That LOOK of Censorship


Omigod! The sun is GONE! The Russians stole it! HRC and the dark ETs ate the sun! AIAIEE! RUN FOR THE FEMA CAMP KILL-TRAPS!!

Ok, ok. Let’s get to this. NASA has been about censorship from Day 1 (um, “moon landings”? astronauts murdered? UFOs not existing? etc.), so don’t expect them to change anytime soon. Or ever. (After The Event, NASA will simply cease to exist.) Basically, in the above Stereo A satellite image — a satellite that points directly at the sun — THEY TOOK OUT THE SUN. No, the sun didn’t vanish. NASA just edited it out, claiming “GLITCH” — but more importantly, they edited out all the SOURCE ships around the sun in a classic example of scientific censorship. Here’s what it may have looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.51.45 PM
This is why Stereo B got axed about five years ago: it was grabbing shots like this. That ship, folks, is the size of Jupiter. Yow. Talk about showing off. Btw, don’t bother downloading Helioviewer if you don’t have it: they screwed with it and the latest download (intentionally?) doesn’t work. Convenient.

In NASA’s defense, they feel like they don’t have any choice, because they themselves have been lied to by other ca8al about ETs and their deadly evil green-slime-devouring-limb capabilities that they pee their pants whenever anything like this happens. No wonder they all broke and ran at that solar observatory: they’re conditioned to break and run, because they themselves are up to no good and fear the ET Hand of Retribution. Here’s another one from 2013:

whoppa 2
Das ist BIG. And it’s full of tentacle-y things that lust after fake “scientists.” Great, now all our scientists are fake, too!

NASA and lower-level ca8al think that all ETs are like those scaly ones hunkering in their Antarctic bunker. So. Let’s look at what happened after the above censorship job; we  saved a bunch of images that were snapped right afterward, assuming more erasure heads were coming:


Hm. Glitches don’t tend to make right angles… which is probably the exact point the SOURCE ship captains were trying to make in the above image. They probably deleted that one image because a bunch of the SOURCE Ships appeared in formation and spelled: “NASA SUX” or “WE’RE COMIN’ FER U, TIMMY.”

Actually, there’s probably only five or six beings in each ship, as they’re SOURCE reps (we see them as liquid LIGHT). They don’t need a huge crew to captain a ship made of THOUGHT. Various world governments are grinding their teeth trying to spy in on the ET radio transmissions… without  realizing that these beings are telepathic and can communicate with each other across the Omniverse, so there aren’t any transmissions at all. These beings are SPIRITUAL, what a concept. It’s really quite comical the PTW’s reaction to all this. Better than any reality TV show. The NASA bathrooms are often all out of toilet paper.



Four glitches all lined up!
That big one on the left is four times the size of Neptune!
And the gang’s all here… till the next five gangs arrive and start spelling out special messages… well, we’ll save that for the end. They were actually just transiting a bunch of ships, but our ET friends suggested they might spell something out next time!

So, in the missing image at the top of the page, you’d see the sun and about five times the above amount os ships… which scared NASA enough to make them doctor the image. Puh-lease. Like they can hide things from us? We can see them staring at their phones in the bathroom (not that we want to). What a waste of mental horsepower. What a waste of a “technological” civilization.

Expect the Stereo A satellite to soon have itself a little acc-i-dent (they’ll just turn it off). Just like Stereo B and a bunch of others, humans included (remember Apollo 1?). We’re not going to taunt NASA about all this… much. We’re over the disappointment of being lied to for basically our entire lives, especially as children. We used to think NASA was cool. Now, they’re just too embarrassing to waste any more time thinking about.

And NOW, the PTW are floating “alien invasion” out onto the net, to see if they can make some FEAR hay out of that. (Try translating that clause!) Alien invasion, indeed. Folks, if your vision opened up right now, and you went outside and looked, YOU’D SEE A MILLION SHIPS IN THE SKY! They are all. over. the. place.

The Nuremberg UFO Flap of April 4, 1561, from a woodcut describing the event. There are more ships here now.

There was also this woodcut:

Yow. Das ist SuperAffengeil. Try swampgassing that one, NASA.

And here’s one from Berkshire, 1661:

Wow, they look terrified, right?

Lately, ETs have been arriving in droves and hanging out all over the place like a college football game tailgate party, waiting (like all the rest of us) for The Event to start. Given the level of activity, on a number of levels and stages, we’re guessing this will be sooner rather than later.

Let’s see… NASA: Not a Serious Agency. NASA: Not a Scientific Agency. NASA: Never a Straight Answer. No, our ET friends had the best one:

NASA: Where the ‘N’ Stands for Knowledge!

Ok, we’re done. And so is NASA. (And so should be their funding.)

…about anything. [DELETE.]
Ah, there’s one more:




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  1. You guys will know where to put this in your postings.(either this or the last post) A warm fuzzykitten story(sorta) This morning my computer worked just fine UNTIL (drum roll) I went to this site. The wi-fi connection quit! I had to take the battery out to do a complete reboot. It needed to connect into the new energy. Ok, youse guys this is too funny!

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    1. Ha! Same thing happened to me! The wi-fi was gone! Power outage, too!
      I lit a candle (it’s evening here) and asked Source for help … I had to wait 🙂

      Dear CATs and M’s, I like the woodcuts very much. I’ve never seen them before (that’s education for you…)

      And I love the phrase “mental horsepower” 🙂

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    2. I have another one for you. Since I posted my suggestion to use, it no longer longer loads in my browser no matter what I tried. Clearing cash memory and cookies and the rest of crap helped, but only for 3 mins. In 5 years of using this search engine this is the first time it failed so inexplicably. And it keeps failing. At this point i don’t know how to bring it back to life. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


        1. no antivirus, no adobe… i keep the flash off/deactivated unless needed. This is unpresedented, it’s been working just fine for 5 years. Now, all of a sudden it gives me a duckduckgo stuff email whom i should report this problem. When I use onion though, this search works, but i prefer FF.


    3. We need to look at this and figure out what’s going on. Could be a timeline thing. Could be disnged intereference. Could be a Tickle-Me Elmo that’s vibrating in someone’s closet…


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      1. I do not use windows or microsoft based pc, no antivirus needed. Most ad tracking and unsolicited invasion sites are banned across all browsers. Also all my browsers are modified, i.e., hardened for privacy, all/most tracking stuff is cut on entry. Even direct YT connection is banned everywhere. I am telling you that this is weird and it never happened before. I can only see 1 page of search results, then duckduckgo goes into an infinite loop consisting of home page and blank error reporting page inviting me to report this error. It is very odd, practically can’t use this search engine any more.


  2. Thanks.
    My cool friend Olivia-san from NorVan asked me why stars have that crosslike appearance when you see them on telescopes. Like the crosses you see the woodcarvings you added. Sie sind ja ganz geil. Any answers there oh wise felines?


  3. I have a very hard time remembering why this was such a good idea today, it sneaks up on you and suddenly everything looses its meaning. Add rain, cold and a slight fever on top just to make sure I don’t get any funny ideas about actually doing something. Luckily I have a first aid kit for these kinds of moments, Monty Python’s Life of Brian.


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      1. The blue chicken prostitute?

        Pride and ego, they know what they’re doing. As soon as anyone claims being special or selected it’s time to move on, nothing worth interacting with will make those distinctions.



    1. A lot is said, and nothing was said. Politics applied to spirituality. It sounds like conspiracy and something important, mystified, only concerns certain chosen persons/beings who won’t get to the point, can’t get to the point or not allowed to get to the point. Do you yourself have a clear idea and understanding what you’ve just read? Plain, loud and clear?


  4. I have a valid question about those “anshar guys”. How advanced is it for an advanced ET that all their elders spend all their quality time idly watching the average human cross generation soap operas while sitting in their tuning chairs, or whatever those arm chair are? Is there nothing else for them to do in this creation? Exactly where did their evolution bring them to do that? How is this different from watching a dumb tv? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but watched one of Corey’s recent presentation and really things just don’t add up. I wouldn’t be surprised if those anshars are a military control experiment and were projected into Corey’s mind as a nice fairy tale/simulation that he can entertain the targeted public with. same goes about Tolec. The advanced beings/ETs or EDs are just not prone to these kind of activities. Sth, if not everything, is not quite right there. I just encourage everyone who listens to this guy start asking questions, not passively consume this soap.


    1. Some ETs will seem odd to humans, as they have a different sense of time, and a different sense of what’s important. We are NOT the best people to ask these questions of considering all the run-ins we had with the TWBs and the calamari — seriously, they actively tried to kill us for years. (And since we’re still here, we have a certain amount of street cred with all kinds of ETs… and earth govts.) But these folks “corey goode” describes (if they exist, which we doubt) are lower-level. They sound neutral and we reeeeeally have a bone to pick with neutrals. Neutrals are worse than bads. They’re selfish. At least the bads are clear on wanting you dead. Indifference.. just sucks.


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      1. I agree with all of these replies. The Wilcock group has always been fishy, but recently they have been smelling fishier than a fish market.

        I see it as entertainment, nothing more.
        I always view neutral as the same as evil.


        1. Yeah, besides trying to control the narrative (which is basically all of us manifesting all of this mentally), part of it is also them trying to inflate their site numbers and keep the revenue stream pumped up — and frankly, some of it is just ego. (LOOK AT ME!!) This is why we do all this for free. Money and Truth don’t seem to mix well. Avoid.


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  5. LOL Fake Nasa. Feeling a calm before the storm! Very interesting Cats & M’s feeling more awake today so I decided to expand more on the information I am receiving about the energy waves arriving from 11-10 to 10-11, its blowing my mind to the cosmos as usual, trying to wrap my head around quantum mechanics, superposition/superposed, super conductors is turning it to mush lol fascinating just happened to find Schrodingers equation … wow that blew my mind to the cosmos even more, however, it all seems to point to us transforming into a new state of “Being” Physical with a Higher Consciousness 🙂 full embodiment. Synchronicity happens 🙂 only just grasping this concept can you elaborate further?
    Thank You


      1. LOL well said love it, Thank You 🙂 so funny how Spirit seems to think I can understand it all like Tesla 😉 sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Love it though, always fascinating & so interesting how it all interconnects, Im no scientist or mathematician but we are Super Quantum Beings 🙂


  6. I think we had a timeline shift last night.

    I dreamt I was somewhere where people knew me, but I didn’t know them.(Some secret place).
    Everything appeared slightly slowed down. I did something that I would do normally, it wasnt bad, but for this group it was out of character and therefore suspicious, so I was asked to leave.

    When I left, I had no idea where I was. I looked at my phone, and realised I had two of them. They looked the same, but one had a cracked screen.


    Plus this morning my head is molasses.


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      1. EVERYONE we talk to, including normies, are experiencing at least some of the ascension symptoms, but only a percentage understand what’s going on — and stare at us when we tell them! All in good time.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. So true. My daughter is one of those who stare at me when I tell her (very briefly) what’s going on, and advise her to drink a lot of water and to breathe … She says she’d rather have her blood count, and keeps going to the doctor … I feel helpless 😦
          All in good time, you say (sigh) …

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          1. Dear Antonia,
            I know how you feel; how your daughter feels actually.
            Years ago I got sick for no reason. I felt like dying and went from one super specialist to every clinic, having me tested for everything. No results. Like, no at all.
            My partner at that time, very spiritual and searching (for something… maybe for his Wicca books i hid because all this eso stuff scared the sht out of me hahahaaa… this were funny times back then…NOT) carfully suggested some Meditation. I freaked out.
            We separated, but not only by that reason.
            Now he’s the only human i can talk about all this stuff we’re reading here.
            And sometimes I do scare the sht out of HIM.
            Now my whole Family would freak out if I would try to mentioned anything like “maybe there is life after death”.

            Nice lesson for me though

            PS. But I brought my Mum in law to meditate, by calling it relaxation practice. She’s suffering of strong “causeless” dizzines and nausea
            Since she feels better

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          2. @ambien3: Thank you very much, I know it’s stressful and worrying not to know what’s the matter with you. I just feel helpless, that all. This applies to many other relatives and friends who are “non-believers” (“I don’t believe in these energies, this is s..t, go check yourself” … and one of them is a physicist!)


        2. You mean even the “normies” are experiencing this, well, like your brain is being given an energy massage of sorts, energy fields are moving through your head, moving through an energy cloud with your whole body, or as if some highly charged electric field is suddenly moving through your body and esp. the head. It’s pleasant for me, but the energy is now felt on a very dense physical level. You mean many have THIS particular symptom?


  7. Hi Cats,

    Can you please take a look at this YT footage of a possible ET craft:

    It caught my attention because of a powerful dream I had once, and the craft in my dream was identical. In the dream, it was at night, and I swam away from a shoreline. The water was black and I was starting to drown. I went under a couple of times and then I saw the same ship in the video coming down to save me. I remember reaching up to it and then I awoke.

    Thank you.



  8. Years ago I used to watch the Antarctica cams looking for anomolies in the sky. And one time I saw the start of an appearance and as I clicked forward thru the every ten minute snapshot feed, I saw the image change dramatically. It went from a sunny day with no parked vehicles and the snow all tramped down to a blizzard with feet of fresh snow and no tracks behind the parked vehicles. In ten minutes? Sheesh. They don’t even hide it well. It only proved they are hiding things from us.

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      1. I disagree with her putting out the earthquake info. This creates fear in earthquake-prone areas, esp. given the Indonesian tsunami. Also… is the earthquake they’re seeing a 3D thing? A 4D thing? Does it happen after The Event? Will there be balloons for the kids?

        Important Note: Lisa doesn’t see The Event happening here the way others have. She DID see AN event, just as all of us have seen, but she saw it the way Spirit sees it… fast. But Spirit views time differently than we do. They say “soon” and then eight years go by. Spirit sees time one way, and we experience it muuuuuuch more slowly… thus, this whole thing is The Event, with Wave X rising up and flowing over/through us right now. I have personally experienced “The Event” now… something like 20 times.

        That said, there are so many of us anticipating a big “Event,” that we’re probably going to manifest one no matter what.


        Could we please just get this over with? Ugh.


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        1. Interesting that my back quit reaaaly hurting me after we entered Oct. energy, but hands had intense stabbing pain until they didn’t


  9. Well her report about the hurricanes raises questions. First you guys said it was nature made and man weather modified (in this case greatly amplified in power). Then you said some good ETs or earthlings decreased this very hurricane intensity to Cat2. Then I listened to the interview someone posted here -recently (it’s on the beoynd show or sth of the kind), the interview with Dee Wallace where she confesses together with a caller who happened to be her acquaintance that they together decreased this hurricane intensity via intention (it’s around 32-33-d min of the interview), so… what is really going on/was going on? Three different groups of ppl report 3 different things about the same phenomenon, the reports contradict one another.


    1. Yes. It was natural at first, then the PTW started screwing with it, so we jumped into it to slow it down… and others got involved, at different levels… (and some people SAY they did this but didn’t do anything because they can’t)… it’s interesting, we talked about whether some of these things were supposed to be left alone, but when we saw the PTW monkeying with the hurricane we felt compelled to stop it. And it was us who asked our Friends to also help slow it down… but by being “down here” with us, helping keep us safe fom all manner of things we won’t go into, they weren’t fully in communication with the *other* higher-ups… sheesh. In the end, we don’t know whether we helped or not. However, we’ve all been asked NOT to interfere with 3D things/events anymore, and to let the higher-ups handle it — unless our help is requested. The results weren’t that bad, just different. It was just a lesson for all.


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  10. Honestly I cringed the entire time everyone was trying to stop the hurricane. It’s in divine will. We can’t interfere. We as the wayshower collective need to make others aware that trying to change something or SPYING on people and ships isn’t right. Yeah they do it to us but we need to be bigger. Even sending light with intentions you created to help someone against their free will isn’t right (that one was a hard pill to swallow for me) The best we can do is just hold light and do everything we can to make that light brighter. Every time we think of this stuff or the event, instead of waiting for it to come, bring it in! Command your light to grow big and ask for the highest vibrations for all. No matter how that looks. Sometimes the highest thing that can happen to someone looks like a natural disaster. Yes, what little is left of the PTW makes a mess sometimes but they need to work that out on their own. Just be love and all will fall into place.

    We’re basically a group of toddlers running around figuring out our new surroundings, we’re already on the new earth and in 4-5d and these powers are fun. But what do toddlers do? They get into a ton of mischief (according to the adults) But to the toddlers it’s new, fun and they just want to touch it so bad haha!!!!
    I remember once waking up to my 3 year old daughter in the middle of the kitchen with an empty bag of flower in her hand and a huge smile on her face..the entire place was covered… that’s us. Put the bag down and go play nicely 😉


    1. Well… we weren’t exactly SPYING on scroogle as much we were giving them a taste of their own medicine. And after the 3D/4D split, we won’t need to look into various ships. We CATs have been messed around with by too many ETs not to take a.. friendly interest on what they’re up to. We all have our missions. (They sound like excuses, right?!) Oh, well. Live and learn.

      “LIGHT: Grow big and work for the highest vibrations for all. (And put us on 4D, please.)”

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Hey no judgment on my part at all!!! I use to do some stuff with my new powers back in the day to get what I wanted all the time. I never meant harm, but I loved knowing what was going on and what people were thinking about me, it can be a lot of fun. Buttttt I use to think stealing candy was fun too.. sooooooooooo….. my kid mind can’t always be trusted haha

        Yeah! light grow BIG!

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  11. So… I did something silly today and tried watching the evening news with my mom. Nnnnnnope. NOPE! I immediately regretted that choice. So much negativity and fear porn my stomach was turning on itself! The P7W section of Italy are really working double-time to make everyone feel powerless.

    This Clown Show is so indescribably stupid. I want out. WE want out. I know most people on this site feel the same way. Not sure for how much longer I can deal with this 3D ego-craziness nonsense!

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  12. So my question is now, Lisa says we are all living out all of our lives past and present, and our consciousness is choosing to be in this 2018 frequency. So when The Event happens will it be felt by us in our past lives? This time thing is hard to get your head around!

    Is there any easy way to explain how time works in the 3d with our past lives and this now moment and how it’s all connected with The Event?


  13. Wow!

    Big blissful shivers right now, gorgeous energy coming in.

    Anyone else getting this?



    1. Mark,

      Mention of shivers in this (i think she has quite good info)

      She also mentions different locations experiencing upgrades at different times(not sure if she means “The Event”).

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  14. Jeez, so many comments. Info’s starting to get lost in the shuffle.


    That 9.1 quake that Lisa Gawlas mentioned that ETs saw, it’s to take place AFTER The Event, on the 3D earth, along with some volcanism. This is not a New Earth thing.

    I’ll post this in other spots, too.


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  15. The goodness of this blog is that it has given a possibility to the ppl who dropped out of the madhouse crew and patients perspective and perception to get together and compare their authentic awarenesses that is not contaminated by the main stream thought parasites. I’d say, not even compare such awareness but to confirm it. That alone I believe made a very valuable contribution into the …perception of those who have visited. As for scroogle and their recent antics, all i cant say to them is “sod off”. So, thanks go to the cats who take care of this site. Also, I appreciate it that critical thinking is encouraged here. I’ve also observed those who just wanted to hang out here and just kinda be noticed to started striving for a more meaningful presence in here (and perhaps in general too?). That’s a good sign.

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  16. So, after The Event, will the old 3d Earth change? I mean become a better place to live without the PTW?

    So anyone who isn’t ready to go to the new earth won’t be stuck here with the same evil weirdos, hopefully.


  17. I had a very odd dream! Dreamt that I looked in the mirror. My eyes were really bright blue with dials in them! The dials were spinning around! What the heck?

    I had a dream a few months ago that I could walk through walls, that was amazing, I just parted the wall with my hands and voila! I tried it in the bathroom when I woke up, convinced I had some amazing ability and hurt my head (silly sod!)

    Also dreamt about zombies a few weeks ago, some strange stuff! The eye thing though has got me confounded, what could it mean?!

    Big MEOW hugs to everyone going through wierd stuff! I felt so heavy on Tuesday, like lead and I was getting some pretty negative thoughts, tried to just breathe through it and realise those little ear worms were not mine!



      1. Thank you CAT2! Very reassuring 😉 Anyone been really nauseous, unable to keep food down? Am okay with a bit of fruit etc but whenever I have a proper meal….yuck! X


        1. Yeah, that comes and goes. I can’t eat too much of certain foods, now — and alcohol now makes me sick. I had half a beer with dinner and tossed the rest. Fasting feels best sometimes, while other times you eat like your life depends on it. Crazy.


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          1. Same with me, had this for years. Got sick from every sip of alcohol and than with Coffee as well (noooooohohohoooo!) Also went vegan involuntarily for long time. Couldn’t smell any animal products.
            But now I’m back, baby, since one week, having some super stinky cheese and loads of my beloved Coffee (still with plant milk though, cheese is okay but milk not, and NO wine *sigh*), oooh yeah


        2. Food either makes me sick or drives me crazy lately. Whenever I eat something that’s really good for me, I have painful cravings for several days. Right now I’m very much into lemon water and rosehip smoothies. Sour dough bread, olive oil and organic arabica coffee are constant companions but other things come and go. I feel sick just thinking about more complex food but once in a while I manage to get a lasagna or pizza going.



  18. I have a question about meditation. Is it really necessary to go to the new earth?
    I ask because I have a problem with meditating. My mouth produces so much saliva that I am constantly swallowing. As a result, I can only meditate for a minute before I need to swallow, which prevents me from meditating.


    1. Nope. You can do whatever you want. (Note that you can meditate even while doing this. You can meditate while walking around, having conversations, driving down the road…)



      1. What Kitty4 said. Meditation is a state of mind, not any specific practice. It is all about being letting go as much as possible and (after grounding and protecting) tuning in with SOURCE, who is actually you, to be honest, so it should never be that hard. You just have to want it.

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    I want to be clear with this update, that parts of this intel are CERTAIN, and parts of it, although I’ve experienced the data, I’m UNCLEAR about. Unclear meaning there are two ways I could understand what has been shown/presented. As such, I will mark the info as CERTAIN and UNCERTAIN. Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t.

    SEPTEMBER 2018:
    We have come through a HUGELY energetic month, equinox, energy work, human experiences. It is done. All that took place, is NOW in place. People will be experiencing a little time lag from this intense period…for human recuperation. Just know it’s up to YOU: you have the power to see clearly (spiral), or to dwell and stay stuck (cycle). Nothing is judged. All will play out as it is meant to…for each. We think we are in charge of this. No, we just experience that idea of being in charge of this human…but it’s WAY BEYOND HUMAN. It’s divinely orchestrated beyond human mind.

    2nd October: Some have just gone through a Gateway. Walked right through. Now IN another, different energetic space than just one day ago.

    In previous recent months (see previous posts), some bore witness to and worked with their LIGHT BODIES via direct sight and physical feeling, direct knowing that the integration of TWO into ONE body had taken place. Light body and human physical body became one, allowing for intimate easy connection and work with their human light body. That was in recent months. Where the light body was seen as WHITE LIGHT within and around the human vehicle.

    Today, October 2018, post September equinox and work achieved WITHIN each, those that have already integrated their light body will witness their light body turn GOLDEN. This is beyond human manipulation of any kind, beyond outward facing foolery, beyond inward facing self foolery, by any singular or larger group trying to trick themselves or others. The transformation of white light body into a GOLDEN LIGHT BODY is part of the MASS DIRECTIVE timeline as per the 26,000 cycle, yet it occurs individually OUTSIDE OF ANY HUMAN mind directive.

    Those that have just OR will, become the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY receive golden light. They shall absorb the golden light. They shall pass on the golden light. One can not receive any RAY unless one has already become the RAY, and their lies the perfection in this ascension. It is beyond manipulation and any human foolery or falsity. Energy speaks. Energy attracts like energy. Energy just is. Energetic Frequencies just ARE. Those that become the Golden Light Body have at some point on their ascension, already received and experienced a type of “Cermony” of receiving the golden ray within them. They then continued to evolve with that golden ray within…via their ascension, their work, clearing, sharing of light and love…to this point. The point where their Light Body HAS just or WILL SOON turn into a Golden Light Body.

    The GOLDEN LIGHT for human, has been documented and somewhat distorted through our human historical texts. Now, we witness its truth via the human experience unfolding throughout this world to many, a stage at a time.

    As the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY, they will act as human energetic transmitters. Where they receive the highest light of GOLD LIGHT, into their body, and emit said golden light OUT to ALL things.

    Those that embody the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY shall go on to experience TWO TIMES, at ONE TIME. In other words, in due course, they will start to experience TWO ‘timelines’ playing out simultaneously, at once.

    So far on this ascension, we have experienced higher frequency experiences and lower frequency experiences as separate, as one after the other. We have experienced one time line and then another timeline, as separate. Those that embody their Golden Light Body shall at right point, have NEW experiences where two timelines play out at THE SAME TIME. They will first experience this phenomenon, in order to grow accustomed to it. There is a significant reason for this to occur:
    They will break free of LINEAR TIME. They shall FREE themselves of the Linear Time, where one thing is experienced after the other. They shall free themselves of all LINEAR TIME constraints. Linear Time has been the component that has encapsulated, imprisoned and constricted this consciousness in Earthly, solid experience. Linear Time is part of a larger Light Programme, designed to restrict, and purposely so. Until a given point of the divine 26,000 year timeline, whereby the experience of LINEAR Time is set free. But it is an individual occurrence that will be experience one human at a time. When the first humans experience this, and accustom themselves to this NEW phenomenon, they will be able to explain and share experiences of living in NO TIME, no restrictions, living so differently to those around those living in the Linear Time containment. Through their continued experience they will MASTER time being ONE time. Mastering time means Time travel, jumping timelines at will. That which is currently understood at academic level, that which is written about, theorised about, talked about, shall become their every day reality and experience via their self mastery. There is no escaping that this shall be, and shall be spoken about throughout the world. Physics will be re-written. In MASTERING ‘Time’, those that master Time shall also master ‘Space’.

    Space and Time has been our intentional containment for this human experience. It is through the MASS TIMELINE that presents, the 26,000 year cycle, beyond human manipulations, beyond anyone’s falsity, that those of GOLDEN LIGHT BODY shall in their physical living existence evolve past the constraints of the Light Programme we have thus far lived by.

    Last Autumn 2017, I wrote and showed the three trajectories shown to me.
    Trajectory A = 3D (a continuation of a third dimensional timeline).
    Trajectory B = Higher 4D (for each individual not quite ready for 5D and above, it continues until they are also individually ready to switch trajectory).
    Trajectory C = 5D and above, infinite onward projection.

    For approximately two months now, there is a CLEAR division between the three trajectories. In other words, we have moved further, we are on them, and on our way. This accounts for the increase in frustrations we experience as although we are each en route, we are STILL interacting with people from all three trajectories. We are seeing, feeling, experiencing the differences of each human interaction. The three trajectories are THREE CONSCIOUSNESS LEVELS. We are interacting with people from each Consciousness level and for now, we are all also moving up and down in our own state of consciousness. There is ENERGETIC friction occurring due to the ENERGETIC differences. It is just energy misunderstood at human level. We are finding it easier, in more flow, more relaxing, more stimulating to be around those of similar energetic frequency. For those on Trajectory C, this friction is temporary, so we just need to keep working through, seeing, clearing, doing the work regardless.

    PLEASE NOTE: as this is critical to open mindedness…a person we can loosely label ‘asleep’, WILL awaken and jump from Trajectory A to either of the other two Trajectories. Equally, a person awakened may have chosen to spend their experience in Trajectory B. There is ZERO judgement as each soul has incarnated for specific reason, to experience as they have chosen prior to this incarnation, for SOUL experience to take forward. With an open mind and heart, NOTHING can be ruled out or categorised. Everything is possible. No one can be defined. To define anything or any one is to limit one’s own journey.

    There will be an electronic “Blackout”. I have been shown this. Yet I could take this one of two ways:
    Time out from social media (therefore a personal black out) OR
    Mass electronic devices black out on Mass Collective scale. If so, it’s because of Incoming Energies transmitted via our Sun.

    Intense, Yes! Side effects, Yes! Love yourself through. Let gooooooooo!

    Please just take what resonates.

    Personal note: I will continue to update here on Facebook, but am focused acutely on energies and data, so less interaction on Facebook and Messenger for now.

    Being Love to yourself and others is the answer to all things.
    One Love.

    Amanda Lorence
    3 October 2018

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  20. The energies are cranking right up now.

    Lots of ringing and vibrating, lots of shivers, bliss, flu symptoms, a strange brighter quality to everything. Feeling of something about to happen.

    Heads up…



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