs,

    Could not get online at all on Tuesday night. The day before that my phone stopped working and a couple of days before that the washer dryer broke!


    Today Mum and I painted Elsie’s room a pale gold. I realised she actually does not like grey at all so she now has a beautiful sunny happy room and a very tired grandma and mummy!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Our washer broke, too! Parts may not be available due to the holiday weekend and then possible shipping delays from chy-na. Yikes. I’ll be boiling water and hanging clothes in front of the fireplace. Thankfully we have lots of wood because it’s snowing and 18 degrees F outside. Thanks for the updates, Cats! I may have to talk to my siblings and kids tomorrow. And may the New Year bring us the blessings of Love and Light! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  25. I think I would get a grade ‘Z’ Zebbedie!

    Hmm, but Zebbedie (Magic Roundabout) had a spring so perhaps I can bounce up high again?!

    Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  26. HAPPY New Earth 🌎 ✨ year 🕊 y’all!

    Re: Update 3, totally agree, has been super hard to do past couple of months especially as we are living in the thick end of it. Giving the 👋 to it all and manifesting peace, love and sovereignty together in the New Year 🎉 🌎 ✨

    I think you all deserve an A, thanks for all you do!!! ✨

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  27. Happy new Earth everyone. Thanks for everything you ALL do and may 2021 bring plenty of happiness love and light
    A+all round 💓

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  28. A new day and a new year has dawned. I just had 6 hours straight of pain-free sleep. That’s a positive start. We are One in Source! ❤ ❤ ❤

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