Flying Blind/Surge Incoming [UPDATE5]


[NOTE: We changed it from CME to “surge.” Seemed more apropos.]

Ah. This latest from Lisa Gawlas explains why we can’t see anything right now… well, can see less:

I could see two earths both in eclipse of each other, passing each other in opposite directions. It was stated that the “old” earth and the “new” earth are eclipsing each other. creating a black out of sorts. In another preview to a reading (no one got a reading, not even the ET connections.) It was explained and shown this tremendous energy being exchanged between the two realities during this passage. It was also explained by one of my lady’s ETs this energy is why the connection could not happen. Way too much distortion to work thru. To much finalizing the upcoming blueprints (if you will) of the next phase of earth and of each living thing on earth. With this new set of blueprints, we are all going thru a changing of the guard, of guides/teachers and such. As we step into this last quarter of 2018, we will also start to draw down to us, at least those using their divine will, the energies of the first quarter of 2019.

Time to choose.

Well, we weren’t entirely blind. We could see a little.

Yesterday, we saw a huge pillar with two spiraling staircases — one for the JUSTICE Timeline, the other for the SOURCE Timeline — but BOTH go to the same place.

Both have The Event at the top. What’s the advantage to either one? We’re trying to figure that one out. We aren’t allowed to know that much, it seems, but we do know that the JUSTICE Timeline is ROCKIER. The SOURCE Timeline is more like SOURCE: quiet, with superior coffee, tea and scones. Both culminate in The Event. So… non-stop excitement or peace & quiet? We know what we’re choosing.

This isn’t helping.

That said… the timing of the energy… the Old Earth/New Earth eclipsing… suggests that this incoming CME surge of energy (new programming from our multidimensional projector) is really important: it’s the timeline kerfufflage coming up in your face. Time to pick a lane.

We should say that there’s choice for some. We think things play out the way they are supposed to, so those on the ascension path will rise, and those doomed to repeat the 3D course do that too. Sounds very much like The Event, doesn’t it?

We’d say that the timeline kerfufflage will become evident probably today, and into tomorrow and the next day, and then we’d see… but some of us have already experienced being on both timelines at the same time. It’s very strange, especially if you’re driving. Things work, then they don’t work. Be patient. The first time-waves are already here, but will become more evident around midnight EDT. So… either batten down the hatches, or open the hatches wide open… or hoist the thing… we don’t know. We keep running in ellipsis…

Pretty much sums it up for us.


The timelines are separating…


…and the first (?) wave(s) of the Wave X surge is here, faster than expected, so move everything up 4-5 hours.


Note that Stereo A is now seven hours off. They don’t want anyone to know that something is happening.


Here we go:





Several of us thought we were going to die through all that. Uncle.

That was coming in. Here’s earth’s white WHOMP echo:


No idea if that was the latest timeline split or not. Our brains are still vibrating.

Btw, isn’t it strange how NO ONE is talking about that energy that was coming in. Here’s the initial surge again:



Well, whatever that was…


…it sure made us grumpy.


So, the below recent snapshots have been deleted from NASA’s public feeds — and Helioviewer is all but worthless after the PTW messed with it — but some images can still be had:

Huh. The three glitches in the bottom right hand sure like that pattern. corner Btw, look at the middle of the sun… whenever you see those black spots… those are ships, too. You can see them moving in and out of the sun itself.


FYI, we’ve noticed some ships hanging out on the bottom right (where there’s a big portal), as well as monitoring that bright area to the left… and going in and out coronal holes. No worries.

Note: sometimes you can spot something REALLY BIG come through:


79 thoughts on “Flying Blind/Surge Incoming [UPDATE5]

  1. Oh dear. Welp, this could explain a lot of my work place crap-ola. And why I’m calm and all the sleepers are losing their minds. I listen to solfreggio tones in my office all day while everyone sighs and stresses out. Guess just wait and see while breathing through it?

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      1. No hurry, just wondering how these things work.

        So, is it now only between these two timelines? Because a quite a while ago there were lots of timelines and we were shifting about a lot. Also did SOURCE help collapse a lot of the negative timelines from the past and future? (Sorry it’s quite mind boggling)


  2. Words are interesting.

    If I was to choose judgement to SOURCE, it would always be the latter.

    But when you say excitement…hmmm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I value peace and quiet as a priceless rarity, but I have to say, isn’t excitement part of why we came here? All cats are curious, doesn’t excitement ever fuel that curiosity?

    However, as a father, I have to think of my children, so peace and quiet it is.


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      1. Fair comment, but you don’t have to risk death for excitement?

        All I’m trying to say, is I want excitement in my life, I’m not ready for slippers and snoozes just yet. And I certainly do not want to be in a War! Death may be an illusion, but trauma is not.



  3. Oh you cats are so lovely. You put messages into perspective with the grand cat photos and videos. You ground the messages superbly with them. Doesn’t matter how much mind boggling stuff comes up. Put a cat pic and caption up and everything is right.

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  4. Climbing the Source stairs! This is so exciting! ❤

    For the last week or so, I have been experiencing strange occurrences having to do with light. A few times I have seen, with my naked eye, tiny bright white orbs dart around the room. Also, for no apparent reason, the lights will dim in one or two rooms I am in or near (it's not electrical problems or storms).
    As far as my personal state, sometimes I feel like I am floating through a dream – my surroundings seem dull and faded. I have the sense that none of this is real (this has happened sporadically all my life, but happens way more often now).
    Are these symptoms of the Timeline Wars? Or is it because I am asking Source for hugs at least once a day?

    I can't thank you guys/gals enough for everything you do for us!
    Love you all ❤

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    1. The Plex app has this new cool “library radio” button that shuffles your library in a way you want it to shuffle…. crap free. Well, I put it on and the first song that come on was Tom Petty, The waiting is the hardest part….. yeah, it sure is, Tom…

      Thanks for the update my feline friends.

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  5. Thanks, this explains what I felt from Saturday until this morning UTC+2. I hope that was the end.
    All in favour for Source timeline? Aye!


          1. Thank you, Pam! I LOVE watching fractals, they fascinate me …
            I think it’s because they are inherent to human nature (are we not fractals?)

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  6. Snoozed all day, not because I was very tired but something told me that I’m going to need it. Hi ho Silver it is then, at least I had the sense to buy chocolate cookies for the ride.


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  7. … And I definitely know where I’d like to go. Peace and quiet it is! Can’t be myself in a crapola environment anyway. Too annoying and chaotic.

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  8. So…. I did mushrooms Friday (how all great stories begin )

    Usually the veil is so thin and I see everything, but this time I couldn’t break though almost at all and I feel like the sober time is the same too, so weird!

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      1. Wow, look at these measurements from Italy – the VLF are awesome!
        And they keep rising!

        I changed my tactics vis-a-vis the noisy neighbours upstairs.
        I decided NOT to hear the sound of other people’s raving, or shouting, or thumping.
        I block them out.
        And I wish them everything good in life that is good for them and everyone else.
        I think they stopped. Or I don’t hear them. Whatever. It works.
        Thank you ❤

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    1. “Your browser does not recognize this format.” Liars!
      I’ll watch and listen tomorrow when my browser (Mozilla Firefox) will recognise the format, whatever it is.


      1. National Academy of Space Actors

        I feel like the lying sobs commonly called astronauts already got theirs, imagine walking around your entire life and pretending to have been there and done that, seriously messed up.



        1. Well… there are many more astronauts missing that they never talk about, on all kinds of lost missions from multiple govts. A big secret. Some died, some were taken by ETs and “adopted.” Many were rescued by ETs because of mechanical failure and lived with them, but… humans don’t take ET environments as well as you think (for physical and emotional reasons). Some died from loneliness.


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      2. He’s talking about this one… The whole sun disappears for 10 minutes..


  9. I am… SO DONE with this circus, madhouse, and a nightmare all blended into one. The only thing that truly excites me at the moment is that it’s finally time and a necessity to exit it. This alone I find exuberantly exciting. I am fully aware that there are way more enjoyable, more enlightening and saner things to do in creation than be a participant, a part, and an observer of these multi century if not multi eon long earth experiments that eventually became a never ending eradication of life and a holocaust of creativity, goodness and common sense. Whatever this is, with all honesty I do not find it anyhow educational for a soul, it is shocking, repulsive, obnoxious and dangerous, to say very softly.

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    1. I agree. I want a spaceship with a food and water synthesiser/fabricator and just leave the planet. I know so many people who feel the same.

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    2. And your timing is impeccable, if I might say 🙂
      Since this part of the experiment is FINALLY DONE as well.
      I feel like the point was to see these things, that’s the lesson that will keep on giving.



  10. Yup, Saturday was a Shakeout! and no comms. Dreamt last night of a huge station, new, shiny, ornate and Golden, full of Starseeds. Reminded me of Hogwart’s, ha! Then I dreamt of a resort complex full of Starseeds. One was a younger rowdier crowd dancing and the other were the First Wavers, dancing but slower. 🙂 Just helped a street cat deliver five kittens in my car. Better than watching the Justice debacle. Much Love to ALL with Gratitude.

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  11. I’m curious about the differences if both timelines end up at the event. I’ve always felt that I’m here to observe/experience and that my life only truly starts after the event.

    No matter how I think about it, they will be very similar, almost as if it depends where you are in the world and media coverage.

    For example, if you are in a place like New York or London, you experience the justice time line. But, if you are in a place like rural India or Africa, you will experience the source timeline.
    And thanks to media and technology we will be able to see what’s happening on the other timeline without experiencing it, causing both to experience the event.


  12. I choose planting the new hostas in the sublime quiet country garden that I caretake, Waaca,wacca,wacca and a woohoo!

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  13. Ever since I read that digital tech basically came out of nowhere, I’ve always had a feeling we were meant to have a steampunk-like world. Everything tesla invented is considered steampunk. And people prefer analogue, though we use digital as analogue hasn’t advanced at all since the 60’s (of whenever the Roswell crash was).


      1. It’s more the aesthetic, to be honest. Most modern steampunk is more fantasy with crystals, holograms and other things that would be more in place with a fantasy environment, than about being steam-powered (funnily enough, nuclear power is actually still steam-power). Most times, there is steampunk in a movie and you don’t notice it. for example, the city and devices in the movie “tomorrowland” are considered steampunk.

        It should probably be called Tesla-punk.


      2. I’m mainly talking about the aesthetic though. You won’t believe what is actually considered steampunk. An example of a steampunk movie is Tomorrowland. You would never think that as there is nothing steam-powered. So I should really say Tesla-punk.

        Also, there is a major difference between digital tech (introduced by TPTW) and analogue tech (what Tesla invented).

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  14. According to Laura from the Oracle Report:
    Today’s Sabian symbol (conjunction between Mars and the Black Moon) is “A child born out of an eggshell”. It is about things that have been incubating or simmering or building beneath the surface, in the background, on the back burner, and in the corners of our minds beginning to come to life.
    We develop NEW WAYS to do things. NEW SYSTEMS.
    The cycle of Mars and the Black Moon lasts 22 months, until August 8, 2020. At that time, Mars and the Black Moon will begin a new round at “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”
    There’s no reason to look beyond 2020, because that is the end of the time period the Wisdom Goddesses gave for the re-set/end of the ages (not the end of the world, but the beginning).

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  15. Thank You Cats for your Heartfelt Meows & Puuurfect Explanation, LOL truly feels like I am going nowhere with the new information just like the last cat pic on the slippery dip 🙂 everything you say makes so much sense & there is Cosmic Order in play. I’m “feeling” blind info is the Original Blueprints have been restored & the morphogenetic field is activating the new templates within all forms of matter, the Binary code is being rewritten … 1110 is interconnected … Higher Timeline cellular upgrades. the 2 spirals 🙂 source is the new Higher timeline where our focus is, justice is cosmic order a cosmic clean up not for the faint hearted. Interesting DNA spirals. Past 3 days feel likes I am sleep walking & the past 12 hours having heart palpitations as the energy keeps going up & off the charts :O waving goodbye to the old earth … so long & thanks for all the fish


  16. Greetings CATS & M’s!

    Midnight EDT (Monday) is 2pm AEST (Tuesday). Woooaaah…as I’m typing this I’m feeling veeerry “wobbly”. Sitting in my computer chair, & body slightly involuntarily moving/rocking back-and-forth.

    EDT to AEST Converter – Convert Eastern Time to Australian Time – World Time Buddy

    EDT to AEST Time Converter — TimeBie

    Let’s see what this experience is going to bring….and I would like SOURCE please. I want to be in world where we -work together- for the common good. Where our strengths are uplifted & our “weaknesses” are worked through so that they become our strengths.



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  17. Thanks, I’m gonna chill w/kitty, her name is Nikki. Work will begin soon, for I chose to help others in any way I can. Love/Gratitude to All. Peace.

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  18. Wow. From those CATs who’ve reported in, we got roasted last night. Had to consciously ‘breathe through’ the energy all night. And we’re *still* vibrating with all the energy flowing through us. One CAT wrote: “I can’t believe I’m not dead.”

    -CAT Eds.

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  19. Ugh. This all hit me hard, in a sense. I’m completely tuckered out. Don’t feel like doing ANYTHING (except relax and mediate). And I have a wedding to attend on Saturday… not sure if I’ll even want to go if this keeps up.

    Are you lovable furballs holding up well?

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  20. Weird, how’d you guys get the Tomsk meter data to load? All the other parts of the site show up for me, but the meter data images stopped loading a couple days back!



      1. Fascinating, I’ll top off my headlight fluid and refresh the page.

        Suggestions on a properly weighted ball peen?



  21. I have been in a state of high anxiety for awhile now. Which is completely unlike me, I always managed to find that inner peace. Hug my cats and there I am. Maybe I was sensing the energies, clearing for myself, the collective, … maybe all of the above. Yesterday I was a complete wreck! But today, peace. Deep sweet breaths of beautiful peace. Perhaps this takes a little time to settle in. Either way, bring it! The world is waiting for this. Love you all!

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    1. We are on similar paths, then. This aptly describes how most of the CATs felt yesterday and today… though SOME of the CATs (not naming names) are still… kinda… grumpy… [ooh, almost named them!].

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Vibrate UP! The 3D and 4D (and all the rest) are layers. If you’re grumbling at some driver who’s tailgating you (like I just did), you drop your vibe to 3D… and it feels icky. Do everything you can to stay positive. Laughing helps a lot. Medititation helps A LOT MORE. (Laughing and meditating at the same time gets you into the rubber room.)


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      1. So I’m not the only one that gets triggered by tailgaters?!? Holy $@#% that has been like my biggest struggle these days…. People act like complete maniacs in their cars… to get nowhere. I get flipped off regularly for just going the speed limit?? It’s so bad I avoid driving and going places as much as possible or I just have my gf drive so I don’t get triggered cause all I see is red… You can’t even have a nice drive without someone loosing their shit behind you these days.

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          1. I can see that. It has been like a serious battle for me. I already got a ticket a few years ago for smacking some dude in the face for going around me in a starbucks drive-thru… yeah, he actually drove his car around mine and got in front of me in line… I lost it. My first ticket for anything like that and very out of character for me. But I went full blown tunnel vision and crossed my threshold of “keep it cool, bro…” Felt like utter shit for a month after that incident. I paid for that knee jerk reaction in more ways then one.


  22. Jeez, so many comments. Info’s starting to get lost in the shuffle.


    That 9.1 quake that Lisa Gawlas mentioned that ETs saw, it’s to take place AFTER The Event, on the 3D earth, along with some volcanism. This is not a New Earth thing.

    I’ll post this in other spots, too.


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